Thursday, August 31, 2006

Step Up – Movie Review

Here’s another lower budget film with another clichéd story (what movie isn't these days?). Boy on wrong side of tracks meets richer girl, learn to dance, fall in love, obligatory silly stumbling block, then finally get together and perform fantastic routine together and we all smile. Well, at least it works almost everytime. This time, Disney seems to be having a pretty good summer with the underdog movies and along with Invincible, seem to have two of the bigger breakout hits of the summer (the third being Prada).

What sets Step Up apart is the fact that it’s actually filmed in rougher looking locations giving it much more realism, and using horrible lighting that doesn’t glossify the events. Taking hold of the stories are a set of unknowns, Jenna Dewan (also in Take the Lead, though pretty much all her speaking parts were cut and all we were left with was her great finale dance, left a little unmoving since we didn’t get to know her character), and Channing Tatum (who, with this movie, She’s the Man, and the new untitled Kimberley Pierce project, seems to have gotten this summers up and comer boy slot). The two have a naturalism (if not the greatest vocal dramatizations) that along with filming in the city Baltimore, gives the fairytale plot much more grit. While I don’t think he’s as handsome or hot as all the girls around me though, Channing Tatum has an intensity to him that makes him shine. His baggy grey eyes and imperfections add to the likeable portrayal of the “good boy on the bad side of the blocks trying to do good but not knowing how”. Jenna is refreshingly cute without being cloying (though I thought she looked better in Take the Lead, but alas, that’s what grit gives you), and though I wonder how good her agent is, it was kinda fun to see Rachel Griffiths in something that wasn’t heavy and about death.

In the end, much like it’s Disney cousin Invincible (except replace great dancing shots for great football shots), Step Up tells a familiar tale but with heart and hard work that makes it transcend its genre into a movie that I finally caved and bought into.

7.5/10 or a B

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Little Miss Sunshine – Movie Review

I love my indie movies and I love my quirky casts but this little indie-movie-that-can is a cute enjoyable time with an excellent cast of favourites (Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear and Steve Carrell, all favourites of mine) but still not the summer movie breakout I was hoping it would be (or that everyone is telling me that it is).
Now that we’ve established that indie movies have their own clichés, with the quirky characters with the quirky ticks, and slightly depressed mopey attitudes, and a simpler storyline usually more about growth of the characters than anything actually happening, I expect much more depth or emotion or soul or laughter. Little Miss Sunshine offers a parting glance at some depth and it has some good laughs, but its’ strength is in the actors fleshing out what really are just caricatures in a another “crazy” family road movie/make-fun-of-beauty pageants-because-we-are-oh-so-much-better-than-that, which really, is all just too easy. Steve Carrell particularly stands out in a great cast, but in the end, I found the movie as a cute trifle but nothing more. Though the running scenes while pushing the Volkswagen Van was always hilarious (as seen in the poster).

7/10 or a B-

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Premieres Tonight - Wed. Aug. 30th

Bones is back for Season 2 tonight on Fox at 8pm/Global at 9pm.
Justice premieres tonight on Fox/CTV at 9pm
Weeds starts in Canada (finally) for season 2 tonight on Showcase at 10pm.

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Trash TV (It's Like a Fricken Trainwreck) - Canadian Idol, Big Brother 7: All Stars, Rock Star: Supernova, Celebrity Duets

It was all a fricken trainwreck last night.
Trainwrecks of the night:
- Chad Doucette is gone from Canadian Idol but Craig and Tyler are still there?
- Danielle has gone bezerkos in the Big Brother house after realizing she's been sunk. Now, girl was the best player not to have won and was robbed in Season 2, but she has NOT been playing the game well this year and SHOULD have joined forces with Janelle a LONG time ago instead of gunning for her the whole time. Now it's too little too late. Silly girl, never try to go after our beloved Janelle. Still, I had to feel sorry for her when Evil Erika nominated her.
- The drama and aftermath of last weeks Dilana insult statements continued. Rock Star basically spent the first quarter of the show following Dilana break down, break a glass and thus accidentally injuring Magni with a cut on his forhead. If Dilana wasn't the frontrunner, she would have been thrown out of the house so fast by this point. Meanwhile, Toby was great as backup for Storm and was kinda hilarious pulling up those girls on his own song. Got to give him props, he's not the best singer left but he sure has a sense of humour about it all that I love. Meanwhile, Ryan is getting better and better, too bad I can't stand the guy.
- And finally the biggest train wreck of them all, Celebrity Duets. Was it me or was Queer Eye Jai Rodriguez BETTER than Destiny Child's Michelle Williams? Though celebrity non-singer my ass since he came from Broadway (and actually, he REALLY came from Toronto doing Rent first in this city). So not only could he sing, he could sing in heels and a dress (he played a wicked Angel). Everyone else though was a fricken trainwreck that was so cringeworthy but amusing (to a degree) that when it was finally the judges turn to talk, I didn't see THAT coming. Who would have thought that watching WWE's Chris Jericho or Cheech Marin would NOT be the biggest trainwreck of them all? The judges Marie Osmond constantly refering back to herself, and even more so, watching Little Richard out-do Paula Abdul as the craziest loopiest judge of them all was the biggest trainwreck of them all for Tuesday night.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shameless Plug - Take The Lead - Out on Video and DVD!

Okay people. Go buy or rent please. Since nobody I didn't force already actually went to see Take The Lead in theatres. I want numbers baby. Numbers...

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Trash TV - Big Brother 7: All Stars, The Emmy Awards

Erika predictably put up Janelle and George, since she's too delusioned about her alliance with Chilltown and she sadly mistakens Danielle's girlpower friendship with actual trust. Of course knowing from the spoilers who won veto, let's just say I'm okay and happy. Whew.

How hilarious was Will making love to the camera? Literally? Okay. Gotta give this guy props. The man with the PhD (scary huh?) plays the house to perfection, though I kinda think his fake showmance with Janelle might have an inkling of something actually. They both keep saying they are playing each other and telling each other that... and I know the show is editing it alltogether to give us that angle, but... seems slightly genuine (or am I being played?).

Over on the Emmy's, Conan does a great job, too bad the awards bury themselves into a grave. Megan Mullaly? (Maybe 5 years ago). Blythe Danner? Monk? BARRY MANILOW? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why did I even try to bother?

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Chorus Line – Curran Theatre, San Francisco – One Singular Sensation!

