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So You Think You Can Dance - I Defintely Think You All Can Dance!

Top 18 Performance

After last week where we find ourselves with possibly the strongest Top 20, I'm excited so let's get right to it!

Judges - Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels

Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskell - Hip Hop - choreographed by Dave Scott - "The Way I Are" - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson

I really like this couple. It wasn't the most attention grabbing dance but it was fun and Neil and Lauren did it well and I thought Neil did it a bit better (hmm... which Mia is saying right now! I LOVE YOU MIA MICHAELS... Wait. If you're a judge, that means we don't get a dance from you. Crap). Each dancer is super cute as I said last week but this time the judges agree with me and enjoy them so hopefully they are safe.

Here is the video clip of Lauren and Neil's Hip Hop routine:

Lauren and Neil - Hip Hop

Jessi Peralta and Pasha Kovalev - Jazz - choreographed by Tyce DiOrio - "Stiff Jazz" - dZihan and Kamien

I love Pasha as he has been one of the few standouts I've remembered from the auditions, so I'm SO happy that he hasn't flamed out like some previous years expectations. The two were beautiful in another fun and quirky little piece but totally different from last weeks Smooth Waltz. Again, like Neil before this, I think Pasha the boy was slightly better than Jessi but they were both so good that I'm getting into the nitty gritty at this point and I shouldn't be during the Top 18 weeks. That's amazing. We should only be getting nitty gritty in the Top 6, but these two are so great that we can already concentrate on the details.

Here is the video clip Jessi and Pasha's Jazz routine:

Jessi and Pasha - Jazz

Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi - Samba - choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux - "Bang Bang To The Rock n' Roll" - Gabin

I feared that Hok might be a one-trick pony but after tonight. Apparently not. That totally surprised me. Jaimie was beautiful though not tecnically perfect and while Hok was a teeny bit stiff in like a few moments, it was still damn amazing for the Hip Hopper at this early in the game.

Here is the video clip of Jaimie and Hok's Samba:

Jamie and Hok - Samba

Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval - Contemporary - choreographed by Mandy Moore - "I'll Stand By You " - The Pretenders

At first I thought it was a little clunky. Decent job but with such strong players this year, it might not hold up. But it got better and better and better and there was some neat choreographer and Dominic and Sabra PULLED IT OFF in the end. Oh man, and Mia agrees. Woo! Considering we had lost Ricky to him last week, she was proud of him! Hmm... now I don't know who might be in my bottom list. Crap. Always loved Sabra but like Nigel said, hopefully she won't slip through because she's so gentle and elegant yet cute like a little pixie.

Here is the video clip of Sabra and Dominic's Contemporary routine:

Sabra and Dominic - Contemporary

Faina Savitch and Cedric Gardner - Fox Trot - choreographed by Hunter Johnson - "You're The Boss" - Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret

It was a cute enough dance. There are moments when I think they were stiff, then they have nice moments together. Cedric seemed more like he was following and playing catch up, while Faina started off slightly weak but seemed to gracefully get into the dance more but it might be too little too late to compensate for Cedric.

Here is the video clip from Faina and Cedric's Fox Trot:

Cedric and Faina - Foxtrot

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink - Broadway - choreographed by Tyce DiOrio - "Overture/ And All That Jazz" - Chicago Soundtrack

So, I've re-watched last week's Contemporary rountine a few too many times now and this couple, thanks to Mia Michael's routine, may have edged themselves into my favorites so far, so tonight will prove if this continues. And continues it does! (Heidi in 'da house). Chicago has such a famous routine that it is hard to forget but while the routine wasn't the best (it's hard to beat Bob Fosse), I think Kameron and Lacey knocked it out of the park again. While Mia wanted Kameron sassier, I like that he confidently holds his strong sexy male persona while jazzying it up on stage.

Here is the video clip of Lacey and Kameron's Broadway routine:

Lacey and Kameron - Broadway

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell - Viennese Waltz - choreographed by Hunter Johnson - "You and Me" - Lifehouse

Man, there's no real clunkers this year that it is getting harder to judge. Anya was so smooth, and while Danny lacks a bit of that passion I see in Pasha, Danny still nicely trotted around the stage and both made another one of these usually boring traditional ballroom types into something quite nice.

Here is the video clip of Anya and Danny's Viennese Waltz routine:

Anya and Danny - Vietnamese Waltz

Shauna Noland and Jimmy Arguello - Hip Hop - choreographed by Dave Scott - "U Sexy Girl" - Fat Man Scoop feat. Elephant Man and Jabba

Jimmy outdanced Shauna and the stepping was a little weak and slow (was that choreographed that way?), but I will Shauna the benefit that they were quite in sync. Still, Jimmy seemed to pop out more and seemed just a bit bouncier and more excited to be here. I actually thought Shauna did better last week doing Broadway much like Nigel but unlike Mia.

Here is the video clip of Shauna and Jimmy's Hip Hop routine:

Shauna and Jimmy - Hip Hop

Sara Von Gillern and Jesús "Chuy" Solorio - Paso-Doble - choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux - "We Will Rock You (bonus remix)" - Queen

These two are smooth when they need to be. Hit the beats hard when they have to. I have no idea if they did it correctly but it was amazingly entertaining and I find Sara has some glow about her where I find myself just wanting to pinch her cheeks and hug. I always feel that Jesús is going to disappoint but so far, he's two for two in NOT disappointing me making this pairing that I didn't think would work, totally score in my mind.

Here is the video clip of Sara and Jesús' Paso Doble routine:

Sara and Jesus - Paso Doble

Wrap Up

Best Pairing of the Night - : I honestly don't know right now. I'm going to have to sleep on it and re-watch the clips. Almost everyone was great tonight. I'll repost in the morning with my favorite(s?) of the night

Worst of the Night - Faina & Cedric

From now on, it might just come down to the luck of each pairing getting a good choreographer and choreography that will determine their fate because at this point, everyone is doing amazingly well even on dances totally opposite their specialty. I'm now totally impressed two weeks in a row. I didn't think anything could top last years Top 10 but this is just so much fun this year!

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