Friday, March 30, 2007

Juno what's on this Sunday on the Nelly?

Since the Juno Awards are on this weekend, here's a couple of my favorite songs of the past year that all happen to be Canadian and all who happen to be up for Juno nominations this year (which, basically means if you're Canadian and you got a song on the radio, you have a nomination), with host Nelly Furtado!

This Sunday on CTV now finally resolved to 7pm EST (check local listings), followed by a 2 hour The Amazing Race at 9pm (still at 8pm on CBS).

My #2 on the Best of Music 2006 list, Dallas Green in his solo band City and Colour with "Save Your Scissors" and "Coming Home". He's nominated in his other band alexisonfire with their song "Boiled Frogs".

One of my two favorite Canadian Idol losers (the other being Rex Goudie) Jacob Hoggard's band Hedley is here with "On My Own"

As rockers they're probably a little cheeseball and fake but whatever, I like the hook in the songs of Three Days Grace, particularly "Animal I Have Become"

And here's our host Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" which is repeated ad naseum so what's once more? Love it! Plus her version of "Maneater" which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Michael Buble's "Feeling Good". So hot! So cute that he's with Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada)

I love this song from Mobile "See Right Through Me"

Tomi Swicks' "Sorry Again"

And finally, the best song of last year (Canadian or not), from The Neverending White Lights featuring Dallas Green (yes, from above) with their song "The Grace".

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lost - Flashed Back


Well, we all wondered where Niki and Paolo came from? Everyone hated them already and wanted them dead. You got your wish, and we haven't even gotten to the first commercial break yet!

We flash back to the beginning, plane crash and all, and we get to see different points of views of previously known times, and we get a revival of the dead Boone, Shannon, Artz, and Ethan again! Welcome back to Lost! As we trace Niki and Paolo through their days until their sudden mysterious death, we get a semi refresher update of everything that has happened so far, with some bonus extra material thrown in to fill in more gaps.

Niki was an actress playing a stripper on a Baywatch-like show called "Exposé" filming in Australia, and she was sleeping with the director, only to have Paolo, the new chef and her secret lover, kill him so that they could steal something precious that only the director had a key to. A key he hung around his neck. They manage to steal the item and are off on Oceanic 815 where they bump into Boone and a screaming Shannon at the airport.

After the crash, they survive amongst everyone, including Artz and they meet Ethan.

It's fun watching everything from a different point of view, basically from the "rest" of the survivors. Meanwhile, Niki and Paolo are scheming to find the bag with the lost 8 million dollar loot they stole. Paolo finds it and hides it in the toilet at The Pearl hatch and overhears Ben and Juliet giving slightly more info of their intent before they captured Jack. Paolo rescues the lot again when Locke and co. went exploring again, which explains why Niki and Paolo volunteered back in that episode in the fall.

Meanwhile, in current time, Sawyer is accused of killing Niki and Paolo, when Desmond reveals that he saw Sawyer have an argument with Niki right before their death, despite Sawyer claiming he didn't know them. He hands Sun the loot, a bag full of diamionds. Charlie reveals to Sun that him and Sawyer had kidnapped her and led her to believe it was The Others.

12 hours before this, Niki finds out that Paolo actually found the diamonds, seeks revenge using one of Artz collections of poisonous spiders, but gets caught herself in the web she weaved and is paralyzed herself.

The survivors bury them but we see that Niki is still alive... OMG...

That was a fun (and shocking) episode that was probably as stand alone as Lost could ever be, yet weaved in little tidbits in between. Kinda like the DVD extras to help explain a movie. Still, highly entertaining, though they had Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro join the cast all for that? Was that the plan from the start? Though with all the set ups, almost seemed it was since it seems to all work out, at least based on casual viewing.

Between Friday Night Lights, American Idol, Degrassi: TNG and this, what a great entertaining night! When did Wednesdays get back it's glory? And I still haven't even watched Bones yet.

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American Idol - Shocked At Being Right!

Chris Sligh is out. Damn. I was right! For once! Shocking! More shocking than Chris Sligh being out or Sanjaya not even being in the bottom 3.

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Friday Night Lights - Rain and Waterworks

Mud Bowl


I'm STILL TREMBLING. My heart is still pounding... HOLY CRAP.

Okay. Probably nowhere near the shock of Battlestar Galactica earlier this week (DON'T TELL ME) but damn my mouth is on the floor and my eyes are totally watering...

All the more shocking because of the realistic portrayal, plus "the incident" happens just as the Dillon Panthers is winning their semi-finals game.

And I thought the tear moment of the episodes was going to be when Jason Street snaps back at the lawyers and decides to clear the issues once and for all, demanding for his own reasonable payout, and letting Eric Taylor free.

Smash's concern for Waverly's bi-polar disorder forces him to tell Lyla, who has befriended Waverly, after Lyla informs him of their trip to the firing range. Waverly is pissed of course, but Smash retorts back in a fit and rage of love and concern, and makes Smash's slow revolution towards redemption as an emotive man all the more powerful. Gaius Charles who plays Smash, has amazingly portrayed Smash with a fine balance of jock jerk and the real internal turmoil every human being has, that has fully rounded a usually stock caricature.

Lyla grows a spine and has her own fit of rage against Jason Street, who has turned to feeling sorry for himself now that everything has hit rock bottom. I knew Lyla Garrity had it in her! Speaking of Garrity, Buddy Garrity HAS become one of the funniest characters on television (as another fellow blogger noted).

A toxic accident renders the Dillon Panthers field useless, and Eric Taylor refuses to let the home game advantage go down the tubes by playing in the rivals swanky stadium. The coach passes a field (full of cows) for lease, and an idea sparks. Now this is when I would usually groan and roll my eyes, but this wondrous moment is made all the more realistic and compelling when Tami joins Eric to evaluate the situation. How great was it that she would think about where all the people would pee? That's realism for you!

The game eventually happens on the field, meanwhile, elsewhere, Tyra gets some math tutoring from Landry. They make a date for Friday night for some extra studying, and Landry finally has his chance to profess his love, until his car stalls, just as it starts raining. Meanwhile, Tyra waits at the diner but when she decides to leave, a fellow diner grabs her and starts raping her in his truck in one of the most shocking scenes, more so because of the casualness of the horrific incident, all while the football continues in the rain on the other side of town and as the Panthers go on to winning victory. Tyra fights back in a brutal battle with the rapist and escapes. Landry finally shows up to find a shattered Tyra, and this is when my eyes start watering AGAIN.

