Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idols - Boys Night

Okay, Sundance has to go. Supposedly that was a good performance but all I thought he did was yell out "Ride Sally Ride". That is not singing. That's a drunken state on karaoke night at the local boots and cowboy bar.

Bald head Phil dude needs to go to. Did not love Sanjaya who is reminding me of mini Michael Jackson which just creeps me out.

My friends LOVE AJ and I can't STAND his singing style, meanwhile they find Nick boring and I like him in that 98 Degrees non-threatening boyband way.

Again, I think the white boys lead the pack with Chris Richardson, Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis having the best performances (though "Trouble" the song bored me last year and still sort of bored me this year). At least Blake and Chris Richardson seem to be taking chances with difficult songs.

Both Jared and Brandon have good voices but need to step up their game still (and pick better songs still).

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes - It's The Little Things We Do Together

Chapter 17: Company Man

So, Heroes is a fun show, but I'm going to knock the hype again just a bit for a sec. The writing is still quite bad (I mean, so is mine but I don't have millions of viewers, I barely have hundreds of readers). Case in point? The flashback scene in the office where Eric Roberts gives HRG man his assignment, explaining EVERYTHING to us about how the work will be a morally gray area. Horrible. Okay. Maybe half of it was just Eric Roberts delivery (he needs to stick with things like Less Than Perfect that can utilize his bad delivery into intentional comedy) but either way, they were lucky that at least the plotting is good and HRG partnered with Invisible Man was a nice twist.

Though again, Hiro's father (George Takei) with lil'Hiro in tow and being the boss of HRG, Invisible Man and Eric Roberts might be too convenient, although the fact that HRG knowing Japanese was a nice touch.

So Ted and Matt want info from HRG and takes the family hostage, until Eric Roberts shows up and shoots Ted (after Matt is convinced that HRG is actually trying to help, but Ted isn't) but alas, Claire must save the day, again.

Still, HRG is told to bring Claire in to the "paper company". We get the tender flashback when HRG gets his HRG and reveals to Claire that she is adopted. Back to present day, HRG gets the Haitian to shoot him (where it won't kill him) so that Claire and the Haitian can run off, before HRG's memory is erased.

Meanwhile, in the clip for next week, was that Tawny Cypress still alive?

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Monday Funny

How I Met Your Mother - Fiero Arrivederci

Not one of the best episodes, although I'm still reeling from last week's slap bet. Marshall's Fiero (OMG, I used to LOVE that car as a kid. So Chachi!)dies and the gang recounts stories around the car. Barney's of course being the funniest (he doesn't know how to drive and learned in the Fiero), though Robin had some nice reaction in implying her perfection.

The Class - The Class Rides A Bull

My bad show guilty pleasure (to join the ranks of Reba or Freddie but I thought it was actually getting quite good lately. I was getting into each storyline, loved that it's almost like a comedic soap, but now I find out next week is the season finale already? I'm actually going to kind of miss it.

Although the Ethan/Kat set up seems just too easy tonight. Love Duncan and he makes Andrea Anders' Nicole so much funnier, but I didn't see Yonk's heart attack coming.

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Sunday Reality

The Amazing Race - Beauty is Sometimes Skin Deep

I liked the puzzle to figure out Chuquicamatta. They need more brain teasers like that. Like those questions they had on The Mole (when I first discovered Andersen Cooper). Loved that Mary figured it out in a completely different fashion than the others.

Grease: You're The One That I Want

Considering I'm a Broadway Musical freak, I sure haven't really found myself following this as much as programmers would have hope my demographics would. Is it me or are none of them complete standouts at this point? Not bad, just no one screams at me as Danny or Sandy. I can barely tell the girls apart, and at this point, I only boys I really know are Max (who I like the most) and Austin (who still creeps me out). Maybe it doesn't help that I'm currently obsessed with Jonathan Groff of Spring Awakening and Raul Esparza of Company, both who had better get Best Actor Tony nominations. Though Kevin who just got kicked off wasn't that bad. Neither was the girl. In fact, I thought the girl they kept was HORRIBLE, which doesn't bode well since she's been in the bottom 2 for the past 2 weeks.

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So We Now Have an American Idol Loser/ Oscar Winner. We Really Do

I always forget that whenever I host an Oscar party, no matter how casual, I'm still running around half the time and miss half of it. Which might be a good thing anyways.

Still, what did you people think of it? I thought Ellen was okay, her schtick was amusing but nothing memorable or grand and didn't seem to hold up to the stature of the Oscars. Or was that the point?

Most of the awards seemed pretty predictable considering it was supposed to be the year where any movie could win (which I guess they did). Still, The Departed and Martin Scorcese won as most predicted (though not me, but thank goodness I was wrong), Forest, Helen and Jennifer I-lost-on-American-Idol Hudson won as predicted, though it would have been interesting to see the percentages of votes in the Best Picture category to see how close (or not) it was. Norbit totally ruined it for Eddie Murphy who must be seething right now, and thank heavens Pan's Labyrinth lost out in Best Foreign Language Film to The Lives of Others.

Also, what was with those rolling dancers? That was weird. The costume tableaus were kinda neat and kinda gay all at the same time. Love that Meryl Streep and Ryan Gosling sat next to each other. Love that Ryan Gosling was on Breaker High, which I still love! (And if I do say so myself, I totally predicted he was going to be in bigger and better things. I felt he was somehow a really great actor in that and better than you would think someone on Breaker High would be).

Hottest dress of the night? Helen Mirren. Wow! She's how old? Young tartletts (Paris, Britney, Hilary, Lindsay? I'm talking to you), this is how it is DONE.

Mark Wahlberg always looks great, and nice to see that someone who was in Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch can be up for an Academy Award the same year as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a loser from American Idol Jennifer Hudson, an ex-Mickey Mouse club member (and Breaker High alum as I noted earlier) Ryan Gosling, a Mexican Telenovela star Adriana Barraza, as former kid star Jackie Earl Haley, someone named Rinko Kikuchi (I love saying that name!), and Eddie Murphy.

All in the same year with Meryl Streep, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren.

Also, love Meryl for her deep stare into Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt's presentation which was extremely cute and funny. Though I missed the John C. Reilly, Will Farrell thing but apparently I'll see it again if my probable travel plans take me to Hong Kong this week where I'll attend another Oscar party when it is shown there on Wednesday night (?).

Also, what was with the sports analysis with the screen pens on the E! Red Carpet Coverage? That was totally ridiculous. Also, do those hosts eat anything? Here's a bread crumb girl, please eat it. Ryan Seacrest totally sucked too. I actually don't mind him on American Idol or when he had his own show. But he was TERRIBLE last night. Loved when he totally ignored Gael Garcia Bernal to talk to the anorexic co-hosts. It made me miss Joan Rivers.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's Oscar Night

Okay. I think Little Miss Sunshine will win it. There. I've said it. I don't think it deserves to. In fact, I would give it to Letter From Iwo Jima, then if not, The Departed, then The Queen, Then Babel. Which again means for the second year in a row, the worst movie of the 5 nominated pictures will win.

I hope I'm wrong.

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The End of February Sweeps TV Round Up

How I Met Your Mother - Stuff

Barney putting on his own play as revenge on Lily was already hilarious enough. Until Marshall's slap bet revenge 2/5 closed off the show. Simply put. Brilliant! Ted and Robin decide to move in together after a marathon fight.

Heroes - Chapter 16: Unexpected

Unexpected is right. Peter finally grows some. Love that Christopher Eccleston is on the series still. Love it. Though it still doesn't make up for the rest of the episode which I've already forgotten actually. Is it just me?

Veronica Mars - Mars, Bars

So they haven't had much for Sheriff Lamb to do this year so they actually kill him off, in a somewhat lame fashion too. They haven't had much for Wallace or Mac either this year, I hope they aren't planning on killing them too? So long Michael Muhney, you turned a one note character into a funny 2.5 season long one note character that we enjoyed having in the background. Now who can we hate? Cause I actually like Vinnie Van Lowe and Cliff.

