Friday, December 08, 2006

Scrubs - Baby Back Ribs

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My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby

I'm not sure if Elizabeth Banks is ever going to be really famous. For such a beautiful girl, she can balance between natural acting to comedic slapstick without feeling like she is ever mugging for the camera. In essence, she's too good to be famous. She has the face to be an A-lister but her actual talents will drag her down. How sad.

That being said, I'm so glad that she's on Scrubs as Kim and that Kim and J.D. finally decided to keep the baby after the wonderful occasion of Isabelle Turk's appearance coming after a froughtful birth (how great was Turk's frozen hand able to soothe hot and bothered Carla after he finally got unstuck from the ice machine?) (and will someone please hand Judy Reyes an Emmy already? and bring along another for John C. McGinley?)

So not much to say about 2 more wonderfully funny and heartfelt episodes from a show that is extremely consistent at bringing heartful but wackily funny episodes week in and week out (whenever NBC actually plays them). I love that every characters gets to have comedic moments to shine in every episode, including Keith who is funnier than the pretty boy lets on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Elizabeth Banks is totally awesome. Who knows? Maybe they'll make her a regular!

Vance said...

Ooh. that would be AWESOME!

Unknown said...

So far I don't think she is anything special. I miss Amy Smart (that's probably her name, she played TCW).

Vance said...

You should watch and compare Elizabeth Banks from Invincible and The 40 Year Old Virgin . Personally I find she brings a lot of humanity in a typical girlfriend role (and she was hilarious in Virgin . But yes, I thought Amy Smart was pretty good too. Too bad her Smith show was cancelled.