Monday, June 25, 2007

The Loop - It Will All Come Around, Let's Hope on DVD

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Lady Business

Well, Fox AGAIN burns off one of its funniest comedies. Are we even surprised at this point? May I need to remind you of Arrested Development? The Tick? Andy Richter Controls the Universe? Kitchen Confidential?

Fox shoves 3 more episodes last night, and not even in a row, of The Loop, a comedy that started off with 7 great episodes of its short first season (which made #13 on my Best of TV 2006 list), and now this week, Fox burns off the last 3 episodes of this 10 episode second season. And we know it's not coming back because star Bret Harrison is the lead in the upcoming CW show The Reaper, one of the shows getting good buzz and good reviews for the fall season.

So last night, our belovelent hero Sam Sullivan (Bret Harrison, above) overdonates to a charity but becomes part of the aviation boys club. Sam writes a loving tribute letter about Meryl (Mimi Rogers) and wins her a lady business award that she doesn't want, and Sam okays a product placement deal with Stride gum to be plastered over Trans-Alliance airlines.

Sounds simple enough.

It's not. Somehow, we get great disses on corporate America and especially the aviation world (the price fixing and the cost cutting savings with turnaround time was hilarious because it's so true). We get fake penises, a lemonade stand with a grown man, Sam being chased and shot in the head, and digs at jetblue and Southwest.

Also, Stride's a real gum?

Well, at least I'm glad to know the cute and very funny and likable Bret Harrison will be on a new show this coming season, even if it's on The CW which I'm currently at war with. I just wish Philip Baker Hall and Mimi Rogers can join him since they devour their roles as the top 2 execs at Trans-Alliance, and I love that Mimi Rogers can play the strong female exec role without being harsh or evil or military like. Darcy hasn't been as funny as the first season, with her antics being a little TOO over the top, but for a comedy that is usually over the top, that's saying a LOT.

Still, I have a feeling this show will grow with the DVD's and I'm sure half my friends will say 2 years from now... "have you seen The Loop? I'ts so funny! Are there more episodes?". And I will reply back "No you DOLT because no one watched it when I told you to watch it when it was actually on TV years ago and then it got cancelled. Meanwhile, Two and a Half Men is STILL on the air. It's all YOUR FAULT". I know I will say this because people have been NOW telling me about GREAT shows that they've just discovered. Shows like Six Feet Under and Arrested Development and Veronica Mars and Scrubs. Seriously. Do my friends live in CAVES? Why am I friends with these people again?

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