Friday, June 29, 2007

I Know Summer Just Started But I Can't Wait For Fall Because of...

Pushing Daisies

So, I've been so busy at work, and so far behind on my TV that I'm still playing catch up with the fall season, that I haven't really talked much about the new shows presented at the Upfronts for the coming 2007 Fall TV Season other than the initial announcements and my knee-jerk reactions.

Still, the show I (and what seems like everyone else in the blogosphere) am looking forward to most is ABC's Pushing Daisies and I've been meaning to post the preview here so well... here it is.

Pushing Daisies New Series Preview ABC

It's quirky and totally weird and I'm already in love with it and its star Lee Pace (who I adore just from being from Wonderfalls, which, by the way, Caroline Dhavernas needs a better role than just playing wife to Ryan Phillipe in Breach). So far an early review from Jace at Televisionary seems GREAT.

The rest of the cast is AMAZING with Anna Friel, Kristin Chenowith (though she's apparently the worst part of the show. How can she be the worst part of the show? Must be an AWESOME show then), Swoosie Kurtz and Chi McBride with Jim Dale as narrator. It's from Bryan Fuller (Heroes) and Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) are the men behind the show.

So far, it'll air Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC and I believe CTV.

Of course. I'm alrady in love with the show. Does this mean the show is cursed and won't last?

Check here for the CBS Upfronts 2007
Check here for the ABC Upfronts 2007
Check here for the NBC Upfronts 2007
Check here for the FOX Upfronts 2007 (and The CW is in there too)

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O Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

Oh Big Brother, Big Brother, What shall we do with you?

So the best summer trash TV starts next Thursday, July 5th on CBS and Global (in Canada) at 8pm. (With plans to air Thursdays at 8pm, Sundays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm).

Big Brother is back in season 8 (EIGHT? Did anybody really think this would last 8 season way back when Chicken George and company were about to form their coup?)

The contestants/housemates/nutballs were announced yesterday and there is a video below showing the contestants/housemates/nutballs interviews. There's already the gay evil one (Joe) although a few of the guys look kinda gay and is there a female who isn't a waitress or a host? I'll show the profiles of everyone next week since no one will remember if I publish it at this point.

This year, fellow bloggers Gabriel from ModFab, Damion from Queering the Apparatus and I are sketching out details to join forces to blog/bitch about Big Brother 8, and I think ModFab will have more details on Monday or Tuesday. So get ready houseguests! The Big Brother Trifecta is watching your every move!

There's already a new twist called America's Player where one contestant is basically puppet to American's choice but I'm sure it will be lamer than its full potential. Still, SOMEONE has to comment on Julie Chen's lame questioning and wardrobe choices and I will gladly be here to do so!

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Degrassi in America

Hello friendly neighbour Americans, you dissapointed me last night with your SYTYCD votes and for not making Spring Awakening a complete sold out show (though it's doing MUCH better now, but still. It deserves to be at 100.1% Sold Out) so it's time for you to make up for those moments of mental relapses and watch the continuing Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation on The N starting tonight at 8pm. Especially since Season 7 is already in the works with more life issues to come.

The episode is Free Fallin' Part 1 and starts what is essentially part 2 of Season 6 (with 7 more episodes) which The N split strangely because here on CTV, we started the season later but finished the season a few months ago now.

Anyways, basically, Paige flakes out of school and starts burning books and all. Not on purpose of course. Or is it? You know, Management and Economics textbooks can do that to people so can we really blame her? Did I mention it is also the Thanksgiving episode? A little behind aren't we? Plus, if you are a fan of Paige's brother Dylan, enjoy him while you can over the next few episodes...

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Jesús Christ! What's Wrong With You America

Top 16 Results - The Cut to 14

The opening Top 16 Group Dance was choreographed by Tyce DiOrio to "The Lioness Hunt" from The Lion King Broadway Cast Recording . Here is the video clip:

SYTYCD - Performance - Result Top 16
Uploaded by daemonstv

Bottom Three are:
Lauren and Neil
Anya and Danny
Sara and Jesús

Which means Cedric is safe. Good for Shauna, bad for the rest of us that actually kinda care about the outcome of this show. WHAT THE HELL AMERICA??? I personally thought the beloved Anya and Danny were the worst last night so that is justified, and Neil was off last night (even though I love him), but Sara and Jesús?

Jessi will still have to dance for her life but we get to see Jessi and Pasha's original performance which I'm sure will make my straight guy friends happy since they hated the routine last night cause all they could see ... was... well... the not-so-skinny-Bette Midler-lookalike- Melanie which ruined the whole dance for them (not me, because, uh, all I saw was Pasha and the drool pooling below my face). The big news being that, hey, wait a minute, I have a LOT of straight guy friends that love this show? Cool!

Here is the video clip of Jessi and Pasha's Cha Cha to "Let's Get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez

Pasha and Jessi Week 3

So onto the Solos:

Lauren solo dances to "Poperdaz" - Kevin Federline (?!??!????!!??)

