Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barely Legal - Raising The Bar - 2008 Fall TV Pilot Preview

Raising the Bar - Premieres Monday, September 1st at 10pm on TNT

Well, the show doesn't quite raise the bar but it tries mightily hard and seems to get halfway there at least. Raising the Bar is the new Steven Bochco executive produced show for TNT but it's directed by his son Jesse and the show itself feels like an infant from Bochco's more famous shows (LA Law, NYPD Blue). Which isn't to say it's completely bad, it just feels like the it hasn't grown up enough yet to be legal.

The show throws Mark Paul Gosselaar as Jerry, a do gooder lawyer working as a Public Defender (we know he's good because he has scraggly unwashed hair, which sadly, goes against MPG's Saved By the Bell trademark) under his calm and good-natured boss (played by calm and good-natured Gloria Reuben, ER) and along with the rich good guy Richard (Teddy Sears, Ugly Betty, and added hottie Roberta (Natalie Cigliuiti, Saved By the Bell: The New Class), and all while going against the District Attorney's office led by a slimy Currie Graham (Men In Trees, Boston Legal) and his younger protoge Michelle (Melissa Sagemiller, looking like a cross between Katherine Heigl and Rachel Nichols) and Marcus (J. August Richards, Angel). There's a crazy vindictive judge played by Jane Kaczmarek as the total raging bitch Malcolm in the Middle's mom would have turned out if she had raised them until adulthood, and her assistant Charlie (an intriguing Jonathan Scarfe) she's having an affair with.

And of course, everyone is somehow connected to someone else that isn't revealed until the end of the first episode. Which is probably why the subsequent two episodes improved from the pedantic pilot.

So really, it's all an excuse to put some young attractive lawyers who happen to be "friends" (or at least in their own little social circle), all fighting for what they think is right but on two separate sides, but really, the show heavily slants on the Public Defenders as the good guys and the District Attorney's office as the bad, together as they are being watched by a bevy of older, more experienced professionals. It's the lawyer version of Grey's Anatomy and that's not such a bad thing.

The lawyers hang out at the same bar, work together and against each other for their own careers and to help their clients, and they are all being guided by an older group that somehow are just as involved within the younger social circle. Yup, sounds like Grey's Anatomy to me!

The heavy slant on the "good guys" Public Defenders isn't totally bad either. I must be getting soft or frustrated by "the man" because I found myself rooting for bad-haired Jerry (though again, it probably helped that episode 2 featured Jerry defending Percy Daggs III (Veronica Mars), and then Shane Johnson (Veronica Mars: FBI, the unseen season, Cold Case, the gay cop in love episode) in episode 3).

Between having some favorite character actors finally given the spotlight (Graham, Reuben, Kaczmarek), some Whedoneque connection cult fave (J.A. Richards), a Saved By The Bell alum connection (Gosselaar, Cigliuiti) and some surprisingly welcomed newbies (Scarfe, Sears), I actually got a little hooked by the third episode, though I will admit, the pilot was a little tedious at first, but as long as you can get past the first half, the show gets a bit more interesting from there, if not a little heavy handed. (I'm still on the fence about Sagemiller). Plus there's a nice gay twist (isn't there always now?) that may be a cheap ploy, but it worked to suck me in.

It's not a must see yet, but it was entertaining enough, and with a pretty great cast, so I will come back for more for now. So at this point, I'm being generous and giving the show ***1/2 (3.5 stars) and we will see where it takes us.

Here is a preview of the show:

The Cast of Raising The Bar:

Gloria Reuben, Mark Paul Goselaar and Jane Kaczmarek:

Mark Paul Gosselaar as Jerry Kellerman:

Gloria Reuben as Public Defender Rosalind Whitman: 

Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Trudy Kessler:

Currie Graham as DA Nick Balco:

Natalia Cigliuiti as Public Defender Roberta Gilardi:

Teddy Sears as Public Defender Robert Patrick Woolsley:

Jonathan Scarfe as Assistant to the Judge, Charlie Saganski:

J. August Richards as attorney at the DA's office, Marcus McGrath:

Melissa Sagemiller as attorney at the DA's office, Michelle Emhardt:

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The TV Blog Coalition - Labour Day Already? That Means New TV Is On The Way!

Yes, after a writer's strike derailed things this past year, a new (let's hope) full season of TV is upon us and it all starts on Labour Day this year with TNT, The CW and FOX getting a jump start by premiering Raising The Bar (10pm TNT) Gossip Girl (8pm, on The CW), One Tree Hill (9pm on The CW) and Prison Break (8pm, 2hrs on FOX) early on the holiday Monday (September 1st).

