Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Spoilers

Highlight below if you want to know who is dancing what tomorrow, as well as another incident happening right now.

According to Rickey.org and Duckyxdale:

1. Jesus & Sara: Krump with choreographer Lil C.
2. Cedric & Shauna: Contemporary with choreographer Mia Michaels.
3. Kameron & Lacey: Quickstep with choreographer Tony Meredith.
4. Danny & Anya: Hip-Hop with choreographer Dan Karaty.
5. Dominic and Sabra: Rumba with choreographer Jean-Marc Generaux.
6. Neil & Lauren: Tango with choreographer Jean-Marc Generaux.
7. Hok & Jaimie: Jazz with choreographer Wade Robson.
8. Pasha & Jessi: Cha Cha with choreographer Tony Meredith. — "Jessi fainted! Jessi was diagnosed with some sort of heart-condition and if she is not able to dance solo on Thursday, she will be eliminated. " - Rickey

Though, didn't this happen last week too with Jessi?

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