Lauren Solo Week 3

Sara solo dances to "Ladies First" - Queen Latifah

Sara Solo Week 3

Jessi solo dances to "Ice Box" - Omarion

Jessi Solo Week 3

Anya solo dances to "Fields of Gold" - Eva Cassidy

Anya Solo Week 3

Neil solo dances to "Come On" - Ben Jelen

Neil Solo Week 3

Jesús solo dances to "What I Like About You" - The Romantics

Jesus Solo Week 3

Danny solo dances to "A Song For You" - Elliott Yamin

Danny Solo Week 3

I was least impressed with Jessi and Anya for the girls, and Jesús for the guys, which is too bad because I thought his pairing with Sara was very strong. Still, Danny is slowly wearing on me. I know he's the next great hope and related to my beloved Travis. Still, he sure didn't pick up Travis' humility.

Fergie and Ludacris perform "Glamourous" while the judges deliberate, and Nigel kicks himself in the head for not kicking out Cedric last week. Now the silly teenage Cedric-loving girls and voted en-mass and saved his sorry ass and Cedric will not become the Sanjaya of the competition without the hair.

After being reprimanded by Nigel for all having sorry solo's, Nigel quickly boots Jessi out. So, the judges are forced to kick out Jesús out of the 3 guys, more because they can't kick out Danny yet, and Neil had a better solo.

Meanwhile, I shake my head that Cedric is still in the competition and while I'm not sure Jesús would have made the final 10, he, like Jimmy, deserved a few more weeks on this show. I'm extremely annoyed, more than a reality show deserves to affect me.

In 2 weeks (WHAT? I have to wait 2 FRIGGIN WEEKS?), traditional ballroom Pasha will be paired with Hip Hop Sara. I hope that works out, because I love the both of them.

Stupid Independence Day. I guess I'll have to live with the clips for now.

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Top 20 Performances
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Unless stated otherwise, Videos Uploaded by mickeymcc

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A Sign of the Apocalypse

Oh ABC. How Could You?

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Billboard Awakening

Here's the new billboard for Spring Awakening!!!

And it finally hit number ONE on the Billboard Cast Album charts.

Plus Company (which closes this Sunday. GO SEE IT BEFORE IT CLOSES) may get a PBS Great Performances airing which would totally be amazing since it's the best version I've seen (okay fine. I've only seen one other version and only heard 2 other versions on CD).

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So You Think You Can Download?

Don't Download these...

I found these links to the performances from the Top 20 and Top 18 Weeks of So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 in case you wanted them (uh. like Lacey and Kameron's Contemporary from Week 1 which I have watched WAY too much). I have no idea if these files are clean or what not. I just found the links. No claim to anything. Do what you want at your own risk.

Top 20 Performance Week

Top 20 Introduction
Hok & Jaimie - Hip Hop
Danny & Anya - Jive
Lacey & Kameron - Contemporary
Dominic & Sabra - Disco
Ashlee & Ricky - Argentine Tango
Sara & Jesus - Pop Jazz
Pasha & Jessi - Smooth Waltz
Faina & Cedric - Hip Hop
Neil & Lauren - Club Salsa
Jimmy & Shauna - Broadway

Top 20 Results Show

Top 20 Group Dance
Benji's performance
Sabra's Solo
Dominic's Solo
Ashlee's Solo
Ricky's Solo
Faina's Solo
Cedric's Solo

Top 18 Performance Show

Top 18 Introductions
Lauren & Neil - Hip Hop
Jessi & Pasha - Jazz
Jaimie & Hok - Samba
Sabra & Dominic - Contemporary
Faina & Cedric - Fox Trot
Lacey & Kameron - Broadway
Anya & Danny - Viennese Waltz
Shauna & Jimmy - Hip-Hop
Sara & Jesús - Paso Doble

Top 18 Results Show

Top 18 group performance
Pasha and Jessi announced in the B3
Hok and Jaimie announced safe
Lacey and Kameron announced safe
Dominic and Sabra announced safe
Jessi's solo
Pasha's solo
Shauna's solo
Jimmy's solo
Faina's solo
Cedric's solo

Thanks to xxxjoey and shmexsay and AnthonyFan16 for the links

For More on Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance:
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Top 18 Performances
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Top 20 Performances
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Live Tour - Toronto
Live Tour - Buffalo, Pics, More Pics

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Sweet Sixteen, er Fifteen? Technically Fourteen Cause Cedric Ain't Sweet

Top 16 Performance

The Judges are: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and special guest judge Debbie Allen here to plug her own academy. Debbie Allen!? FAME! I'm gonna live FOREVER!!!(Remember how I thought NOW is the right time to bring Fame back? And throw in a few of these dancers. Travis Wall would be PERFECT in one of the roles!)

So onto the dancing!

Sara Von Gillern and Jesús "Chuy" Solorio - Krump - choreographed by Lil C. - "It's Okay (One Blood)" - The Game

Here is the video clip of Sara and Jesús’ Krump routine:

SYTYCD: Jesus &Sara Krump

I think I was more convinced by Sara's Krumping and while I'm not trying to be sexist about it, I would assume the boy would be better at this. Then again, Sara was more hip hop and Jesús does come from contemporary and I always forget that. The synchronization wasn't perfect but after only 3 days of learning and training it was still decent (after the live Thursday vote off, they only have the weekend before the performance show is taped on Mondays).

