Sunday, June 10, 2007

Being Alive with Raul

Raul Esparza was just on the Tony Awards performing "Being Alive" from Company. Damnit. Now I want to see it again again (I've already seen it twice). Simply amazing. One of the best shows I have EVER seen and I put Esparaza's "Being Alive" performance in my Best of Music of 2006.

That bit when the Tony old people came out was HILARIOUS. I was JUST telling my sister, oh god. Boring. Can they EVER make this portion entertaining? Then the Phantom chandelier comes crashing down and out comes Jane Krakowski and John Mahoney PLAYING the two old people and it was simply hilarious! (Okay. Maybe it was me because I had JUST SAID something about how boring those portions were so you had to be here...)

Also, have we seen the entire pilot for Viva Laughlin at this point? I'm totally intrigued but I think it's going to be VERY VERY weird show.


Anonymous said...

Wow I was totally impressed! Of course I have heard people rave about him, but Wow!! How do you perform like that 8 times a week??

Vance said...

Althouhg it's weird that they didn't have the rest of the cast surround him cause it almost adds some kinda haunting aura around "Bobby".

Ive seen it twice and each time. SHIVERS...

I bought the CD and you can totally HEAR it on the CD how emotional his performance is. Simply amazing.