Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Degrassi's Spring Is Looking Rosie while Daytime TV is Not

OMG Rosie O'Donnell is moderating the Town Meeting Mashup (that I had reported on before) with the cast of Spring Awakening and Degrassi TNG ? WHA??? Rosie by the way IS in fact leaving The View. Crap, what am I going to watch whenever I'm sick at home?

Rumour by the way is that there's also going to be a special guest host at the Spring Awakening/ Degrassi TNG Mashup Town Meeting and I have a link to his blog on my site's sidebar...

The whole thing will air on AOL at 3pm on Monday, April 30th (though the live taping is at 2pm, which theatremania got wrong).

Speaking of which, One Life To live is curbing their high school hostage storyline a bit from May Sweeps due to the VTech shootings. Wait. It was going to a hostage situation? Not just a high school musical? Was Jonathan Groff's Henry going to tbe the shooter? (Think about it, he's the ignored loser, used and abused by the popular girl he's in love with and her posse, has a sort of dazed look to him (which is really just Jonathan Groff not being used to the camera and being a bad actor but I love him anyways and thinks he deserves a Tony nomination so I'll assume he's just in "character"). Plus apparently he's not even one of the singers in the musical. What's the point? Plus they already said in the original press release that Henry is not shy quiet one he seems to be... da da DUM)

Meanwhile, Spring Awakening got their deserved Drama League nomination though it seemed like almost everyone else did too (check the list, there's quite a few nominees).

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