Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reality Bites Sings - Canadian Idol, High School Musical: Get In The Picture

Is anybody actually watching High School Musical: Get In The Picture or am I the only sucker still watching the SLOOOOOOW show just because they slapped the "High School Musical" label on it? It's been on how long and it only finally felt like it was getting started last week.

Now the final 10 are getting weird and ridiculous tasks to do (as my sis said, kinda like Beauty and the Geek, though the challenge to get hugs, food, and strangers to look at the sky all while mute was hilarious) and then get grouped to sing a song "musical" style.

And let's face it, James Wolpert is by far the best singer, he's a total cutie, and is incredibly likable. If he doens't have it in the bag, it's only because he's a white male and that's probably just too easy (especially considering they have a very diverse top 10 as opposed to other reality shows).

He's got this Michael Cera dear-in-the-headlights cuteness to him and yet his voice is so strong that he's even able to make the way-too-high-for-his-voice "Bleeding Love work for him on last night's episode. I'd totally have a crush if it wasn't illegal (he's 17).

Here's James performance with Tierney during the DisneyWorld auditions singing "Torn":

Over on Canadian Idol, how did Theo Tams end up in last weeks bottom 3? WHAT? Okay I get that people don't get Earl and sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't, but THEO? Who clearly has the best voice?

Okay, I know Drew Wright is pretty and all and he's not horrid or anything but clearly he's one of the weaker singers left. Though his singing is actually fine, as the judges keep noting, it's his performance and presence that usually lacks something (except I guess, last week when he sang "Creep" (video below)).

I like Mitch MacDonald but I think at this point, the race is between Theo, Amberly Thiessen and Mookie Morris, or at least should be. Though I thought Amberly sounded AMAZING in the pre-performance video and then sounded and looked odd doing Feist this week.

Well, at least Mark Day is finally gone.

Here's Theo Tam's performance from last week (Top 7) of "You Had Me":

Here's Theo Tam's performance from Top 8 week of "Weak In the Knees":

Drew Wright Top 8 Week "Creep":

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