Shauna Noland and Cedric Gardner - Contemporary - choreographed by Mia Michaels - "I Thought We Had" - The Family Stand

Here is the video clip of Shauna and Cedric’s Contemporary routine:

Cedric and Shauna Week 3

I knew there was a reason I liked Shauna and she proved it again tonight, totally blowing the dance out of the water, and totally overshadowing a very stiff Cedric. The best part of Cedric was when he sat there crying because really, he should get used to it for tomorrow. Debbie Allen bought his emotion, I think I'm done with him. Mary Murphy is actually dead on tonight with her analysis in that Mia Michaels worked the choreography perfectly towards Cedric's strengths and yet I STILL didn't buy it. Wow. When Mary is angry, she really gets to the precise point. Of course now that Nigel agrees with Mary, those teenage Cedric loving girls are going to be dialing like crazy and thus saving him and endangering other better dancers. Poor Shauna, it's almost a lose lose for her because we can't get Cedric out until they hit bottom 3. Oh, and another Debbie Allen Academy plug... how sneaking. Take another shot people. No cheating.

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink - Quick Step - choreographed by Tony Meredith - "Big and Bad" - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Here is the video clip of Lacey and Kameron’s Quick Step routine:

Kameron and Lacey

He kissed her at the end! So when I first saw that they were going to do the Quick Step, I was like. OH NO. Like Duckyxdale's Dan had said, the Quick Step KILLS every team. Ha, even Mary Murphy acknowledges that! And I LOVE Lacey and Kameron so I didn't want them in danger so early in the game. So what a great surprise that most of it was pretty great. There were a few moments when they were together that was a little jittery in a bad way but the rest of the dance made up well enough for the kinda-quick step portions. Like Nigel said, the actual quick step portion probably should have skimmed across the stage a bit more, but maybe because I just LOVE Kameron and Lacey that I was still entranced by the whole thing.

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell - Hip Hop - choreographed by Dan Karaty - "Oh Timbaland" - Timbaland

Here is the video clip of Anya and Danny’s Hip Hop routine:

SYTYCD Anya and Danny: Hip-Hop

I'm not sure what to make of it. Was the music piped in differently in the studio? They seemed always off the beat from what we heard on TV (and I know that what we hear on TV differs from the studio), but if it wasn't for that, and if each dancer was seen separately, it would have been pretty good, but they seemed off from each other as well. Mary and Debbie seemed to fawn over them. But Oh good, finally one of the judges agree with me. Nigel sees them uncomfortable in this style and I totally agree.

Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval - Rumba - choreographed by Jean-Marc Generaux - "Stickwitu " - Pussycat Dolls

Here is the video clip of Sabra and Dominic’s Rumba routine:

Dominic and Sabra Week 3

This is like, OMG! the most underestimated team this year! Sabra is almost always forgotten because she's just so consistently good without any gimmicks that it's just expected from her, and Dominic just keeps raising the bar on himself, surprising us week after week. Maybe that bad boy routine was an act in the auditions? Lowering our expectations? Doesn't matter because he's been so good 3 weeks in a row now. I adore these two. They are SO cute together and it almost seems too easy for these two. They don't need to be flashy to have an amazing routine, I just hope people remember this when they vote.

Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskell - Tango - choreographed by Jean-Marc Generaux - "Tanguero" - Sexteto Mayor

Here is the video clip of Lauren and Neil’s Tango routine:

Lauren and Neil Week 3

Neil seemed to be concentrating and thinking a little TOO much sometimes while Lauren seemed at more ease with the whole thing and loose, but it was generally pretty good despite some stiffness, mostly from Neil.

Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi - Jazz - choreographed by Wade Robson - "The Chairman's Waltz" - Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack

Here is the video clip of Jaimie and Hok’s Jazz routine:

Hok and Jaimie Week 3

Wow, another amazing routine by Wade. Totally beautiful choreography enhanced by the strengths of Jaimie and Hok.

Pasha Kovalev - Cha Cha - choreographed by Tony Meredith - "Let's Get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez

Here is the video clip of Pasha’s Cha Cha routine:

Pasha Week 3

So Jessi was in fact hospitalized with heart problems (and apparently according to the spoilers, during the taping of the show, which they had to retape) so Pasha had to dance with Tony Meredith's assistant. It didn't matter. Pasha was HOT and cha cha'd away with my pick for the best single dancer of the night. Jessi will have to "dance for her life" on the results show no matter what and here's a time when that could possibly be the most crass time to ever use the already overused and exaggerated sentence.

Wrap Up

Best Pairing of the Night - : Hok and Jaimie's Wade Robson routine. (BTW, Last week I never picked a best of but after a week thinking about it (and yes, I sadly think about this show WAY too much), I think my favorite was Pasha and Jessi's routine, even though they ended up being bottom 3).

Best Male Dancer of the Night - Pasha, though with tough competition from Dominic and Hok.

Best Female Dancer of the Night - Shauna , though with tough competition from Sabra.

