Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Git'Er Done

Coach Taylor must finally choose whether to start the unlikeable Voodoo or the beloved underdog Saracen at the next Friday game. He knows he must choose Voodoo to guarantee a delivery, but it comes back to haunt him as Voodoo decides to play his own game and thus giving the opposing team a touchdown. Saracen is thrown in, and of course the underdog saves the day. Yet this little cliché totally works in Friday Night Lights and I'm totally buying the whole thing. Plus at this point, with all the misery going around the town of Dillon (Saracen's grandmother, Jason Streets recovery, Tim Riggin's ... being Tim Riggin's), they deserved something good at this point and so do we as viewers. (Plus I'm sure they are going to set us up by the end of the season where Saracen finally works his way up to confident enough QB just as Jason Street's recovers well enough to come back to the game, but I'm totally fine with that and in fact respect that they are taking Street's recovery slowly and seriously).

Meanwhile, a new man in town, Connor (played by Patrick J. Adams, who was devastating as Jack's gay friend who commits suicide in Jack & Bobby), shows up to seduce the all-knowing Tyra. Kinda a creepy storyline and a little sad but I guess that's the point. Luckily since it was Patrick J. Adams playing Connor, I went with it, plus seeing Tyra a bit unhinged gives her some depth we haven't really seen yet from her.

Saracen and Julie seem to have a moment after he helps win the game, but the gaming commission begins an investigation into Voodoo's eligibility, the same eligibility Coach Taylor had questioned before which may not backfire on the team due to Buddy Garrity's insistence on acquiring Voodoo.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Brothers & Sisters - When Greg Berlanti Saved the Day

Family Portrait,
Date Night,
For the Children

I still feel like I'm watching a continuation of Ally McBeal when I watch Calista Flockhart's Kitty Walker banter with Josh Hopkins' Warren Salter. I still feel that Sydney Bristow is going to bust out and kick Ron Rifkin's Saul's ass and help Balthazar Getty's Thomas Walker steal back files for the family business and hand them over to Patricia Wettig's Holly. Yet, I'm really beginning to love this show.

Oh, and lo and behold, the last three episodes somehow feel smoother, real and heartwarming, with the dynamics and drama of the Walker family finally coming together, and without feeling clautrophobic (I'm using that word today a lot aren't I?). Guess what? If I worried that Greg Berlanti was a one hit wonder with Everwood, (even though I thought Jack & Bobby was terrific too) I don't have to worry because Greg Berlanti is back to save Brothers & Sisters and already in his first 3 episodes, the show feels so much fresher and likeable after a slow start.

In fact, it's almost too easy to just give Berlanti credit, but whatever it is, I like where the show is going. The cast was always top-notch to begin with, but now they seem to jell together like a real family. Matthew Rhys and Calista work well together as Kevin and Kitty Walker. Rachel Griffiths is always good but I enjoy her tension as Sarah with Balthazar Getty's Thomas as the family business' troubles loom.

We do have to thank Berlanti (probably) for bringing on his alums, Treat Williams from Everwood and Keri Lynn Pratt from Jack & Bobby (and recently on Veronica Mars), both who are squeezing into the huge cast seemlessly, Treat as Sally Fields potential love interest, which is so fun to watch these two actors flirt amongst each other, and Keri Lynn as Amber, the new intern at Kitty's show, the smarter-than-you think dumb blonde that Keri seems to play so well (if she doesn't last on this show, can someone give her a show?)

Meanwhile, maybe I'm just all a sucker for new romances but the Scotty (Luke MacFarlane from London, Ontario! and possible real-life boyfriend to recently outed T.R. Knight from Grey's Anatomy?) and Kevin romance is sweet and nicely paced. Dave Annable is completely shocking me that he can actually act (I liked him in Reunion and I liked that show but seriously, it wasn't for the acting abilities from anybody on that show) and totally holding his own against his esteemed colleagues.

I'm still not sure how much a role there is for John Pyper-Ferguson and Sarah Jane Morris as folks that marry into the Walkers family since at this point, they are still basically overpaid extras, but I guess it's a big cast and there's still lots of time to explore (and I'm okay if we stayed with Kitty, Kevin and Sarah).

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Desperate Housewives - Sweetheart, I Have to Confess

Boozan... Hahaha...

In one of the funnier episodes that felt like it had the first years rhythm back, we find Susan catching Edie and Mike Delfino is a compromising position. Susan thus returns to Ian after a drinking binge with the girls to confess her mistake and reveal how she really feels about him, after she throws up of course.

Tom Scavo leases a place for his pizza parlour, much to the dismay of Lynette. Nora tries to seduce Tom at the decrepid pizza place, which leaves Tom running back to Lynette. Personally, I prefer seeing these two together and watching Tom loving Lynette. They are funnier when they are TOO together (like in the first season when he wanted to make love to her all the time, despite her exhaustion).

Gaby is still at war with Carlos in the continuing war of the roses, but which ends with Carlos being pushed out of the 2nd floor window. I've seen the clip in the commercial but it was no less shocking and I actually gasped out loud and covered my mouth (or it just shows how much of a life I need to get).

Carolyn arrives at the door to befriend Bree, with the motive to convince her once and for all that Orson is psycho, and this time, with some evidence of pictures of the formerly battered wife, Bree starts to believe her. Carolyns husband Henry confesses to Orson that he had an affair with Monique, the same dead Monique that Orson had "missed".

I'm actually getting intrigued into this mystery again, better than Applewhites, still not as good as the initial mystery, but it's allowing a roster of great guest stars (or new stars) with Kyle MacLachlan, Laurie Metcalf, Ernie Hudson, Anthony Azizi, Dougray Scott and Brian Kerwin. It's nice to see Susan move on to let Edie have some vampy moments with Mike, and Bree's continuing battle with Andrew and Danielle are always heartwrenching and hilarious at the same time.

Now, who get's killed next week in the supermarket?

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The Amazing Race - The Final 6 and We Aren't Even in November Sweeps Yet

I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!,
Maybe Steven Segal Will See Me and Want Me to Be in One of His Movies,
I Wonder if This is Going to Make My Fingers Pickle

So over the last three weeks, our racers have gone from India, where they learned to drive, Kuwait, where they learned to climb a big ball in the sky, to Mauritius (More-ish-us people, not More-it-tea-us) where they learned that finding a saltshaker in a pile of salt is harder than one might think.

If this season can be defined by anything, it is that these people's driving skills suck, whether it be getting lost (like Druggie Models this week), getting stalled (like Dysfunctional Couple Rob and Kimberly, taking over the long line of couples-that-were-not-meant-to-be like Tara & Weasal and Victoria & Jonathan (who apparently just had a baby. Scary)), or getting crashed (like the Barbies, who waver back and forth between being a team I want to win to a team I want to choke on their own bulemia). No wonder they built in a driving school lesson into the race during the India portion.

Meanwhile, the Black Mama's continue their enemy making journey (I mean, I was kinda on your side about the tickets at the Kuwait airport but you COULD smile every once in a while), and the Six Pack fall behind after giving up on the Saltshakers (NOOOO). The Bumpkins end up in last place and for the second time, luck out that they hit last place during the non-elimination round (which you KNEW was going to happen since we only have 6 teams left and we haven't even enterered into November Sweeps yet).

Peter and Sarah were bumped off last week and broken up since (Peter alone could have competed for the couples-that-were-not-meant-to-be prize but luckily Sarah was pretty nice and didn't scream back as much). Also at this count, I think we've only had 2 title episodes now that aren't quotes from Mary? Give this woman a sitcom!