Back on the field, after Jason's mentoring of Saracen goes well, Coach Taylor notices the improvement. Eric asks Jason if he has ever considered coaching, and the hope fills back up in Jason Street's eyes. Okay. Let the watering eyes begin again.

I'm EXHAUSTED and ELATED and OVERJOYED and HORRIFIED. And I didn't even get into the envelope full of cash for Matt Saracen, or the love professed by Julie.

DANGIT. I said it now and I'm going to say it again until you are all watching this show! THIS IS THE BEST SHOW CURRENTLY ON TELEVISION and this may be one of the BEST SHOWS OF ALL TIME!

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Degrassi: TNG Returns In A Blaze Tonight!

Don't forget my fellow Canadians, Degrassi: The Next Generation returns tonight on CTV at 9:30 pm following the American Idol Results show (when we hope it will be the last time we see Sanjaya but I have a feeling might be the last time we see... Chris S.? Okay. I'll stick with him as my guess). There has got to be some kinda irony in this, right?

From what the promos look like, looks like we are at the ep where we see Paige struggle with her university studdies and goes all pyro.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol - Gwen It's Time To Sink or Sing

Okay, finally a "real" star guiding our contestants, and by real I mean someone with something that's actually on the radio at this point in time, while the show is still going on (with no disrespect to Diana Ross or whoever those two were last week).

Gwen Stefani is here, and while I haven't really liked anything since Tragic Kingdom from her No Doubt days, it's still neat to see her shilling/stooping/succombing to American Idol.

So Lakisha and Chris S. are first up with a chance to do modern pop, and both in my opinion choose old "classics" and do mediocre jobs on regular Idol fare. While Gina isn't oustanding, she is WAY better than last week when we thought she might have a chance to be knocked out. Of course now saying that, she's probably out tomorrow after a half decent performance. That's how it always works on this show folks.

Haley was a'ight but girl, keep wearing those short skirts, you still need them. Phil, keep wearing those tuques, berets and beanie hats. You have a strong voice but all I see is your ears and big bug eyes.

Melinda, neck or not be damned! I love you!

Blake, ooh, fauxhauk or not be damned! I love you! (actually, I like the new cleaner look even though I did love the previous Travis Wall look)

Finally someone does a current song (and by current, I mean within this decade, at least for American Idol terms of "current"). Jordin does "Hey Baby" and is good but I don't think she is as great as previous weeks.

Chris R. "Dont Sleep" and you either like the way he sings (and looks) or you're straight.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in between was Sanjaya with his Cher-like mohawk but I've been trying to block out his tepid performance while trying to rock-the-do out of my mind so let's just end this now before I have nightmares tonight...

think nice thoughts... Blake, Melinda, Jordin, Chris R., Blake, Melinda, Jordin, Chris R...

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Spring Awakening Enlightened Me... That Way

Okay, that was weird. I was planning on posting something about how amazing the lighting in Spring Awakening is (because I saw it AGAIN on Saturday, and since I've already raptured lovely on the rest of the musical, including cast and music, I thought I would show my enthusiasm for the lighting and choreography this time since I don't think people realise how AMAZING it is within an amazing show).

Then I came across this media presentation by Kevin Adams, who lighted Spring Awakening, but also Some Men which opened last night at the Second City Theatre Off-Broadway in New York. It's a short interesting piece of his lighting techniques, and again, from Spring Awakening alone, I'm sold (plus he did Take Me Out which I remembered looked quite amazing, especially for a play about baseball) on this guy.

I knew it was beautiful before but Kevin Adams' work really adds some extra level to the musical, and how often can one say that about what the lighting has done that to a piece of theatrical work? I really wanted to see Some Men but alas, my trip was cut short again, and I didn't make it out to the other shows on my list (alas, I'll just HAVE to go back... hehe). Considering the simplicity of the stage as well as the staging, Adams does wonders to convey the multitudes of moods the music and book enthrusts upon the characters (and by extension, us the viewers), but also sets the time and place, which is amazing since the biggest set change is 4 ropes and a few chairs. (I wish there were some better photos to give you an idea of the beautiful lighting but these were all I could find on the net from various sources that I essentially stole from).

As for the choreography in Spring Awakening by Bill T. Jones, it was weird the first time around but now I can't see it any other way. I LOVE when Jonathan Groff (as Melchior) does those feeling-up hand movements in "The Mirror Blue-Night" and when it's repeated in "Totally Fucked". The jerky movements and awkward contortions the characters pull are pretty much exactly what I felt (in physical equation) as a confused horny teenager (or, uh, even now!).

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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Amazing Race - Working Class B!tches

We're Going to Trade You for Food Now
You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy

How telling was it that Charla and Mirna seemed offended when Danny and Oswald were joking about "owning" and "working" the bench? I bet Danny and Oswald miss Tara and Weasel now! (Still love the episode in Australia where they had to throw boomerangs and Tara said Oswald should be an expert with his limp wrist, and Oswald flipping back a casual "shut up bitch" in lighthearted fun).

So Teri and Ian are eliminated, essentially by not landing standby seats on a flight and being stuck last with Team Guido's. I told you people standby sucks and it's not all that...

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grease: You're The One That I Want - Really!!!

Oh BIG YEY!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I think I might actually try to get tickets for this show (not that all the not-so-subtle hints to order tickets online weren't a deterent) now that they officially announced Laura and Max as the winners of Grease: You're The One That I Want and as the new stars of this upcoming summers Grease on Broadway!

I say officially because was there really any other option?

Wasn't Max adorable winning, becoming the Cinderella story of this show? Laura and him are supercute together!

Did the producer David really think it was going to go to Austin? Considering he looked so shocked?

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Grey Gardens: The Musical - Review - Oh Those Crazy Ladies

Grey Gardens - Walter Kerr Theater, New York City

Okay, it's a musical, it's about people surrounding the Kennedy's, it's about rich people who go poor and crazy, and it's got Christine Ebersole. No wonder it screams to the gay crowd. It's based on the cult documentary of the same name about Edith and Little Edie Bouvier Beale who basically lived their later life in squalor in the run down Grey Gardens estate, letting cats and racoons overrun the place.

So I finally managed to see Grey Gardens, yet, with so much potential, I didn't love it. I so wanted to but I just didn't. The first act practically bored me to tears even with all the Kennedy references and even a little Jackie Bouvier (I think I'm just used to modern staging now like Spring Awakening or Company and the traditional 3 wall set with couches is kinda boring to me even though I swear I'm not a musical modernist snob), and while the second act (when we finally get to the decrepit Grey Gardens, and the Bouvier Beales are crazy) was so much better and refreshing, I still don't think it was enough to save the entire show, and I wasn't as emotionally wrought over as I was told I would.

