Monday, February 19, 2007

The OC - Shaky Ground

The Night Moves

I'm not sure I liked the new camera work on the second to last new episode of The OC. The Cohens, The Coopers, Taylor and Summer all deal with the earthquake that shakes The OC to the core. Both the city within the show and the show.

Ryan is cut and asks Seth for help, without telling Taylor or Summer. Summer and Taylor try to survive but end up shooting a flare into Taylor's mom. Kirsten is hurt and Sandy rushes her to the hospital, but alas, the new baby girl is well. Julie and Kaitlin are trapped in an ice cream shop, where another nerdy boy reveals his love for Kaitlin (funny but at this point in the show, is it necessary anymore to bring in another random guy love crush only to disappear forever?), and Frank comes to the rescue.

We leave with The OC shaken to the core and the Cohens discover their house is damaged and destroyed, but the relationships are solid between our favorite OC'ers. Only one final episode left as we bid farewell...

I don't want to talk about it...

Meanwhile, casting agents, I hope you've called this cast and set them up with new gigs. ABC casting agents, you've done such a great job already (see Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, Lost), why not continue your excellent work and grabbing Autumn Reeser or Ben McKenzie while you still can?

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Anonymous said...

I agree ... I wish some network would snag Ben McKenzie asap. We need a weekly Ben fix!

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