So at this point, I'm of course rooting for the Bumpkins. The Cho brothers are growing more likable, while the Black mama's aren't. I'm still undecided about the Barbies, as it would be nice to have an only female team win but this one? The Druggie Models aren't as horrible as I hoped they would (except at the Kuwait airport) but I'm still against them winning just based on principal. Rob and Kimberly meanwhile will not make it to the end of the race because I think one is going to strangle the other before they hit back onto American soil. Now the question is who will strangle who first?

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Marie Antoinette – Movie Review

Another week, another movie about a Queen living in her claustrophobic world where her royal life shelters herself (and her husband) from the realities of her people, and any sense of understanding their plight.

So I was out-voted from seeing Shut Up and Sing (until they saw the trailer and realised what it was and now want to see it), and The Departed was actually still sold out, so we saw Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, only apparently I was the only one who realised it was directed by Sofia Coppola going into the movie (which will probably help you understand the movie a lot more if you do know this fact). Otherwise the entire movie is a rambling mood piece with Kirsten Dunst frolicking about Versailles to modern rock music and with very few details about the French Revolution surrounding her Marie Antoinette ever being shown, and basically a long movie about a spoiled rich teenage brat in great clothes at a historical backdrop.

Or you can see the movie as:

A beautifully rendered portrait of a teenage girl thrown into wealth, power and protocol, slowly reigning in the manoeuvres to remain in her position as wife of the future King of France. Marie Antoinette lives in the bubble that is Versailles, surrounding herself with all the pleasures she has learned to appreciate, or anything at least to keep herself away from boredom, as she is never taken to informing herself of the plight of the people of France.

The brilliancy of the movie is that we all know what happens with Marie Antoinette. We all know the “Let Them Eat Cake” phrase (debunked in the movie because apparently she never actually said it), and we all knew it was “Off with her head”, but with historical figures always drawn in dry and flat tellings, Sofia Coppola draws a portrait of how such a thing could possibly happen. The King and Queen were extremely young and unprepared to hold such power. They had removed themselves from the people (and centre of politics of Paris) to live and surround themselves in an isolated castle at Versailles, where they lived in the delicious spoils of the French monarchy. Eventually, they literally surrounded themselves with farm animals while running through tall green grass, subconsciously declaring themselves completely cut off from the people of France.

The film gives little hints to the happenings outside the walls of Versailles, but through most of the film, we are locked alongside Marie Antoinette within the palatial chateau, where boredom subsides and the only cure she was brought up to understand was that of more spending, more partying, and manoeuvring through social politics, not actual politics of running a country. It’s a woman essentially trapped by her own wealth, power, and ignorance, with the isolation theme generally a running exploration through Sofia Coppola movies (Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides).

The movie films all the excess living beautifully, which is aided by the fact that they had access to the real Versailles to use. The costumes, the food, the shoes, the parties, the evergrowing towering hairstyles, are all glowingly shot, and the pacing gives a good indication of Marie Antoinette’s life of royal protocol boredom with the few hits of pure excitement, so yes, it’ll be boring to many of you all, a fascinating and intricate examination for others.

A- or 9/10

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Is there a PVR/ TIVO/ VCR/ DVR for Film in Cinemas?

A week being sick, a wedding and work and now 3 weekends later, I realised how far behind I am in movies all of a sudden, and I'm already behind in my beloved television shows (recaps and commentaries should be getting back on track over the next 2 weeks). When did all the Oscar stuff start spilling out into theatres? And November is just around the corner with Stranger than Fiction, For Your Consideration, Borat, Fast Food Nation, Casino Royale (yes, I think the trailers look HOT).

So what movie should I watch? I know, Running With Scissors got trashed but I still kinda want to see it. I think I might go for Shut Up and Sing for some Dixie Chicks loving. Especially since I couldn't get tickets to the 2 sold out shows in Toronto (that happens to be this weekend too). Apparently in the movie, they realise that Toronto is the hottest market for Dixie Chicks loving. Which is funny cause this isn't really a country town. We don't even really have a country music radio station (it is out of Hamilton).

So which movie should I see? So much to choose from! (Of course, still nothing really beats TV these past few years... even The Queen which was an excellent movie still pales in comparison to the depth we can get from a longer running piece of entertainment (see Everwood, Lost, Veronica Mars, The Office, heck, even CSI). Still, movies should be seen in LARGE MOVIE THEATRES... now I just have to choose...

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance, Eh? - Live Tour in Toronto, Canada Hummingbird Centre

So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour goes International and comes to Toronto, Ontario, Canada! (Yes, we are actually a different country despite the fact that we all watch the same TV shows)
October 25th 2006

So this is my second time to this little So You Think You Can Dance shindig, and I was probably even MORE excited than the first time around because I actually knew what to expect (and what a lot to expect!) from these amazing dancers. Last time, I had to cross the border with my passport to Buffalo, but this time, I let our favorite So You Think You Can Dance dancers come visit us up here in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, not everyone made it through the border and the news spread quickly before the show that our beloved No-Longer-Jailbait (and GMMR fave) Ivan had to remain in New York because of passport problems (DAMN YOU CANADIAN IMMIGRATION... I thought we let EVERYBODY and ANYBODY in?).

So with that initial disappointment already setting in that the adorable Ivan would not be doing his hip-hop moves before us, I knew that (and I'm trying to find the brightest hint of a silver lining here) at least my attention would have one less thing to concentrate on and I could focus on the other dancers (like my fave Travis). Since my only major disappointment from the last show was that there was no rewind button or the fact I did not have 10 pairs of eyes which meant I had no idea where to concentrate on since there were so many fantastic dancers! It was all too much for one pair of eyes!

So they ran through the intros, this time sans namecards flashing on the screens above. After the AMAZING and new favorite Technologic routine, they explained (somewhat, without actually mentioning the passport problem) that Ivan could not make this one date for the tour, but that he was not sick, and that Jaymz would be filling in for him for the rest of the night. At least we gave Jaymz a great big reception of an applause, though right off the bat from the Technologic routine, it felt like there was something missing and Ivan was sorely missed. No one can groove like that skinny white boy. Now, no disrespect to Jaymz (god, I still hate that spelling), but while he was decent, Ivan really did have something special going on, which was surprisingly most obvious in all the duets with Allison. Most especially during the Argentinian Tango surprisingly enough, which to be honest, was kinda boring this time around. I was sad about "Sexy Love" and their umbrella dance which was a favorite of mine, but luckily Allison and the choreography was still amazing that I could still love it without Ivan, with Jaymz pulling decent enough duty. Meanwhile, the Annie Lennox "Why" routine didn't garner nearly as much applause as the Buffalo audience now without Ivan in place.

The rest of the show basically goes off without a hitch, and in fact, after a month from the last time I saw them, the routines (described in all the tour reports at Dan's site) were even more polished and smoothly performed. I could still do without the solos and more group dances (and wished they had done Mia Michael's Imogen Heaps "Hide and Seek" routine) but they ran through everything again, only with Jaymz filling in for Ivan in all counts except during the krumping with Martha, where Travis retook his position and reminded me of why they were my front-running faves right from the get-go of the show.

Travis by far had the loudest and longest cheers, even much more than in Buffalo (I would say Canadians do have good taste and know how to pick and love them! except I think more than half the Buffalo audience was from Toronto as it seemed everybody waiting for photos and autographs after the show had also been at the Buffalo show like I was, plus the parking lot back in Buffalo was full of Ontario plates). In fact, as soon as the audience caught a glimpse of the now famous BENCH for the Mia Michael's choreographed "Calling You" flower number with Heidi, the roars overtook Travis and Heidi who seemed to be taken by surprise at its overwhelming reception and had to take a longer-than-normal pause before they could be heard doing the introduction to the routine.

