Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Coming Out, Closing Back In - Cold Case and Heroes

While I'm talking about Gay TV and all, did anyone see last week's Cold Case? I know I usually don't watch it but I saw this clip of Forever Blue:

and was intrigued last week, tried to find it, then realised I accidentally recorded it. I accidentally forgot to reprogram things but since Desperate Housewives wasn't on, I recorded Cold Case instead! Yey Laziness! (CTV in Canada carries both shows, usually Cold Case is at 7pm on Sundays).

Cold Case is one of those Jerry Bruckheimer procedural shows that are well made and usually decent TV to watch but I won't go out of my way to watch it. Now I haven't watched in a while but this was actually a really great episode called Forever Blue and kudos to Shane Johnson for making his character "Coop" the strong moral centre of the story about cops in love in 1968 Baltimore (or as many have dubbed the episode, Brokeback Precinct).

The story was done with respect and the main cast in the present day questions how far we have really come in 40 years. I know I've seen Shane Johnson before as well, and noted him as a strong actor, but I can't remember where (even after seeing his credits) but this may be his calling card now.

Meanwhile over at Heroes, apparently they are de-gaying Zack. Although he ambiguously came out in Homecoming, and the marketing teams at NBC even printed it on the websites and myspace page, creator Tim Kring has officially said that Zack is not gay now. Hmm... conspiracy? I'll let it play out and give them the benefit of the doubt that it fits into the storyline somehow but they are on warning, since Zack and Claire's storyline are one of the two best and most interesting plots they have (the other being Hiro and Ando (and Charlie)) and part of that was the whole friends relationship they shared, with no sexual potential predicted.

Here's the ending to the episode to Forever Blue:

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