Case of the overly high expectations I guess. It's now the second show this year that was did quite well critically and garnered a good cult following yet I could appreciate but just didn't love (as I also did with Caroline, Or Change)

Still, the praise for Christine Ebersole is highly deserved, particularly in the second act. Kudos also to Matt Cavanaugh for defying his hotty status (and surviving the debacle of Urban Cowboy The Musical) and pulling a convincing Joe Kennedy and then switching a 180 over to stoner Jerry.

Best Musical though I'm not so sure, and I'm not sure how Time Magazine named it best musical of the year. It'll probably end up middle of the pack in my rankings of all the musicals I've seen.

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The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Movie Review (Sort of)


Okay, I don't really know much about the IRA and the struggles of the Irish against the Brits, but seriously? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

Cillian Murphy (Damien, above left) is always quite good but the standout was Padraic Delaney as Tommy (above right), as Damien's mate who fights side by side for the Irish struggle but things turn differently when the peace resolution is proposed.

Parts of the film were too long but the ending is quite unsettling (though most of the film is unsettling so at that point, you're just exhausted but the ending still is not to be missed).

While I'm not sure if it is a great film (though I have a feeling this film will linger with me as time goes by), it won the Palm D'Or prize at last years Cannes.

The film is directed by Ken Loach who made the really interesting film Sweet Sixteen, but another difficulty with The Wind That Shakes The Barley is that like Sweet Sixteen, the accents are so authentic that I can barely understand the dialogue a quarter of the time, and would be aided well by subtitles on a DVD (which is how I watched Sweet Sixteen. Seriously, you try that movie without it and understand and I will be amazed).

Right now: 8/10 or B, maybe B+ though I reserve to change my mind.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Wha' Happen'd?

My Favorite Mistake

I couldn't think of what to write about last nights Grey's Anatomy and then completely forgot about it until I just noticed some bad reviews on other sites (TVaddict, Glowy Box, duckyxdale), so I know it wasn't just my mood swings this week. Now I've already forgotten what last nights episode was about. Isn't that a bad sign?

Personally, I've felt Grey's Anatomy has gotten so involved with itself that the writing has gone slightly downhill. It's not a bad show, but it's not as good as itself during its creative heights of last year. I mean, as I noted before, the whole Mer death Scare was just Bull Sh!t since it was a waste of 3 episodes of build up for something we all knew was NOT going to happen.

This whole Izzie and George thing feels so contrived to just keep the sex gossip going and I don't buy that they are THAT stupid/silly/ew enough to be together or even think that way since they always had a nice platonic brother sister bond. EW...

Have the writers already boxed themselves in so much that they need to go where characters would never go (and break character) or start rehashing things again? Or do the same thing with a whole new set of characters in a new locale so it feels new? Oh wait. They ARE doing a spinoff...

Also, is it a bad sign that Marti Noxon has been part of Grey's Anatomy and the downfall happened around that time she joined? Is it a coincidence that Brothers & Sisters improved vastly when Marti Noxon left that show last fall? Maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a complete fluke for her? Or maybe her role there wasn't as big as people thought? I guess it really WAS all Joss Whedon.

Hmm... the title of this weeks episode is slightly apt.

So, alas, if you notice on the sidebar, I just moved Grey's Anatomy down 1/2 star point and out of the Must See Live TV.

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Some Cheesy Music Videos For The Weekend - The White Boys Edition

Yet again, I'm going to attempt to head out to NY tonight and hopefully no storm, sleet or rain will stop me (although it's raining again on a Friday in NY. What's WITH Mother Nature these days? Last week and previous attempts in previous years, ARGH. Always storms on Fridays and with LGA closing with a drop of rain...)

Meanwhile, here are a few cheesy songs from last year that I LOVE:

The first is from Josh Turner, and while I have a feeling I kinda don't agree with any of his religious beliefs, I still love him and his voice. Just check him out. It's like Christian Eye Candy. Plus his LOW voice. Totally great! Here's "Would You Go With Me". Okay.

Music Video Codes by VideoCure

Here's Mat Kearney, who was on Ellen on Wednesday, with his single "Nothing Left To Lose" (which landed on my Best of Music 2006 list)

Music Video Codes by VideoCure

and finally, back (hopefully) for good, is Take That and their comeback song "Patience".

I know, it's been on for a while now but seems to be only catching on now in North America, but whatever, any reason for more British boy bands... ha!

Finally, check out James Morrison, whose album is pretty good, though not great but have a few great songs in it. He tours with John Mayer later this year.

Music Video Codes by VideoCure

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ugly Betty - Laugh Outed Loud

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Can we put Marc and Justin together in a room more often?

I mean, we all already love Marc and Amanda together, Betty and Daniel have their cute rapport together, Wilhemina and Claire in the same room gets some nice bitchy tension, Betty and Henry are adorable, Hilda meddling in with anybody is always hilarious, Alexis sparring with brother Daniel actually works much better than I would have thought when they announced Rebecca Romijn joining the cast, but seriously, Marc and Justin in the same room? Comic GOLD! Not even gold. They would never wear gold. PLATINUM or White GOLD?!

Broadway Diva Patti Lupone shows up as Marc's mother, Mama Weiner and Marc continues hiding his gay life. Amanda, bitter that she was fake dumped as his fake girlfriend, introduces Betty as Marc's new girlfriend to Mrs. Weiner and hilarity of course ensues when Ignacio invites them all over for dinner, continuing the charade.

Then when Marc started outing himself to his mom, I actually got teary eyes as Marc defended the Suarez's and particularly the "swirly" Justin. Mrs. Weiner then proceeds to walk out on Marc. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! I kinda love that it wasn't the requisite happy ending and actually somewhat painful and realistic. Sad but sadly, true and I love that Ugly Betty can be hilarious and campy and colourful yet sometimes painfully honest and un-clichéd beneath those bitchy comebacks.

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The Art of the Pick Up

Okay, I read this last night and while I hate that Ausiello has all these blind items leading to wildly floating rumours, this time at least it's for the sake good and not evil, only if we can figure out what beloved comedy show he thinks is on the bubble (that none of us had even realised). My initial guess seems to point to How I Met Your Mother, and most comments seem to agree, so if it is true, GET CRACKING PEOPLE! Along with 30 Rock and The Office, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite comedy currently on TV, and I'm sure the only reason more people don't watch it is because it is on CBS. A good smart funny comedy about young people on CBS? They killed Love Monkey last year already, don't let them kill How I Met Your Mother!