Of the girls, Heidi is definitely the most experienced and professional, but Natalie and Allison danced up a storm still (and Natalie's knee-wrap was gone this time though apparently suffering a slight cold from what we found out in the post-show autograph/stalking session, not that it showed at all on stage ), and Donyelle seemed to be getting better at her "lines of flirtation" with Benji (or is it the real thing? Benji gave a quick peck to Donyelle during the dip in their ballroom dance). Martha (I still can't believe she's that young. She seems so mature and professional) was fantastic as always but again, I'm so glad she was paired up with her first partner Travis during the Krumping to add along with their "Steam Heat" duet.

The boys were great as always too, with Dimitri really enjoyable to watch during the disco routine, and Ryan and all his control during his solo. Benji, hamming it up as always (and in a Canada T-Shirt to start), was in excellent form in his newly dyed red hair (apparently done while in Toronto), and hilarious in a throw-away moment that only a few of us had seem to catch, where he dramatically pulled the Fosse stage piece off the stage, pulling with Rico-Suavé flair. Travis of course still pulled most of my attention, as I felt that he seemed to just have that extra little bit somehow in all his dances, from disco to contemporary to his Paso Doblé.

It was nice to see all the dancers seemingly grounded and super nice in the after show (stalking) autograph session by the tour buses, with Donyelle filming the crowd with her own camera herself. Only Travis didn't take pictures with everybody, probably because he definitely elicited the loudest cheers and was in demand the most, so for times sake (and the fact that the dancers were freezing outside in our cold weather (I swear, it's unusually cold right now in Toronto, we aren't always an igloo state)) Travis was rushed through only signing things quickly. Everyone else was extremely cute (but much shorter than I imagined (with the exception of Dimitri, who must be about 6'1" since we were about the same height)) and took the time to pose for pictures with everyone, and Benji really did seem like the nice guy we all would be friends with in school and seemed super excited of everyone posting the photos on his myspace page.

Alas, that's it for me and So You Think You Can Dance, and I'm kinda sad today knowing that I won't see the group live again. Apparently the group were going to visit the Hairspray movie sets last night (DAMN, I knew I should have held out for that job and not taken this one on a show you all know and love (or should! hehe)) before moving onto the next show today. Now if they can only come back to be dancers in Hairspray, that would have been GREAT! I guess I'll have to live through the clips on the net and the episodes I kept on tape (come ON Nigel, when are the DVD's coming out?).

UPDATE: Here's the 2007 So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour Report!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Who's Your Daddy


While The Nine has disappointed me slightly after a strong pilot and Jericho became a complete joke after a good pilot, Friday Night Lights has stayed consistent after an amazing quality pilot with subsequent episodes that has only deapened the richness of the characters.

Last night on Friday Night Lights, newly aquired QB Voodoo joins the team (late) for practice and makes little effort to fit in. Jason Street is moved to rehab and pretty much gives up hope for his hand (or anything else) to recover. Lyla guilts about her makeout session with Tim Riggins, who has desperately fallen for her. Coach Eric Taylor and wife Tami argue as the Coach is required to throw a traditional party where Tami discovers too late that the entire town pretty much shows up. Julie Taylor has a dance recital on the Fridays (that don't have games on them), so that people might actually show up, including her father Eric. The Panthers biggest rivals The Tigers wreck The Panters locker room, and despite Coach's advisory, a group of Panthers, including Tim, Smash and a reluctant good-boy Matt Saracen, head to the Tiger's QB to smash up his car, with Matt getting recognized. Matt is subsequently beaten up while tossing garbage out back at his workplace, and is rescued by Coach Taylor, brought to the recital, where Matt is given a chance to flirt with his crush Julie, this after Coach had just told Matt to release his energy by getting his crush into the back of a car so that he would be loose and tense-free for practice the next day. In the most hilarious moment, Coach Taylor realises the inadvertent cupid he had played post-recital.

While this episode continued to touch on every character in the town of Dillon, the episode really belonged to Matt Saracen who we seem struggle to take care of his dimentiad grandmother, take advice from his father in Iraq, and deal with the pains of high school, the confidence to lead a football team, all while having to keep a part-time job to pay the bills. At least if this show doesn't make it and gets cancelled, we will have discovered a wonderful actor in Zach Gilford who heartbreakingly OWNS this show through Matt's character.

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Gilmore Girls & Veronica Mars - Logan's Run

Gilmore Girls - The Great Stink, Veronica Mars - Charlie Don't Surf

If there ever was characters designed to meet, it was Logan Huntzberger and Logan Echolls and we got that match on Veronica Mars. Sadly, the initial thought that they were long lost brothers (with Matt Czuchry as Charlie Stone on VM) had yet again been a trap, and it will never ever be again, but it was fun while it lasted!

Of course, not only did we get Logan and Logan, we got a Just Shoot Me! reunion when Laura San Giacomo visits as a client at Keith Investigations, and the sparks fly with Enrico Colantoni's Keith Mars (and if I remember right, Laura and Enrico played couple on their last show).

There's more about Veronica clearing the frat house from the rapes, more of the feminists (and Parker) being mad at Veronica for clearning the frat house from the rapes, and Dick Casablanca finally visits Casa del Mars, but mainly the whole episode was blinded by the collisions of star crossed characters (and I don't mean that in a bad way).

Last week on Witchita Linebacker, Veronica clears up the name of a footballer who loses his playbook, gets Weevil a job at Mars Investigations, and then subsequently at Hearst College when he screws up at MI.

Over in Stars Hollow, the big pickle debacle stinks up the whole town (in an overexplained tidbit that tried to shadow Amy Sherman-Palladino's tidbit rants but just came off as trying too hard) while Logan returns from London for a business trip with 3 colleagues (with the WORST English accents this side of Madonna) and Rory get's jealous.

Christopher, continuing to charm us from last week's S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous date episode, informs Lorelai of sending Gigi to Paris to be with her mom, and Lorelai realizes the differences between her relationship with Luke with her relationship with Christopher (who I have always liked so I kinda like where this is going).

I think this seasons' Gilmore Girls is back on track PLOTWISE because I love where it is all going again (Emily Gilmore ARRESTED? Brilliant! Even Luke's babysitting April was nice). However, I find that Dan Rosenthal is working too hard trying to copy the dialogue rhythms of before and not hitting the mark. Instead the dialogue feels forced and rambling and I often find myself drifting off now as they try to rift witty pop culture references that comes off as a boring encyclopedic entries. TarJAY? The Pickle Call? Snakes on a Plane? Seems a little elementary in the pop culture cannon.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've Had The Time of My Life at Musicals

Dirty Dancing: The Musical opens in London's West End. Yes. Nobody, including Brits, puts Baby in the Corner. (Pic is from the German production)

Les Mis re-opens with a (Broadway) all-star cast. Looks hot.

Don't forget, Evil Dead The Musical opens officially next Monday Oct. 30th. Just in time for Halloween.

And High School Musical: The Concert was just announced (though sans Zac Efron. What's the point? Granted since he didn't really actually SING it... Though he is also in Toronto already filming Hairspray The Musical). Still, I ADORE Lucas Grabeel's voice.

Always loved Duncan Sheik ("The Winds That Blow" (I know, sounds dirty, it isn't) is one of the most beautiful songs EVER) and cannot WAIT for Spring Awakening to open on Broadway (previously Off-Broadway this year). This looks really really hot.

And don't forget Company, with it's new John Doyle direction with actors doubling as musicians, much like he did with Sweeney Todd, which sadly I missed.

Plus, I've been told Mary Poppins is actually quite good, and while there was the disaster that was Tarzan, there was also the beauty of Lion King (though that can be attributed to director Julie Taymor). Still, this pic alone makes me want to see it:

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Best New Shows (So Far, While There's Still Some Time to Save Them)

Since I've missed the past few nights of television (gasp), I was going to post my picks for the best new shows, until I got home late last night to find that EW had just done their annual Best 5 New Shows, so DAMNIT, they beat me to it, but since I have nothing to write about since everything since Sunday and Monday is still waiting to be watched at home, I'm going to do it anyways. Plus since numbers for some of my faves are abysmal, NOW IS THE TIME TO START TELLING YOU TO WATCH. Why are you NOT WATCHING?