Moves to Broadway's Schoenfeld Theatre on Sept. 18th, Opening Oct 5th 2006.

“Dance 10, Looks 3” (+ I’ll add another 7!), Acting 8, Singing 7. Overall: 10

The new revival of A Chorus Line is supposedly pretty much a replicate of the 1975 original 15-year-long running show, down to the costumes, however, since I never saw it, I can’t say how it compares. What I can say is that this new version, with a fresh new handpicked cast, and directed by original choreographed by Bob Avian based on Michael Bennett’s original conception, and with choreography from original cast member Baayork Lee, is that A Chorus Line certainly lives up to its history and previous long running status. I certainly have reservations about the publics opinions when Cats and Phantom of the Opera became the longest running shows overtaking A Chorus Line, however at least I now fully understand why A Chorus Line became one of the first mega-running musicals of all time.

Not relying any dropping chandeliers, helicopters and dancing cats, A Chorus Line is an old style big dancing show, with an intimate (still) modern look at the dancers life.

A Chorus Line follows a bunch of dancers in the gruelling process of an audition for a Broadway show under the careful scrutiny of god-like director Zach and his assistant Larry.

It’s amazing how simple the story of watching artists attempting to strive for their dream works everytime. In our day and age of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, other than a joke or two about Jill St. John and some 70’s style costumes (which in our retro-wear days, doesn’t look all that unfashionable anyways), the story of ACL is timeless and universal and avoids the crush of all revivals, being dated.

The new cast is simply wonderful, and I couldn’t figure out where to start looking as it all looked amazing under the brilliant lighting design on the simplicity of a bare stage flanked at times by mirrors pointing right back out to the audience. Songs enhance the story and the dancing (as opposed to the 1985 movie version where they seemed to get lost under the weight of Michael Douglas’ booming directors voice) as they are all supposed to. The classic beat of “ONE” that we all subliminally know at this point continues to threaten the dancers with the impending final picks (4 and 4… 4 girls and 4 boys, sorry Sheila, no women needed), and makes the simple audition process all the more moving as the dancers are forced to spill out their most deepest and innermost emotions and thoughts to the voice of Michael Berresse (The Light in the Piazza) as Zach.

Jason Tam as Paul is simply heartbreaking (and probably on the way to a Featured Actor nomination at next years Tony’s), Deidre Goodwin, who I have seen before in Chicago as Velma Kelly, is pitch perfect as the older and wiser Sheila.

Newcomers Jessica Lee Goldyn as Val with her “tits and ass”, Alisan Porter (Curly Sue all grown up!) as Bebe and Natalie Cortez as Diana are a joy to watch.

Tony Yasbeck and Chryssie WhiteheadSING?” really hilariously together as married dancers Al and Kristine. James T. Lane as Richie and Jeffrey Schecter burst with energy.

I only wish Brad Anderson (as Don), Ken Alan (as Bobby), Yuka Takara (as Connie) and Michael Pasternostro (as Greg) could have had even more lines and songs, but alas, that’s the life of a dancer, and half the point of the piece, that in the end, they need to all blend into one chorus line as One Singular Sensation, and alas, that the show it was! See you on Broadway because I have GOT to see this again!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Emmys Coverage or lack there of

Why have I not been covering the Emmy's and done a category by category analysis like I normally would for an awards show (because you all know I love them award shows)?

CAUSE THE EMMY'S ARE DEAD TO ME THIS YEAR since the nominations were generally lousy and there is generally only one serious contender in each category (if any at all).

About the only category where there might be more than just the one choice (Steve Carell for The Office) are in the supporting categories where either Jaime Pressley for My Name is Earl or Elizabeth Perkins for Weeds should win and either Will Arnett for Arrested Development or Jeremy Piven for Entourage and either Chandra Wilson or Sandra Oh for Grey's Anatomy or Jean Smart for 24.

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Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars

Aw man, of all people, ERIKA had to win HOH? DANGIT...

and how gross was it when she was sucking face with Boogie in the tub? Luckily I hadn't actually had dinner yet at the time.

But man, I want to see what the Jury House is like now that James, Howie and Marcellas are imprisoned together.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

25 Best Characters on TV

Well, everyone else is putting out their list since James Gunn started (brother of Sean (Kirk on Gilmore Girls) and husband of Jenna (Pam on The Office) who both could land on the list easily) so why not I?… since I love putting out lists so much, here is mine:

25 Best Characters on TV

What is “Best”? Not sure. Favourite? Best acted? Best written character? A little of the three. I shifted between leads only, to favourites, and settled on this:

These are the indispensable characters, who without, would change the defining quality that makes their respective TV shows great. The show could possibly still continue, are have another actor play them, but would lack something magical that these characters (and actors) currently bring to their shows. Some are quite obvious leads (Ed on Ed, Veronica Mars on Veronica Mars, House on House) but I’m not holding that against them since they ARE the show. I also have to continue to follow the show (or at least when it was on) because the character alone has to make it interesting enough even when the show around starts losing me (Det. Vic Mackey on The Shield, Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck, David Fisher on Six Feet Under). I tried to also stick to one character per show, because really, usually one great character is surrounded by many others (Emily Gilmore, Logan Echolls, Buffy Summers, Vince Tyler, Samantha Jones etc) but I wanted to share the wealth. Here they are in no particular order. I am also including cartoons.

1. Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls – Balancing her daughter and her chosen world of Stars Hollow with her mother Emily and her roots, she accepts all her faults, lives by her guilty pleasures and still lives (mostly) morally without losing any sense of fun.
2. Chloe O'Brian on 24 – Quirkiness and humour in an intense show.
3. Veronica Mars on Veronica Mars – Do not attempt to stop this girl.
4. Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show – Commanding yet loving matriarch who never sweats the small stuff.
5. Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties – Snappy, young and energetic and makes a young republican downright lovable.
6. Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy – Downright hilarious woman.
7. Ed Stevens on Ed – He is the best friend everybody wants.
8. Special Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks – The “straight-laced” FBI agent who comes to the aid of the mysterious oddballs in Twin Peaks might actually be the most mysterious oddball of them all.
9. Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation – Authoritative and fatherly.
10. Jack Bristow on Alias – Authoritative if not a very good father, yet still fiercely protective of his loved ones.
11. Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons – The intelligence and sensibility of the Simpson clan and the show.
12. Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City – The cynical successful woman who eventually learns what’s actually best for her and not what she thinks is best for her.
13. George Constanza on Seinfeld – Kramer may have been crazy but George was the despicable person in all of us, and we all laughed.
14. Phoebe Buffay on Friends – Always silly. Always completely charming and hilarious.
15. Dr. Gregory House on House – The biggest asshole of them all and yet we are still mesmerized.
16. Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Gawky and awkward sidekick grows into her own (semi-) confident being.
17. George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development – He’s just the heart and soul of a crazy show.
18. Jim Halpert/ Tim Canterbury on The Office (US/UK) – The everyman in every office played to wonderful romantic perfection in a realistically absurd and dull world.
19. Stuart Alan Jones on Queer as Folk (UK) – Fierce, unapologetic male hormonal stamina at it’s most fascinating.
20. Wilma Flintstones on The Flintstones – The bedrock of the show.
21. Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos – The small framed woman who can stand up to Tony and anchor him (and the show).
22. Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls – Picture this, Sicily…
23. Det. Lenny Briscoe on Law & Order – That’s what a real cop felt like…a little tired, a little suspicious, but a workhorse nonetheless and incredibly missed.
24. Harold Abbott on Everwood – The great cynic who is really a romantic at heart, much like everyone who fell under the spell of the smart but simple show.
25. Murphy Brown on Murphy Brown – She was the show about a show staring her.

Almost mades: Seth Cohen on The OC, Spike on Angel (haha. That’s how I can sneak him onto the list), Niles Crane on Frasier, Fox Mulder on The X-Files, John Locke on Lost, C.J. Cregg on The West Wing, Alexis Carington on Dynasty, Dr. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy, Carla Espinosa on Scrubs.

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When the planets don't allign

What in heavens is going on in our solar system? Or more particularly? On Broadway. First Usher, now the Con Con and Ashlee-I-can't-sing-a-damn-and-thats-why-I'm-"concentrating"-on-my-acting-career Simpson? Now I tried to ignore the Usher news but now it's ... ahem... ushered in more losers to the Broadway stage? tisk tisk...
As for the controversy over Survivor: Cook Island, what's the big deal?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands

So they really DID do it. 20 cast members. 4 Tribes of 5 persons each. Not male/female/old/young but this time Asian, African-American, Latinos, and Whites. Interesting. Finally there are Asians again on Survivor and now 5 all at once? About time...

Here is the new folks for Survivor : Cook Islands

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Summer Reality - Big Brother 7: All Stars, Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria

Man, what the hell is going on in the Big Brother House? I was catching up from Sundays ep along with last nights new ep and knowing what happened from the live feeds from the spoilers, I'm all confused as to who I like and who I want to win (if Janelle doesn't of course). So as of last week, when HOH George nominated James and Erika, James won POV, George succumbed to Mike Boogie and Will's school bullying and cowardly nominated his Jedi teacher Howie, and Howie was out (since Erika had her not-really-that-secret alliance with Chilltown since she's dating Mike Boogie outside the house (can we say double EW?)). Howie reacted pretty badly on the outs but I can't say I blame him and I probably would have done too. Everyone else was ooing and awing about the shame of his exit but I'm not blaming Howie. Meanwhile, that leaves our poor Janelle all alone (and milking the sadness for all its worth).
Oh yeah, then Mike Boogie won HOH, put James and Janelle up, then Janelle won POV, so now George is back up (way to trust Chilltown eh?). James is apparently furious and not talking to anybody in the house and wanted to see his contract and argued that Janelle cheated (though the show clearly pointed out that she didn't.)

So at this point, these are my little thoughts.

Howie - still Love him.
Mike Boogie - still Hate him but I do give him props for basically getting what he mostly wants.
Will - I think I'm like Janelle, I Hate him for winning and being the puppetmaster but love him for the same thing.
Erika - loved her, now Hate her for basically relying on her secret dating connection to Mike Boogie and thus Chilltown and coasting through the game so far with their help.
Danielle - Love her game play but disappointed that she's so against Janelle when she really should be teaming up with her to go against Chilltown who she has mistakenly alligned with.
James - Hate him for being the exact same betrayer as last year.
George - Hate him for being a cowardly betrayer but kinda loving his new alliance with Janelle
Janelle - She is almost like a pheonix or something... she keeps rising from the ashes! GO JANELLE! LOVE HER.

Meanwhile, with Rock Star's late start, I sadly had to go to bed (how un-Rock Star of me), but I caught just enough to see everyone gunning for the original song. Of course they all want it now. They were all yelled at by Supernova to DO THAT. UGH...

On Canadian Idol, which I have pretty much given up on, Steffi D is FINALLY OUT. 5 weeks to late mind you, but FINALLY OUT. Maybe I can watch again? Though Craig is still on too and I'm not sure if he's much better.

Over in England on the BBC, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria sounds like the gayest thing in the world. This is the reality show contest to cast Maria in the new revival of The Sound of Music for London's West End. Andrew Lloyd Webber as producer (and vocal participant in the show apparently). I mean. I hate the guy and almost every musical he has ever written (almost. not all. but most) but I would love to see how he is on a reality show . So Graham Norton as host! John Barrowman as a judge? WHY DON'T WE GET THIS SHOW HERE?

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

John Mayer at The Mod Club, Toronto - Concert Review

John Mayer hasn't been on my heavy rotation iPod list for a while now, probably because I played Room for Squares to death during that first year it was out. The last time I saw him in concert, it was at a large outdoor amphitheatre with 18,000 other fans, and I never felt that John Mayer's lone man singer/songwriter/guitar-playing stuff was really meant for a huge venue of that sort, despite his meteoric rise to fame. His songs are personal (if not a little college and post-college angsty, but hey, I'm the same age so I relate) and contemplative, and while he plays a mean guitar (to the point of self-indulgency as I have complained before), his songs were meant to be heard in a small club like venue.

I was probably also spoiled since I first saw John Mayer for $16 at The Opera House in Toronto, which despite the name, is a small club venue that he is perfectly suited for. We stood metres away from him and we could hear his voice crisply and clearly and not from some million dollar sound system projecting out to the 400's and lawn sections.

So now that John Mayer is all huge and Grammy winning, and about to tour with Sheryl Crow as co-headliners, it is great to see him return to where he truly belongs and that is on a small stage in a small club singing directly to his fans (who were not as screaming teenage girlsy as I thought it would be, actually a very mixed crowd, particularly one unshy and vocal guy). John played The Mod Club (another small venue that probably holds about 400 people or so, if not less, let's just say smaller than your high school gymnasium for sure) in Toronto last night, a kickoff to his tour, and the only club gig he is apparently doing on the tour.