Gilmore Girls - I'm A Kayak, Hear Me Roar

So finally Lorelai grows some... oh wait, that doesn't really work. Christopher is gone and Lorelai must tell Emily, who in a part drunken state, tells Lorelai how greatly independent her life has become and in some Emily sidewinding way, how proud she is. At least until she recovers and makes no recollection of it in her next sober state. Rory meanwhile goes mano a mano with Senior Mitchum Huntzberger at a birthday dinner for Logan, and Mitchum accepts and assumes Rory is part of the deal with Logan now (giving her the pick of jobs at any of his newspapers).

American Idol - Boys Night

Blake Lewis is the new Travis Wall (So You Think You Can Dance 2)! Duckyxdale, you are so right! Um, was it me, you know, not to be racist (even though, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist"), but were the only good people all the white dudes for once? Except Sundance who sucked, always sucked, always will suck, and Brandon Rogers who just needs better song choices for that beautiful voice. Something screwed up with my recording of Girls Night so missed it but heard they were all much better than the boys already.

Friday Night Lights - I Think We Should Have Sex

Tyra's mom going postal on Buddy Garrity for firing her because he can't keep his pants in check. Bar men going postal on Tim Riggins as Tim tries to defend his father, but loses out when he realises Walt did in fact steal a $3000 camera from the football team that Coach Taylor had suspected. Tami goes postal on Julie when she catches Matt Saracen buying condoms. Jason tries out for the Paralympics Rugby team.

Again, if you haven't watched this show, despite the description above, it is REALLY funny. Still, the teary moment of the night was when Tim returned the camera to Coach Taylor.

Lost - Stranger in A Strange Land

All because of/for Jack's Tattoo? I'm confused.

Grey's Anatomy - Some kind of Miracle

Some kind of lameness. I thought they might actually be brave enough to kill off the main character (yet somehow incorporate her in the show still, though not Ghost Whisperer I hope, though maybe Life on Mars style) because it would have made the BEST TWIST EVER but alas, they say you can't kill the main character off and they didn't. Ugh. Which made the last 3 episodes one big long convoluted filler to kill off Meredith's mom. BORING.

I however loved them bring back Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette, Friday Night Light's Kyle Chandler as Dylan Young (the bomb squad guy who exploded) and Monica Keena (the pole through the chest girl). Loved the morbidity of it all. Now if only they went through with it instead of the hokey last minute we-gave-up-but-now-we-still-must-save-her story. Grey writers, I thought you were better than this.

My Name is Earl - Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy

While My Name is Earl is becoming more cute than edgy, it still is quite funny, but other than Jamie Pressly who steals every scene she is in, I have to give it to Jason Lee for making me totally forget that he's under all that Earl.

The Office - Business School, Cocktails

TV Masterminds directs The Office. Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly) directed Business School and we find out that Jim makes a good Dracula! J.J. Abrams (Felicity, Alias, Lost) directs Cocktails and we find out Jan is crazy for loving Michael, or is it vice versa? Poor Toby...

Scrubs - My Therapeutic Month

I like that they are following the progress of Private Brian Dancer. Kelso in dreadlocks = drawdropping funny.

30 Rock - Hardball

Entertainment Weekly gave it an A! And people seem to be latching on finally! And now NBC will pull it off in March for 5 weeks. What timing. Kenneth joins Tracy's entourage and Jack teaches Liz how to negotiate Josh's contract. Jenna goes on Hardball. The political show you dummy.

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Jersey Jukebox Joy - Jersey Boys: The Musical - Review

Jersey Boys - August Wilson Theater, New York

Okay, so I finally succumbed and went to see the current hardest ticket-to-get on Broadway during our Broadway marathon this past week. I initially had no interest in seeing Jersey Boys, since the whole jukebox musical, with the exception of the highly fun and campy Mamma Mia, has been butchered many times over (The Times Are A Changin', Ring of Fire, Closer To Heaven, We Will Rock You etc. etc. etc.). Still, reviews and word of mouth were good, it won the Tony Award for Best Musical (though not always a good indication, see Fosse) and again, it was the hot ticket so at least there was some bragging rights to getting tickets.

To my surprise, I quite enjoyed Jersey Boys. Nothing revolutionary or anything, but its a nice straight up telling of the rise of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Basic straight line storytelling about the troubled Jersey youths who through thick and thin, rose from their neighbourhood and became an American musical icon. Who doesn't love a Cinderella story? Plus they are lucky that the songs from The Four Seasons are so well known and liked so half their job is done (again, the appeal of the Jukebox musical but also somewhat lazy writing you could say).

What totally sells the show though are John Lloyd Young, Christian Hoff and Daniel Reichard as three of The Four Seasons (the other dude was okay but either a minor character or a minor actor who diminished the character). John Lloyd Young as high pitched Frankie Valli was last years A Star is Born story and eventually won the Tony for Best Actor and completely deserving. However, I felt Christian Hoff almost should have had the lead actors spot, since his role was just as large and important, and Hoff completely sold it. Reichard meanwhile has been left off without awards but that doesn't mean he was terrible, in fact, with all the hoopla about the other two actors, Reichard was the biggest surprise since he was terrific as Bobby, who ends up writing the songs for Valli.

Which makes me wonder, how well can this show do without these three actors? Apparently the touring company is really good so apparently it can, but John Lloyd Young seems so tailor made for this role that I'll be impressed if they can find a suitable replacement.

UPDATE April 18 2007: So apparently John Lloyd Young just re-signed his contract for another 6 months starting in May (though he will still take his vaca at the end of April), so you still have a chance to see him in the lead role until November at least. Guess they couldn't find that replacement yet?

So alas, I enjoyed Jersey Boys, which is a straight laced rock solid piece of entertainment and I can now approve of it beating The Drowsy Chaperone (which I also enjoyed but not as much) for Best Musical last year.

Oh and for those wondering, there are 12 student rush tickets available for each show, on sale when the box office opens (usually 10am except Sundays which is 12 I believe). Apparently last summer and fall, the lineup was about 4-5 hours long but on a cold February Tuesday, we got there at 7am and were first in line, though it filled up pretty quickly soon after so I would say the cut off time seems to be about 8am. (Its $26.50/ticket, 2 tickets per Student ID, you can only use the student ID once per calendar month, Cash only). - UPDATE FALL 2007 - APPARENTLY THE STUDENT RUSH DEAL WAS CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, BUT STANDING ROOM IS STILL AVAILABLE

After that, they have Standing Room tickets (only for performances that are sold out but this show is completely sold out for months. Apparently the first available regular ticket on Friday night is in Nov 2007, and the first available Saturday night is in 2008. That's CRAZY. It's a GOOD show but not THAT GOOD) but it is one per person in line and I think there are only 10-16 standing room spots. I forgot now, but not a lot. Those are sold 2 hours before the show, the line up our day apparently was about 2-3 hours long for that as well.

...and yes, I was trying to avoid titling the post "Oh What A Night" because that would be just too easy.

Click here for pictures of John Lloyd Young, Christian Hoff and Daniel Reichard in my Broadway Marathon post.

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Broadway Marathon

A Chorus Line - Schoenfeld Theater, New York
Company - Barrymore Theater, New York
Spring Awakening - Eugene O'Neill Theater, New York

So I was a good brother and took my sister down to New York to do another Broadway marathon (why I've been slacking on the TV talk again). I wanted her to see some of the best shows that are currently playing (and actually I noticed, 4 of my top 6 shows EVER are currently playing in NY (Rent, Spring Awakening, A Chorus Line, Company) with the 5th show Ragtime set to return soon (It ranks 3rd overall actually in case you're wondering and the other one is Into the Woods).

Of course, it helped that my sister is still a student and we were able to take advantage of the student rush deals (basically because big bro is a big cheapo).

