Thursday, June 21, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Oh No They DiD'Ent

Top 18 Results - The Cut to 16

Okay, my laptop just completely died on me, my sisters computer just died. WHATS GOING ON???
So this won't be as comprehensive as I would have liked and I'll try to expand in the morning at work (where my computer THERE went on a bit of a fritz earlier this week.I'm CURSED) and add all the song lists and video clips.

The opening Top 18 Group Dance was choreographed by Shane Sparks to Wade Robsons "It Was All In Your Mind". Here's the video clip.

Top 18 - So You Think You Can Dance

In an actual shocking results, the Bottom Three were:

Pasha and Jessi.WHA? That was one of my favorites, if not THE favorite routine of last night.
Shauna and Jimmy
Faina and Cedric

Shauna - "Everything" - Lifehouse

Faina - "Do You Love Me" - The Contours

I was so sure it would be Cedric and Shauna going home but Shauna danced for her life (later reiterated by Nigel) and Faina was sent home with a unanimous decision. Which is kinda good cause while Faina was a better dancer than Shauna (but slightly here and again, hard to compare since styles are so different), I liked Shauna more.

Jimmy - "Veins" - Charlotte Martin

It was NOT unanimous for the boys, where Pasha was criticized for a weak solo (again. WHA? I thought it was the best one) but was safe. Mary voted to keep on Jimmy. Mia to keep on Cedric (huh? why? he's so limited and unlike Ivan last year and what looks like Neil and Dominic this year, doesn't look like he will grow and stretch much beyond his Hip Hop skills.) Nigel has the tie breaking vote and he decides to keep Cedric. SAY WHA? OH NO THEY DID NOT just do that??? Jimmy is gone?

What's WITH TODAY??? Cursed I say. Cursed.

Jimmy was SO GREAT in last week's Broadway and so bouncy and delightful to watch this week. In fact, isn't it odd that Faina was the stronger of her and Cedric and SHE'S OUT? (Not that I would have any other girls leave but still, you get my drift right?) And as much as I like Shauna, Jimmy was a little better of the two of them, and he's OUT???

So unfair. Anyways, I'm guessing at this point though, every week is going to be painful. Far more than last year. Plus, the choreographers need to step it up now, because I think things are so close at this point that a cool routine or a boring one will make or break a dancer on this show now.

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