Worst Pair of the Night - Danny and Anya

Worst Male Dancer of the Night - Cedric

Worst Female Dancer of the Night - um, I guess Anya

For More on Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance:
Check here for the most Recent current postings and Latest News on So You Think You Can Dance
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Top 18 Performances
Top 20 Results
Top 20 Performances
For So You Think You Can Dance Season 2:
Favorite Video Clips
Song List
Live Tour - Toronto
Live Tour - Buffalo, Pics, More Pics

Videos Uploaded by bman1794 and by mickeymcc
Pictures from

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Canadian Idol - Girls Gone Mild (and Boring and Bad)

Top 22 - Ladies Night

Wow. I was hoping the girls would be this years saviour but they made the boys look REALLY GOOD. I can't even be bothered to put up the girls pics now. Go check them out yourselves if you even care.

At best, we have Montana Martin Iles, the girl with attitude who I didn't want to like, yet then had her little speech about realizing her chance at her dream and working hard and all that crap, except this time somewhat believable. Then she sang and it was like some weird rock Chrissie Hyde meets Bjork thing. Read: Not very Idol like and thus very interesting, despite sometimes annoying french accented words still spewing from her mouth. Sorry. I can't help it. The french accent while singing annoys me. Still, she's stranger than Jacob Hoggard which will make this interesting (though Jacob had more pop qualities and thus probably an easier time reaching mass markets).

Mila Miller was okay as sort of a 75% version of Erykah Badu, and Carly Rae Jepsen annoys me as a person (she seems to be born from the world of the Disney Channel. No one can be THAT happy) but still has a quirky but pretty voice to be really cool. Martha Joy was competent at singing the big ballads but that was so 10 years ago now that it felt really old.

Everyone else? Even worse than the boys. Annika Odegard could belt those big brassy lines but couldn't sing any other range. Christine Hanlon started off strong and could also do the big notes but trembled in anything subtle or quieter. Tara Oram, Khalila G, Scarlett Burke look good (and by good I mean made up with loads of makeup) but I already forgot their performances. Naomi-Joy Blackhall couldn't hit a single note but at least she tried to rock out in some crazy Bowie-like Pinball machine (I know. That's The Who. I'm talking generational).

And the absolute worst? Maud Coussa-Jandl. Whatever the judges saw in her at the auditions, had better come back quick, because even the judges didn't know what to say with last nights performance.

Still, at this point, can we just give the whole damn thing to Greg Neufeld now and save us the trouble?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Spoilers

Highlight below if you want to know who is dancing what tomorrow, as well as another incident happening right now.

According to and Duckyxdale:

1. Jesus & Sara: Krump with choreographer Lil C.
2. Cedric & Shauna: Contemporary with choreographer Mia Michaels.
3. Kameron & Lacey: Quickstep with choreographer Tony Meredith.
4. Danny & Anya: Hip-Hop with choreographer Dan Karaty.
5. Dominic and Sabra: Rumba with choreographer Jean-Marc Generaux.
6. Neil & Lauren: Tango with choreographer Jean-Marc Generaux.
7. Hok & Jaimie: Jazz with choreographer Wade Robson.
8. Pasha & Jessi: Cha Cha with choreographer Tony Meredith. — "Jessi fainted! Jessi was diagnosed with some sort of heart-condition and if she is not able to dance solo on Thursday, she will be eliminated. " - Rickey

Though, didn't this happen last week too with Jessi?

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Instant Star - Like a Powder Mix

Instant Star Season 3 starts tonight at 9:30pm on CTV (it has already aired on The N in the states). What's Instant Star do you say? And where were Seasons 1 and 2? Who cares. Just watch Season 3. It's all that matters...

And if you can't get into our Instant Star Jude Harrison (winner of Instant Star, the show within the show much like the Idol series) and her flip flopping between hunky producer Tommy and her childhood pal Jamie, then watch it for the great look of the series. Plus Tyler Kyte (above right, with Alexz Johnson as Jude) stars in the show too and I loved him since his days as kid host on the Canadian-made Popular Mechanics For Kids (though his counterparts, Elisha Cuthbert (24), Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up, Undeclared, Million Dollar Baby), and Vanessa Lenghies (American Dreams) have all seem to have done slightly better over in Hollywood).

The series is made by the same folks who make Degrassi: The Next Generation, though it's much less controversial and far more soapy.

Tonight's premiere sees a nice big ol' cake fight between Jude and her new rival nemesis (and Instant Star 3 show-within-a-show winner) Karma.

And yes, I think she should be with Jamie (Kristopher Turner, above right with Tommy, Tim Rozon). (Jamie is the Noel to Jude's Felicity, which is weird since on Felicity, I thought she should be with Ben).

Oh, also trivia note, the house and pool they use for the Bar Mitvah scenes is apparently Prince's house (as in the artist formerly known as...) while he was in Toronto.

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Canadian Idol - Boy Banned

Top 22 - Boys Night

Well, so long Creature Comforts. CBS pulled it off the schedule. See my eyes roll. Why do I even try to be supportive?

So I ended up checking out the boys on Canadian Idol. Last year I checked out of the show because there was only ONE GOOD SINGER in the whole Top 10 and alas, she won. This year, they let the singers accompany themselves on instruments, thus enticing a new and possibly different group of singers to the auditions.

I'm not sure it helped.

Only Greg Neufeld was actually really good and he made last years Top 22 and was consequently voted off early on. Now he gets a second chance. Fair or not, last years bootee is now the strongest boy. That can't be a good sign can it?