1. Friday Night Lights - I have to say it is my favorite, with each episode feeling like a mini-indie movie, and emotionally the most powerful and realistic despite the fact that I don't live in a small town or ever cared about football. Of course, since I love it, it's bound to fail (and so far it is, with some of the worst numbers by far... WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS SEASON'S HORRID Dancing with the Stars? At least in Canada, the ratings are horrid and CTV shoved it aside to the oblivion of Saturday nights, not put it at number 4 in the ratings? Of course, Canadians still aren't tuning into FNL but maybe it's the American Football thing?). (Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC/Global, though moving to Monday Oct 30th at 10pm for a trial run).

2. Ugly Betty - You all know my new love for Betty by now. It's funny, it's campy, it competes with Barney for the best one liners on television, it's heartwarming and despite the somewhat predictable storylines, I cannot wait to see the next episode everyweek (but not to find out what Senior Meade did with Fey). (Thursdays at 8pm on ABC/CITY)

3. Heroes - Clunky dialogue aside, the premise alone saves this show and with the added Masi Oka as the lovable Hiro, it makes for intriguing television. Good popcorn fun! (Mondays at 9pm on NBC/Global)

4. The Nine - The subsequent episodes following the pilot haven't felt as fresh as the pilot, but the first 10 minutes of each episode, that show 10 minutes more of the 52 hour hostage is gripping and emotional. The connections made between the Nine people from the bank hostage are interesting enough, though I can't help feel that they missed an opportunity by skipping so fast towards regular life following the horrific incident. Still, as more details leak out about the hostage, the more I'm invested. Again, which means this show will probably die since the numbers are not looking good for The Nine. (Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC, Tuesdays at 8pm on CTV)

5. Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip - Not the slam dunk we thought it would be since Aaron Sorkin seems to be living out his idealic life through his show. Still, the banter between Matthew Perry, a surprisingly likable Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson are enough to keep me coming back. This could have been higher on the list, if they had some better sketches in the show within the show, and stopped being so smug (that's why I turned The West Wing off, don't make that mistake again). (Mondays at 10pm on NBC (for now), Sundays at 10pm on CTV)

6. Smith - Well, this one is gone already, but I was hooked despite the morally questionable characters. Anything to hear Shohreh Aghdashloo speak, anything to watch Virginia Madsen, and anything to watch Johnny Lee Miller and Simon Baker be bad boys.

7. Brothers and Sisters - Yes, I said it. Brothers and Sisters, and apparently I'm not the only one, since it seems to be doing quite well for ABC (in Canada it loses to Studio 60 which actually is a hit with similar ratings to Hereos). The show where we all came to see if Calista Flockhart still had any width to her, and left wanting to see more of the druggie brother (Dave Annable), the gay brother (Matthew Rhys), and Rachel Griffiths. Sally Field also seems to be having the time of her life with this role, and now add to it the Everwood crew (Greg Berlanti as showrunner, Treat Williams in guest spot), and I'm sticking by this show. (Sundays at 10pm on ABC/Global)

8. Men in Trees - Yes, I know. It probably moves feminism back 20 years. Who cares. It's cute. It's fluffy. It's the television version of cotton candy northern style. The flirting between Emily Bergl and Derek Richardson as Annie and Patrick is enough to warrant attention, and I like that they are exploring a new relationship slowly just as much as they are exploring Marin's (Anne Heche) new found singledom (and obvious spark with Jack (James Tupper)). (Fridays at 9pm on ABC/CITY)

9. Help Me Help You - I didn't want to watch it, I did by mistake, and I laughed out loud a LOT. It's up against Veronica Mars and House so I'm not sure how long this will last but this was a complete surprise to me at how much I quickly got into this show. Ted Danson got back his cred. (Tuesdays at 9:30pm on ABC)

10. Justice - Two words: Victor Garber. (Mondays at 9pm on FOX/CTV)

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh My How They Grow Up So Fast

Here's a nice interview from Newsweek with Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, and if you didn't love him before, you should now, since he's a pretty funny and seemingly grounded guy, who will next be seen in Equus in London's West End.

Meanwhile, only:

Also, here's the new cast recording of A Chorus Line in case you were interested for a listen.

Plus, back to shameless plugging Evil Dead: The Musical at the New World Theatre Off-Broadway in NY. You'd think at this point I was a producer or something. (Chris, I'll gladly take a small small cut. Or free tickets). Here's the featured article in this past Sunday's Star's Entertainment section.

And if Evil Dead is not funny enough for you, here's proof that even Shrimps need to stay buff and toned (and I'm not talking about Tom Cruise).

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The Queen - Movie Review

A family drama about the death of an ex-family member that causes shock waves amongst the villagefolk, which baffles the matriarch of the family who saw her as nothing but a nuisance and betrayer of the family. Except the family is the Windsors, the ex is Diana, the villagefolk are the people of England AND the world, and the Matriarch is The Queen of England Elizabeth the 2nd.

Stephen Frears directs a fascinating inside look into the world of the English Royal family, particularly during the week following the death of the beloved People's Princess Diana when the world grieved, and The Queen (Helen Mirren) misunderstood the public's sentiment, despite the urgings of a newly elected Tony Blair (Michael Sheen).

As The Queen tries to deal with Diana's death as privately as possible, the publics outpouring of grief and tears demands a public response from the Royal Family which The Queen refuses to give, and thus the tension and battle emerges from Tony Blair and The Queens many handlers to convince her that the situation is unprecedented and demands differing protocol. Surprisingly, the movie emerges sympathetic to The Queen, who is shown as quite frugal and old fashioned, brought by her upbringing and early reign. The film though, despite the fact the world knows the story, almost plays in a way as suspense thriller as we wait for The Queen to come to realizing the emotional response Diana had upon the public and the responsibiliy the Royal Family now had to appeasing the public during that emotionally odd time.

As we have all heard by now, Helen Mirren is completely lost behind the role as Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and truly becomes her in all sense of the word (unlike Jamie Foxes' Ray which I felt was a bit of a characterization and always felt it was an actor playing Ray Charles). Michael Sheen does the same with Tony Blair, shown here as an everyday man who just happens to be the new prime-minister of England, and James Cromwell is a hoot as the dimwitted Prince Phillip.

Surpringsly moving for a docudrama, The Queen is a delicate family drama, a look into the private lives of a very public family during a time of unique consequences. The acting is first rate and pretty much a shoo-in for the Oscars. The only concern is, isn't the whole notion of this public movie about the Royal Family, a family betrayed by the very essence of the tabloids and the publics demanding interests into their private lives, a little... wrong? hypocritical? Still, the film is mesmerizing and one of the best of the year so far. Did I mention it is also a surprisingly funny movie?

9/10 or A-

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The Fray at the Koolhaus - Concert Review

Saw Denver, CO band The Fray in concert Saturday night at the Koolhaus in Toronto. Pretty good concert for generally a very strong album which has kinda exploded ever since Grey's Anatomy took the song "How to Save a Life" as their big promo push this summer (even though Scrubs used it first). The lead singer Isaac Slade does not have a smooth voice and yet somehow makes it work REALLY well with the songs, and which makes The Fray sound like it does. "Over My Head (Cable Car)" is one of my favorite songs of this year, and again, the entire album How to Save a Life has been on repeat for me since the spring, so it was nice to hear that the band actually sound like the recorded version live on stage. Their was a little diversion when they presented one of their (young) roadies (? PA's?) Steven with a cake and booze for his 21st birthday (which was sort of negated by the fact that he was in Ontario already where he could have started drinking 2 years ago) but it was amusing nonetheless.

