Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tony Awards Wrap Up - Video Clips

Okay, I swear I'm going to move on from the Tony Awards soon (and maybe actually talk more about the new fall 2007 pilots which I haven't because I haven't really had time), but since no one I know actually watched the 2007 Tony's (including the theatre fans. Losers.), here's a posting with some of the video clips that I'll keep expanding through the day as I find more online.

Here's the opening with a performance from A Chorus Line which had such a great cast.

All I can find so far of the Spring Awakening performance so far is the rehearsal.

UPDATE: Here is the Spring Awakening performance from the 2007 Tony Awards with bleeped out words and changed lyrics and all. Olé! It's a medley of "Mama Who Bore Me", "The Bitch of Living" and "Totally Fucked". With Jonathan Groff, Lea Michelle and Tony winner John Galagher Jr. and company. (For more Spring Awakening video clips, click here)

UPDATE: Here is Raúl Esparza's AMAZING performance (and should have been Tony winning) of "Being Alive" from Company (now closing July 1st. GO SEE IT BEFORE IT CLOSES).

UPDATE: Here is Christine Ebersole in her Tony winning performance of "The Revolutionary Costume for Today" from Grey Gardens. Da Da Da Dee Dum...

UPDATE: Here is the performance from the last Kander and Ebb show Curtains with leads David Hyde Pierce (who stole the Best Actor Tony award from Raúl Esparza), Debra Monk and company.

UPDATE: Here is the performance from 110 in the Shade with John Collum and the amazing Audra McDonald (as his daughter. It's theatre. Imagination people...).

UPDATE: Here's the behometh of Mary Poppins.

Here's Fantasia's performance from The Color Purple, which had no reason to be there other than to milk the American Idol connection, but whatever, she didn't irritate me for the first time ever actually. Maybe she's much more suited for Broadway in the end?

Fantasia - I'm Here (2007 Tony Awards)
Uploaded by Vidfan46

Check here for more on the 2007, 61st Annual Tony Awards.


Liz said...

Yay, Spring Awakening!!! I didn't watch the Tony's until last night 'cause I was out of town Sunday, and I was SO EXCITED to see all of SA's wins! And how much of a crime is it that there are like four versions of Fantasia's video on youtube, and none of the SA performance?

Incidentally, I view it as a crime against nature that Raul Esparza lost to David Hyde Pierce. Just. So. Wrong. Otherwise, woo!

Vance said...

Im still FUMING over the Raul thing but Ive been trying to be nice so i've downplayed my anger. I mean. I like David Hyde Pierce. but seriously. if anybody saw Raul's performance, how can that not be one of the best broadway performances of ALL TIME?