Jaydee Bixby is cute enough and all in a prepubescent way and sings much stronger than one would imagine his frame would allow, but there's something creepy and Children of the Corn about him that keeps him from fully able to be a star.

Liam Styles Chang was better than I anticipated.

Dwight D'eon was half decent if not the child spawn of Chris Daughtry.

Everyone else was either boring or worse, especially Derek Hoffman who perpetuated the notion that all punkers do is yell into the microphone, and he didn't even do a good job at that, and

Clifton Murray, who was the Abercrombie choice to begin with, all style, no substance. Works for A&F ads, not so much here.

Tyler Mullendore was just WEIRD and

Matt Rapley was a tepid black soul singer (one black male in the whole competition and that's ALL we could find in Canada?)

Meanwhile, I still can't really tell Justyn Wesley apart from Brian Melo.

Oh yeah, and there was Andrew Austin. I already forgot about him.

Well, there's definitely no Blake Lewis here, which is too bad. I know we tend to go for quirkier in Canada but some of these choices are ridiculous. While others are just plain boring this year. What happened to picks like Jacob Hoggard, Rex Goudie, Melissa O'Neil or Eva Avila? Then again, I've complained about the complainers of American Idol, that usually the top 12 always has a bunch of losers still so who am I to say?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Loop - It Will All Come Around, Let's Hope on DVD

The Dutch
Lady Business

Well, Fox AGAIN burns off one of its funniest comedies. Are we even surprised at this point? May I need to remind you of Arrested Development? The Tick? Andy Richter Controls the Universe? Kitchen Confidential?

Fox shoves 3 more episodes last night, and not even in a row, of The Loop, a comedy that started off with 7 great episodes of its short first season (which made #13 on my Best of TV 2006 list), and now this week, Fox burns off the last 3 episodes of this 10 episode second season. And we know it's not coming back because star Bret Harrison is the lead in the upcoming CW show The Reaper, one of the shows getting good buzz and good reviews for the fall season.

So last night, our belovelent hero Sam Sullivan (Bret Harrison, above) overdonates to a charity but becomes part of the aviation boys club. Sam writes a loving tribute letter about Meryl (Mimi Rogers) and wins her a lady business award that she doesn't want, and Sam okays a product placement deal with Stride gum to be plastered over Trans-Alliance airlines.

Sounds simple enough.

It's not. Somehow, we get great disses on corporate America and especially the aviation world (the price fixing and the cost cutting savings with turnaround time was hilarious because it's so true). We get fake penises, a lemonade stand with a grown man, Sam being chased and shot in the head, and digs at jetblue and Southwest.

Also, Stride's a real gum?

Well, at least I'm glad to know the cute and very funny and likable Bret Harrison will be on a new show this coming season, even if it's on The CW which I'm currently at war with. I just wish Philip Baker Hall and Mimi Rogers can join him since they devour their roles as the top 2 execs at Trans-Alliance, and I love that Mimi Rogers can play the strong female exec role without being harsh or evil or military like. Darcy hasn't been as funny as the first season, with her antics being a little TOO over the top, but for a comedy that is usually over the top, that's saying a LOT.

Still, I have a feeling this show will grow with the DVD's and I'm sure half my friends will say 2 years from now... "have you seen The Loop? I'ts so funny! Are there more episodes?". And I will reply back "No you DOLT because no one watched it when I told you to watch it when it was actually on TV years ago and then it got cancelled. Meanwhile, Two and a Half Men is STILL on the air. It's all YOUR FAULT". I know I will say this because people have been NOW telling me about GREAT shows that they've just discovered. Shows like Six Feet Under and Arrested Development and Veronica Mars and Scrubs. Seriously. Do my friends live in CAVES? Why am I friends with these people again?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Oh No They DiD'Ent

Top 18 Results - The Cut to 16

Okay, my laptop just completely died on me, my sisters computer just died. WHATS GOING ON???
So this won't be as comprehensive as I would have liked and I'll try to expand in the morning at work (where my computer THERE went on a bit of a fritz earlier this week.I'm CURSED) and add all the song lists and video clips.

The opening Top 18 Group Dance was choreographed by Shane Sparks to Wade Robsons "It Was All In Your Mind". Here's the video clip.

Top 18 - So You Think You Can Dance

In an actual shocking results, the Bottom Three were:

Pasha and Jessi.WHA? That was one of my favorites, if not THE favorite routine of last night.
Shauna and Jimmy
Faina and Cedric

Shauna - "Everything" - Lifehouse

Faina - "Do You Love Me" - The Contours

I was so sure it would be Cedric and Shauna going home but Shauna danced for her life (later reiterated by Nigel) and Faina was sent home with a unanimous decision. Which is kinda good cause while Faina was a better dancer than Shauna (but slightly here and again, hard to compare since styles are so different), I liked Shauna more.

Jimmy - "Veins" - Charlotte Martin

It was NOT unanimous for the boys, where Pasha was criticized for a weak solo (again. WHA? I thought it was the best one) but was safe. Mary voted to keep on Jimmy. Mia to keep on Cedric (huh? why? he's so limited and unlike Ivan last year and what looks like Neil and Dominic this year, doesn't look like he will grow and stretch much beyond his Hip Hop skills.) Nigel has the tie breaking vote and he decides to keep Cedric. SAY WHA? OH NO THEY DID NOT just do that??? Jimmy is gone?