The opening act The Feeling didn't suck, considering I usually expect opening acts to, though I've never heard of them and still can't find their website but basically a UK band that sounds 80's rock britpopish.

Here's some pics from the night:

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grey's Anatomy - Oh, The Drama

Oh, The Guilt

Finally, the week we love Meredith again.

Izzie deals with teh 8.7 million dollar cheque, Burke is angry at Izzie for wasting her surgeon hands, Christina helps Burke cover his shakiness during surgery, Callie doesn't tell George about McSteamy, Addison doesn't tell McDreamy about McSteamy before the divorce settlement where she takes the Hamptons and the Brownstone over Central Park so that he could keep the trailer in Seattle, but Addison finally fesses up and Sheppard walks away never wanting to see her again. Mer tells McDreamy that she broke up with McVet, to little reaction.

Meanwhile Bailey deals with the aftermath of Izzie's mistake on Denny which brings on a teary worthy scene with a mother with breast cancer. Alex again steps up his game and takes some blame for not stopping Izzie during the Denny ordeal. Callie sticks it in Georges mind that she broke up with him. Addison is seen in bed with McSteamy (again, who apparently is a busy boy).

Ayre Gross (Ellen) and Faith Prince (Broadway star, Spin City) are an ex-couple that get stuck in a compromising position.

Oh, and Izzie decides not to cash the cheque until she knows what to do with it, and is inspired by Christina to want to do surgery again.

So, I last saw Isaiah Washington on The Megan Mullaly Show last week and thought he seemed like the nicest guy and an intelligent actor, but if rumours are to be believed about what he said about T.R. Knight, and his strangling of Dempsey which was actually confirmed, well, the drama on the set seems just as nosily fascinating as the scripts, but quite sad to know. Now apparently Washington's job is in jeopardy, probably made worse since he was originally supposed to play McDreamy originally. Meanwhile, T.R. comes out which means FINALLY my gaydar got it right for once.

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Ugly Betty - Christmas in October

Fey's Sleigh Ride

An amusing episode where Amanda, Marc and... GASP... Betty must bond together to lie and protect about leaking the big Christmas spread for Mode magazine to rival Isabella magazine. Wilhelmina and Daniel must bond together to create a new plan for the Christmas spread, all while the music box shows up in Daniel's hand, and we find out that there were two, one originally for Fey and one for Daniel's mother.

Except, did I miss when Wilhelmina stole the music box? Was I just not paying attention or does it have anything to do with the fact that this episode was actually intended to be the 6th episode, with the original 4th episode moved to Novemeber sweeps, and the 5th, 7th and 8th episodes to follow over the next few weeks. What was that move for? I'm talking to you ABC? The rhythm felt off, since Marc and Amanda's tolerance to Betty was much lower, Betty's self confidence was higher than normal, and Daniel's hair was dyed much darker. Why the skip?

Watching Marc bond with Justin (as he glorious spent a day (or two) at Mode) was heartwarming and started to show some depth into Marc aside from his hilarious one-liners. There was also more about Betty's fathers HMO and discovering he had been using a deadman's Social Insurance Number, and Walter wooing Betty.

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iPod Playlist This! - My Obsession This Week (continues with SYTYCD)

I'm playing one song only on my iPod this week. Over and over again. and again.

Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek

I know. I'm a little late on this one too but I liked the song before, but this week it's getting a little obsessive. Probably because of this:

So You Think You Can Dance - Hide and Seek opening sequence

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Everwood's looking better now CW's Dawn Ostroff?

What an idiot. I mean we said it then and we can say it now, but does Dawn Ostroff have any clue what her job is supposed to be? You are supposed to KEEP viewers. Not piss them off and chase them away with a revival of 7th Heaven and new shows like Runaway, which you just cancelled after only FOUR episodes.

Meanwhile Everwood's 4 million viewers are probably looking pretty good to you now huh? Too bad you just lost us all after cancelling Everwood so that you can instead have a GREAT BIG HIT in Runaway with it's 1.7 Million viewers.

I think The CW and the CBC in Canada need to get together. Both seem to be chasing away viewers quite well. They should teach a class on it or something...

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I'm No Pretty Woman

Okay. So I gave up my favorite night of television viewing (after already quickly falling behind on my TV over the weekend just when I had caught up and cleared my ENTIRE backlog) last night (missing Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Boston Legal) (although, Wed and Thursday are also my favorite nights of television viewing...hehe) so that I could attempt to be cultured.

So I checked out Toronto's new Opera House (the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts) to check out the COC's (hehe. dirty...) new production of Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte.

I always remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere tells Julia Roberts that there are the people who LOVE opera, or those who can appreciate it but never take it fully into their hearts. Then we see Julia completely taken into the Opera making Richard Gere fall even more in love with her.

Yeah well... I can appreciate Opera and I'm glad I went but I don't think I love it the way Richard Gere describes it. I mean. I really try. This is what? the 5th Opera I've seen, and so far only truly loved one of them (and mostly because a) it was Pucini's La Boheme and I was already a Renthead, and b) it was the Baz Luhrman version they did on Broadway which was absolutely SPECTACULAR (plus it didn't hurt we had front row centre).

Anyways, more importantly, the new building. Well, the inside is sort of bland looking but the outside staircase, while typical architectural thesis project (ahem... like MINE (though I swear mine was better) with the box within the box and all that psychobabble, is better than I thought based on previous passby's from the outside. It really does work quite well and has a nice gathering space feel, including the stair/seating area that floats midway in the glass box that can double as a stage (used for free performances on Tues and Thurs at lunchtimes!). Something still feels lacking in the space, and I think it's in the materials somehow, and there is a beautiful possibility of a great patio on the north side of the building looking towards City Hall that is a wasted opprotunity.

Anyways, so that was my night of high culture. I think I'll stick to my big and brashy Broadway musicals again.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Heroes - Chapter 4: Collision

Okay, I've been looking forward to this show since it was announced earlier this year, and the premise hasn't disappointed, but could the dialogue be a little clunkier? I mean it's not as bad as Reunion (great premise, bad writing), but sometimes Heroes sounds (and looks) a little overdramatic (plus the sweeping music?) and probably shows and tells more than it needs to (the goriness? all the exposition? Does Mohinder Suresh need to explain EVERYTHING?).

Luckily, it has Hayden Panetierre as the regenerating cheerleader and Masi Oka as Hiro, the time shifting... hero (?). And if we didn't love Masi Oka enough before, now this? Is he trying to perpetuate the asian stereotype? That end scene where Hiro stops the subway to give Peter a message, speaking in a low voiced English was a little creepy though. And Claire's recovery from the rape/murder? Way grosser than needs to be, but I guess justifies her revenge on Brody (Matt Lanter being bad which is still hilarious after watching Manhunt) by driving him in his car into a wall.

Finally some of our Heroes are meeting, Niki Sanders is ordered for Nathan Petrelli while visiting Las Vegas, where Hiro and Ando have just landed, piling up a fortune from the Montecito (hmm... how convenient, saving set dressing costs and allowing a possible crossover with Josh Duhamel) casino using Hiro's "skills".

Theres more about Peter looking for Mohinder's father, and Matt is captured by Claire's dad, and Isaac continues painting the crazy future but really, let's just get back to Masi Oka's Hiro since it seems he is integral to saving the world and also entertaining us on this show.

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The Office and How I Met Your Mother

The Office - Grief Counselling, How I Met Your Mother - World's Greatest Couple
The two best comedies currently on TV.