John sounded terrific, reminding me of why he has had such a meteoric rise, and he kept his guitar playing solos to a bareable minumum (I'm not much one for the self-indulgent guitar riffing. I know it's supposedly impressive but I want lyrics and hooks baby... thats what I love about music and why I'm the most fond of Room for Squares, his most pop album (and most successful)). He sang a nice mix from every album, basically sticking to his hits ("No Such Thing", "Daughters", "Why Georgia"), or most beloved songs ("My Stupid Mouth", "Something's Missing", " Clarity" etc) and a few selections from his upcoming album Continuum including the new hit "Waiting on the World to Change". His vocals were crips and clear, just as he was 4 years ago, and though he seems to be keeping his chatter to a minimum these days, he still has some nice banter with the crowd (particularly that unshy vocal guy).

It's too bad that his fame these days will keep him playing stadiums or large amphitheatres since seeing John Mayer on such a small stage is such a pleasure, but alas, lucky me for getting to see his only club gig (yes. That was rubbing it in to all those who care).
Here are some pics I took of the show:

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Shameless Plugs: The Teendom Edition

Just as I was thinking of maybe writing off The OC, they go and cast an Everwood cast member Chris Pratt! WOOHOO!!!

And Sept. 29th has been announced for the premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 6 on The N. You thought the previous seasons had issues... wait until this year! (CTV will be airing Degrassi once Dancing with the Stars is over in the Tuesday 8pm slot).

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Let the taping begin!

It's Monday, August 21st 2006. Let the new TV Fall 2006 Season begin! Thanks to Fox which is jumping the gun starting off Prison Break and Vanished tonight, Bones and House in the following two weeks, while we slowly peter off from the summer realities of beaches, beer and Big Brother. I'll be trying to revamp this site to include my list of shows to watch for the week, and some other stuff if I can figure it all out (and have time to actually do it). NOTE: SEE NEW SIDEBARS!

I'll have to see if I decide to devote another year to the excitement and frustration that is Prison Break, and will have to see if Vanished was named a bit too well.

Still, time to start prepping up those Tivo's, PVR's, or VCR's for this busy fall season (some timeslots have changed) (or gasp... actually watch live? Though not tonight! It's John Mayer's only club gig on his new tour for me tonight)!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Finale (one more time!)

Alright, Just A Little Bit More... one more time... because I just love this show so much.

Benji and Heidi

Ivan and Allison

Top 20

Heidi and Travis

Martha and Travis

I do with they did their Krumping though which was awesome too.
Alas... onto the tour!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Musicals, Amazing Race and Why This Blog is Important

Yesterday they finally officially announced the new Broadway production of Sondheim's Company! Today, Sondheim's Sweeney Todd is greenlit with Johnny Depp playing the Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Tim Burton directing him once again!

Speaking of more musicals, more proof that Scrubs does not take the easy way out!

The Amazing Race 10 website is finally up and if this doesn't prove that Asian parents are so pushy for their kids to succeed, I don't know what will. Nice to see 4 non-caucasian teams though. Possibly a first?

Finally, why this blog is important for your kids to read and follow.

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So You Think You Can Dance - Season 2 Finale

...and I was right. Benji won. I think if the show had 2 more weeks, Travis might have won, since it seems only recently had everyone started to realize how amazing he was, but at this point, Benji had all won our hearts, entertained us, and with his audition/gf sob story, captured us, that he was the shoo-in to win as I said he was. (I think if there were 8 more weeks, Heidi might have actually won since she has been slowly building as well).

What was with the early departures of Heidi and Donyelle though? Obviously with more than an hour to go, by just having the envelope there with the single dancer, obviously they were not going to make it, but did they really need to push the final two boys as much as they did? Seemed like the tension was let out slowly throughout the night instead of building.

Still, it was a great show with some of our favorite dances with my only complaint being that I WANT EVEN MORE GROUP DANCES (but only with the top 10... too many people in top 20 dances and I forgot that there were many people I did not like in the top 20, though I was reminded that Stanislav probably should have stayed longer).

Man, I can't wait for the tour, even though to the rest of the population, I'm sure they will be long forgotten by the end of the year. Still, what a joyous show to watch and a strange high from watching a reality show that I haven't had in quite a while (watching any show, except maybe the Everwood finale, though that was more tainted with sadness). So I guess we think Benji Can Dance eh?

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Pre-Finale Tribute to Travis

Okay. So it's no secret that Travis is my pick for tonight, though I think Benji will win and I don't mind that either.

Here though is my tribute to Travis (plus I'm testing out this slide photo thing to see if it works).

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In Good Company

Finally! They have a date and theatre for John Doyle's new production of Stephen Sondheim's brilliant masterpiece COMPANY, one of the best musicals of all time, and a pre-cursor to things like Sex and the City.

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... and another one has spoken.

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Summer Reality - Big Brother 7: All Stars, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance Finale Reminder

Oh Janelle, how disappointed am I that you are actually a trusting enough person that you believe Will and Boogie? (For that matter, Danielle and James as well). You have to give it to Chilltown for lying their way this far and now controlling the game. By Janelle putting up Marcellas, she basically just lost, while she could have changed the game again by putting up Will, James or Boogie. Alas... all is sunk.

By the way, was Danielle's POV win not the lamest ever? I love her. I love Janelle more but Danielle is the best player ever not to have won Big Brother. Her Veto win though was totally default since she didn't actually DO anything but instead just waited for everyone else to lose and cancel themselves out. Lame.

Meanwhile, I'm still catching up on Project Runway and just caught up to last week finally, but how disappointed am I of Robert? Michael on the other hand is coming from nowhere (basically because the show barely showed him. All of a sudden a black guy shows up on the show!) and is now one of my faves. Add to the fact that he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and he may be too good to actually win this show. That Pam Grier outfit was a knockout! I too, like Tim Gunn, hate the hot pants look but Michael made it WORK!

I've pretty much given up on Canadian Idol this year because there is no one to love and everybody to hate (and not even in a good Nikki McKibbin way) and Rock Star: Supernova is slowly drifting off my radar even though I still love Dilana, Toby, Storm and Lucas. I'll watch it on tape later this week.