Now, I usually complain that the new season starts too late (usually at the end of Sept. or early Oct.) but Labour Day? Isn't everyone getting back from the cottage or their European vacation? Or getting over their hangover? Or getting ready for the first day of school? Or getting their kids ready for the first day of school? Or all of the above? Isn't TV not exactly a priority on the night before the day after Labour Day? Ah well, what do I know?

There's also the much buzzed about 90210 series premiere on Tuesday at 8pm on The CW (2 hrs).

Bones returns on Wednesday at 8pm with a 2 hour season premiere on FOX.

Plus, Greek (Tuesday at 9pm on acbFamily) already started last week.

And hopefully by next week I'll be back from China and get my couch potato behind in gear and post my Fall TV Previews. In the meantime, here are some more diligent TV bloggers and what they were talking about this past week:

Buzz chatted with 90210's Shenae Grimes about the responsibilities of being "The new Brenda." (BuzzSugar)

Marcia returned from the Edinburgh TV Festival with tales of Heroes and Doctor Who, straight from the showrunners' mouths. Also, new site design! (Pop Vultures)

Rae's spent the summer with her nose buried in a book and it's finally paying off for us with her review of the Burn Notice novel "The Fix." (RTVW Online)

A reason to check out the new season of Greek: chicks in socks. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)

Vance loves Gavin & Stacey and insists that you all watch it too so that you too can fall in love. (Tapeworthy)

This week, Jace took an early look at the first three episodes of the new season of Gossip Girl and offered up which new and returning series he'll be watching this fall. (Televisionary)

Before the conventions started and we got all partisan, Sara got all "thinky" and discussed the optimistic nationalism of the Olympics. Never fear, we'll soon return to our guttural reactions on Project Runway. (TiFaux)

Raoul got excited about the possibility of a (re)animated Buffy Summers. (TV Filter)

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel Wants It All, James Wolpert Wants To Get In The Picture

I don't think I'll have time to post my Fall Movie Preview picks before I leave for China tomorrow so in the meantime, enjoy this new full song clip from High School Musical 3: Senior Year with Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel singing "I Want It All":

They really went full out on it didn't they?

The movie is out in theatres October 24th.
Here's the clip from the song "Now Or Never"
Here's the preview with the link to the trailer.
Here's the one sheet poster.

Meanwhile on this week's High School Musical: Get In The Picture, Zac Efron shows up, and the series tries its darndest best to create some suspense by having James Wolpert (above, below with Tierney) SEEM like he's about to be kicked off to the Chorus.

Stan has totally improved but I thought Christina, who would probably be my second favorite after James, was not that great this week, and yet she "won" this weeks challenge. Still, James was by far the best again, so the fact that TJ and James were the final 2 NOT picked to go on, and they changed the rules on them announcing only one was leaving this week was a cheap ploy (video clip below) to keep it interesting since I think I would have freaked if James was out. Please. He's got the competition in the bag, and if he IS out, I'm probably not going to watch anymore.

So I also got this email from apparently Bud Wolpert, James father (can anyone substantiate this?) and he told me that James Wolpert is actually cousins with another fave of mines, Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening and Hair (and is now filming the new Ang Lee film). Well, both are from Pennsylvania. Both have amazing voices and are really likable in their stage presence.

Here's this week's group performance:

Here's James being psyched out:

Here's previous posts on High School Musical: Get In The Picture where I'm basically fawning over James the whole time. Includes video clips of the performances.
August 19
August 12

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions Of The New Gabon Survivors

The new contestants for Survivor: Gabon, the 17th season of the series, has been announced. Since my gloriously uneducated preconceptions of the new The Amazing Racers proved so popular, here's my take on the new Survivors (which premieres Thursday, September 25th at 8pm). It's up against Ugly Betty and The Office so it's third priority on the always busy Thursday nights but I still enjoy it when I can watch it.

As usual, this years batch of 18 Survivor contestants include the token gay, the token black woman, the token black man, the token old person (female), the token old person (male), a token asian, and like in more recent seasons, lots and lots of hot, young and OH LOOK, single white folks. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying:

Ace Gordon (27)
Hometown: Naples, Florida
Occupation: Jewelry Sales
"self-proclaimed charmer"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: He's 27? He looks 42. This guy is the cocky one. His name is Ace Gordon. He's apparently a superhero that got lost and found his way onto the island (cough LOSER cough).

Robert "Bob" Crowley (58)
Hometown: Portland, Maine
Occupation: Physics Teacher
"hybrid of Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: The old guy. Uh, that's all I got. I'm bored alone by the "Bob" name.