On better news, ABC picked up Men In Trees (my cotton candy of television), Brothers & Sisters and of course Ugly Betty (on tonight with Patti LuPone as Marc's mother!) along with a few others, most of which wasn't a surprise (like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars).

Prison Break is back on Fox and apparently it's going international with a mostly new crew, though they say the mains will stay (Wentworth Miller I guess? They can't lose the pinup can they? Or the only reason the female and gay population tune in?). So much for the 2-season only show they stated when the show first started.

Meanwhile, the campaign to save Veronica Mars continues. I love it and will continue watching it no matter where Veronica ends up (more college? or FBI?) plus, it's not like The CW has anything else good to put in it's place? (or in any of its timeslots). Granted, I know the numbers are abysmal and I have either little faith in the American viewing audience or at least those with the Neilsen ratings box, so I can see why it's on the bubble, but How I Met Your Mother???

As I've noted already a few times this week and many times before, START watching Friday Night Lights, though rumour is NBC will probably pick it up for a second season just based on the confidence of its critical acclaim alone (all completely warranted).

Oh yeah, and I've stated before, Degrassi: The Next Generation was picked up for a 7th season, and Instant Star for a 4th on The N and CTV.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost - Bad Dad

The Man From Tallahassee

Kate, Locke, Sayid and Rousseau try to save Jack and Kate gets caught, while Locke seeks out Ben demanding to see the submarine. Kate learns of Jack's deal to be taken off the island. Oh snap.

In the flashback, a young man Peter Talbot (one of my favorite THAT GUY actors Patrick J. Adams who has now been in Friday Night Lights and in my favorite episode of Jack & Bobby and hmm... is from Toronto, Ontario, no WONDER he's AWESOME!) who believes his mom is basically being conned by the same man who conned Locke for his kidney. Peter is apparently from a rich family, and is found dead.

Locke plans to blow up the submarine, and gets Alex to help, while Alex explains that Ben manipulates people by making them think it's their idea (since Ben, who was born on the island, (probably) wants to remain there, as does Locke, now wheelchair free. Rousseau catches a glimpse of Alex. Locke blows up the submarine just as Jack was about to leave the island via submarine. Oh, Jack vs. Locke is SOOOO back ON!

Holy SHEET. Locke's conman "father" pushes Locke out the 8th storey condo window, causing Locke's back to break, and how he wound up in the wheelchair. And we all thought we had father issues. Holy SHEET.

No wonder Locke loves the island and acts so weirdly.

Ben promises to show Locke the box on the island that reveals whatever you want. Which of course... da da dum... reveals Locke's conman dad. Boom. LOST...

Like my mind but whatever, damn was that fun!

Next week. Exposé and we finally see who the new hated hotties are with proof they were always on Oceanic 815 (link for spoiler pics). Man, Wednesday is looking spiffy again next week, at least in Canada where it'll be Friday Night Lights, American Idol Results, Degrassi: TNG, then Lost! WOOHOO!

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American Idol - When America Squeezes Out the Middle Class

Top 11 Results - And Then There Were the 10 that Go On The Live Tour

Okay. You know when they change it up and announce the results in groups, that something is up and we are going to be shocked.

First of all, DAMNIT. I knew it was going to be someone in the middle that wouldn't be safe, because that's how it always ends up at this point. I didn't think it would go past Gina or Phil though. But Stephanie and Chris Richardson???!!!

I knew some thought Stephanie might not have been safe but damn, I'm still shocked. She joins the ranks of the forgotten diva wannabes Trenyce, La Toya London, Vonzell Solomon and Nadia Turner. I guess the teen girl fanbase that Chris R. needed shifted their entire vote to either Blake or... for godsakes... Sanjaya? Guess the gays weren't enough?

Man, but I really do feel bad for Stephanie. (hmm. I really like that Chris Daughtry song. I guess it's comforting knowing he is doing well, so just cause you got voted out, doesn't mean that much anymore). She looks so defeated up there.

Um, people, you do realise that you are now stuck with Gina and Phil and Sanjaya on the American Idol Live Tour don't you? Suckers...

On a gossipy note, was it me or was Blake, Melinda and Jordin seem to pulling for homeboy Chris R? They really do have a little clique there don't they? The (presumed) frontrunners. Which is kinda cute though since they seem more like the Mod Squad or something. We aren't used to integration on TV yet still. It's a little disorienting. TV reflecting real life racial integration? My god!

Oh yeah and in Canada, CTV is finally airing the remaining episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation's Season 6 starting next Wednesday at 9:30 after American Idol! Woohoo! Watch out Paige and your burning books club! Of course, where does that move 30 Rock then on the Canadian schedule?

Oh, and this pic of Blake Lewis from last night? Um, no reason...

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Friday Night Lights - Taylor Perfect

Extended Families

So, I've already proposed and professed my love for Friday Night Lights, so I'm not sure what else I can do to convince you to watch this show, or for me to continue living. However, would it be considered cheating if I wanted to marry Riggins? Or Tyra? Can I be adopted by the Taylors? I mean, I love my real parents and I had a great childhood but seriously. Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler. As Tami and Eric Taylor. They are like the hottest parents. The most loving parents. The funniest parents. The most charming parents. The most moral parents. The most endearing parents. I just love them!!!

Eric and Julie must unite for a father-daughter dance, but only after Julie learns of the news that they may move again, this time to Austin where Eric has the chance to coach college football.

Riggins is the babysitter to new neighbour Bo? So heartwarming!
Jason Street aiding Saracen. Finally the guys on the field unite!
Lyla is growing on me more, but glad to see her and Jason cracking. Her 180 attitude towards her father, being used as a pawn in her parents crumbling marriage is simply heartbreaking!
Smash is freaked out by Waverly's mental disorder. Finally he must concern himself with someone other than himself!

This episodes "Teary Moment" of the night: Tyra studying at the Taylors and is forced to leave by her mom Angela's insistence .

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The Best Scripted Tonight at 8pm

Okay, so despite the fact that yesterday's Sanjaya's performance with intercuts of the teary girl was the best shit that no one can even write, there is in fact some scripted television still left on TV nowadays (once you get past American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader, Deal or No Deal, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Real World (which apparently wants to change the recent crap it's been heading in. Ty, you did this didn't you?) etc. etc. etc.).

