Friday, December 01, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Men In Trees

So? What did people think? Now that Men In Trees was moved from the banals of Friday nights to a plum slot post Grey's Anatomy at 10pm on Thursdays (on ABC and CITY).

Okay. I never said the dialogue wasn't contrived and all-exposition (though it felt especially heavy last night, maybe to bring in the new Thursday viewers? Though I assume this was all filmed before they got their big Thursday timeslot gift). Plus, with Marin Frist in New York the whole episode, we didn't get any of the wonderfully insular and comfyness of Elmo, Alaska. So instead of "Sex and the Snow", we got "Sex and the lame City with some Snow bits inbetween".

Plus since we KNEW she would return to Elmo, it was like. Let's get on with it and go back so Marin can hook up with McTreemy (uh. okay. I know the promos use it and it's lame but it looks kinda funny when written).

I've actually missed the past few episodes and they are waiting for me to catch up, but I ended up staying to watch last nights (What happened to Sara? Don't tell me she's gone. I LOVED her, and Buzz is Patrick's father? WHAT?). Still, cute enough for me and it's my TV equivalent of cotten candy. Fluffy. Pink. I feel bad afterwards but damn it's good while indulging in it.

You were warned, I did put it under my guilty pleasures category. Plus, Justine Bateman is back! I knew I saw her name in the credits but I was still shocked at the end.

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