So, here are a few notes I made while re-watching some of my favorites.

At A Chorus Line (Schoenfeld Theater, NY), the replacement for Paul is just not as good as the original Jason Tam, who I still believes deserves a featured actor nomination. My fave Brad Andersen was off. Boo. Natalie Cortez is still the best of the show (and also deserves a Tony nomination), though Jessica Lee Goldyn's Val is still hilarious and Tony nom deserving too.

The dancers feel a little more tired than the last time but dancing THOSE AMAZING routines 8 times a week, I can understand that they would be tired. Still, the dances are still worth the trip, and I love the "Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen" sequences. LOVE IT!

At Company (Barrymore Theater, NY), Raul Esparza still brings down the house with his version of "Being Alive" (The new cast recording shows it all off and is AMAZING). The actors/musicians seem even more gelled this time around and I almost forgot they were also playing instruments and I could concentrate while sitting in the first row, and see how nuanced some of the performances were. Elizabeth Stanley's April was completely ON the entire show and she never let up at any point, and I've come around on her performance. Heather Laws is still the fastest "Getting Married Today" and superbly funny along with Robert Cunningham's Paul (who reminds me of Colby Donaldson from Survivor 2: Australian Outback (and now joining The Rachel Ray Show !?!)).

I am convinced now that this is the best version of Sondheim's classic Company that I may ever see and is not to be missed.

If there's one person that might deserve to steal Raul Esparza's best actor Tony award though, it should be Jonathan Groff in Spring Awakening (Eugene O'Neill Theater, New York). (Though I doubt he will only cause the voters will think Groff is too young to win at 22).

Upon second viewing, I realised how amazing Groff's performance is and how emotionally complex the role demands. John Galagher Jr. and Moritz may get the showy role (but also completely deserving a Tony nomination for Featured Actor), but Jonathan Groff needs to ground the entire show with his central character of Melchior while still leading us through the complexities of his blooming sexuality, and Groff does it with both confidence and stature while also being heartbreakingly real.

Now that I've had time to listen to the Cast Recording of Spring Awakening (ad naseum, it hasn't stopped on my CD player or my iPod), I felt I've had more time to digest the musical and loved it even more. I left the first time around, not sure what to think, but this time, I was definitely more emotionally involved with the show.

I mean, I loved the music the first time around, but now I truly love the entire show. The young cast is still brilliant (I think John Galagher Jr.'s singing has gotten even better actually) and I'm glad that the performance was sold out finally (it was at about 50% capacity when I saw it in Dec before the official opening). Oh yeah. and Rosie O'Donnell was sitting 9 seats away from me in the same row!

Again, it has become my other MUST SEE for Broadway. Particularly to those who are not prone to Broadway.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the week (I've got more of us with all the actors but since I'm trying to stay somewhat anonymous on this site (mainly in case I disparage someone I end up working with, I don't want work to know, hehe) I'm going to keep it off, but if you really are interested, email me and I might link you to them) :

Here's Jersey Boys' Tony Award winner John Lloyd Young (I'll review it in another posting)

Jersey Boys' underated Daniel Reichard.

Tony Award winner Christian Hoff from Jersey Boys

Bill Nighy from The Vertical Hour, which we didn't see but spotted as we left A Chorus Line from across the street. (It's funny. I work in the biz, see stars all the time and generally ignore them, yet throw me in NY and I'm like a 14 year old schoolgirl chasing every celebrity (minor or not) around.)

Julianne Moore from The Vertical Hour.

Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening.

Jersey Boys signed Playbills.

Spring Awakening signed CD and Playbill.

Company Playbill and signed CD.

Here are my original reviews:
Spring Awakening

A Chorus Line
A Chorus Line San Francisco tryouts
Jersey Boys

Spring Awakening Clips

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring Awakening Video Clips

In case you missed it, here is the cast of Spring Awakening on The View and Late Show with Letterman from this past week, and below is the original long clip and video for "The Bitch of Living" that I linked to previously but there's always room to show it again!

From The View:

From Letterman:

The long promotional clip:

The original video for "The Bitch of Living":

And Link Here for the LONG LONG clip.

UPDATE: Here's the 61st Annual Tony Awards Video Clip of Spring Awakening (and others).

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Friday, February 23, 2007

The OC - The End

The End's Not Near, It's Here

The Finale.

It's really over. It's Really Really The End for The OC.

I don't know what to say, cause I'm actually saddened by this. Though I guess I'm okay with the wrap up they did at the end (though the roundabout way with Bullet and Frank and Julie seemed a little filler to me). Still, I was glad they came all around back to Ryan as the central focus and that he succeeded as an architect like they had hinted back in season 2. Except for the fact that I'm working on something similar and would LOVE to see someone like Ben McKenzie in the title role...

Still, while sappy, I enjoyed seeing Seth and Summer part ways as they should of, but still see them get married as they flashed forward 6 years. They got to have their (wedding) cake and eat it too. Splitting up and being somewhat realistic about the situation and still getting the Hollywood happening ending we all secretly want (I mean, we DO watch The OC, what are we expecting? Pulitzer Prize winning depth?)

Plus Julie getting her degree, Bullet still being apart of their life, Frank too... ah, it all works out perfectly doesn't it? But I'll forgive them for it. It is the finale and we deserved it don't we.

Now, when does the spinoff The Berkeley start with The Cohens and Ryan?

Anyways, I really do hope I see the actors in a new project. Melinda Clarke is already signed onto a new pilot (The Man I believe). As I've said before, the other actors all deserve to too.

I wish I could go rewatch the first season again now, except for the fact that that bitch Mischa Barton essentially took off with my copy of my Season 1 DVD's. Seriously, they don't pay her enough already that she had to take MY copy? And you wonder why I hate her (and seems like most other fans of The OC did too, and again, if this excellent 4th season just proved, The OC WAS in fact better without her in quality, just not in free tabloid publicity).

Alas, The OC started with a bang, and ended in a nice sentimental mush (but totally deserved), with a strong first 3/4 season and a great 4th season (but we will try to forget Oliver and Pool Boy and Lesbian affair and Kirsten drunk and Sandy's philandering affair) and remember Seth's nerdy appeal that Summer fell in love with, The Music, the parties that always ended in Ryan punching someone out, Julie Cooper Nichol Cooper Roberts Bullet and Sandy and Kirsten Cohen (during the good years) as the parents we most loved (now passed onto The Taylors on Friday Night Lights, seriously people. Start watching. TRUST ME).

So so long The OC, you made Mischa Barton a fixture in the tabs, you spawned Laguna Beach and all the hell its wrought, but you also made the cool emo soundtrack come back to TV and made nerd (well, TV nerd at least) cool again and gave Peter Gallagher a good job for a while. You brought us Autumn Reeser, Ben McKenzie, Willa Holland, Rachel Bilson and made Adam Brody, Melinda Clarke and Kelly Rowan more (deservedly) famous.

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Grey's Spinoff?

There's going to be a Grey's Anatomy spinoff with Addison's Kate Walsh getting her own series? Starring opposite Taye Diggs? I go do a Broadway Marathon for a few days and miss all this? What's going on? Why can't they leave good alone?

Anyways, will play catch up this weekend from all the TV I missed while I was celebrity stalking (pictures to come).

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring Awakening on Letterman and The View

Catch the cast of Spring Awakening on Late Show with Dave Letterman tonight (Wed, Feb 21st)!

Apparently they are on The View tomorrow (Thurs. Feb 22nd).


UPDATE: Here are the clips.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

The OC - Shaky Ground

The Night Moves

I'm not sure I liked the new camera work on the second to last new episode of The OC. The Cohens, The Coopers, Taylor and Summer all deal with the earthquake that shakes The OC to the core. Both the city within the show and the show.