Tonight, Friday Night Lights returns (8pm NBC). I've been saying it is currently the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION and I'm glad that there are others out there who agree. If you've missed it, you can catch up online. AND YOU MUST. SERIOUSLY. BRILLIANT DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THIS SHOW.

Meanwhile, I've always enjoyed Bones as well, though it's in the same timeslot as Friday Night Lights. (8pm FOX)

Plus tonight, we find out more about Locke and his mysterious recent ways on Lost. (Which in Canada is on at 8pm tonight as well on CTV).

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American Idol - "Rockin'" the Top 11

I'll hopefully have more time to expand on this later today, but we desperately need to clean the office here at work before we officially get under way with new scripts and new episodes.

But the big star of last nights show? The Crying Girl!

Holy crapola, was Sanjaya's 3 minutes of rocking orgasmic not the best 3 minutes of television this year? Our gang could NOT stop hooting and hollering. Half were turned away because they could look no more, the rest of us had that look of horrified awe (mouth dropped to the floor, hand covering mouth, eyes wide open). I get Dan's point now. Sanjaya has redefined "It's so bad, it's good".

Best of night: Jordin
Rest of the best: The usual: Melinda, LaKisha, Blake, Chris R

Worst of the night who isn't Sanjaya: Gina
Who I think is going home: Phil

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - Barney's Law

Moving Day

Barney steals Ted's moving truck to block him from moving in with Robin. Marshall and Lily are lost without Ted as a roommate. Ted and Robin realise that they are not ready to move in together and everything is restored back to normal.

In between, there is Lasertag, sex in a truck, swords, smoking in a tub, toilet paper as towels, and a naked Marshall and Lily on the couch. I so enjoy this show. All this even before Barney lists Top Ten names he would have called his truck:

Number ten, "The Winne-Bango."
Number nine, "The Pick-Up Truck."
Number eight, "The Ford Explore Her."
Number seven, "The You Scream Truck."
You Scream. (they all laugh)
Number six, "Feels on Wheels!" Hello!
Number five, "The Ride Her Truck."
Number four, "The 18-Squeeler."
Number three, "The Esca-Laid."
Number two, "The Slam-Boney."
the number one thing I would've called my truck if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back...
(table drumroll)
"The '69 Chevy."

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Dancing With The Stars - "The Leg" Up

Season 4 Premiere

Okay, let's get right to the point. They zeroed in on Heather Mills legs. OH NO THEY DID - N'T. Cutting back and forth jarringly from the dancers to her legs in what seemed like a schizo director who couldn't decide if they wanted to go there or not (Okay, I know, the director tends to do that with EVERY dancer but there was ONE shot where he zoomed in on "the leg" that seemed particularly gratuitous). I was horrified and transfixed. Like a Christian Republican Senator at a Gay Pride Parade. Still, in the end, considering the hoopla, it was kinda unmomentus. I'm not a Heather Mills hater or anything (I really couldn't care less if Paul McCartney wanted to throw himself to a younger golddigger because he felt so in love and now must pay the hours) so I'm just surprised she did this show in the first place at this time and moment. I guess she figures being in LA is safer than staying in England where Stella McCartney could stab her for stealing half her inheritance.

As for Ian Ziering. Let me just say, considering how many "girly" shows I enjoy, I was not really a 90210 fan. Melrose Place yes. 90210 no. At least not in the long run (I started watching the first few seasons back then but then lost interest quick). Still, pairing Ian with Cheryl I-keep-winning-this-damn-thing-or-coming-close-no-matter-who-I-partner-with Burke gives him an advantage because I know y'all 90210 fans are still going to call in for him as a surrogate to your love for Dylan and the rest of the Peach Pit gang.

I like that model Paulina Porizkova seems to actually have a nice self-effacing sense of humour, while Miss America Shandi Finnesy tries but basically ends up slagging all Russians (I thought you were trained to say only PC things all the time? Though I guess the latest Miss America showed us that that isn't true). She's lucky her new dancing partner Brian looks the way he does because I'll let her stay just to let him stay a little while longer.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Lives of Others - or the movie that beat Pan's Labyrinth at the Oscars

A Quick (Kinda) Review

The Lives of Others beat out Pan's Labyrinth at the Oscars. Most people seemed shocked, especially since Pan's Labyrinth was one of those rare foreign language films that more than 10 people saw. Was I surprised? Not really, cause buzz had been building for The Lives of Others over the slightly overated Pan's Labyrinth (it was REALLY good but had its flaws still).

I finally saw The Lives of Others this weekend and in my opinion, did it deserve the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film?

A big resounding YES... or actually, in the spirit of the movie, I need a slow build up to the yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. It's not a showy film (like Pan's) but it has quite a haunting aftertaste.

Anyways, I won't go to much into it cause the less you know about the movie the better but definitely see it. In fact, I had to re-jig my Best of Movies list for 2006 (Read my mini blurb review in the Best of Movie List). That's saying a lot cause I'm lazy and I didn't want to change it around. (It now falls in 4th place bumping The Queen and everything else one spot back).

Of course, see it before they ruin it by making an American remake (already in the works by the Weinsteins (hmm maybe) and Sydney Pollack (oh no, hasn't made anything good lately) for a 2010 release).

The Lives of Others - 9/10 or A-

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Cleaning the TV Slate

Okay, between attending weddings (2 down, 11 more to go. Who am I? Bobby bubbi Robert darling Bobby?), vacations (or a partial of it before I got called back for my next listing:), and re-starting a new season of a job, I've been slacking on my TV watching and have been playing catch-up for the past month, but in a way, thank goodness for American Idol which has scared away most new episodes in programming for me to not fall TOO far behind.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Sleepless in Mar Vista, Undercover Brother
Okay. Loved that Burton was back, though too bad it was new delirious Burton and not the one we loved before (that Christine apparently didn't and thus broke his heart, leading him to therapy and prescription drugs). Also loved how they dealt with Richard's gay brother and yet made it all on Christine losing her mojo. New Christine is also getting funnier and funnier with her little quips, and love that the son isn't the brightest thing in the room.

Hereos - Parasite
Yes, I'm THAT behind. I can't believe I didn't hear any of the spoilers yet. Not that there was THAT much to spoil. I guess thinking it was the "spring finale", I didn't think there was THAT much of a cliffhanger, though I did gasp at Peter being cut up by Sylar. Still, I thought there was more. I realised I actually LIKE Ali Larter and I buy that she plays two versions of herself, but I' still bored with Jessica's/Niki's storyline. Ando RAWKS!