Charlie Herschel (29)
Hometown: New York, New York
Occupation: Lawyer
"ready to try his persuasion skills on a different type of jury"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Also of note, is the token gay contestant this year. And cute. Boy it's easy to capture my allegiance and my heart... (despite being a lawyer (oh snap!)). I'm guessing "try his persuasion skills on a different type of jury" isn't actually gay or sexually related, is it? (too bad!)

Corinne Kaplan (29)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales
"catty former sorority girl uses her wit and sex appeal to further her goals" "takes great pride in being able to manipulate the people around her"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: I know I'm gay and all but just looking at her, and then reading "uses her wit and sex appeal"... For real? Or am I just really gay and missing it all? No offense but she looks more like a middle aged milf than she does a twenties in her prime. Or was that just too mean of me?

Crystal Cox (29)
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
Occupation: Former Olympic Athlete
"possesses the three "Bs" required to be Sole Survivor, which are: brains, beauty and blazing speed!"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: A black woman who overcame the odds and successfully takes care of her child, has good jobs, and went to the Olympics. That's my kinda girl! Do these stories ever get out of fashion in Hollywood? I think not!

Dan Kay (32)
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Lawyer
"Charismatic, hard working and goal oriented"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: He's successful (as a lawyer and investor) who has realized he needs a work/life balance with more focus on himself, family and friends. Hmm... why does that sound familiar? Despite the lawyer but, I feel like actually connect with this guy. Okay fine, I connect with the cute picture. You got me. Shut up.

Danny "GC" Brown (26)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Maintenance Man
"adventurous, outgoing and silly, and he doesn't like dishonest people"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: "doesn't like dishonest people"? What the hell is he doing on this show then? Silly boy.

Gillian Larson (61)
Hometown: Temecula, California
Occupation: Retired Nurse
"versatile, but she is competitive by nature"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: As long as she's not a bossy opinionated bitch and fakes people out as the lovable granny that could, she could easily be liked and an underdog in this game. Then again, why aren't bossy opinionated bitches liked? They are the ones that tend to run the world (or would like to). Oh. That's why. I get it.

Jacquie Berg (25)
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Occupation: Medical Sales
"plays to win and will settle for nothing less than number one"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: She seems too perfect to be true. As a gay man, I love her. As a bitchy gay man. I hate her. If I were not a gay man, I would probably love her.

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper (29)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Pin-Up Model
"flirty and fun"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Uh, yeah, sure you are.

Kelly Czarnecki (22)
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Occupation: Retail Sales
"she gets what she wants and does what she wants"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Oh great. THAT girl. As long as she keeps wearing those tops, she could keep the men in a trance and blind the women by knocking all of them out of the way.

Ken Hoang (22)
Hometown: Westminster, California
Occupation: Professional Gamer
"considered an underdog because everyone will underestimate his prowess at playing mind games"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Go Asian Gamer Geek! It's a family thing.

Marcus Lehman (28)
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Doctor
"will be able to use his charm and physical prowess to make it far in the game"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Hello Doctor! Doctor? 28? I hate/love him already. Jealous. Lust. Jealoust?

Matty Whitmore (29)
Hometown: Pacific Palisades, California
Occupation: Personal Trainer
"prides himself on helping people not take themselves too seriously and hopes to use those skills to manipulate others into doing what's best for him"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: A trust fund kid who blew it all away and now must prove himself to survive/the world. "He claims that if health was wealth; he'd be considered a billionaire". Maybe true but also really really flaky. This guy might be a hoot to watch, if only for schadenfreude's sake.

Michelle Chase (24)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Music Producer
"tough and resourceful and isn't afraid to speak her mind"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: I love how being a Music Production Assistant gets her labeled as a Music Producer as a career. Yah right. She could go either way. Totally whinny and annoying or totally cool, but she definitely could be an underdog and sneak through with her slight physique.

Paloma Soto-Castillo (24)
Hometown: Downey, California
Occupation: Student
"been playing the social game her entire life"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Her bio seems really neat and varied and based on that alone (not to mention her supercute pic), I like her the best of the girls. Seems like someone I would want to know (at least on paper so far).

Randy Bailey (49)
Hometown: Eagle Rock, Missouri
Occupation: Wedding Videographer
"considers himself a ruthless bully who enjoys picking on those that were not blessed with his strength or intellect"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: Well, at least he's honest about how he's going to play the game. I've got to respect that.