What's WITH TODAY??? Cursed I say. Cursed.

Jimmy was SO GREAT in last week's Broadway and so bouncy and delightful to watch this week. In fact, isn't it odd that Faina was the stronger of her and Cedric and SHE'S OUT? (Not that I would have any other girls leave but still, you get my drift right?) And as much as I like Shauna, Jimmy was a little better of the two of them, and he's OUT???

So unfair. Anyways, I'm guessing at this point though, every week is going to be painful. Far more than last year. Plus, the choreographers need to step it up now, because I think things are so close at this point that a cool routine or a boring one will make or break a dancer on this show now.

For More on Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance:
Check here for the most Recent current postings and Latest News on So You Think You Can Dance
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Top 20 Performances
For So You Think You Can Dance Season 2:
Favorite Video Clips
Song List
Live Tour - Toronto
Live Tour - Buffalo, Pics, More Pics

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iPod Music Playlist - The Boys of (Last) Summer

It's summer in one hour! So here's a bit more to The Boys of Summer iPod Music playlist from earlier this week.

Really, this was the boy of LAST summer but Justim Timberlake is only NOW releasing "LoveStoned/ I Think That She Knows" which is the best song on the album Futuresex/LoveSounds .

Here's "Waitin' for the Wonderful" from country's Aaron Lines that was released last year. He has cute songs but really, the whole point is just to watch him in the videos.

Canadian Country band Emerson Drive has never really lived up to its potential. Good look (again, cute-ish songs at best, REALLY cute lead singer who kinda looks like US Queer As Folk's Gale Harold), good vocals but their songs are always a little bleh. Here is their new song "Moments" which is actually from this year but sounds slightly dated but whatever, it's their best attempt so far at a hit, and it's really for the visuals again.

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Oh No They Did'ent

In escalating scale:

1. The fall show Sam I Am starring Christina Applegate, Jean Smart and Sookie St. James (er... Melissa McCarthy) is changing the title of their show to Samantha Be Good because Dr. Seuss' estate was not too happy with the allusion to "Green Eggs and Ham".

2. Boston Legal dropped Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Rene Auberjonois and Constance Zimmer. Say wha? Part of the charm was watching these 4 play with the big boys (Shatner's Denny Crane and James Spader) and girls (Candice Bergen), plus, Bowen and Valley certainly added to the hotness factor. Instead, John Larroquette is joining the cast.

3. Heroes has cast David Anders (Sark on Alias)as ancient samurai warrior Takezo Kensei, Hiro's childhood hero. You know, because the blond haired hunk is SO very asian.

4. Isaiah Washington says T.R. Knight is the one that should have been fired. Classy. If T.R. hadn't played his cards so perfectly, I may have actually believed Isaiah, 6 months ago, but sorry dude, you lost.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - I Defintely Think You All Can Dance!

Top 18 Performance

After last week where we find ourselves with possibly the strongest Top 20, I'm excited so let's get right to it!

Judges - Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels

Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskell - Hip Hop - choreographed by Dave Scott - "The Way I Are" - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson

I really like this couple. It wasn't the most attention grabbing dance but it was fun and Neil and Lauren did it well and I thought Neil did it a bit better (hmm... which Mia is saying right now! I LOVE YOU MIA MICHAELS... Wait. If you're a judge, that means we don't get a dance from you. Crap). Each dancer is super cute as I said last week but this time the judges agree with me and enjoy them so hopefully they are safe.

Here is the video clip of Lauren and Neil's Hip Hop routine:

Lauren and Neil - Hip Hop

Jessi Peralta and Pasha Kovalev - Jazz - choreographed by Tyce DiOrio - "Stiff Jazz" - dZihan and Kamien

I love Pasha as he has been one of the few standouts I've remembered from the auditions, so I'm SO happy that he hasn't flamed out like some previous years expectations. The two were beautiful in another fun and quirky little piece but totally different from last weeks Smooth Waltz. Again, like Neil before this, I think Pasha the boy was slightly better than Jessi but they were both so good that I'm getting into the nitty gritty at this point and I shouldn't be during the Top 18 weeks. That's amazing. We should only be getting nitty gritty in the Top 6, but these two are so great that we can already concentrate on the details.

Here is the video clip Jessi and Pasha's Jazz routine:

Jessi and Pasha - Jazz

Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi - Samba - choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux - "Bang Bang To The Rock n' Roll" - Gabin

I feared that Hok might be a one-trick pony but after tonight. Apparently not. That totally surprised me. Jaimie was beautiful though not tecnically perfect and while Hok was a teeny bit stiff in like a few moments, it was still damn amazing for the Hip Hopper at this early in the game.

Here is the video clip of Jaimie and Hok's Samba:

Jamie and Hok - Samba

Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval - Contemporary - choreographed by Mandy Moore - "I'll Stand By You " - The Pretenders

At first I thought it was a little clunky. Decent job but with such strong players this year, it might not hold up. But it got better and better and better and there was some neat choreographer and Dominic and Sabra PULLED IT OFF in the end. Oh man, and Mia agrees. Woo! Considering we had lost Ricky to him last week, she was proud of him! Hmm... now I don't know who might be in my bottom list. Crap. Always loved Sabra but like Nigel said, hopefully she won't slip through because she's so gentle and elegant yet cute like a little pixie.