Lost - Enter 77, Par Avion
It's probably the first time I've left episodes of Lost waiting to be seen. Is that a bad sign? I still enjoy it immensely when I do, but I'm so confused as to this point that I almost dread watching it (though again, I'm glad when I do because I still love the Losties). Still, Locke is mystifying me right now.

Ugly Betty - Icing on the Cake
I CAN have my cake and EAT it too, if the cake was called Ugly Betty! (Though speaking of which, I need to get back to the gym since I'm no longer offically on vacation anymore. dangit). Last weeks ep was another perfect example of how this show has perfected the campy, emotional, hilarious mix, throwing each characters just enough meat to chew on, with zingers from every which way, and even guest stars who don't overtake the show and actually kinda fit in (Lucy Liu, Judith Light, Jesse Tyler Ferguson). I must say though, seeing Amanda in "The Amanda" was probably one of the funniest moments on television this season.

Grey's Anatomy - Scars and Souvenirs
Meanwhile, while Grey's Anatomy returned to regular programming (sans doing fake threats of killing the main character, yawn), I just couldn't get back into it. I LOVE this show and the characters but the spinoff gossip seems more interesting at this point. I also DO NOT BUY that Izzie and George would sleep together. Ew. They are like brothers and sisters. They had BETTER NOT GO THERE.

Boston Legal - Fat Burner, The Good Lawyer
For all the shenanigans this show is throwing around, and the fact that none of the main cast seems to be having any sort of real storyline (with the exception of the new baby for Denise which I'm not sure I like yet), they sure do give good scripts to the newbies like Clarence (Gary Anthony Williams who did just get upgraded to main cast member, though in this show, that still doesn't guarantee anything unless you are older than 50) and Bethany. At least they employed Debra Mooney (Everwood) as a judge though I wish they gave her more to do. I also liked the new Jerry but was sad to see him revert back to the old (and getting annoying fast) Jerry (for goodness sake, give Christian Clemenson some room for growth please, cause he can totally do it).

Um, it was on in the background but I got all facebook addicted again, so I think I'm dropping this AGAIN for the 18th time.

Um, it was on in the background but I got all facebook addicted again, so I think I'm dropping this because there are only so many strange cases that House miraculously figures out around the 52 minute on the hour that I can take. Still, Hugh Laurie rocks the roll! I'm just needing more and the Chase/Cameron thing isn't enough (since it's just playing out real life stuff), and Cuddy and Wilson's tug-of-war relationships with House is getting a little slow.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
Um, it was on in the background but I got all facebook addicted again, so I think I'm dropping this though it may never be on again anyways. Which is too bad since it seemed to enjoy employing Canadians (Kari Matchett, Mark McKinney) who deserve shows but aren't on one this year.

Corner Gas - Happy Campers, Seeing Things
OMG, the "Good Hair Day" thing made my laugh out loud everytime. This might be too Canadian in humour but I still enjoy it immensely. Loved that Karen secretly admitted that her and Davis really do nothing on the job.

Gilmore Girls - Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?, Gilmore Girls Only
Now that it's ending, the Lane baby shower finally felt like an old episode that we all loved. Though why are they making us hate the boyfriends (Logan, Christopher) so much? If it's not one, it's the other.

Desperate Housewives - The Little Things You Do Together, My Husband, The Pig
hmm. I know I watched it but what happened again? I know they resolved the whole Orson thing and the pizza joint finally opened, but what happened to the DH resurgence that was happening in the fall? It's gotten awfully boring again awfully fast. I would probably drop it if it weren't between The Amazing Race and Brothers & Sisters.

The Winner
Didn't this show just start? Now it's over already? When is Fox going to bring back The Loop? (June actually)

Brothers & Sisters - The Other Walker
Emily Vancamp
+ Brothers & Sisters = AWESOME!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Test The Nation - We Are Such A Nerd Country!

You gotta love Canada for airing Test The Nation on primetime (you can take the timed test online). Essentially a big IQ test on primetime network TV (though it IS the CBC and who really watches that anymore?). Still, we are such a nerd country. Love it! Plus we have Canada's reality show yearly special Canada's Next Great Prime Minister where 4 students will square off in front of 4 former Canadian Prime Ministers for a $50,000 prize. You won't see THAT on American TV that's for sure!

Love that the studio audience group of Mayors are not scoring too well, but I guess the Millionaires and the Surgeons are what they are for a reason huh?

Okay. I'm not too pleased with my result. I'm not as smart as I thought I was, though I'm sure everyone else knew that already. Though I mostly failed on the memorization/visual memory portions. Who knew how much the Mozerella cost in that picture? At least I cemented my asian stereotype and got perfect on the math portion! ha!

UPDATE: So even though I scored less than my guestimation, I realised I still got the In-Studio Surgeons Group average score! Not bad! Okay. I feel better now. Wait a minute. What the hell am I doing here at my underpaid job then? No wonder I'm bored and write this blog...

Here are the results. Interesting. The closer you were born to summer months, the smarter people tested were (Virgo and Libra scored highest, Aries lowest). Damn, black haired people are dumb. Vegans are dumb, and Non-Drinkers are dumb.

Alright. Steak and Wine it is tonight!

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Grease - Austin Singing Limits/ Brunettes on Broadway

Live Finals

So I've been playing catch up with TV this weekend, including properly re-watching all of Grease: You're The One That I Want since I usually watched them as background noise as I got facebook-addicted. Okay, I still say Chad was pretty good a lot of times but yes Liz, he sucked the last two weeks before he was booted out last week. Okay, fine. You were right. Again.

Now, I pretty much got it down to Derek and Max as Danny, but of course, Derek is out while Austin is still in. ARGH...

(As for the girls, I won't even bother because Laura to me is the clear front runner)

So, it's down to the professional suave Austin or the underdog slacker Max, and yes, Austin is technically a better singer and dancer and has the better body but Max feels more real and a better actor and more lovable. Sorry Austin, but you still creep me out for some reason. Way too showy. I feel like you would do jazz hands all day if you could.

Though I love that BOTH are pulling their own sob story... yeah. I'm not buying.

So, my hope is that Derek lovers were also Max fans and throw their votes his way. (Which is my theory of why he was kicked off, since Max and Derek might share the same fanbase and Max edged out in splitting the votes. While it is love or HATE with Austin). So hopefully we will end up with two brunettes as our Danny and Sandy! Then I might actually consider seeing it this summer on Broadway. Max and Laura actually feel like new summer lovers while singing together. Fresh and innocent with the hints of hormones beneath. Okay, I'm even more convinced of them now. Vote 01 and 04!

