Friday, June 29, 2007

Degrassi in America

Hello friendly neighbour Americans, you dissapointed me last night with your SYTYCD votes and for not making Spring Awakening a complete sold out show (though it's doing MUCH better now, but still. It deserves to be at 100.1% Sold Out) so it's time for you to make up for those moments of mental relapses and watch the continuing Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation on The N starting tonight at 8pm. Especially since Season 7 is already in the works with more life issues to come.

The episode is Free Fallin' Part 1 and starts what is essentially part 2 of Season 6 (with 7 more episodes) which The N split strangely because here on CTV, we started the season later but finished the season a few months ago now.

Anyways, basically, Paige flakes out of school and starts burning books and all. Not on purpose of course. Or is it? You know, Management and Economics textbooks can do that to people so can we really blame her? Did I mention it is also the Thanksgiving episode? A little behind aren't we? Plus, if you are a fan of Paige's brother Dylan, enjoy him while you can over the next few episodes...

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