Michael's former predecessor and boss dies which prompts Michael to force everyone to mourn. Meanwhile, Jim seems to be flirting much too much with Karen at the other office and cheating (in my mind) on Pam... okay fine... it's not really cheating technically but it is to me okay?

On HIMYM, Lily's apartment is a horrible dump, thus prompting her to beg Barney to let her stay there, where they become a pseudo married couple to perfectly scare away Barney's one-night stands. Only they end up a bit too couply scaring Barney. Marshall meanwhile meets up with his friend Adam who is also recently broken up, and does couply things like Brunch and Broadway the "bro" way, only they end up a bit too couply scaring Marshall.

While The Office is still definitely the best comedy on television (if not best television period), the past 2 eps, while funny, were more ordinary than any of the previous excellent standard it set itself up to (though, I give extra points for that kiss Kelly gives Ryan at the close of the episode and another 2 points for the Charlie Brown "Good Grief" comment from Michael). Meanwhile, How I Met Your Mother is quickly gaining ground, moving along finely in it's second season maneuvering surprisingly well considering Ted and Robin are together as a cute couple (usually the demise of any romantic show). Filling out the lives of Barney, Lily and Marshall is making this one of the most enjoyable shows to watch.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Grey's Anatomy - What I Am

McDreamy okays Burke back to surgery with a pushy Christina behind him which pisses Burke since he knows he's actually not ready without help. Help Christina is willing to give and keep secret. Meredith gets sick and gets doped up. Can we keep this new character trait? It's the most likeable we've seen Meredith in a long time as she gibber jabbers about everything, including talking about her man-choice she must make between McDreamy and McVet (after thinking she was sick from having a McBaby). She also spills to McVet of her awkward sexual encounter with George. Izzie meets with Denny Duquette (Sr. I assume), who questions what happened and how she got engaged moments before Denny's death, but things are explained.

McSteamy joins the hospital and disregards Bailey (so you KNOW the wrath is coming!), while Alex, who plans to do cosmetic surgery, is still stuck under Addison's wrath. Addison speaks to doped up Meredith and they have a weird bonding thing (which Mer will not remember), plus Mer and McSteamy have their non-sexual mutual marriage-disturber status bonding moment again (a bond that I actually like and humanizes McSteamy a bit).

George goes to be with Izzie, Callie is pissed again and breaks up, meets McSteamy at the bar, and they hook up, which I didn't see coming. McDreamy pulls out of the race, but Meredith realises that her heart is with McDreamy and not the better man McVet (so long Chris O'Donnell, I would have loved if you stayed longer but stupid Meredith needs to keep the story going). George opens the letter DD Sr. left her, which reads a cheque to Izzie for $8.7Million. I saw it coming but still. Holy CRAP.

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Ugly Betty - Queens for a Day

First of all, how busy is Ron Canada? First he's re-occuring as a judge on Boston Legal, as a love-interest on Weeds, and now as Wilhelmina's father on Ugly Betty?

Daniel wins kudos for his first issue as editor-in-chief of Mode, but now needs to break out of his brother Alex's shadow and try to make actual decisions to put a stamp on Mode. Betty manages to re-connect with photographer Vincent Bianchi who cut off ties with Meade publications due to his inability to work with Alex. Both coming from Queens, growing up within blocks from each other, Betty uses her down-home charms on him and with her honesty and groundedness, manages to get him interested in working with Daniel.

Meanwhile, Betty finally succombs to getting a makeover, a makeover we've all sort of expected from these Cinderella stories, but what we don't expect is that the makeover manages to make her look like a tarted up Charo (I know. Redundant). So in the end, it still doesn't fall into the looks of Mode magazine and Betty is leftback again.

Things go well, Betty saves the day... yada yada... but I like the moments Betty and Daniel have together where they both realise their mistakes and learn their little lesson, only it doesn't feel as nauseating as a Full House episode. Betty's little dance with Justin and her moments with her sister Hilda are joyous to watch as well. Though not as wonderful as seeing Vanessa Wiliiams diva it all up as Wilhelmina, lose it as Wilhelmina's father shows up, diva it up again, then lose it again (as Marc takes away the glass vase) on her awards.

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Project Catwalk - Project Runway with a British Accent

So since we are WAY behind in Project Runway here in Canada, and I haven't caught up in other ways (ahem...) (although, is it me or does this Project Runway finale seems like it's taking forever? Didn't they have the New York Fashion Week Shows more than a month ago? Haven't we been down to 4 people for a month now?) I've been filing my fill with Project Catwalk, the British copy of our beloved Project Runway (finally Europe is copying one of OUR reality shows and not vice versa).

Elisabeth Hurley plays Heidi Klum's role and is the perfect British counterpart but you know Heidi OWNS this show and cares deeply, whereas Hurley just knows this is a good act to follow. Still, always had a thing for Hurley so more screen time for her is always good.

The challenges are just as hard, if not slightly aiming more for haute couture, and the designers, mostly a younger bunch, seem to have more traditional fashion training, but that could just be European style embedded into their brains during birth.

However, the big difference is their lack of our beloved Tim Gunn. In their replacement, they went with fashion designer Ben de Lisi (who? I've never heard of him before but apparently he's legit). If Tim is caring and nurturing, Ben di Lisi is nasty and narcissistic who tries to control every designers look, and is just plain mean when it doesn't look like something he would do. I'm amazed the designers weren't charged with 1st degree murder before the show ended so I give them further props for surviving that nasty little screechy thing.

Actually, I never thought I would think I would say that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors seemed caring but even in their nasty wicked ways, they still at least seem to care with some constructive criticism, but the British counterparts, Julien Macdonald and Lorraine Candy just seem to be there to stomp on the newbies. Only the rotating judges and Hurley seem to actually care about the contestants.

Nonetheless it gives us even more love to the surviving desgners who can bare all this abuse, particularly the adorable Matthew and Kirsty, who with her heavy Liverpool accent, is sometimes just completely incomprehensible.

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Weeds - Must Find Toes

Still two weeks behind the states, so we just had where Celia just beat Doug in the elections and Uncle Andy just got his toes bitten off as well as f#$ked over, literally and figuratively from pulling out of Rabitcal school. Silas is still all broody about the abortion, and Nancy is all over him over his poor SAT scores. Meanwhile Finding Nemo son cheats but wins the debate over Gretchen (Eden Sher from Sons & Daughters) , but making her dislike him, which weren't his intentions.

I was so happy to see Celia beat Doug, and even more intrigued by her Drug-Free neighbourhood of Agrestic in the future episodes. I think I laughed even more when Doug spazzed out at his loss due to the filing mistake.

My only thing about this show is that I really think it could fill an hour well since it always seems to end way too soon.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Nine - Heroes Welcome

Okay, do people in real life that come out of something horrific like a 52-hour hostage go right back to work? Maybe people do. I would think people get to take a few days off, but most of the nine people here seem to jump right back into work, or at least try, while they conspire to hide what happened during the hostage taking, or in Bailey Salinger/Dr. Jake Hartman killing off patient/hostage taker in a nice shocking move but a little out in the open? Uh. hello. Obvious.

Meanwhile what kind of connectiong did Felicia and other-hostage taker Lucas Dalton forge during the hostage and what mistake did Felicia seem to do that might have caused Eva's death?

There is a bit too much intercutting and the flashbacks are thrown about a bit too much (I thought their original concept was to only show 10 minute of pure flashback at the start each episode?) and there seems to be little empathy for the hostages in their regular lives minus a few tv interviews (what was with Kate and Allie's son at the insurance company? No one is THAT big an asshole are they?).

Still, I'm completely intrigued and will let the plotholes sort itself out in future episodes since at least most of it seems like they can still salvage and save themselves (I know I know. some of it is on purpose but still, the evil police chief is a bit too stock character for me. I mean. Did they really have to hire a skinny white man with that ugly moustache?)