Here is the video clip of Sabra and Dominic's Contemporary routine:

Sabra and Dominic - Contemporary

Faina Savitch and Cedric Gardner - Fox Trot - choreographed by Hunter Johnson - "You're The Boss" - Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret

It was a cute enough dance. There are moments when I think they were stiff, then they have nice moments together. Cedric seemed more like he was following and playing catch up, while Faina started off slightly weak but seemed to gracefully get into the dance more but it might be too little too late to compensate for Cedric.

Here is the video clip from Faina and Cedric's Fox Trot:

Cedric and Faina - Foxtrot

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink - Broadway - choreographed by Tyce DiOrio - "Overture/ And All That Jazz" - Chicago Soundtrack

So, I've re-watched last week's Contemporary rountine a few too many times now and this couple, thanks to Mia Michael's routine, may have edged themselves into my favorites so far, so tonight will prove if this continues. And continues it does! (Heidi in 'da house). Chicago has such a famous routine that it is hard to forget but while the routine wasn't the best (it's hard to beat Bob Fosse), I think Kameron and Lacey knocked it out of the park again. While Mia wanted Kameron sassier, I like that he confidently holds his strong sexy male persona while jazzying it up on stage.

Here is the video clip of Lacey and Kameron's Broadway routine:

Lacey and Kameron - Broadway

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell - Viennese Waltz - choreographed by Hunter Johnson - "You and Me" - Lifehouse

Man, there's no real clunkers this year that it is getting harder to judge. Anya was so smooth, and while Danny lacks a bit of that passion I see in Pasha, Danny still nicely trotted around the stage and both made another one of these usually boring traditional ballroom types into something quite nice.

Here is the video clip of Anya and Danny's Viennese Waltz routine:

Anya and Danny - Vietnamese Waltz

Shauna Noland and Jimmy Arguello - Hip Hop - choreographed by Dave Scott - "U Sexy Girl" - Fat Man Scoop feat. Elephant Man and Jabba

Jimmy outdanced Shauna and the stepping was a little weak and slow (was that choreographed that way?), but I will Shauna the benefit that they were quite in sync. Still, Jimmy seemed to pop out more and seemed just a bit bouncier and more excited to be here. I actually thought Shauna did better last week doing Broadway much like Nigel but unlike Mia.

Here is the video clip of Shauna and Jimmy's Hip Hop routine:

Shauna and Jimmy - Hip Hop

Sara Von Gillern and Jesús "Chuy" Solorio - Paso-Doble - choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux - "We Will Rock You (bonus remix)" - Queen

These two are smooth when they need to be. Hit the beats hard when they have to. I have no idea if they did it correctly but it was amazingly entertaining and I find Sara has some glow about her where I find myself just wanting to pinch her cheeks and hug. I always feel that Jesús is going to disappoint but so far, he's two for two in NOT disappointing me making this pairing that I didn't think would work, totally score in my mind.

Here is the video clip of Sara and Jesús' Paso Doble routine:

Sara and Jesus - Paso Doble

Wrap Up

Best Pairing of the Night - : I honestly don't know right now. I'm going to have to sleep on it and re-watch the clips. Almost everyone was great tonight. I'll repost in the morning with my favorite(s?) of the night

Worst of the Night - Faina & Cedric

From now on, it might just come down to the luck of each pairing getting a good choreographer and choreography that will determine their fate because at this point, everyone is doing amazingly well even on dances totally opposite their specialty. I'm now totally impressed two weeks in a row. I didn't think anything could top last years Top 10 but this is just so much fun this year!

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Toronto Wasn't So Wrong After All

Well, the reviews are out in London and they pretty much match Toronto's reviews from last year.

The Lord of the Rings The Musical (don't laugh. Or actually. DO) opened in London England at Theatre Drury Lane and the Times and Guardian liked it (each giving 4/5 stars each) and the Telegraph , the Sun (the SUN? even the SUN didn't like it? now THAT'S a bad sign) and Independent did not like it. While I was trying to be positive about the show, my sentiments pretty much mirror The Daily Telegraph's review. It's not a bad show. Not like We Will Rock You. I liked it way more than Wicked and The Producers. Still, there were a TON of problems, the whole thing did NOT live up to expectations, especially in this day and age when we've all seen Cirque de Soleil and expect something that actually wows us. The music is decent, but not entirely hummable or memorable and the story is a complete mess. It's mildly entertaining but it felt like it should have been even grander, which at over 3 hours, is not a good sign.

So when the producers blamed Toronto critics and audiences for its demise last year (apparently we didn't "get it". Their words. Not mine), I wanted to see how the British press would react. So now that it looks pretty divided, I feel quite satisfied. Yes, Canadians weren't wrong on this. (But the need to prove that to the international world makes us so...well..., Canadian). Here's The Toronto Star's Richard Ouzounian's review of the new version where he compares the changes. (Check out Richard Ouzounian break the stuffy critic mould when he recounts Evil Dead The Musical from the Splatter Zone).