So Laura and Austin don't seem to sing well together but Max and Ashley seem fine... hmm...

Please America, like I've said before. ANYBODY BUT Austin PLEASE...

WOOHOO! Kathleen Marshall agrees with me! Woohoo! They all agree! FINALLY...

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Friday, March 16, 2007

For the Love of Veronica

For the love of god, this better be true and The CW better pick it up, or NOT CANCEL Veronica Mars (and make E! wrong).

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

AWW FRAKING F#$CKERS - The CW is officially DEAD TO ME

I'm trying to watch the somewhat dreary October Road right now (but considering I just completely filled in my profile and everything on facebook while watching, it isn't a good sign).

After already having a bad day from a disappointing realization in life (I think this weekend looks like it'll be a drinking binge. And I don't really drink). I don't need more bad news, but oh Dawn Ostroff, you just had to didn't you?

Last year The WB/UPN/The CW cancelled Everwood, brought back One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven (!???), but I gave The CW a chance because they brought back the excellent Veronica Mars. Yeah, well, no more as word is Veronica Mars is now CANCELLED.


I'm going to bed while nothing else bad can happen... I'll continue my mourning tomorrow...

The CW, you are DEAD TO ME.

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American Idol - Was It Really That Shocking? Nikki McKibbin made final 3, Taylor Won Godamnit

So I was a little shocked last night at the results. Not that Sanjaya was NOT kicked off and Brandon was, but that I figured it would happen and I was actually right for once. Good lord. We have to endure pubescent orgasmic shagheaded boy for another week? Or More? Granted, Taylor won the whole damn thing last year so why do I still keep tuning in?

I've totally been finding myself still humming Blake Lewis' performance as it is totally growing on me, plus, this article from Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch notes that apparently the beats weren't audible from the live auditorium, which might explain the judges reaction. From the live tapings of Canadian Idol that I've been to (yes, I know, the sad equivalent up here but hey, it produced Jacob Hoggard who is still the most original Idol (just check his range from his performance list) I've seen of any Idol's from a format that doesn't exactly reward originality. Well, at least Jacob lives on in Hedley, which is doing relatively well for Canadian standards at least), some performances which sound great in person, sound horrible when I watch it again on TV at home, and some which sounded horrible in person, sound amazing on the tube.

So interesting to note that EW's Live Correspondent thought Phil to be one of the stronger contestants, and Chris R. one of the weaker.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Amazing Race - More Speculation Spoilers

So apparently the earlier spoilers have been so far correct, and here is what "they" say will be the next few elimination and the final 3 (in no particular order)...

John Vito & Jill
Kevin & Drew
Mary & David
Rob & Amber (Correct eliminations up to this point)


Teri & Ian (5th eliminated)
Bill & Joe (6th eliminated)
Uchenna & Joyce (7th eliminated)
Danny & Oswald (8th eliminated)

( Final 3 )
Charla & Mirna
Dustin & Kandice
Eric & Danielle

Which kinda sucks cause if anyone, Eric and Dani don't belong on this race (are they to become the Amber of Survivor All Stars or Boogie and Lisa of Big Brother All Stars?). Plus, Mirna and Charla sure are becoming awfully grating and carrying a slab of beef just might not excuse Charla anymore.

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iPod Playlist - More of the Same

Haven't done one of these in a while, basically because nothing has really changed in about 3 months now. Still having Spring Awakening on massive repeats, with the occasional other song interspersed. Though I did get myself the excellent new cast recording of Company, the one with Raul Esparza, and like I said before, his "Being Alive" is simply amazing and spine tingling.

Added James Morrison to the list too. He's pretty good.

And still loving Patience by Take That who are BACK! Though in my heart, they were never really gone...:P

UPDATE: OMG, Speaking of Take That and my current musicals obsession... For the love/hate of Jukebox Musicals good lordy...

OMG, another update. Boyzone might be back! WOOHOO!

I'm still not sure if I like Mika and haven't checked out what all the hubub was about Robin Thicke yet (seriously? It's not a joke?). There's a few other new artists popping up, but nothing is really grabbing me like The Fray did last year at this time.

The rest is the same, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Nelly Furtado, Mobile... nothing terribly new at this point.

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American Idol - Top 12

Oh, the last day we will see our happy 12 together again... at least until the concert tour where the losers will be each secretly trying to stab Melinda in the back.

Is this really just a race for third place now? After Melinda and LaKisha? I know I know but more or Jordin later...

Also, Blake Lewis' performance. What did people think? I think I actually sort of loved... er... liked it despite the bad 80's synthesizer beats. Liked the beats, just not the actual sound/tone. At least it was interesting though.

So, I'm on a Wait-and-see with Chris R. I know his vocals were not great last night, and it's a LOT Justin Timberlake but on the other hand, it seems to work for him and I like his personality. Plus it seems to work for him, so why not? You could say Melinda is Gladys Knight but is that really a bad thing?

Jordin for me came out of nowhere and blew me away but did anybody notice that despite the high praise from the judges (which, really means nothing), she was at times just SLIGHTLY off?

Gina was good but forgetable. Phil was good but forgetable. Brandon was forgetable. They all have decent voices, but really, they aren't as good as LaKisha or Melinda and not as memorable as Chris R or Blake. Alas, they will fall into the Kim Caldwell/Ryan Starr/Nicki McKibbon/Justin Guarini/Julie DeMato/Jon Peter Lewis/Matthew Rogers/Camille Velasco/Lindsey Cardinale/Vonzell Solomon/Melissa McGhee forgotten Idols hall of 15 min. of fame.

I actually kinda liked Chris S' performance. Not Love, but liked. At least he tried to switch it up, but apparently, the judges like it but don't like that (as they mentioned again to Blake and Chris R). Still, by the end of the night, I had sort of forgotten a little about it. Maybe the judges were right?

Haley started off strong, the dissolved to a puddle but Simon still praised the pretty girl. Hmm... interesting...

Melinda and LaKisha both did boring songs and still blew them away with their singing talent and their control over the songs. Still, I want to be WOWED next time.

Stephanie was also great but like I said last week, sort of pales just slightly to the 2 front runners though. Part of it I think is personality since her voice is strong too. I still really can't narrow it down though (since she seems nice and its not like shes annoying like Fantasia was).

