Monday, December 11, 2006

Heroes - Catch Up

Chapter 11 Fallout
Chapter 10 Six Months Ago
Chapter 9 Homecoming
Chapter 8 Seven Minutes to Midnight
Chapter 7 Nothing to Hide
Chapter 6 Better Halves

Okay, so I finally had time to catch up with Heroes this past weekend (and I fell behind all because of a damn charity function way back when. Damn poor people. Don't you know what I'm missing for you?).

Fantastic! Okay, lines are still a little clunky and sometimes the exposition is a bit too much but loving the storylines and of course our new favorites including Hiro, The Cheerleader, hell, even Milo's Peter Petrelli isn't as annoying. All of the characters are finally slowly being rounded out (including Isaac and Niki/Jessica) so I feel like I can finally ease into the show without being distracted by flat acting.

I hope that wasn't the last of Claire's new friend Zach (Thomas Dekker) or of Charlie (Jayma Mays). Who would have thought Tori Spelling's gay best friend in So Notorious would make for such a great evil character in Sylar (Zachary Quinto)? Also love that they can use Clea Duvall so wonderfully against Greg Grunberg's Matt Parkman, and that Ando (Jason Kyson Lee) is still by Hiro's side.

Homecoming and Fallout were the best episodes still so hopefully they can keep up this new standard they've set themselves. I'm also glad they sort of toned down the goriness a bit, with even Tim Kring admitting that they need to do that a bit more.

But man, this show is so much fun that I'm really going to have a hard time putting together my best TV of the year list (again, I like to delude myself to think that people actually care. Go with me on this).

So if you need to catch up with Heroes, NBC is running a marathon on January 1st New Years Day 2007 with the next new episode on January 22nd.

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