The good news is Michael Therriault as Gollum (above), the lone Canadian left in the production, is being singled out in most of the reviews as one of the (if only) best things in the production.

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Here's Why I Love Broadway

Since my cable TV went on the fritz last night after the quick (but damaging) wind/thunderstorm yesterday, I really have nothing to comment since I only saw some fuzzy endings to Canadian Idol and a fuzzy clip of Zach's cute film in On The Lot.

So I wasn't going to post this but ah, what the hey, I have nothing else to write about today until So You Think You Can Dance tonight (well, that and I've actually had to work a lot lately...GASP... at work (seriously, it's a miracle I haven't been fired yet. In fact, I was just recently told what a wonderful job I was doing AND that I was doing it so fast (!?! Seriously. How slow do OTHER people work?)).

Anyways. If you want to know why I love Broadway so much, Check here for a clean version. And Here and Here for the NSFW versions. Well. Not THAT bad but still, you may want to check who is behind your screen first. (Here's the link to last years slideshow)

Nudity for a good cause can never be a bad thing.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Harry Fast

Um, I just noticed a Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix poster on the side of the bus this afternoon and noticed the date said 07 11 07.

When did they change the opening date from Friday the 13th of July to Wednesday the 11th of July?

Who cares! Two less days I have to wait!!! I'm glad too since it makes more sense, since it will equate to opening on the 12th in Asia (which it is).

So let the new countdown begin! Only 21 More Days to go!

Then it's the countdown to the final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I almost don't want to read it knowing it's the last book!

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iPod Music Playlist - The Boys of Summer

Here some of the songs I've been liking lately, and uh, I noticed they are all boys...

Jon McLaughlin - "Beautiful Disaster"

Michael Bublé - "Lost" - I've been playing this on repeat since I got the album and I finally heard it on the radio last week. YEY! It's the new single!

Faber Drive - "Second Chances" - I've seen this video for, like, ever now (last fall or winter I think at least), and it was always enjoyable though not screaming as a hit, but I'm a little surprised it's only starting to get more airplay now. Anyways, it's still enjoyable enough and seems to grow on me.

The Plain White T's - "Hey There Delilah" - Not that this needs anymore airplay, since the Buffalo station seems to be pumping this up a LOT. Who do THEY know at LiveNation?

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - "Face Down"

Ten Second Epic - "Old Habits" - I don't know why but I find this video kind of adorable somehow. Okay. Maybe just the band.

I also saw a band the weekend before this past one in Montreal called The Dress White's. While usually I cringe at being brought to see friend's or friend's friend's bands (where then you have to smile and lie through your teeth telling them that they sound great as you try to plug your ears hands free), this one actually stood out because they were just poppy enough to be fun and not all artistic and self-involved and pretentious (I'm talking to you The Arcade Fire) and the songs were well written with just enough hook to maybe get radio airplay but with lyrics that weren't dumbed down.

Here's all I could find so far on youtube.

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Reality Bites - And Summer Trash TV Is Back

I made it through about 5 minutes of Age of Love before I had to switch over to something else. I'm not even sure if the cougars vs. the young'uns offended me, I think I was just sort of turned off my the tennis pro Mark Poupopoulloupopllousplli (or something like that) because he kinda seemed like a dink, especially considering he's supposed to be famous or something (who is this guy? What happened to the Woodies? I would have watched THAT although I'm sure by now, they're married and older or something).

Then I switched over to Hell's Kitchen where the large Asian guy continues to represent... and I'm SOOO ashamed. Seriously. Like there are already SOOO many great Asian Male role models in Hollywood, we get a crying over-emotional baby who kept burning omelettes? OMELETTES? Isn't that like college cooking 101?

Over on Canadian Idol, I'm not sure if the new rule that the singers can play instruments as they perform is turning out to be a good thing yet. Based on last nights Top 100 auditions, there was still a LOT of crap, then again, Canadian Idol has always seemed to venture for more artsy folksy oddballs rather than the pop star counterpart of American Idol, which I guess makes us so Canadian. It does not however always find us a good Canadian Idol, with only last years Eva Avila succeeding (and the new Maybelline girl in New York apparently!). Then again, Kalan Porter had so much potential before he was forced into singing garbage Idol crap and his image was totally mismanaged.

Meanwhile, I hadn't had time to talk about Creature Comforts (Mon. 8pm CBS/CH) before this week but it's such a wonderful little slice of television that it deserves to be seen, if at least in smaller chunks. The half hour format may just be a tad too long, yet each segment, where we see claymation from the Wallace & Grommit folks overlaid onto interviews of regular Americans (based on the British series interviewing regular Brits) is such a delight, and sometimes so hilarious, that I'll take it however I get. Seriously, the animation, the in-jokes, the background, the facial features are sometimes so detailed that I'm amazed that it's CLAY.

Here's some favorites Creature Comforts clips below (there's tons on youtube and dailymotion). I'm trying to find the owls (with the voices of a mother and teenage son) but haven't yet, but I'll try to add it later. It's so cute and so typical. Reminds me of me and my mom.

This dog one is one of my faves where the interview must bave been 2 guys talking about wine, now played out as two dogs speaking of another dog's bum.

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