Meanwhile, TONIGHT! 8pm. The FINALE of Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Invincible – Movie Review

Invincible is inspired by the real life story of Vince Papale who was a down-and-out 30 year old in South Philly who was plucked from the neighbourhood to join the desperate Philadelphia Eagles football team and become a success. Yes, you have heard this story many times before (like the terrific The Rookie only football instead of baseball this time), and yes, this is also a Disney movie as part of their Sports Cinderella stories series (an enjoyable Remember The Titans or the cloying Miracle).

What we get this time is Mark Wahlberg (as Vince Papale) back in full 70’s get up and hair only this time much more sanitized than Boogie Nights. It IS a Disney movie under the Walt Disney label so there’s not a single curse word. All of this of course is to point out that this was made to be a family film for the masses with a predictable and clichéd story that has been told hundreds of times before (probably my favourite being Pretty Woman, another Disney venture).

Basically? This movie should have been crap, and in fact, I think we all expected it to be complete crap. It was however in fact, quite good. Not just quite good, but very good. Much like its protagonist, the movie works very hard to break out of its mold and through sweat, tears and enormous heart, is able to transcend its pigeonhole to become something greater than its expectations. I even got a little teary in that moment you all wait for in these Cinderella type stories.

The excellent cast, including Mark, Greg Kinnear (looking quite… fetching?... in his full shaggadelic 70’s do), Elizabeth Banks (so terrifically underated and hopefully on the break to becoming a bigger star), and Kirk Acevedo amongst many of a lesser known supporting cast, do terrific jobs working their magic on a simple story. There’s an attempt to grittify the usual glossified Disney telling of these Cinderella stories, and the attempt is noble and somewhat successful.

Sepia tones flesh out the grittiness, but also add some nostalgic romanticisms to the 70’s tale. The sets seem sometimes a little too clean for South Philly. Handhelds are sometimes overused to project the rumbleness of it all but when you’re filming tackle football, the added jitteriness is not needed. Still, Ericson Core directs the film with a definite confidence, having been cinematographer on Fast and the Furious and Daredevil, and seems to get most of the emotions right, considering the basic story premise. A few too many laughable slow mos of Mark Wahlberg running, and yet somehow the movie has worked hard enough at that point that you sort of accept it and it’s made to work.

There is nothing groundbreaking about the film, whose heart is truly in the men who live and die based on the dreams of their heroes. The friends, father and neighbour sees Vince as their chance to shine some optimistic light into their lower class neighbourhood. Elizabeth Banks' Janet is the prize for Vince’s hard work and redemption of a hard-knock past life of failures. Invincible (sort of a horrible name for the movie although it has just been pointed out to me by my sister that it probably alludes to InVINCEable... I get it now...) is a well made film of a very simple tale, and if nothing else, will at least make you smile for just a bit.


Grade: B

I'm still trying to figure out what system I like better...

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Dancing with the Stars - and the dance continues

So what will fill the void after Wednesdays So You Think You Can Dance's Finale? I mean, other than stalking Travis, Heidi and Benji on the SYTYCD Live Tour? Well, Dancing with the Stars of course! Back for it's third season!

Granted, the dancing will look horrendous now that we are used to the fantastic dancing on SYTYCD, and the fact the they won't do hip hop or contemporary which we are used to seeing now will damper the festivities, but if there can be a few breakouts like Stacy Keibler or Drew Lachey from Season 2, this could be another fantastic variety show cheesefest!

So who is up for some dancing this year? "Jerry Springer, Vivica A. Fox, MSNBC host Tucker Carlson, Blossom's Joseph ''Joey'' Lawrence, NFL star Emmit Smith, Saved by the Bell's Mario Lopez, one-hit wonder Willa ''I Wanna Be Bad'' Ford (former Nick Carter gf, but who wasn't), High School Musical's Monique Coleman, country star Sara Evans, Harry Hamlin (husband of the show's new co-host, Lisa Rinna), and Shanna Moakler of Meet the Barkers."

Wow. Lisa Rinna REALLY loved doing the show didn't she? Guess Valerie was wrong. Lisa even is getting (forcing?) her husband onto the show.

Sara EVANS? OH YEY... though I'm suprised she's doing it. She's sort of an A-list Country Star (maybe B- list overall, but still). Her career is still on the up.
Vivica A Fox should be interesting, and Slater was always my favorite character on Saved by the Bell so Mario Lopez will be amusing to watch.

Tucker Carlson however will probably be the most interesting to watch, since I'm sure we all kinda want to see the politcal pundit prick fall flat on his face.

I wonder if Joey will still be orange? The last time I saw him on the set of a TV movie we were doing, he was completely ORANGE in colour. Time to ease off on the spray tan buddy.

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Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics - One day to go!

Woo! Out tomorrow and getting pretty good half-decent reviews, but since I'm loving Ain't No Other Man, and her last album was shockingly good, I'm still excited.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Finally the Finals

Finally I got to see the whole final performance night and I know it has now been discussed to death but DAMN was it good. Damn was Travis good. Damn was that Tranji (hmm... couldn't they have gone Benvis instead?) routine wicked? Damn was that Wade Robson routine wicked? Damn was that Mia Michaels routine wicked?

and DAMN I got good seats to the live tour! WOOT WOOT! Travis, Heidi, Donyelle, Benji (not to mention Allison, Dimitri, and Ivan)... I'M A COMING!!!

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High School Musical

So I finally watched High School Musical. I’m not sure what took me so long since a) I have enjoyed the soundtrack since I got it in February (even though it’s not THAT great but more on that later), b) I enjoy musicals and am in the firm belief that not enough come out every year c) I enjoy Disney programming (and sometimes even find myself watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody for no apparent reason).

So taking the Disney Channel by storm, and now spawning a mini-industry including the live theatrical version for actual High Schools (and isn’t it great the camp that spawned the terrific movie CAMP will be the first ones to be allowed to perform it?) and a TV soundtrack album that remains on the charts after hitting number 1 for several weeks!

Is it any good though? Well, it IS the Disney Channel and it was originally made as just a TV movie and it is for the tweens set. Production values are low (they look like they pretty much moved into a suburban Utah High School during the summer. The building is that bland 90’s architecture and they filmed right there with little additional dressing), the sound quality is horrible (the transitions from dialogue to songs are extremely obvious and horribly edited), the acting is at best, very Disneyish, and the characters pretty much peg into every stereotype possible.

