Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shameless Plugs for 2007

I don't even know why I'm plugging for New Line (can't even afford to get crew gifts I hear? Seriously, aren't you under Time Warner? And didn't you have the Lord of the Rings movies under your belt? Doesn't exactly scream poor now does it?), but while I'm in the musical mode, I felt it was the biggest missed opportunity that they didn't put a trailer of the new Hairspray movie musical coming July 20th 2007 before Dreamgirls (the movie musical). The new official Hairspray site is totally up by the way and apparently run by the girl who was doing the unofficial (and now official) blog (or something like that, maybe she's just doing the official blog). Zac Efron is looking quite snazzy in the new hairdo. Can't wait to see Michelle Pfeiffer camp it up as Velma Von Tussle. Didn't love the stage musical (it was cute but okay, not great except for the last song "You Can't Stop The Beat") but I'm still excited about seeing the movie version (based on the musical based on the movie). So who are we suspecting as the young actor who left behind his secret Toronto boyfriend? And which young starlet (known to be out in Hollywood only) left behind a Canadian health trainer girlfriend to go back to her regular girlfriend?

In the meantime, I also noticed they finally set a release date for Shoot 'Em Up, the new Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci movie. The title basically fills in any plot holes you may have by the way (I still can't believe those actors took these roles). So the September 7, 2007 date doesn't really bode well for the movie considering usually the late summer/early fall is usually a movie dumping ground (though not as bad as January at least) for bad movies. Plus apparently they are doing some re-shoots in the next month or so. Let's hope editing does wonders.

Well, here's a first look at the trailer they presented at Cannes. Wonders what you can find on the net these days...

Of course now that we know that the latest 007 Bond film Casino Royale rocks, this doesn't bode well for Shoot 'Em Up.

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