Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Blocking Moves

If you haven't been watching Friday Night Lights yet, why not? The show moves to Wednesdays at 8pm starting Dec 27th by the way in a 3 episode marathon for people to catch up with.

It's Different for Girls

I have to tell you though for the uninitiated that while the show is beautifully realisitic and sometimes realistically harsh, Friday Night Lights is also a very funny show, just not your typical sitcom funny.

Watching Coach Taylor subtly battle QB Saracen over dating his daughter was some of the funniest moments on television. When an already nervous Saracen gets the death stare from Kyle Chandler's Coach (who I agree with TV Gal, in that his hair alone should get an Emmy nomination), then Coach piles on the football homework as a block, we find the hilarious but genuine emotions come through in a typical family drama. When Julie ends up helping Saracen with the homework, Tami's snide comments to the failure of Coach's block was priceless.

Jason Street moves back home. Smash continues to USE but an old old reaquainted friend in Waverly (and the reverend daughter) isn't buying the SAT story. Lyla is completely ostricized from the school for two-timing Jason, and Buddy Garrity is informed of the harsh words flying through the net about Lyla. The school (and football team) are out to cheer on the cheerleaders at their meet but battles within the cheerleaders hurts Lyla emotionally, though she finally shows up strong for the final meet.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Last night's episode was funny. "Matt Chat" killed me! Also, when Coach Taylor freaks out about the blanket. The way Kyle Chandler delivered that line. And then Tammy calls him an idiot!

And what about Riggins pigtails? Good stuff!

It also is guaranteed to make me well up with tears at least once an episode. I think I did three times last night.

Seeing Buddy crying about his little girl almost made me like him!

Vance said...

Uh yeah. SHHH... but my eyes have gotten watery in EVERY episode so far. It's only done that on Everwood before. Yet I find myself laughing out loud a LOT during FNL despite it being "gritty and realistic".

Let's also give a big hand to Kyle Chandlers hair which looks great all the time!