Did I love it though? Let’s just say that I couldn’t stop laughing or grinning with a big smile while I watched High School Musical. Half the time I couldn’t tell if I was laughing AT it or with it, but I was laughing, and totally enjoyed myself. In fact, I think I reverted back to a 13 year old girl during it because I basically LOVED it all and finally saw what all the hubbub is all about Zac Efron (who I had questioned when he won the role of Link in the new Hairspray movie (in which the cast is just getting better and better!)). The corny dialogue and the simplistic (but realistic probably due to low budgets) setting adds to the charm, since musicals tend to live in a bottled world (see Moulin Rouge! Or anything old minus The Sound of Music), helps HSM almost ground itself into a banal world we all normally live in.

The actors are cute enough including Lucas Gabreel who appeared as the gay baseball player at Neptune High in Veronica Mars, and the aforementioned Zac Efron (Summerland) who seems to be the new Kirk Cameron-like pinup (though with a softer less abrasive cocky attitude). Vanessa Anne Hudgens is beautifully sweet as the smart girl led to singing lead, and Ashley Tisdale (also on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) is just Saved by the Bell enough to play the Drama Queen nemesis Sharpay (Sharpay?).

For those who haven’t actually heard the Billboard #1 Album yet, the songs are actually not that great, yet not completely horrible either, and with a few listens, you find yourself humming to them anyways. Personal fave is “What I’ve Been Looking For”, both the hammed up version with Lucas Gabreel and Ashley Tisdale, and the romantic version with Zac Efron (though apparently partially dubbed) and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Still, complete with mediocre choreography and smiles plastered on all the cast, extras included, one can’t help but love this little musical that could. High School Musical is complete cheese but oooey oooey goooey good cheese!

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Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars - EXTRA! EXTRA!


Apparently they did a do-over since Howie's button didn't work (though not like he would ever win) and of course, Janey kicked butt!!!


Let me guess... Marcellas is going to be Janeys best friend this week again?

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars

The Betrayer and the Betrayed:
It's a sad day for Big Brother watchers as the most popular Big Brother (US) player ever is voted out, turned against by his former alliance member James. What's even more sad is that Kaysar stayed true and honest and tried to save the Sixers, only to learn on the outside that James had (yet again) betrayed them and basically helped boot Kaysar out the door.


What I can't believe is that history is repeating itself. Chilltown continues to rule by weaseling and lying through, pitting others against each other (a brilliant play), Danielle controls without seeming like she is, Marcellas betrays his blonde fag hag, and James once again turns on his own alliance way too soon by freaking out way too easily.

I mean, the breakup of the Sixers was kinda inevitable. I kinda knew it was going to happen again but we all hoped it would have lasted longer, considering the HOH streak they have been on. One lost to a floater and James jumps ship (and if really felt betrayed that Janelle didn't put up Chilltown, why didn't you the weak before, and why did you JOIN them right then and there?). I had hoped that James was actually smart enough to realise his similar big mistake last year. Instead, last year wasn't just a one time freak-out, but truly a serious and repetitive character flaw of James.

Erika's best bet now is to nominate one of the Sixers with one of Chilltown, thus drawing the dividing lines and making everyone show their true alliances. Sadly, I doubt she will do that.

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That Guy Who is Always Annoying

Seriously, who does Eric Balfour know? 24, Six Feet Under, that Denise Richards show, Conviction, Hawaii, The OC.

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What I missed SYTYCD for - Gnarls Barkley

Kay, other than the fact that I missed So You Think You Can Dance and being mightily pissed that we messed up the recording of it, at least I can say I missed it for a great concert last night.

Last night at Koolhaus in Toronto, we watched Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse, better known as Gnarls Barkley, put on a SHOW! Tonight, the theme was to SERVE US, with the two leads in Chefs outfits and the rest of the 11 band members in 50's diners uniforms. It all looked terrific and you could tell the String players were having a GREAT time (who knew playing a cello could be so rocking!?).

They of course did their radio hit Crazy, then encored with one of my faves, Transformer.
The opening act was great too, but silly little me didn't know who they were but my friend did and loved them and the guest rapper (hmm... I have no idea the names right now but she seemed impressed he was there, oh, Rahzel, who apparently was on the last Bjork album.)

Meanwhile, now that I've seen Wade Robson's choreographed group dance on SYTYCD, I must say I'm LOVING Justin Timberlake's song SexyBack and finally getting it. Cause it annoyed the hell out of me before. Of course, I can still only like it while thinking to Heidi, Donyelle, Benji and Travis doing their runway thing.

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So You Think You Can Dance - Final Performance


Stupid Carson Daly. At least the concert was awesome (more in another posting).

Anyways, here's the clips I could find. From what I'm reading on the message boards, these seem to be the best clips too (albeit, funny they all involve Travis? Apparently I'm not the only fan!) and that Travis killed it last night. But you all know this already don't you since you were smart enough to watch it.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Pre Final Performance

So Spoilers are out and I cannot WAIT to watch it. Unfortunately, stupid me buys concert tickets on the same night. Stupid Carson Daly.

Anyways, to those of you in the states, don't forget to dial 1 888 TEMPO 03 tonight! (not the 01 from last weeks T-shirt).

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Fall 2006 TV Preview – The Singles Table – Pilot

Currently scheduled to Premiere on NBC during Midseason

A show about a single Asian guy at weddings. Oh! Finally a show about my life! The Singles Table is another one-camera show about the singles table at a particular wedding. Now, I’m not sure they will keep attending more weddings, but seems like they will follow these 5 strangers and their impending friendship at various occasions.

What’s great about the show is that they don’t become friends within the first episode. In fact, some things are left kinda awkward, so I’m excited to finally see friendships develop over a series of episodes rather than 22 minutes.

Still, it’s nice to see an Asian lead a show, let alone BE in a show period. Really it should be called The John Cho Show since the pilot was basically all about his antics and his comedic hatred toward his ex-wife who happens to be the bridesmaid at the wedding party of a couple HE introduced together. So banished off to the singles table beside the port-o-potties he goes where he meets his four tablemates. The grooms boss Eli, Adam the Rabi, Georgia, the beautiful doctor in a re-used bridesmaids dress, and Stephanie the perpetual sarcastic single gal. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Can they mine a whole series of jokes out of it? The pilot, which has enough laughs, isn’t gut-busting like Scrubs or Arrested Development but is still funny and enjoyable enough and with just slightly off the beat plotting that it might have a better than expected future.

