Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do You Really Have To Ask What Shoot 'Em Up Is About?

OMG! When did the Shoot 'Em Up Movie Website go up? And it has a brand new (official) trailer on it (instead of the previous version that was made for Cannes last year)! Whether you like this blog or hate it, you can somehow blame Shoot 'Em Up for the conception of tapeworthy (but I won't explain how).

Well, I have no idea if the movie will be any good or not, because the script was retarded but hey, it has got Clive Owen (hello!), Monica Belucci and Paul Giamatti in it. And a lot of shooting. If you can't tell from the title already.

Shoot 'Em Up is currently scheduled to open September 7, 2007 (which is sort of like the graveyard for summer movies. Not a good sign).

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jlee said...

whoa, monica belucci on screen at the same time as clive owen?! my panties are on fire.