Friday, June 08, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - 20 People Do

Vegas Week - The Cut To The Final Top 20 for Season 3

Already? Man, that was really really fast. Then again, I always complain that the audition process has been stretched too much and that we should get to the good stuff faster (the Top 20) but I was actually getting into the audition this year. I need to beware what I ask for.

So, we have our Top 20 (Thanks Dan), except, I can't really remember who they were right now except Pasha, Hok, Ashley and Lacey and the good contemp dude that Mia Michaels loved.

Oh, UPDATE: Here's the photo I stole from Dan!

Pictured top L-R: Jaimie Goodwin, Danny Tidwell, Pasha Kovalev, Ricky Palomino, Shauna Noland, Jesus Solorio, Ashlee Langas and Neil Haskell. Middle row L-R: Jimmy Arguello, Sara Von Gillern, Jessi Peralta, Sabra Johnson and Kameron Bink. Bottom row L-R: Lauren Gottlieb, Anya Garnis, Cedric Gardner, Hok Konishi, Faina Savich, Lacey Schwimmer and Dominic Sandoval.

Check Dan's site for individual photos.


Anonymous said...

Sara Von Gillern is hot! I love her style of dance! Shes going to go all the way!

Anonymous said...

During the Vegas tryouts I believe two ladies danced to this song. One had an injured foot. I am dying to know the name of the song. Anyone know?