Still, I like John Cho (Harold of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), Conor Dubin (Eli) and Rhea Seehorn (as perpetual single gal Stephanie, Rhea is always the actress who seems gratingly annoying yet throws her lines with wit and sass) enough to keep watching these random single people show up at every Doug and Martina (the wedding couple) occasion. It could be interesting, or they could get repetitive quickly.

The pilot felt just different enough not to be a typical sitcom, though deals with all the regular wedding cliché jokes (though with Cho acting his usual angst, I still laugh). I enjoyed it more than CBS’ The Class but with so few comedy spots left in NBC’s schedule, I’m not sure where it will really fit in. Word is they are also re-shooting the pilot to replace the actress playing the doctor, so this pilot that I saw is probably not the final one that will eventually get shown.

At this point, it’s Tapeworthy (Tivoworthy if you’re that advanced. I however am a Mennonite) enough as some good filler material when in need of some light moments, but not a Must Stay at Home to watch THAT night show. (I’m still figuring out my system okay? Give me a weekend). Like a slightly lighter My Name is Earl, but above Freddie (hey, I know it's not saying much but I liked it in that Growing Pains mediocrity way, okay?), at least in terms of watching priority.

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So You Think You Can Dance - Results Show - Final Four

Did you people Call In?

So After the big Catfight, Here are our So You Think You Can Dance - Final Four!

Heidi Groskreutz

Travis Wall

Donyelle Jones

Benji Schwimmer

Okay, I'm pretty happy with the results. I wish Natalie were in, instead of Donyelle, only because in the past few weeks I thought Natalie was stronger, but at least Travis and Benji made it. Ivan is great and all but just not quite up to par as the other two boys.

And for your Long weekend (in Canada at least) entertainment, here are some more clips with this wicked Mia Michaels choreographed opening number:

And here are the boys solos:

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Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars

Still United?

Was Janelle right? did Diane deserve to stay?

While Diane pleas that she was not a threat, girl knows how to play the game. Still, Will and Boogie CANNOT win but at least they are amusing to watch, while Erika, Marcellas, Diane, George and Danielle have cowarded quietly trying not to ruffle any feathers (boring). However, they are 5 strong and Sixers are 4, and Chill town are only 2. Janelle had a point but her big mistake was lying about her strategy to her fellow Sixers. Why didn't she just explain it? I know you thought they wouldn't get it, but call James on why HE didn't nominate Will and Boogie last week? or Kaysar the week before? Why they are all turning on Janelle for doing the same thing they all did, I don't understand, but James ALWAYS seems to jump sides at the slightest impending fear.

Of COURSE we had to leave the housemates as they get blown with foam on a net in the backyard. That's not a HOH challenge, thats the beginning of a gay orgy porn shoot. Anyways, if you wanna know the results, here it is.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fall 2006 TV Preview - The Class - Pilot

Here's another good compilation before I get started, and it comes just as I was about to make my own system of stars (though it's really copying the Amy TV Gal star system). Though from most other critics, I hear Ugly Betty is good.

Anyways, back to my reviews of pilots I can get my hands on. (PLEASE NOTE: This is based on the original pilot from pilot season and has been reworked for the fall season)

The Class
Premieres Monday Sept. 18th at 8pm on CBS

CBS decides to keep its schedule pretty much intact, only adding 4 new shows, and they add The Class? Another whitecentric comedy about 20/30-somethings that have little in common and forced to hang out together. Worked for Friends, didn’t work for every other show that landed the 8:30pm Thursday night slot on NBC.

Still, I was sort of excited by the simple concept, of a semi-class reunion only of folks who never hung out with each other after grade 3 it seems, and with David Crane (Friends) involved, there was hope (though does David Crane just not like black people? Or Asians for that matter?). Then the early critics reviews came out and this one seems to be this years lynchpin (even though it seems there are far worse shows (like ‘Til Death and Happy Hour)).

Now that I know this is one of the worst shows from this new Fall Season, what did I think? Eh. It was amusing but nowhere as good as How I Met Your Mother (it’s timeslot neighbour). It all feels contrived (then again, isn’t every show) but has enough likeable actors (Andrea Anders, you’re lucky you survived Joey but poor you, now you have to survive this?) that it makes for a good guilty pleasure in the same way Four Kings was (meaning you watch because you're too lazy to change channels and is mildly diverting enough that you don't realise the crap you've just watched until it's already over... then again. Two and a Half Men is like that and it's the number one comedy on TV). It's not quite as campy as Freddie, Out of Practice or Reba was as guilty pleasures go but it's not completely offensive (like The War At Home is).

I’ll probably keep watching The Class, if only because it’s paired with How I Met Your Mother and that there’s only Prison Break on at the same timeslot, leaving enough room on the VCR’s to tape it for those days when I want brainless entertainment and Big Brother is no longer on.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6

Alright, where were we? Last week, people gasped as Allison was booted off the show. Surprising yes, but at that point, all 4 remaining girls were all amazing and though I felt Donyelle has weakened a bit in the past few weeks, I knew I would have been mad no matter what the outcome.

This week, let the race to the finale begin. Ivan and Natalie, Travis and Heidi and Benji and Donyelle pair up and Travis and Heidi are definitely the best of the night. Which brings me noticing this. Pretty much whoever Travis, but even more so, Benji and Heidi are paired up with, they usually have an excellent night.

At this point, Travis is still my favorite male, and as the judges point out, he has a charisma that cannot be taught. He shines with soul, and moves on stage with confidence, oozes grace and romances the stage with a naivety of a young man still ready to explore the world. We watch and we swoon.

As a counterpoint, Benji, is the all round good/funny guy that is everyone’s friend, and one cannot help but smile when watching Benji dance around the stage (even when he’s acting “tough” like his hip hop routine tonight). His moves are perfection, his bounce and energy are emphatic and endearing. We watch with complete joy.

Heidi, is still the biggest surprise. From the very beginning, she has consistently countered my initial judgement of her being an annoying competition kid. She’s bouncy and joyous to watch like her cousin Benji but has grown to become sensual and graceful like her partner (this week) Travis.

To be honest, all six at this point (and if you would have added Allison and Dimitri from the past two weeks), were all my faves and if any of them wins, it would be deserved.

At least until tonight:

Ivan has been great, like watching the little kid grow before our eyes. However, even his solo hip hop was not as impressive as before.

, seems to have lost her spirit, as I’m sure injuries and pain are enough to overtake the joys of dancing, but it’s true that lately, she has not popped and been as tight as she should be at this point. Still love her but at this point, I think she is the worst between her and Natalie.

