Friday, December 01, 2006

Grey's Anatomy - A Good Pair

From A Whisper to a Scream
Don't Stand So Close to Me

Like some other bloggers, I've felt this seasons Grey's Anatomy a little formulaic and riding on its' coatails, but damn did they rectify all that in the last two episodes.

Everything finally came to blows last week and every burbling tension was finally released when Burke's shaky hand causes moral arguments between Christina and Burke when Christina realizes George knows. Dismissed by a newly (or should I say return) cocky Burke, Christina is pissed, grows a pair braves enough courage to spill the beans to Richard, who had just told informed Burke of his impending retirement and that Burke was his choice to take over the Chief of Surgery position.

George kept his mouth shut but George is angry (and personally, I'm enjoying watching an angry George) at apologetic Callie, George is angry at Christina and Burke, George is angry at his teasing family. Maybe Isaiah Washinton was just trying to provoke T.R. Knight with some method acting? Whatever it was, it worked with all three actors as From a Whisper to a Scream should be the episode T.R. Knight, Isaiah Washington and Sandra Oh should submit for the Emmy nominations.

Chandra Wilson meanwhile should submit last nights Don't Stand So Close To Me, as Bailey get's angry at the lack of reprimand befallen on Burke and Christina. She realizes that both mistakes by Christina and Izzie were under her watch, which again, makes her question her skills as a teacher and surgeon. So basically, Bailey is pissed and out for revenge. Ah, how great is that? She hands over George's dad over to Christina which annoys Izzie and Alex until they are given their case of splitting two grown and still-attached twins.

Meredith's mom is still reeling over Richard's absence, blaming her daughter for him not wanting her as Meredith stands there. All these scenes were extremely moving and finally brought back some empathy for Meredith (also points for being peacemaker between the Izzie, Alex and George with Christina). Oh, and she and Derek had sex. Apparently. Since I did not actually see that scene. Since I stupidly forgot to tape the 10 additional minutes after I harked on everybody not to forget it was an extended episode last week. This is why I usually don't make plans on Thursdays for fear of screwing up the VCR (see side bar)! Why oh why do I bother trying to get a life? Stupid me. I should know better than to see friends from out-of-town. Damn them for visiting on a Thursday. Then of course last night the idiotic cable company (I'm talking to you Rogers, taking all my money AND still screwing up the cable feed) for cutting off the last moments of Grey's Anatomy.

Do I need to even mention the continuing appearance of Debra Monk (as George's mom), George Dzundza (as George's Dad) and Mare Winningham (as Meredith's Step-Mom in name only)?

So Grey's Anatomy has returned to form (at least these couple of weeks) with its perfection of the TV Melodrama! Yey!

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