Susie Smith (47)
Hometown: Charles City, Iowa
Occupation: Hairdresser
"Bold and brassy with a huge zest for life, Smith believes SURVIVOR will finally be the opportunity she's needed to turn things around"
Gloriously Uneducated Preconceptions: You go girl!

So early faves? I'll go with Charlie and Paloma for now. Let's hope they don't disappoint for real. Watch them be total pricks. Ooh I hope not. That's Ace and Randy's jobs.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Always Funny In Philadelphia

Because once again, life has taken over and I don't have time to actually write much right now (even though I have tons of Fall TV and Movie previews/reviews posts in the works) and I probably won't have much time to blog until I go and come back from China next week (and I'm not even sure I can blog from there since my site is occasionally blocked and censored from there (and many of you other blogs I read are too, at least the last time I checked. We're CENSORED!), I'm here to do a quick plug for a fellow blogger friend and a plug for one of my favorite TV guilty pleasures.

Sonny over at Silly Pipe Dreams is now working on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (congrats! Though did the name help land the job? ha) and the show has a new blog/website that Sonny and his writing partner are filling up to promote the new season that starts Thursday, September 18th at 10pm on FX.

I don't talk about this show much usually because I catch up with the show later than the American viewings (since Showcase in Canada airs it here but I never seem to know when) but the show is despicable, trashy and totally wrong, which is why it's so DAMN HILARIOUS.

You can watch clips/episodes here (but only if you're in the states).

Seriously, I don't know who is funnier? Kaitlin Olson's Sweet Dee? Danny DeVito's Frank? Charlie Days' Charlie? or Rob McElhenney's Mac (who migh be my favorite but that's really a hard call between the amazing cast/crazy screwballs). Glenn Howerton's Dennis is probably the most straight lead in the show (though I'm talking relatively here) so may have the least funny lines since he must react to all the craziness that surrounds him but even he's a bit of a nutjob, which is probably why I enjoy this show so much.

I think my favorite line from the show is still from Season 1 which gives you a nice overview of the premise: "Dennis, our bar is in South Philly in a scary alley. Might as well call it Rape Bar." - Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) on why women don't frequent Paddy's Irish Pub (the pub the crazies above run and hang out in).

So next time you're in need of a drink and want to get f#$ked up drunk, go to where everybody doesn't know your name at Paddy's Irish Pub where the show has been renewed for another THREE seasons!

Here's the promo clip for the upcoming season 4 on youtube:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance, Eh?

CTV finally announced the date.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

2 hour premiere.
Thursday, September 11th. 8pm.

(Above l-r, Judge Tre Armstrong, Host Leah Miller, Judge Jean-Marc Genereaux)

I'm pretty surprised they are showing this during the fall considering CTV already has SO many shows to squeeze in its lineup that it's giving half its shows to AChannel now that they own it. Still, I'm very excited!

I know they ALWAYS say this before the season of these competition shows but "apparently" this is one of the strongest Top 20 dancers of any SYTYCD. Or so "they" say. (I have no idea who "they" are).

Still, considering the level of talent on (most) Canadian Idols and Project Runway Canada, I have no doubt that there will be some talented Canadians out there!

So I'll try to post what I can and upload videos so that our friends south of the border can watch (and I've been given direct orders from a friend moving back to Dallas from Toronto to keep feeding her more SYTYCDCanada stuff (Who's going away party is incidentally tonight. Going to MISS YOU!)), especially given that my Project Runway Canada and SYTYCD posts are some of my most popular posts. So much for trying to convince you all to watch Gavin & Stacey, Mad Men or Greek (which starts again tonight on ABCFamily, though no idea if CTV is airing it since in their one bonehead move, they scheduled the premiere on the Friday after Canada Day when everybody went on holidays and then yanked it off the air when it got bad numbers. No? Really? You think?)

For More So You Think You Can Dance:
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Fall in Love with Gavin & Stacey

Fall in love with Gavin & Stacey when it premieres in America on BBCAmerica tonight on Tuesday (August 26th) night at 8:40pm (are they trying to imitate EVERYTHING European including odd start times?) The show is probably one of the most romantic shows EVER but somehow it's all countered by the fact that the show is VERY British and thus also comes off as realistic with that tinge of depression/sadness the Brits do so well (think The Full Monty, Billy Elliot, The Office, Extras) and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows and is near perfection (and Televisionary too).

