Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reality Bites Boys - Canadian Idol, High School Musical: Get In The Picture

I was a little shocked that Amberly was voted off last week on Canadian Idol because that now leaves a final five consisting of all boys. I'm not saying I mind that, but I'm still a little surprised. Ben Mulroney noted that the Idol Mansion is now a frat house. He couldn't be more right. Also of note, all the boys except Earl continue to play instruments during their performances.

Theo (above centre) is still my favorite but I didn't love the Beatles song he was given this week.

The very pretty Drew (above 2nd from right) has totally redeemed himself in the last few weeks and was again, much better this week and might actually save himself yet again.

I swear Earl (above far right) is stoned the whole time he's on the show but he sounded great tonight.

Mitch (above 2nd from left) is becoming my second favorite, overtaking Mookie (above far left) but I think at this point. preferences on Theo of course but Mitch, Mookie and Drew have all gained my support. I like that the very weird Earl is still on the show but I'm not sure he should win in the end. Maybe the others just win points for playing guitar or the piano? (You can watch the videos of past performances here or here on youtube)

Over at High School Musical: Get In The Picture, the boys are dominating as well. After this week, 2 more girls are gone (so long Shayna and Bailey! Goodbye drama!) leaving my favorite two girls left, Tierney Chamberlain and Christina Brown (below).

Still, I'm still not sure about Christina's super low voice and I thought Tierney has actually gotten weaker as the weeks go on and both are still being overshadowed by the boys.

Particularly my favorites James Wolpert, who I've loved since the start (and who I feel like the judges are now trying to pick on) and Stan Carrizosa (below) who has improved SO much since the start.

TJ and Isaiah have both improved a LOT too (especially with the singing) but I'm still feeling a fakeness to their "acting" but way better than the ousted Shayna and Bailey at least.

My overall pick though still stays with James who always belts it out and just sounds a bit more professional than all the other kids, and he's got a charm about him that the others are only slowly growing into.

Here's James (love) with Ether and Shayna singing "The Remedy" from a previous episode:

Here's Tierney (loved) and Stan (beginning to love) with Isaiah singing "Unwritten" from a previous episode:

Here's James (love) with Bailey singing "Bleeding Love" from a previous episode:

Here's Christina (kinda love) and TJ (like) with Briana singing "Man In the Mirror" from a previous episode:

Here's Stan (beginning to love) and Shayna singing "Austin" from a previous episode:

So what do you all think? Or does anybody even care? Considering the prize is a lame cameo in the END CREDITS SONG for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. I actually like the show when they actually get to perform but I wish they would skip the high school drama stuff and most of the judges opinions since it's pretty boring.

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