Ryan is cut and asks Seth for help, without telling Taylor or Summer. Summer and Taylor try to survive but end up shooting a flare into Taylor's mom. Kirsten is hurt and Sandy rushes her to the hospital, but alas, the new baby girl is well. Julie and Kaitlin are trapped in an ice cream shop, where another nerdy boy reveals his love for Kaitlin (funny but at this point in the show, is it necessary anymore to bring in another random guy love crush only to disappear forever?), and Frank comes to the rescue.

We leave with The OC shaken to the core and the Cohens discover their house is damaged and destroyed, but the relationships are solid between our favorite OC'ers. Only one final episode left as we bid farewell...

I don't want to talk about it...

Meanwhile, casting agents, I hope you've called this cast and set them up with new gigs. ABC casting agents, you've done such a great job already (see Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, Lost), why not continue your excellent work and grabbing Autumn Reeser or Ben McKenzie while you still can?

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Ugly Betty - Travels with Charlie


Jayma Mays, our favorite murdered Hiro-crush on Heroes is on Ugly Betty but then we find out SHE is Charlie? As in Charlie, the girlfriend who came back for Henry. The Henry we have been so wanting to get on with Betty? Charlie who automatically bonded with Betty as soon as they met? Betty then loses Charlie on the NY Subway system, partly on purpose.


Plus, Lucy Liu finally on a show that seems perfectly suited for her snappy sarcastic sass. I didn't think Rebecca Romign would fit in but I like her rapport with Eric Mabius' Daniel Meade. Plus Rebecca's real life love Jerry O'Connell (is he still on that crappy Crossing Jordan?) shows up as a jerk who hits on Alexis only because of a bet! Seriously, are all the casting agents on ABC shows simply the best?

Love anytime Ashley Jensen's Christina gets a better storyline, who gets a call to make Sarah Jessica Parker's Oscars gown and gets some help from Marc. If you can call it help. Wilhelmina tries to be Alexis' friend to gain back her scheming position. Justin and his parents go to see Hairspray but get stuck on the subway. Luckily for us (but not his father), Justin starts performing the show, and we learn he can sing for real but gets called a name and is defended by dad! Things with Henry and Betty spill out as the triangle splits from Betty, Henry and Walter to Betty, Henry and Charlie.

Lucy Liu is The Chin, someone Daniel ditched years ago, who comes back for revenge (and supposedly to help Daniel's father from jail), but of course, since Lucy Liu is beautiful, ends up making out with Daniel.

Again, the Alexis storyline is somehow treated quite humanly especially considering the campiness of the show, and the fact that transgendered people are generally never treated... well... realistically.

Meanwhile, Daniel's mom's confession of Fay's killing seems to be a lie. A way for her to save her fracturing family. And the mystery continues but I love Judith Light enough (Angela Bower!) that I'm okay with that whole continuing storyline.

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Brothers & Sisters - EverAlias

Love is Difficult

Okay. Can the casting get ANY BETTER?

Alias' Fake-Sloan and Sloan (Ron Rifkin) back on the same show! Joel Grey (Cabaret) guest stars as the therapist Joe and Sarah seek for help in their rocky marriage.

Tom Skerritt is back as William Walker in flashbacks that explains Thomas' bitterness towards Sarah running the show at Ojai. Thomas decides to go into business with Holly. All which kinda bores the rest of the wonderful mood the show has set itself with (Justin and Kitty calling each other "stupid", the family dinners), however, this time, it is all forgiven, because it was all to introduce us, and Thomas by accident, to Rebecca, the half-sister, and daughter of Holly.

Rebecca, is of course played by Emily Vancamp, who us fans have been gunning for the role since the role was introduced. Except, as excited as I was about her casting, I didn't realise it was a PERMANENT CAST MEMBER. WOOHOO!!! Now I REALLY REALLY REALLY AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS SHOW!!! This brings Emily back together with her Everwood creator Greg Berlanti.

Alias cast reunions (Guest Joel Grey, Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig, Balthazar Getty), Everwood reunions (Producer Greg Berlanti, Emily Vancamp, re-occurring character Treat Williams). It's like a great theatre troupe that added on some major star wattage to their show (Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe).

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The Amazing Race: All Stars - I Can't Believe We're Doing This Again!

I Told You Less Martinis and More Cardio

All Stars!

I used to say the only problem with the race was that the race was only most fun when we really got to know the teams, but by then, it was usually already halfway through the race when we were down to about 6 teams left.

So now with All Stars, we already know who we love (Cha Cha Cha Danny and Oswald, The Bumpkins David and Mary, John Vito and Jill, Uchenna and Joyce), those we mostly like (Charla and Mirna, Kevin and Drew), teams we waver with (Eric and Danielle, Dustin and Kandice), teams we hate (Teri and Ian), and teams we love to hate (Team Guido Bill and Joe, Romber)!

On the flipside, since we know them well, it's already sad to see John Vito and Jill be the last to reach Phil in Equador, but damn, you gotta give Romber props again for being first, AGAIN.

Meanwhile, thank goodness I just left Whistler today since Whistler, prepare yourself for Rob and Amber with their winning gift visit...

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Seriously?

Drowning on Dry Land

Oh. My. God.

Are they actually going to kill the title character off?

Denny Duquette, Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler, moving over from the excellent Friday Night Lights for a night) and now Meredith Grey?

Of course, at this point, if they save her, it'll be lame, but if she dies, what next? She does voice overs like Mary Alice Young? That will be quite brave of the writers if they kill her for real. I'd be interested in the reprecussions among the rest of the gang, but can you really have a longer running show without the Grey in Grey's Anatomy?

Granted, shows like Dawson's Creek should have killed off the main character by the third season since Dawson was the lamest part of the series, still, Meredith wasn't THAT bad...

Oh. My. God...

I'd discuss more of the ep but I'm in shock, plus I need to wake up early to go skiing in Whistler tomorrow so I'll be back after the weekend.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lost - Final Destination

Flashes Before Your Eyes

Desmond's premonitions saves Claire as she is about to drown. Charlie and Hugo try to liquor Desmond up to get the answer. Desmond remembers back to the hatch and using the key.
Desmond wakes up back in London, back with Penny (the girl that got the call from the arctic/plane in the finale last season), except that he knows whats going to happen, and he knows about what happens on the island. Is this a flashback? A memory? Currently happening? Let's do the time warp people!

Desmond seeks out Penny's dad (Alan Dale, playing yet another rich white guy (Meade on Ugly Betty, Caleb Nichols on The OC) for permission to marry her, but he says he isn't good enough for her. He seeks a ring anyways but the saleslady (the always tender/freaky Fionnula Flanagan, who to be noted, was in The Others) knows his whole story, knows about the island, and knows that he saves the world by turning the key, and knows that he won't marry Penny because his job in life was to end up on the island to turn the key to save the world. Except she also mentions that people that are going to die, will die because that's the plan (maybe the movie Final Destination was right?!)


Only to be topped back on the island that reveals that Desmond saved Claire from the lightning, from the drowning because he actually saw visions of Charlie dying from trying to save Claire. And he realises that no matter what he does, Charlie is going to die.


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American Idol - Are the Auditions Over Yet?

Good gawd, is the pain over yet?

They finally get down to the top 24 tonight and the tedious auditions are over (Very funny in the first season, not so much now years later). Was it me or is this top 24 group even better looking than previous years. Last year we had what? Will Makar and Chris Daughtry? Kellie Pickler and Katherine McPhee? (Though I think I said the same thing last year compared to the year before). This year there are some lookers, but from what I can tell, have voices I didn't cringe to (yet). In fact, I liked almost all their picks. About the only one I didn't like so far that I took notice was that Sundance dude. I know. He's big, he's got a sunny personality, but so far I didn't like his singing. I still can't tell most of the girls apart either but I liked most of the voices I heard so far tonight. Though only time and a live edition will tell.

So whether we like it or not, the American Idol channel starts in full force next week.