Anyways, Sanjaya had better go home tonight. Considering he's so young and cherubic, doesn't he look like he's having an orgasm everytime he sings? It's quite disturbing. Still, people cannot complain that this years crop sucks because there is ALWAYS at least one every year. Remember AJ? Charles Grisby? George Huff? Anthony Federov? Kevin Covais? Yeah, me neither.

Speaking of which, what the HELL are these two still showing up for the Top 12 "Red Carpet"?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Threepenny Opera - Soulpepper's Young Center

The Threepenny Opera - Soulpepper's Young Center For the Performing Arts, Toronto, ON

hmm... I know it's a "classic" musical (it is not, in fact, and opera), and it's about the down and dirty, things I generally like, but, uh. I didn't get it. Decent production (At least reviews were better than the recent Roundabout production on Broadway (starring Alan Cummings and Cyndi Lauper), including a favourable review from Variety). Still, I didn't get it. Or I did, but didn't think it was all that revolutionary or edgy.

It was basically just a love triangle set amongst the poor beggers.

Okay. I know it was revolutionary in the 1920's and "Mack the Knife" is still a great song, but everything else? Yawn...

Or maybe I'm still on a Spring Awakening high. Probably. (Doesn't help that the last things I saw were Spring and the new revival of Company, two of some of the best things I have ever seen).

Albert Schultz was actually pretty good though as Macheath. Funny since he just played Conrad Black in the Canadian biopic Shades of Black co-starring Lara Anorexic Flynn Boyle. Doesn't Conrad Blacks' trial start tomorrow? FRY HIM! (Okay, I really don't know what he did but I'm all for taking down the rich white guys... hmm... okay, maybe I get The Threepenny Opera a little bit more now).

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Cold Case - Dancer in the Dark

Shuffle, Ball Change

So I mistakenly taped Cold Case again but watched it, and yet again, it was another case that was basically very pro-queer, which is sort of unexpected and nice to see from a Bruckheimer procedural. The last time I watched Cold Case, it was a pretty beautiful episode about 2 male cop lovers Brokeback style. This time, it followed a young murdered teen who so wanted to dance, while the gruff father disapproved. (Yes, I know. It's also called Billy Elliot but it never gets old). While they never state that Maurice (Nathan Halliday), the young murdered teen, is gay, they allude to it nicely, enough that it could be a motive for his killing, but with the "there's nothing wrong with it" tone that surprisingly, still doesn't exist on some shows (particularly cop shows).

Still, there was some nice twists and turns (though the hot and bothered Latino dancing rival was a bit much) and though the murdered came back full circle to my initial suspicions, it was actually a pretty heartbreaking and wonderful little episode. I don't think I give this show enough credit sometimes. Plus they employed a Swayze (Don) and a Vanessa Williams (the non-singer, in the original Melrose Place) AND I didn't even really laugh about (almost).

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The Winner - Is it?

What Happens in Albany, Stays in Albany

Okay, love Rob Cordry and I LOVE that kid Josh (Keir Gilchrist) in the show, but them being in a motel together? Was it me or was that still unintentionally CREEPY?

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The Amazing Race - Phillepeans

No Babies on the Race!
I'm Sorry I'm Wearing A Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

So is it an end of an era? Or will Romber show up on yet another reality show? Despite the fact that I did not like seeing them come in first week after week, I actually did enjoy the awesomeness that is Rob. Plus it actually looks like Rob and Amber are in love. I've set aside my cynicism. Plus, kudos to them for actually trying to do some research on the net while they had some time. Too bad it didn't help since Rob didn't know how to spell Philippines which was the catalyst for their downfall and eventual elimination. Meanwhile, Mirna is a lawyer?

Also, someone please greenlight that reality show starring Phil, Danny and Oswald. In Maui. PLEASE!

Plus we finally said so long to Mary and David last week, which is probably best, since Mary started to try to get meaner, still trusted others, got screwed over yet again, then reminded herself not to be nice anymore, again.

Also, two seasons in and I realise I still know nothing about Danielle (or Eric really for that matter). Do they even have personalities?

On a side note, seems like the popular posting of the spoilers I did a while back seems to actually be accurate so far...

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol - The Last Cut Should Be The Deepest

Okay, with the exception of Antonella, all the girls were pretty great, but I feel bad for girls like Haley or the first two, since, I've already forgotten their names, since LaKisha, Melinda Doolittle, and Stephanie seem to be getting all the attention (when it isn't on Antonella's...). But tonight, I LOVE Melinda. Though, I have to say it. Is it me or does her head seem REALLY BIG? But she seems like such a nice person. Like that girl you want to chat with every morning about last night's American Idol at the office. Plus I love that she genuinely looks like shes happy and nice (and as Simon said, enjoying the whole process). So I'm shifting from LaKisha to Melinda, though I still enjoy them both. Stephanie has everything it takes on paper, seems nice enough, but I just don't see myself ever wanting to buy a CD from her. Maybe it's her Fantasia like haircut that is scarring me away. I'm not sure. I can't explain because I do know that she sings amazingly so it must be me.

As for the boys last night, still love Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson, only if for switching it up week to week to show the different range/styles they can do, even if they don't do it perfectly (and admittedly, Chris R.'s Keith Urban song started off BADLY but got much better in the second half). Chris Sligh is still pretty cool although I still don't love his song choices and find them kinda lame. Or maybe just kinda "white". Meanwhile, what's with the train wrecks that are Sundance, Sunjaya, and Phil? Meanwhile Brandon and Jared have become baldner and blander week by week.

Alright, so I'm back in the country and while I'm still catching up with TV (Brothers & Sisters with Emily Vancamp? FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC and is it me or she outacting her TV mom Patricia Wettig, who is usually amazing?), I should be more consistent again now that I'm back to work starting tomorrow (from a holiday that was cut short but don't even get me started...argh... good for some of you who are fans of a certain show, bad for me and my suntan).

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Degrassi: The Next Generation's Lucky Number 7

So Degrassi TNG has been renewed for Season 7, so yes, we will see Emma, Manny, Toby and Liberty finish off their final year. It has also been renewed for 24 episodes as opposed to its usual 19 episode seasons!

Instant Star has also been renewed for a 4th season but does anybody outside of girls between 10-18 watch that show still? Did CTV even finish airing the 2nd season? Let alone the third? Funny how it does so much better in the states on The N.

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American Idol - Girls Night

Again, not to peg people into categories, but was it me or are the white boys and the black girls rocking this joint this year?

Who got kicked off? We are on a 12 hour delay here in Hong Kong with Idol and I'll miss it tonight.

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