Natalie meanwhile is so fantastic, dancing through the pain of her knee, but my feeling is that more people will vote Heidi and Donyelle tonight just because Donyelle has always seemed to have a stronger fan base. Still, you gotta give it to all the girls to be able to dance like that in HEELS. Just thinking about it hurts.

Meanwhile, Mia AND Mary are jidging and may I say, can we keep Mia on the stand EVERY WEEK? Her comments are critical and captivating. There were less Crazy Mary screams this week but her boisterousness and Mia’s calm collective commentaries are a nice balance.

So I’ll be mad no matter what tomorrow, but let’s hope I’m less angry and that Travis, Heidi, Benji and Natalie make the final 4. PLEASE…

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Fall 2006 TV Preview – Friday Night Lights - Pilot

Currently scheduled to Premiere on NBC, Tuesdays Oct. 3rd at 8pm.

Friday Night Lights is based on the movie of the same name about a small time high schools’ football team and their new coach. Both the pilot and the film is directed by Peter Berg and the pilot has the exact same styling, same careful pacing (slow), same documentary feel as the film, but that’s a good thing! I am personally not a small town boy, nor do I care about football, but just as soon as I found myself slightly bored by all the intense football action on the field (which I will guess most people will find as the highlight of the show), the pilot emotionally pulls me right back in stronger than ever, and I find myself looking forward to the next episode.

Friday Night Lights follows more than a dozen characters, of the high school football players, their friends, their girlfriends, their parents and the supportive, if not demanding, townsfolk, who are all relying on this team to win them a championship, and in turn, give this town a focus for their energies amongst the dullness of daily life.

Whether the film quality and pacing of the pilot is sustainable throughout a season, I have no idea, but the pilot basically updates the movie to our current generation. I was a little surprised that the show was able to keep the indie-movie quality of the film, but I wonder if television audiences are ready for a slower paced, character driven show (as in its not a procedural, its not Lost, and it's not about rich people) more in the vein of films like All the Real Girls, Secrets and Lies or You Can Count On Me (read, slow “realistic” movies where nothing really happens, (but some of my favourite films of all time)). Then again, I thought Lost would tank since I loved it so much, so who knows? Still, this may be a case where the quality is too good for audiences to sit back and relax on a Tuesday evening, since there is no quick drama or comedic throw outs, but is a subtle look at the pressures by the townsfolk on the new coach, his family and his players.

Kyle Chandler, who so handsomely blew up (literally) in the post-Super Bowl episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, is one of a list of actors who I think should always headline a TV show at all times (also included are Tom Cavanaugh, Michael J. Fox, and Candace Bergin amongst a few others). Chandler takes over Billy Bob Thornton’s role in the movie, but if Chandlers nice guy appeal in Early Edition, Homefront, or his amusing turn as the cheesy actor opposite Naomi Watts in King Kong last year, cause for some concern to whether he could take this tough coach role, it is all completely dispelled in the pilot, giving the coach a strong centre without losing an emotional distance, or worse, caricaturizing the typical “coach” role.

I’m happy to see Connie Britton back on TV (in the role she created in the film) and she brings just the right amount of humour and realism to her wife role. The rest of the cast is big and incredible in their “regularness” and though it will take a few more viewings to figure out who is who, I found, at least so far, I would like to find out more about these people (even the lone caricature role of the towns blonde vixen, who sort of reminded me of Kristin Cavallari).

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Summer Reality : Fall approaches

It's AUGUST already? the Ex opens soon and then we REALLY know Summer is over already. Didn't we just get new reality shows starting too? (and end already? Poor George)

So Fall TV Season is already approaching with the first new Premiere on Aug. 21st with Fox running out of the gate with Prison Break.

I've witheld my excitement over casting news on our favorite shows like Lost and Veronica Mars, because I figure either you already read it on tvtattle or other sites, and if you didn't, you probably have no idea who those actors are anyways.

There has already been a lot of reviews of the new pilots, with televisionary (check the May and June 2006 archives) and futon critic (in the Rant June and July sections) beinging some good ones.

Of course, this is my blog so I will have to have my say as well, hehe... so my Fall 2006 TV Previews of the pilots will start showing up over the next few weeks and again, seems like we are in the midst of the golden age of television! Or at least I say we are again!

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Entourage and Summer Reality - Big Brother 7: All Stars, Canadian Idol, One Ocean Drive, The One and Mel bomb

I go away for a few days and I miss the Mel and The One debacle? okay. The One, not much of a surprise... who won the pool? Still, on this side of the border, it has begun a hilarious watch on all of CBC's latest doofus moves. First last summer's strike, then Tommy Douglas brouhaha, then bumping The National for the lowest rated (American) reality TV show EVER (or something like that). I mean, I really do want them to do well, yet, other than Venture and Street Cents, is there really anything worth watching?

Still, I wasn't around to make fun. Boo! Especially since I have NOT been a big fan of Mel's. Of course now it is just too easy...

Meanwhile, last night, I watched about 20 seconds of One Ocean Drive and was about to puke... so what happened ABC? Are they saving everything good for the fall? First The One, now this? Are they trying to ruin the luster Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy finally brought?

I was almost about to puke after Canadian Idol. I love when the judges claim each year that "this year is the best year ever". You can usually somewhat debate that claim, until this year hit, since I think it is possibly the worst top 10 in any of the Idols I have seen. Think 10 of Kevin Covais only with less personality. Like I've said before, just hand it to Eva Avila at this point if only cause she looks pretty and is the only one that sings in tune. And what was with the lesbian? Seriously, I love my lesbians but that was simply creepy last night.

Still, how, why? who? what the hell is Cyndi Lauper doing on Canadian Idol this week?

Meanwhile in BB All Stars, apparently this is the week where the Sixers will implode after Janelle's nominations. (Again, James, if you are so mad that Janey is keeping Chill town, why didn't YOU nominate the two?). Still, I hope they survive only cause I still love them to death, despite some strategic mistakes.

Finally, Entourage. Ah yes, my little boys. Finally (mostly) caught up to the HBO show, now post "Aquaman" success, and yes, it was either going to fail or succeed but they brought it to a place that was quite interesting (minus the Dom character who just left a bad taste in my mouth for those two episodes). Ari and Lloyd are becoming one of the best comic duos around, and Kevin Connolly continues to prove that his days of Unhappilly Ever After was just his parents or agents doing. Not as good as the brilliant second season, but still better than first season (which is not bad to begin with).

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