In the meantime, I'm sure there's some clever way of compairing The Nine to one of the other great contenders for best new show this year, Heroes, considering tonight's episode title but I'm too tired and will let some other more clever blogger link the two.

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Lost - The Glass Ballerina

Little Sun breaks a glass balerina, Sun's father is angry. Older Sun gets caught in bed with Jae, Sun's father is angry and wants Jin to fix the honour or their family.

Back on the island, Sayid, Sun and Jin are still on the boat waiting for Jack to notice their big black smoke signal but nothing. They decide to sail to the other side in case Jack couldn't see the smoke due to the mountain, and they find a dock (the same one where Jack and co. were captured while Michael and Walt were freed). Sayid knows that Jack and co. have been captured and hatch a plan. Meanwhile Kate and Sawyer are led away from the zoo cages to do some heavy labour while Kate is secretly contacted by that girl Others who might just have a bit of a heart for our Losties.

Jin tells Sun and Sayid that he understands what they are doing, and that he understands english more than they think, and that he wants the gun, and off Sayid and Jin go to rescue Jack and co. Sun returns to the boat only to have the others take it over.

Juliet (new cast member Elizabeth Mitchell, who looks awfully a lot like Meredith Grey) is part of the camp that puts Kate and Sawyer to heavy labour, where Sawyer ignores rules and goes to Kate to kiss her, before being attacked and tazered.

Back in South Korea, Jin attacks Jae before letting him go, but as he leaves in his car, Jae falls onto the car from many stories above, holding a pearl necklace Jae had tried to give Sun earlier.

On the boat, the others trap Sun on the boat before Sun shoots another girl Other while gay Other drives away. Sun escapes into the water and Jin swims to save her.

Okay, so the Others knows Sun's full name. Sawyers real name is James. After last week's files, how much do they know?

OMG. Now Ben (formerly known as Not-Henry Gale) is watching it all on moniters. Ben enters Jack's prisonhold, and introduces himself to Jack as Benjamin Linus (is that what I heard? did I hear that correctly? I heard Langs first), and that he's lived on the island all his life, and that if he cooperates, he will be sent home.

Does he have contact to the outside world? Yes Ben does, telling him its day 69, and that Bush just got re-ellected, and the Boston Red Sox just won the World Series showing Jack on a TV and telling him that he can bring him back to his world, if he cooperates. HOLY FRAKING GOD....

And people say nothing ever happens on this show?

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Boston Legal - Boxing Match of the TV Icons

With Carol Vessey, Murphy Brown, Captain Kirk, Jack Devereaux already on the roster ( plus James Spader of course).

Then they bring back Alex P. Keaton, Magnum P.I., and Rose Nylund.

Plus they introduce Peg Bundy into the mix? All within the first 3 episodes?

Is this where TV Icons go to win yet another Emmy? Or even great character actors like Christian Clemenson and Rene Auberjonois? Plus adding Craig Beirko to the mix? Who may have just found the prefect outlet for his zanniness (which could always be a little annoying like his character in Sex and the City)

Meanwhile, kudos again to Ashton Holmes who was great in last years A History of Violence for holding his own against all the above as Scott Little, who had an affair with a judge who was found murdered. Kudos also to Meredith Eaton as Bethany Horowitz for doing a lovely role as a dwarf lawyer who must deal with Denny Crane.

I really do love this quirky show that balances absolute insanity with controversial cases but you gotta give Boston Legal's casting agent a raise.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Veronica Mars - My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

Can we say, between the scary continuning rape story, the scary Fitzpatricks and poor Daddy Mars on the run, and the scary Prison Wars game Wallace, Logan, Rider Strong (Boy Meets World) and Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks) played for a class, that it was a nice bright light to see Veronica Mars feigning drunk at the sorority party? Particularly the faux shout outs and lesbian dancing?

Veronica Mars beings her paid career as a reporter at the university paper, only to out the den-mothers personal pot growing scheme for her own cancer therapy, as well as outing the botanist prof. that supplied her with the seeds. Way to make new friends Veronica! Meanwhile, Parker's mom comes to take her back to over-protection but Mack finally succumbs and decides to help Parker out telling her to stay with her support.

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30 Rock - Pilot

Maybe they should just rename it The Alec Baldwin Show and get on with it. Alec Baldwin plays an exec within GE who gets promoted to running programming at NBC, including The Girlie Show, produced by Tina Fey's character, stars Jane Krakowski and is a sketch show much like Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin forces Tina to meet with Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan), a Martin Lawrence type actor with bad tastes, bad movies and worse behaviour. Rachel Dratch will play a roster of changing characters.

While not as much of a mess as I heard, the moments with Tracy Morgan really are unfunny, as are the sketches in the show within the show. Jane Krakowski is fine, as I actually do find that she's a pretty good comedic actor that doesn't get the recognition she deserves (plus, I was never a huge Rachel Dratch fan, she who originally had Jane's role). Still, the best moments are anytime Alec Baldwin is on the screen which are comic gold. The rest, is watchable and not offensive but disappointing considering Tina Fey created the show.

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This is what goes on while I'm away at work?

Since I'm still sick, I've finally gotten to check out the new daytime TV.

Still haven't check out The Rosie O'Donnell View yet but will surely check it out tomorrow, but caught some of Rachael Ray and The Megan Mullaly Show, a brief moment of Tyra, Maury Povich and the best of it all, Fashion House (shown in the afternoons here in Canada).

First of all, was Tyra always this trashy? I've never seen the show before, but it was much ho-ier than I thought it would be. Also, when did Maury Povich try to copy Jerry Springer? As you can tell, I probably need more time off from work to couch potato.

I'm actually one of those people that ADORE Rachael Ray. I loved her 30-minute-meal show, and her $40-a-day travel show. Um, but as talkshow host? Maybe it was because it was Italian Mob day? But I found her loud and grating, and I had to turn away.

Meanwhile, Megan Mullaly is slightly awkward and feels a bit embarrassing to watch or something? No? Like it's a bit too revealing when she sits so close and comfortably to her guests? Or maybe it was just with Isaiah Washington.

Meanwhile, can I continue to praise how godawfully funny Fashion House is? Can Bo Derek say her lines more slowly? I can't seem to turn away!

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Premiering Tonight - Tues Oct 10

Tonight, CTV premieres 30 Rock and The Nine (catching up with the pilot and also showing the second episode). Starting at 7:30 for 30 Rock and followed by The Nine at 8 and 9pm.

I guess we will find out what kind of shambles 30 Rock is in, after starting out as one of the shows with the most potential and now is an apparent mess. It will premiere tomorrow night (Wed Oct 11) on NBC at 8pm.

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What About Brian - What about Second Chances

What about Brian? What About Second Chances?

Well you sure aren't making it easier What About Brian. I'm giving you one more chance (really because an Everwood writer has joined the show), but do you really think ditching Raoul Bova is a good move? I know he didn't say much but does her really have to? Did you think we were not already tired of the love triangle between Marjorie, Adam (whose hair kept me distracted in some weird admiring gaze all episode) and Brian (whose hair didn't)? What was with that lame crash at the beginning? Are we using car crashes at any point now to create a nice capture of interest? Even Dave and Deena's marital problems are getting mighty tiresome fast.

At least they've added Amanda Foreman to the cast! Yey! She was hilarious in Felicity and a nice match to Marshall on Alias so I'm excited to see her again (on yet another JJ Abrams show).

** Stars (for now)

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Monday, October 09, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - Haaaaaaave you met Ted? Ted Mosby, Architect?

