Thursday, June 28, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Jesús Christ! What's Wrong With You America

Top 16 Results - The Cut to 14

The opening Top 16 Group Dance was choreographed by Tyce DiOrio to "The Lioness Hunt" from The Lion King Broadway Cast Recording . Here is the video clip:

SYTYCD - Performance - Result Top 16
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Bottom Three are:
Lauren and Neil
Anya and Danny
Sara and Jesús

Which means Cedric is safe. Good for Shauna, bad for the rest of us that actually kinda care about the outcome of this show. WHAT THE HELL AMERICA??? I personally thought the beloved Anya and Danny were the worst last night so that is justified, and Neil was off last night (even though I love him), but Sara and Jesús?

Jessi will still have to dance for her life but we get to see Jessi and Pasha's original performance which I'm sure will make my straight guy friends happy since they hated the routine last night cause all they could see ... was... well... the not-so-skinny-Bette Midler-lookalike- Melanie which ruined the whole dance for them (not me, because, uh, all I saw was Pasha and the drool pooling below my face). The big news being that, hey, wait a minute, I have a LOT of straight guy friends that love this show? Cool!

Here is the video clip of Jessi and Pasha's Cha Cha to "Let's Get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez

Pasha and Jessi Week 3

So onto the Solos:

Lauren solo dances to "Poperdaz" - Kevin Federline (?!??!????!!??)

Lauren Solo Week 3

Sara solo dances to "Ladies First" - Queen Latifah

Sara Solo Week 3

Jessi solo dances to "Ice Box" - Omarion

Jessi Solo Week 3

Anya solo dances to "Fields of Gold" - Eva Cassidy

Anya Solo Week 3

Neil solo dances to "Come On" - Ben Jelen

Neil Solo Week 3

Jesús solo dances to "What I Like About You" - The Romantics

Jesus Solo Week 3

Danny solo dances to "A Song For You" - Elliott Yamin

Danny Solo Week 3

I was least impressed with Jessi and Anya for the girls, and Jesús for the guys, which is too bad because I thought his pairing with Sara was very strong. Still, Danny is slowly wearing on me. I know he's the next great hope and related to my beloved Travis. Still, he sure didn't pick up Travis' humility.

Fergie and Ludacris perform "Glamourous" while the judges deliberate, and Nigel kicks himself in the head for not kicking out Cedric last week. Now the silly teenage Cedric-loving girls and voted en-mass and saved his sorry ass and Cedric will not become the Sanjaya of the competition without the hair.

After being reprimanded by Nigel for all having sorry solo's, Nigel quickly boots Jessi out. So, the judges are forced to kick out Jesús out of the 3 guys, more because they can't kick out Danny yet, and Neil had a better solo.

Meanwhile, I shake my head that Cedric is still in the competition and while I'm not sure Jesús would have made the final 10, he, like Jimmy, deserved a few more weeks on this show. I'm extremely annoyed, more than a reality show deserves to affect me.

In 2 weeks (WHAT? I have to wait 2 FRIGGIN WEEKS?), traditional ballroom Pasha will be paired with Hip Hop Sara. I hope that works out, because I love the both of them.

Stupid Independence Day. I guess I'll have to live with the clips for now.

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Anonymous said...

Lauren definitely should have been booted off. Her solo was terrible and it took her forever to actually start dancing!

I don't think Neil is all that great. He performs more gymnastic stunts than he does dancing.

And America royally screwed up by not voting Cedric in the bottom 3...Nigel must seriously hate himself right now.

Vance said...

Still, I prefer Neil over Cedric and I like him more than the Danny's attitude. I know. Im a sucker for his look. But I see him as this years Ivan. He seems that he can grow a lot more than we would expect (though Dominic seems to REALLY be doing that well). STill, I thought Neils hip hop last week was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I thought Neil's solo rocked. Yes, he did a lot of acrobatics but he can obviously dance too--cut back to Vegas week when he was doing Mia's choreography! He just wanted to pull out all the stops.

I still thought he had better technique than Jesus when he was doing the pirouettes. And his solo was better overall.

So Neil deserved to stay.