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Friday Night Lights - This Is Now The Show I Love The Most

Black Eyes and Broken Hearts

Okay, Seriously, Holy Football Folks. Intense. Now, if you know me, I'm completely against violence of any kind but damn was I glad that Tim Riggins threw that punch on the rival team player who kept harassing Smash during the game.

Coach Taylor must deal with Mac McGill's racist comment and turns to Tami for some advice, and gets three similar answers from three Tami's. Tami the guidance counsellor, Tami the wife, and Tami the friend. The three Tami's are fricken AWESOME.

The Taylors also must deal with Julie's new friendship with Tyra, while Landry tries to help Matt Saracen out to win Julie back. Eric proves a bit of a bumbling father as Tami stands for none of Julie's antics and watching the Taylors is hilarious if only for reminding me of my teenage days. Oh, and somewhere in between, Landry and Saracen follow Tyra and Julie into the strip club where Tyra's sister works, but they get caught by undercover cops and they all land in jail. Ha!

Smash continues to deal with his decision to walk out on the football team, but his AMAZING mother Corrina (a heartbreakingly honest and terrific Liz Mikel, who would have thought a high school football show would have two of the strongest female characters in all of television?) gives him a good verbal smacking showing him the best way to fight Mac McGill and his kind is to show him what he can really do.

Smash and the other black players show up for Friday nights away game, but on the field, Smash is zeroed in by the rivals and is tackled, harassed, and generally unfairly provoked, much to the ignorance of the refs. I was fuming but Smash kept his cool, but Tim Riggins finally didn't and defended his teammate (but personal rival). Go Tim!

The team is stopped on their way back to Dillon by the cops, who want to charge Smash with assault, but Mac McGill, who in the end, was not fired by Coach Taylor, proves Panthers worthy as he protects Smash from the cops.

Meanwhile, Saracen wins Julie back by giving her jewelry with her birthstone and securing her officially as his girlfriend. Awwwww... how high school. I love it!

Next week, Julie wants to have sex and Matt Saracen nods profusely. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

More After the Jump...


So, I realised I made it one year with this damn blog on Friday (and totally missed it). It started as my co-workers idea and I was reluctant. Of course, look now, she bailed long time ago and here I am still. How did that happen?

Meanwhile, we finished another show (a long and boring one that was the reason we started this thing in the first place. Man, seriously, the script was so bad I still can't believe the actors in it (famous Oscar nominee, famous Oscar nominee, foreign pin-up girl) signed up for it in the first place) and I jumped onto an existing TV cult fave (I wonder who has figured it out other than Duckyxdale Dan?) and survived a season (my first TV show). Now, I relax and head to vacation while the (overpaid) damn actors go on strike in Canada, and I contemplate whether to go back to the TV show for another season (most probably, it was fun, non-stressful and steady work) or try to jump back into movieworld (slightly more exciting, though sadly, worse scripts), all the while, as I watch way too much TV! Hey, it's research (or so I like to delude myself into thinking).

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Feel the Love, It's Valentine's Day... okay, I'm going to throw up now...

Brothers & Sisters - Valentine's Day Massacre

Jack McCalister plans to run for president. But to the REALLY important news. Kitty and Jack sleep together. Justin sleeps with his ex. Kevin sleeps with ex Scotty, and Nora gets half baked and arrested, prompting Sarah to send out the Batcall to everyone announcing the gossip. Is it me or is this show getting funnier by the week? Though what's with both Kevin and Scotty's haircuts? Meanwhile, Justin is adorable as babysitter and dragging along his niece and nephew around searching for his ex. Loved the opening phone calls between all the brothers and sisters (much like the pilot opening).

How I Met Your Mother - Lucky Penny

Where was this show going? In the longest roundabout way, Ted misses his flight to Chicago for an interview, later explaining how he thus stayed in New York to meet the "mother", but it was all caused by him being arrested while trying to save Barney who was stuck on the subway, who needed to be saved after running the marathon for Marshall, who missed the Marathon because of a broken toe after Robin caught him rubbing his nipples, who walked into the airport midday because Lily dragged Robin to a wedding dress sale, who went because Robin saw the wedding dress sale because Ted had dragged her to that part of town, and all because Ted found an old penny. I'm not sure it made sense on the show either but seeing Marshall rub his nipples or Barney going limp (not what you expect) was worth it all!

Heroes - Chapter 15: Run!

HRG catches Claire's lie and Claire runs off again to see her real mother, and catches a glimpse of her real father, Nathan Petrelli.

Ando wants to help Missi Pyle but Hiro finds out she's actually a bad girl.

Matt Parkman is now a rent-a-fake-cop and drives Kevin Chamberlain to an exchange but is followed by Jessica who needs to kill him. Matt hears Jessica speak with alter ego Niki and thinks there are two of them. He also steals the diamonds that the police can't find when his client is killed.

Mohinder finally gets a call back from one of the Heroes he is seeking but Sylar beats him to the punch and pretends to be him when Mohinder finally visits. Sylar offers to help Mohinder track down the others. CREEPY...

Nothing truly shocking or surprising but an all-round enjoyable episode.

Veronica Mars - Postgame Mortem

Logan gets stuck with Dick's Dates' little sister but the duo team prove hilarious as she tries to solve the case of the Logan blues. Big points for calling in the radio station and making a dedication on behalf of Logan to Veronica and using a Nick Lachey song!

Meanwhile, the case of the missing Wallace is solved as he is playing basketball, until the coach is found dead and the coach's son is the suspect (according to Sherrif Lamb at least). Veronica is out to prove otherwise but gets arrested for helping the son escape prison.

Keith is off the paying case as he suspects Mindy with Dean O'Dell's death.

Gilmore Girls - Farewell, My Pet

Well, there's no love here between Lorelai and Chris. Lorelai confesses that Chris is the man she knows she's supposed to love... but doesn't. I kinda liked this revelation that we all knew existed and was coming. Makes sense, possibly the first thing to happen since April's appearance.

Meanwhile, Rory crushes on Richard's lecturer replacement and TA Tucker Culbertson (Cameron Bender).

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

TV SO GOOD! Why Am I Going Away on Vacation Again?

Not on vacation yet (That's March) but been away and going away a lot for work and wedding's so still needing to heed my own advice and tape everything from the week. Here's the rundown of this week's catch-up! Love it all!

Friday Night Lights - Blinders

The Assistant Coach blurts out a racist comment and things slowly brew to a boil in Dillon. Tami tries to fix things unsuccesfully while Julie and Tyra continue to be partners in crime, and are served a detention by being forced onto the girls football game led by team leaders Saracen and Riggins.
At this point, the show is practically perfection. It hasn't had a bad episode yet and each one gets deeper and deeper, more profound, and deeply moving yet extremely funny.

Lost - Not in Portand

So Juliet is sort of trapped on the island too? That explains a lot. And yet nothing either, but what a fantastic episode. To all those that got lost on Lost, it's too bad for you dude.

My Name is Earl - Blow

What a sweet way to explain Jamie Prestley's real life pregnancy by having her impregnated with her half-sisters baby. Plus DJ Squalls as her brother-in-law!

The Office - Phyllis' Wedding

I think I need to start doing what Creed does after all the weddings I've had to go to.

Ugly Betty - Brothers

Okay, I love the Alexis thing now. Leave it to Ugly Betty to explain a transexual characteer into the mix and seem perfectly wholesome, normal and hilarious. Plus more Justin and Marc. The LGBT groups are going to be lauding this show like crazy aren't they? Deservedly so too. Emmy should be listening up (and also listening to Friday Night Lights)

The OC - The Shake Up

Taylor tries to get Ryan to save "I Love You" to her. Leave it to Taylor to make that whole scheme hilarious. Love that this show is getting back to its roots as a comedy disguised as a soap. Too bad there's only 2 more eps left.

