Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gilmore Girls - Jealous Boys

Merry Fisticuffs

Now doesn't that look like a much better couple?

Logan finds out about Marty (Wayne Wilcox) being back and about Rory and Marty not telling Lucy or Olivia of their past friendship, and Logan spills the beans. Because Logan is a jerk.

Rory cries when Olivia closes the door on their friendship, and I felt bad for Rory. Not because her friends and boyfriend turned on her but because I was sad that Rory didn't know better that she should have dumped Logan (who I actually don't mind) and went with Marty.

Back in Stars Hollow, Chris catches wind of Lorelai checking out Luke's new neice, and things unravel as Emily and wedding planner (Edward Hibbert from The Drowsy Chaperone and the upcoming Curtains) tries to help them plan their wedding party. Luke finds out that the custody battle for April will be harder than he thought, leaving Luke with pent up anger. Chris sees Lorelai as the boss of the relationship and is still jealous of her connection with Luke, and is pent up with anger. They both coincidentally pass by the town square where both begin to pound each other silly knocking over the Christmas decorations. Somehow, this was kinda hot. Even though I probably shouldn't have used the word pound to describte the fight they had. It wasn't that type of dirty.

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Liz said...

While I'm not at all sorry I stopped watching Gilmore Girls, I'm a little sorry I missed the Luke/Christopher cage match. Ah, well. There's always YouTube...