Ted Mosby, Architect

Robin finds Ted's daily rants/stories about work boring as she continues to tell/bitch about her reporter tales, causing Ted to doubt his status as an architect. The boys convince Ted that being an architect is sexy to girls and this leads Ted to try the line out one last time. Robin finds out that Ted has used the Architect line and isn't jealous, but Lily pushes her to pursue as they discover further and further that Ted may have cheated on Robin, and Robin finally goes crazy jealous about it, only to find Barney in Ted's spot claiming he is Ted Mosby, Architect.

This is the point where I was hoping Robin would realise that she isn't cut out for long term relationships and we would discover what broke Robin and Ted apart, but instead, Robin meets Ted at his workplace (a nice set that reminded me a bit of the set leftover from Neil Patrick Harris' former bomb Stark Raving Mad) and falls even deeper into him as she discovers finally what's interesting about Ted Mosby, Architect (um. like it's HARD to find something interesting about an Architect? hello!?).

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

TV Traffic Pile Up and Re-Shuffle

Okay. I'm STILL sick but that means I finally have time to catch up with the pileup of shows that has been adding up. Yes, Okay. the jig is up. Even I haven't been able to keep up with all the shows on the fall TV shedule. Still, I try and I care, and if I can't keep up, how is everyone else?

So, the cuts are coming and coming fast. Smith is now officially cancelled. So long reprehensible but fascinating characters. Guess it's back to the movies for Virginia Madsen, Jonny Lee Miller, Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Ray Liotta, or if not, maybe the a back story on Lost or a killer on 24 (although I guess Shohreh Aghdashloo has already done that one. BEH-ROO).

The Class is being pushed back to 8:30pm on Mondays on CTV and CBS so that CBS can move up How I Met Your Mother to 8pm (and thus CTV moves Corner Gas to 8pm).

The CW also moves its Sunday comedy lineup to Mondays, thus moving Everybody Hates Chris to Monday at 8pm now against How I Met Your Mother. (It remains on Sundays at 6:30pm on CITY in Canada)

CTV is doing a major reshuffle pushing this lackluster season of Dancing with the Stars (which at least has not caught on in Canada unlike its still popularity in the States) to Saturdays and moving The Nine to Tuesdays at 8pm (and 9pm this week doing double episode catchup).

CTV is also moving Lost up to 8pm on Wednesdays so that it can also fit in Criminal Minds at 9pm.

CTV is still witholding Degrassi: The Next Generation until a further date (since it was supposed to take over the Dancing with the Stars slot when it finished in November). CTV however is starting Degrassi TNG in syndication every weekday at 1pm.

CITY is FINALLY showing Entourage starting from Season 1 on Mondays at 10pm. At least it will be uncut though! So time to Hug it Out Bitch!

Also reminder that ABCFamily is showing Everwood in syndication every weekday at 6pm. VisionTV in Canada airs Everwood on Saturdays and Mondays at 8pm and Mondays as midnight.

W Network in Canada airs Veronica Mars in syndication on Fridays at 9pm.

Kidnapped is being pushed off to Saturdays on NBC. Happy Hour and Justice are on hiatus but Fox claims they will be back. Meanwhile, Smith is gone but Vanished is still on the air?

On my own catch up front, I accidentally taped Help Me Help You and watched it, and was shockingly suprised that I laughed out loud several times during the pilot and from the moments I saw of the second episode. I had sort of lost respect for Ted Danson after Becker but this show has brought my respect right back, that and knowing that he apparently is one of the most humble, hard working and nicest actors still left in Hollywood. Bonus points for employing Lindsay Sloane (Big Red in Bring It On, Grosse Pointe) and Majandra Delfino (Roswell) in re-occuring characters. Still, it's up against Veronica Mars so it sort of has no chance for me at this point, but I'll tape it for now while there is no House (due to Baseball playoffs).

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The West Coast Delay

Matthew Perry is great in this serious role. It's interesting watching Steven Weber pull the asshole route. Yet I know why I have not fully loved this show despite the great production values of the whole thing. It's just not that much fun. Especially coming from a show about producing a comedy show.

I'm not even saying funny. It doesn't necessarily have to be haha funny all the time. Ugly Betty isn't a laugh-a-minute show, yet it's endearing and lovable and a joy to watch. Heck, even My Name is Earl and The Office aren't laugh-a-minute shows. The problem with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is that we are into the fourth episode and the whole damn thing is still way too serious when it is a show about making comedy. Have we seen Matt laugh yet? He's barely cracked a smile.

The comparisons to Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme's earlier and much better Sports Night is fair since both are about the producing of a TV show. Except the people in Sports Night seem to really love their job, and not just NEED to do the job for ego reasons, and thus, we loved watching them do their jobs. Right now, I'm only watching Studio 60 based on pedigree and watching the cast spew Sorkin's mile-a-minute dialogue, but lighten up folks and show us some actually funny in the moments of the show and not just the comedy sketches written for the show within the show (which haven't been all that funny).

Anyways, Ron and Ricky (Carlos Jacott and Evan Handler, both who are really annoying right now actually even though usually they are enjoyable to watch) are given 90 seconds to fill on the show and it ends up being plagarised material (again, bonus points for employing Lucy Davis, of the original The Office (and now also on Ugly Betty) and John Cabrera (Brian on Gilmore Girls) as writers in the room), so Matt and the show must fix it before the West Coast feed begins, all while Christine Lahti (4 episodes. That's how long it took before Thomas Schlamme could last before employing his wife, granted, I do love her after Jack & Bobby so actually, what took him so long?) is watching as a Vanity Fair reporter.

Oh yeah, and there still seems to be way too much deal over Harriet and Matt as well as the Christian concerns (I know it's a slam dunk but maybe it's a little TOO easy).

Anyways, maybe this show should have more fun, and not take itself so seriously. See Boston Legal (which I'll be posting about soon since I finally caught up. Can I say HILARIOUS?)

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The Amazing Race - I Know Phil, Little Ol' Gorgeous Thing!

Four episodes and Mary's quotes have been the title's for three episodes already! Give this woman a sitcom deal! Or at least a writing position on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The teams run through gorgeous Vietnam as they must rapel up a cliff in the middle of the ocean, and then either farm pearls or deliver produce by boat, and basically a lot of yelling between Rob and Kimberley (as always), a lot of yelling and tension between Sarah and Peter (as always), and a lot of hissy fits from Tom, or is it Terry? I still don't know who is who but one of them is sure a queen. Still, he tried at least by jumping into the ocean to pull their boat!?!? In the end, the lost out to the the other queens on the race, and the beauty queens landed before Tom and Terry and the boyfriends were eliminated from the race.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy - Judging By the Book

Ugly Betty - The Box and the Bunny, Grey's Anatomy - Sometimes A Fantasy

Okay, I'm still sick and I'm so tired that I really don't have brain power to write anything comprehensible (since I barely have enough power on a good day), but my little shinning light last night as I sneezed away was watching the light frothy candy mix of Ugly Betty and its overly designed sets, with Betty losing Mode's "book" of the next issue (hasn't anybody heard of digital backup copy?) and her and Daniel teaming up to get it back, while all the while defending the scheming ways of Wilhelmina and Marc. Eric Mabius is really surprising me with his boy-in-the-headlights-trying-to-do-good act, and Vanessa Williams is just deliciously funny. Also, bonus points for now employing TWO former Ricky Gervais TV show alumns (Ashley Jensen from Extras and Lucy Davis from The Office (UK))

Meanwhile, on Grey's, Izzie attempts to re-enter the hospital, but stands outside all day, George isn't ready to move ahead that fast with Callie and wants her not to move in, Mer dates both McVet and McDreamy, and yes, Addison really did sleep with McDreamy. And yet again, for the third time in three episodes, Alex Karev waxes poetic philosophy stolen by his peers and moves up yet another notch in likeability somehow. Why don't we just make him the narrator?

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