Grey's Anatomy - Walk on Water

Finally an ep that breezed right by (in a good way) leaving us wanting more. Finally Meredith is whiny and pathetic but understandably so. This is how she's supposed to have been the entire series.

Men In Trees - Nice Girls Finish First

Orlando Jones shows up as George, Buzz's long-lost gay son and things go well until Buzz learns of the gay fact. Patrick and Annie set up George with Mario Cantone's gay hairdresser. Jane and Plow Guy Sam make sweet, but then things don't go so well. Love that this show takes the sweet regular route at first and then puts a realistic twist on the whole preceding.

Scrubs - My Road To Nowhere
Road Trip! GASP... JD doesn't know she's lying about the miscarriage!!!

30 Rock - Up all Night

Who is new lawyer dude for Liz Lemon? I likey...

Bones - The Girl in the Gator

First Stephen Fry and then they also have Eddie McClintock? and was that Ted of Bill and Ted's (Alex Winter)? AND French Stewart? Plus I've always liked Eric Jungmann from the underated remake of Night Stalker. Give the casting agent a raise!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lost Returns

Lost finally returns this Wed. Feb. 7th with a one hour recap (at 7pm in Canada on CTV, 9pm on ABC) and then a new episode (8pm on CTV, 10pm on ABC) that Entertainment Weekly claims is actually really good. Then it is nonstop until May. WOOHOO!

Plus now that Friday Night Lights is also on Wed, (in addition to Bones), Wednesdays is looking pretty good again.

Just of course as I must take off and leave the country for a few days (for a few times for work or weddings, and then I'm on vacation for March... aya... what am I going to do with my TV? I'm going to go through withdrawal syndrome or something), so alas, my blog might be a little more sporadic again.

More After the Jump...

Gilmore Girls - Is It Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia

Richard is in the hospital from the heart attack.

Logan pulls through. Luke pulls through. Christopher does NOT pull through and is MIA.

You can start smiling again people...

Love Emily's breakdown and hope/understanding for Lorelai's marriage despite the problems.

More After the Jump...

Veronica Mars - Anger Management

There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill

So Dick and Tim's girl Bonnie, also the TV Preachers daughter, got pregnant but someone drugged her which aborted the baby. Veronica tracks the drugs down to one women's clinic, which has a spy on the outside sending anonymous pro-life literature and blackmail photos to the girls using the facility. Veronica finally thinks shes figured it out, blaming it on Tim based on the bookmark included in the anonymous packages, but alas, it was the lifelong friend and roomate who was originally out to protect Bonnie.

Veronica has major anger issues knowing about Madison and Logan, which Veronica reveals to Dick who also seems concerned. Except the preacher's forgiveness speech softens Veronica.

Okay. So I'm getting tired of tortured Logan (though this week I could totally buy it only cause I'm feeling in a similar mood, though with even less rosy prospects) again and think that what the show really needs for a while (other than a return of Mac and Wallace, seriously? The next big case should be their disappearance on the show. I think Mac has been on less now that Tina Majorino is a main caster than previous seasons) is Logan and Veronica to be securely together with Logan helping out on the cases. Or is that too Scooby gang again? More Weasel is always good too.

Oh yeah, and Richard Greico was back stealing from Mindy O'Dell since her payments stopped since the Dean's death.

Was that our favorite Scrubs morgue intern as Edward, the guy running the Pro-life literature printing press?

More After the Jump...

Heroes - Daddy Issues

Chapter 14: Distractions

Okay, was that it with the Sulu as Hiro's father? All that build up just for that? I don't like how Hiro was all this time the heir to a huge corporation when we believed he was really just another office drone. The office drone come Hero seems like a much bigger and grander gesture.

I was suprised by Claire's true daddy though, Nathan Petrelli. For a second I thought HRG was Claire's actual father. Nice plot twist as I didn't see that one coming! So Peter would be her uncle then huh?

Niki is let out, but thus so is Jessica. Claude continues to show Peter the ropes, and Peter learns somewhat how to harness his powers when he's thrown off a building and lands on a taxi (ew. gross). Sylar finds the Bennett's household and almost kills the mom before HRG busts in to save the day.

More After the Jump...

How I Met Your Mother - Or The Only Time I Cared About The SuperBowl

The gang must attend the funeral for Mark (yeah, they didn't know who exactly it was either), so they miss the SuperBowl. They try to avoid hearing the outcome of the game, so they can watch it the following evening together, but of course that becomes difficult for the gang.

Ted decides to work from home but must venture outside to pick up the food. Barney locks himself in Ted's apartment to avoid speaking to the bookie but escapes and encounters Emmett Smith. Marshall goes to school with Lily but is blackmailed by a 5 year old, and Robin, who reads the news for a living, almost loses her job as she avoids hearing the outcome.

What a brilliant way to do a SuperBowl episode while never having to actually fill in the names of the teams or the outcome! And CBS decided to put Criminal Minds and not How I Met Your Mother in the post SuperBowl timeslot because??? You know, because the first thing that comes to mind after a night of football and wings is forensic FBI's and pyscho killers...

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

NBC Thursday Lineup Rocks!

My Name Is Earl - Foreign Exchange Student

Earl made fun of a French Exchange Student (who didn't? oh wait, I was once the FES granted I was in frenchland. Is a tossed baguette to the head a bad thing?) and must bring Pierre back and make him love America again to cross him off the list. Crabman shows an adept understanding of the government inner workings, while Randy keeps promising to pronounce is true love to his "green card" wife Catalina. When Pierre shows signs of interest for Catalina, Randy becomes jealous and blurts out his love, but Catalina's affections aren't exactly the same (though she hides it from Randy). Joy instructs her to make bad love to Randy, so with some help of cheese, fish, and armpit hair, Catalina sets off to make stinky love to Randy. Only thing is, Randy leaves disgusted (as the plan called for) but Catalina discovers what a wonderful lover Randy is and is left literally crying for Randy on the bed.

You know they use this love-switcheroo but it never gets old! Especially now that doofus Randy is the object of someone's affection.

The Office - Ben Franklin

Michael throws a Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Phylis' upcoming wedding at the office. Start the cringing now.

Jim hires a Ben Franklin impersonator from Scholastics, instead of a male stripper, for the girls, while Dwight is in charge of the female stripper, who ends up dancing for Michael, but who stops the whole show when twinges of girlfriend guilt hit him.

Karen and Pam sort out their friendship and everything over Jim (at least in the polite way they would, without actually letting anything truthful come out).

Scrubs - His Story IV

JD passes the narration to Dr. Kelso who finds a kinship towards a patient who fought in the Iraq war, Private Brian Dancer (Michael Weston). This leads to everyone debating about Iraq and reveals that Elliot is in fact... GASP... a Republican. A Republican who likes making love in the closet to the hottie intern (I won't even go there...).

30 Rock - Black Tie

Jack asks Liz to a black tie affair (for some inbred royalty Gerhardt Hapsberg from Austria creepily played to perfection by Paul Reuben) and the questions arise to whether its a date or not, especially when Jack's ex-wife Bianca (Isabella Rosselini) is there and gets jealous of Liz.

Back at the office, all I need to know is that Jack McBrayers' Kenneth the PA is up to something and that is reason alone to crack up. Tracy shows Pete how to sweeten his marriage by bringing in some of his posse playing Devils advocate while Kenneth calls to his good side.

30 Rock by the way, from the previous new episode, cemented itself as must see TV for me now and Tina Fey has truly gotten better in her role. Plus, they've given Jenna (the much undeservedly maligned Jane Krakowski) some better lines and funnier stories to work with and I'm kinda glad the Rachel Dratch cameos are laying lower and lower as time goes on, just as the series gets better and better... hmm... coincidence?

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ABC Thursday Lineup Rocks!

