Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Canadian Idol - Boy Banned

Top 22 - Boys Night

Well, so long Creature Comforts. CBS pulled it off the schedule. See my eyes roll. Why do I even try to be supportive?

So I ended up checking out the boys on Canadian Idol. Last year I checked out of the show because there was only ONE GOOD SINGER in the whole Top 10 and alas, she won. This year, they let the singers accompany themselves on instruments, thus enticing a new and possibly different group of singers to the auditions.

I'm not sure it helped.

Only Greg Neufeld was actually really good and he made last years Top 22 and was consequently voted off early on. Now he gets a second chance. Fair or not, last years bootee is now the strongest boy. That can't be a good sign can it?

Jaydee Bixby is cute enough and all in a prepubescent way and sings much stronger than one would imagine his frame would allow, but there's something creepy and Children of the Corn about him that keeps him from fully able to be a star.

Liam Styles Chang was better than I anticipated.

Dwight D'eon was half decent if not the child spawn of Chris Daughtry.

Everyone else was either boring or worse, especially Derek Hoffman who perpetuated the notion that all punkers do is yell into the microphone, and he didn't even do a good job at that, and

Clifton Murray, who was the Abercrombie choice to begin with, all style, no substance. Works for A&F ads, not so much here.

Tyler Mullendore was just WEIRD and

Matt Rapley was a tepid black soul singer (one black male in the whole competition and that's ALL we could find in Canada?)

Meanwhile, I still can't really tell Justyn Wesley apart from Brian Melo.

Oh yeah, and there was Andrew Austin. I already forgot about him.

Well, there's definitely no Blake Lewis here, which is too bad. I know we tend to go for quirkier in Canada but some of these choices are ridiculous. While others are just plain boring this year. What happened to picks like Jacob Hoggard, Rex Goudie, Melissa O'Neil or Eva Avila? Then again, I've complained about the complainers of American Idol, that usually the top 12 always has a bunch of losers still so who am I to say?

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