Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Survivor: Cook Island Finale

Finally watched the Survivor: Cook Island Finale last night after being off the continent this weekend (and I don't mean that as a euphemism for being sedated Friday from the hospital testing, I'm being literal this time), and my man Yul won! Woohoo!

Though really, by the time they had the final four to Sundra, Becky, Ozzy and Yul, I didn't really care since I liked them all (and yes, I do believe Becky played the game well along with Yul though just much quieter and under the radar). Still, Yul had the game down pat. Poor Adam, the last white man left and booted out of the game. Hehehe...(sorry). Sundra and Becky's fire making skills was nice and fair but ended up being very anticlimactic when neither could make fire with the flint.

I wish the Reunion parts were longer though since I enjoy seeing the contestants dishing out things after (though I guess in more boring years, nothing really gets revealed) and even last night, since no one seems bitter, not much biting back. Still, I wanted Brad to clear up that JP rumour, and what's with JP on Janice Dickinson? Is that for real? Is that something to be applauded?

So there ends Survivor: Racist Island which wasn't as controversial as we thought/hoped it would be, but ended up being pretty good nonetheless with some Jonathan/Candice jump ship, and Yul/Becky smarts, and the betrayed underdog team surviving until final four! Always love the underdog story!

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