Ugly Betty - I'm Coming Out

I don't even know where to begin. Tim Gunn (and Katherine McPhee) making a cameo. Henry the accountant returning and being as cute as ever with the flirtations for Betty. Hilda coming to work as an assistant for Mode during Fashion Week. Justin tagging along and becoming Wilhelmina's help after a botched facial (using male ducks... ahem). Marc and Amanda plotting to steal the "must have" item to sell to a knockoff company (and securing their bid as the new Jack and Karen or Boris and Natascha). Alexis revealing herself to a shocked Daniel (as well as the world in the final moments of the fashion show). Christina selling her soul for her runway lineup. Iganacio running from his government assigned case worker. Hilda and Daniel, both with the sister blues, drunkenly making out together. It was all too much and too hilarious! Plus it was all balanced giving every newly loved character on this show equal hilarity time! I love the pairings, from the obvious (Marc and Amanda, Henry and Betty) to the not (Wilhelmina and Justin, or Wilhelmina and Christina, or Hilda and Daniel) that they are pulling together in ways that don't seem like a complete stretch. Bravo Ugly Betty for a fiercely funny fashion week episode!

Grey's Anatomy - Wishin' and Hopin'

George and Callie actually got married! Shock! A girl whose blood is toxic makes George (amongst others) sick and George thinks its the new marriage that is toxic. The others are still shocked, but only Meredith lends full support to George, and Addison to Callie. Surgeons keep dropping like flies as they try to fix toxic woman, while Meredith must deal with mom Ellen Grey coming back to full conciousness where we see the really brutally judgemental doctor that she was, and her mistakes made with the relationship with Richard. Addison lusts after Alex but ends up back in bed with Sloan, and Christina finally says yes to Burke. Izzie and Bailey open the free clinic. Finally, George stands up for Callie against his friends who still seem to snicker at the relationship.

Plus, is it me or does Meredith look much softer (and prettier) in that purple sweater and not as gaunt and anorexic?

Men in Trees - Take It Like A Man

Since I'm usually very pro-adoption and don't understand why being a parent to the world's children isn't as good as being a parent to your own biological kids (I'm secretly a hippie underneath my yuppie exterior), I was still actually a little watery after Patrick revealed that his swimmers don't really swim fast enough and that him and Annie probably won't be able to have children (especially coming after Annie's funny "ginger" comment). Marin becomes one of the boys and has a no-strings-attached affair with her publisher (Jason O'Mara), while Lynn questions Jack's full commitment to her baby. Jane and Plow Guy Sam trade secrets and skills, leaving Jane on a boat nowhere (literally), and Patrick brings Buzz's son (Orlando Jones) to Elmo. I can't wait to see what happens next with that.

Three great shows all on one night. Who knew ABC could pull off having the best of the Thursday night lineup just a year ago? Though I have to say surprisingly, I think I actually liked the Ugly Betty and Men In Trees episodes more than I did Grey's Anatomy even though it had the nice shock of George and Callie's marriage and the intensity of the toxic woman (which seemed better built up than it was resolved. Somehow it seemed too easy by the end).

Meanwhile, I think Men In Trees and Ugly Betty have both grown into a great rhythm and continually adding to its own strengths. Plus both are quite laugh-out-loud funny in their own ways and suprinsingly for Men In Trees, we aren't laughing at it like people thought we would before the season started.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The OC - Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

The Case of the Franks

Or the (far funnier than one would expect) Valentine's Day episode where Ryan wants to skip the date to ease the pressure on him and Taylor. Taylor finds an address and follows it to Frank Atwood. She sets up a dinner date for them all and bump into Julie and Bullit and realise Frank's love for Julie Cooper. Taylor being Taylor decides to meddle and try to get them together. All the while, Kirsten looks through old photos of her and Jimmy Cooper, flashing back to old days when all were young in the OC.

We get the hilarious tale of Lil'Seth's first love for Lil'Summer, only they find out it was all a sham since Lil'Summer stole the poem that Seth still has to this day, from Lil'Taylor Townsend.

Back in non-flashback mode, Kaitlin catches wind of Taylor (and Ryan's) plot to get Julie away from Bullit and back together with Frank, so as Kaitlin declares "It's War Bitch". Taylor's description of future Julie with future really-old Bullit and her wife duties was one for the record. The battle has begun as Kaitlin trains Bullit to up his game, while Taylor steals Julie disguised as the chauffeur driver.

After Summer is told her future is with a certain George, and worrying if Seth was meant to be for her after all, she lands a job with an environmental blog called G.E.O.R.G.E. who heard about Summer. Alas, she decides to take the job taking her away from Seth for another year, but leave the relationship still full of hope but without being tied down.

Kaitlin steals Julie back from the impromptu date with Frank, but on their way to Bullit's jet plane, we see Julie's real feelings shine through and she goes back to Frank while a saddened Kaitlin tells Bullit the bad news. Which is too bad because the Kaitlin, Julie, Bullit pseudo family was kind of cute despite the fact that Julie was doing it partially for money. Couldn't she see Bullit treating Kaitlin so well and fall for him? ARGH...

At least we still have Ryan and Taylor to fawn over. At least for another 3 more weeks...

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So You Think You Can Dance - Song List

UPDATE: Check here for the latest Postings of So You Think You Can Dance including song lists from the 2007 and 2008 episodes.

I know, it's LONG over and I need to get over it, but I was watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance again yesterday at the gym where it reruns in Canada on MuchMusic and remembered how much I loved it. Meanwhile, I've also noticed a lot of people seem to be searching for the list of the awesome songs they used, and since my sister compiled this list (while she's at university... obviously studying huh?), I thought I would publish it (though I'm not sure if its complete):

It's not in the greatest format but basically it's listed this way (though sometime the style of Dance is missing):
Dancer(s) - Dance - Artist - Song Title
Highlights are my faves that I remember (I'll link the clips later but they are somewhere on my site for some of them).

Episode 207

Benji & Donyelle - Hip Hop - Soundmaster T - 2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)
Ivan & Allison - Samba - La Palabra - El Temblor
Jason & Aleksandra - Contemporary - Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
Jaymz & Jessica - Disco - The Trammps - Disco Inferno
Stanislav & Erin - Paso Doble - Manhattan Pops Orchestra - Malaguena
Dmitry & Joy - Hip Hop - Twista ft. Pitbull - Hit The Floor
Ryan & Heidi - Viennese Waltz - Enya - Caribbean Blue
Ben & Ashlee - 80s Disco - Irene Cara - Flashdance (What A Feeling)
Travis & Martha - Broadway - The Pointer Sisters - Steam Heat
Musa & Natalie - Mambo - Joe Cuba Sextet - Nina

Episode 208

Top 20 - Daft Punk - Technologic
Erin - Daniel Bedinfield - Gotta Get Thru This
Stanislav - Tito Puente - Shing-A-Tin Tin
Allison - Natasha Bedingfield - Wild Horses
Ivan - Black Rob - Ready
Jessica - Elisa - Dancing
Jaymz - The Used - All That I've Got

Episode 209

Sick Step - Break - Jamiroquai - Canned Heat
Travis & Martha - Krump - Ja Rule - Clap Back
Jaymz & Jessica - Foxtrot - Sinead O'Conner - Why Don't You Do Right?
Ivan & Allison - Hip Hop - Busta Rhymes - Touch It
Dmitry & Joy - Samba - Sergio Medes ft. Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada
Musa & Natalie - Contemporary - Goapele - Closer
Ryan & Heidi - Pop - Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away
Ben & Ashlee - American Jive - Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire
Jason & Aleksandra - Hip Hop (Old School) - Big Daddy Kane - Wrath Of Kane
Benji & Donyelle - ChaCha - Los Amigos Invisibles - Cuchi Cuchi

Episode 210

Top 18 - James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing
Joy - Keri Noble - Look At Me
Dmitry - James Horner - Plaza Of Execution
Heidi - The Blackout All-Stars or Tito Nieves - I Like It (Radio Mix)
Ryan - Chris Brown - Ain't No Way
Aleksandra - Sia - Breathe Me
Jason - Shanice - So Sexy