I fell in love with Gavin & Stacey this past summer and devoured all 2 seasons (only 6 episodes in Season 1, and 7 episodes in Season 2) all in about 2 sittings. The show follows the whirlwind romance between a boy from Essex named Gavin (a charming Matthew Horne) who finally gets to meet Stacey (a pixieish Joanna Page), the girl from Barry, Wales who he met on the phone at work and had been chatting up with for a few weeks. The pilot itself is like a mini-romantic comedy when they finally first meet and it can totally stand alone as an amazing hour of perfection (I don't want to give away too much but seriously, I had tears in my eyes) but lets just say by episode 2, we've already gotten extremely far along in the relationship that while Gavin & Stacey is a fairytale story, it is still full of true-to-life bumps and obstacles that Gavin and Stacey must deal with in making their relationship work for real in the real world, that the show comes off grounded and genuine and like a true life story.

Along their sides is Gavin's best mate Smithy (James Corden from The History Boys) and Stacey's best friend Nessa (Ruth Jones from Little Britain (she's the bar maid in the village with the only gay)) who hate each other at first sight and continue to despise each other even after their first sexual spark creates some hilarious and naughty moments that help put a little dirty into this very sweet romantic show. Nessa is terrifically all-knowing and knowledgeable and a total cut up who looks constantly annoyed at the world and annoyed at herself for accepting all those annoyances, yet has this forgivingness to it all. Smithy is secretly all heart despite his Britboy exterior and both Nessa and Smithy add a sarcasm and cynicism to the whole proceedings that is funny and balanced. Of course, it helps since Corden and Jones wrote the show themselves!

On top of the central love story, the sitcom quartet that frames the main part of the show, is a bevy of characters that surround the lives of Gavin in Essex and Stacey in Barry, Wales.

Gavin Shipman comes from an upper middle class family in the burbs with mother Pam (an indispensable Alison Steadman) trying her spirited best to make everything better in that meddling yuppie mom way, where her heart and intentions are usually more positive than the outcome. There's a hilarious running joke about her vegetarianism that she mentions to make someone feel better, despite the fact that she's a big meat eater who intended to eat 3 steaks on her Atkins diet.

Gavin's father, Mick Shipman (the solid Larry Lamb) is a loving, simple, upstanding man who loves his wife, loves his son, and is a strong supporting type, but also can spit out a loving yet annoyed look when Pam does something silly. Pam and Mick are full of pokes and prods as they joke and make fun of one another but ultimately, theirs is one of the most loving parental relationships that feels real yet refreshingly isn't dumbed down.

Over in Barry, Wales, Stacey West lives with her widowed mom Gwen (a sympathetic Melanie Walters), a simple unassuming housewife who is taken care by their neighbour and Gwen's brother-in-law, Uncle Bryn (the wonderful Rob Brydon), a VERY VERY VERY strange man who is lovable and endearing that would almost be creepy if played by another actor, yet here comes out as a very naive but overly-enthusiastic person. In the first episode alone, there is a spit-funny moment when Uncle Bryn insists that Stacey takes the rape-whistle with her to London on her first encounter with Gavin, and that he wouldn't feel right if she got raped and didn't take the whistle, but would feel much better if she had had the whistle with her.

There's also some cameos from Samuel Anderson, Andrew Knott and Russell Tovey, a few boys from The History Boys as Gavin and Smithy's mates, a hilarious turn by Julia Davis (Nighty Night) and Adrian Scarborough, who play Dawn and Pete, Mick and Pam's friends who are the exact opposite type of couple as the loving Shipman's. They argue, they make fun of each other and they infuriate each other and it's all very very funny.

While Season 1 is a glorious dream that speeds along like a whirlwind pace, then Season 2 screeches to a halt when reality REALLY sets in after the big ending of Season 1. (I'm really trying to explain it without doing spoilers so I apologize if it's all a bit cryptic). Season 2 is a bit sadder and more struggling, and it mirrors Gavin and Stacey's pains but gives the show an even further depth that rarely is seen in a "sitcom".

If there was one flaw, I would almost have to say that with only 6 episodes for the first season (and 7 in the second), sometimes things speed along SO fast that things are assumed by the next episode that we never get to see on screen, which would have been nice. On American TV, the 6 episodes probably would have been stretched over 22 episodes, (which NBC is doing by the way, buying the rights for the remake that Corden and Jones have not been asked to be a part of, which is a HUGE shame) but while sometimes American TV stretches things too long, a good 10 - 13 episodes would have been good to fill in some blanks. Especially between episodes 5 and 6 of Season 1 which makes a huge jump/assumption and continues the story when a good dramatic twist could have been explored further.

That being said, it's a minor comment on a show that hits both my romantic sensibility as well as my cynical intelligence and rare is a sweet show able to balance the two (think Pushing Daisies without all the fantasy and bright colours and plopped into a downtroden real world and then pumped full of Britishisms).

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