Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't Like Tony? Watch The Loop

If you're not going to watch Tony Soprano in the Series Finale of The Sopranos on Sunday evening, and if you don't want to watch The Tony Awards (but you MUST! Just to see the performance medley from the cast of Spring Awakening so you know what I've been talking about all this time!), then flip over to (or Tivo, or DVR, or PVR, or Tape, or whatever you call it these days) FOX at 8:30 pm and again at 9:30 for the 2nd Season Premiere of The Loop, which was one of my favorite shows of last year. Now, we know it's over since star Bret Harrison is already the lead in Reaper which starts this fall on The CW ( and getting great reviews but since I'm still mad at The CW for cancelling Veronica Mars and Everwood, I'll withold my enthusiasm until the fall), but The Loop is well worth watching, despite its short span.

Anyways, The Loop. Very Very Funny. Particularly the office scenes with Philip Baker Hall, Mimi Rogers and Joy Osmanski as Darcy, the (bitter) Asian secretary.

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