Episode 211

Ben & Ashlee - Hip Hop - Usher - Caught Up
Ryan & Heidi - Cuban Rumba - Angelo Rodriguez - Rumba Del Solar
Dmitry & Aleksandra - Waltz - Kenny Rogers - If I Were A Painting
Ivan & Allison - Argentine Tango - Bond - Libertango
Benji & Donyelle - Pop Jazz - Dannii Minogue - Put The Needle On It
Musa & Natalie - Quick Step - Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot
Jaymz & Jessica - Contemporary - Frou Frou - Let Go
Travis & Martha - Hop Hop (RnB) - Chris Brown - Just Fine

Episode 212

Top 16 - Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
Ashlee - Carl Carlton - She's A Bad Mama Jama
Ben - Lifehouse - Everything
Jessica - Michael Buble - Fever
Jaymz - Yellowcard - Only One
Aleksandra - Mandalay - Insensible
Dmitry - Sergio Mendes - Magalenha

Episode 213

Ryan & Heidi - Hip Hop - Afrorican - Give It All You Got
Travis & Martha - Salsa - Machito & His Afro-Cubans - Tanga
Dmitry & Ashlee - Contemporary - Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
Musa & Natalie - Disco - Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
Benji & Donyelle - Viennese Waltz - Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
Ivan & Allison - West Coast Swing - Pat Benatar - Don't Happen No More
Jaymz & Jessica - Hip Hop - Zapp - I Can Make You Dance

Episode 214

Top 14 - Kenny Loggins - Footloose
Jessica - Queen - Body Language
Jaymz - James Horner - Plaza Of Execution
Heidi - Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary
Ryan - Musiq Soulchild - Love
Allison - Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Bitter
Ivan - Mario - Let Me Love You

Episode 215

Musa & Natalie - Hip Hop - Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Promiscuous
Ryan & Heidi - ChaCha - Tom Jones - Sex Bomb
Ivan & Allison - Contemporary - Annie Lennox - Why
Dmitry & Ashlee - Pop - Rihanna - Let Me
Travis & Martha - Foxtrot - Steve Tyrell - Witchcraft
Benji & Donyelle - Broadway - Hairspray OBC - You Can't Stop The Beat

Episode 216

Top 12 - Disco - Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive
Ashlee - Lil Rob - We Don't Play
Dmitry - Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock
Martha - Jodie Manross - Still
Travis - Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
Natalie - Rachel Stevens - Some Girls
Musa - The Trammps - Disco Inferno

Episode 217

Ivan & Martha - Hip Hop - Cassie - Me & U
Donyelle - Bun B ft. Ying Yang Twins - Git It
Dmitry - Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
Travis & Heidi - Paso Doble - Mask Of Zorro OST - Plaza Of Execution
Ryan & Allison - Contemporary - Klement Bonelli - Ethna
Martha - Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For?
Ivan & Martha - Donnell Jones - This Luv
Dmitry & Donyelle - Lindy Hop - The Swing Kids - Sing Sing Sing
Benji & Natalie - Jazz - India.Arie - Wonderful
Heidi - Black Eyed Peas - Dum Diddly
Ivan & Martha - Smooth Waltz - Dolly Parton - Sandy's Song
Travis - Gavin DeGraw - Belief (Stripped Version)
Ryan & Allison - Broadway - Liza Minnelli - Bye Bye Blackbird
Natalie - Leah Andreone - Lamentation
Benji - William Picket - Land of 1000 Dances
Dmitry & Donyelle - Samba - Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama
Travis & Heidi - Contemporary - Celine Dion - Calling You
Allison - Pat Benatar - We Belong
Benji & Natalie - Hip Hop - Pitbull - She's Freaky
Ryan - Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

Episode 218

Top 10 - Roison Murphy - Rama Lama (Bang Bang)

Episode 219

Travis & Donyelle - Hip Hop - Fergie - London Bridge
Ivan & Allison - Argentine Tango - Orquestra Escuela de Tango - La Cumparsita
Ryan & Natalie - Disco - Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around
Benji & Heidi - Broadway - Dreamgirls OBC - Fake Your Way To The Top
Travis & Donyelle - Quick Step - Barry Manilow - Dancin' Fool
Ivan & Allison - Hip Hop - Ne-Yo - Sexy Love
Ryan & Natalie - Contemporary - Boyz II Men - I Will Get You There
Benji & Heidi - Mambo - Angel & The Mambokats - Black Mambo

Episode 220

Top 8 - Chicago OBC - Cell Block Tango
Natalie - Charlotte Martin - Veins
Ryan - Chris Brown - Just Fine
Alison - Michael Buble - Feeling Good
Travis - Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This (Acoustic)
Allison - Maxwell - This Woman's Work
Ryan - Chris Brown - Ain't No way (You Won't Love Me)

Episode 221

Ivan & Natalie - Jive - Cars OST - Route 66
Travis - Lifehouse - You And Me
Benji & Donyelle - Broadway - Victor/Victoria OST - Le Jazz Hot
Natalie - Goldfrapp - Ohh La La
Travis & Heidi - Smooth Waltz - Cait Agus Sean - Flying
Ivan - Wade Robson - It Was All In Your Mind
Benji & Donyelle - Hip Hop - Ciara - Hotline
Heidi - The Blackout All-Stars - I Like It
Ivan & Natalie - Contemporary - Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Candlelight Remix)
Benji - Jackie Wilson - Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)
Travis & Heidi - Pop - Zap Mama - W'Happy Mama
Donyelle - Dreamgirls OBC - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going

Episode 222

Top 6 - Imogen Heap - Hide & Seak
Natalie - Jann Arden - I Would Die For You
Heidi - Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama
Donyelle - The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
Travis - Westlife - Flying Without Wings (A Capella)
Ivan - Wade Robson - 1 Question Mark
Benji - Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Brown Derby Jump

Episode 223

Heidi & Travis - Disco - Peaches & Herb - Shake Your Groove Thing
Benji & Donyelle - Viennese Waltz - Edwin McCain - I'll Be
Heidi - Celia Cruz - Rie Y Llora
Benji & Travis - Hip Hop - Da Muzicianz ft. Mr. Collipark - Gyrate
Donyelle - Dionne Farris - Human
Travis - Something Corporate - Konstantine
Heidi & Donyelle - Broadway - Sweet Charity OBC - Big Spender
Benji - The Brian Setzer Orchestra - The House Is Rockin'
Donyelle & Travis - Blues Contemporary - Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind
Heidi & Benji - Salsa - Sonara Carruseles - La Comay
Top 4 - Justin Timberlake - Sexyback

Episode 224

Top 20 - Hip Hop - Sean Paul ft. Keyshia Cole - Give It Up To Me
Top 10 - Chicago OBC - Cell Block Tango
Benji & Heidi - Benji's Pick - Angels & The Mambokats - Black Mambo
Heidi & Travis - Heidi's Pick - Celine Dion - Calling You
Donyelle & Benji - Donyelle's Pick - Hairspray OBC -You Can't Stop The Beat
Travis & Heidi - Travis' Pick - Mask of Zorro OST - Plaza Of Execution
Natalie & Dmitry - Mary Murphy's Pick - Sergio Mendes - Magalenha
Allison & Ivan - Mia Michael's Pick - Annie Lennox - Why
Martha & Travis - Brian Friedman's Pick - The Pointer Sisters - Steamed Heart
Benji & Travis - Dan Karaty's Pick - Da Muzicianz ft. Mr. Collipark - Gyrate
Top 20 - Viewer's Pick - Roison Murphy - Rama Lama (Bang Bang)
Heidi - Joan Jett & The Heartbreakers -I Love Rock N' Roll
Donyelle - Amber - I'm Free
Benji - The Rocket Summer - Never Knew
Travis - Annie Lennox - Wonderful

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