Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Season Finales Catch-up - How I Met Your Mother

Again, this show, while it doesn't have as much zingers as it should (and if they do, usually come out of Neil Patrick Harris' mouth), has still quickly grown into a comforatble watch throughout the season. It still needs to grow a lot more before it becomes the so called next Friends, but I do want to hang out with this gang everyweek. Except, how have we gone through 22 episodes to return back to the beginning with Ted back wooing Robin? I remember it was a fun ride inbetween but what happened? Has it already been one season?

On the otherhand, much as Pam and Jim did on The Office, kinda nice to finally get "it" out of the way so we can move on. The nice twist? To balance off the (doomed) romantic sweetness of Ted and Robin with the heartbroken Marshall as Lily goes off to San Francisco to satisfy her (he)art desires. Amy Acker and Alyson Hannigan's real life husband Alexis Denishof (and all of the Angel/Buffy alumni) was a bonus.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Season Finales Catch-up - Grey's Anatomy, Bones

Okay, I'm WAY behind, but finally caught the last half of the Grey's Anatomy finale to finish it off, and while I didn't burst into tears like everyone told me I would because they did, it was still a good finish to a great season (that wobbled for the last few episodes). Apparently Heigl is still signed on for next year, which means she will be back, and McSteamy (Eric Dane) has been signed for the whole season, as well as Addison, and Sara Ramirez will apparnetly join the main cast.

Bones had a nice little twist, though does EVERY show need a twist now to end the season finale? Like that Loren Dean plays Bones' brother. What happened to him? He and Gretchen Mol were supposed to be the next big thing about 10 years ago and then both disappeared.

Anyways, still catching up with Alias, How I met your Mother, New Christine, ER, etc. etc. etc...

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Everwood - Goodbye, Love

Goodbye, Love is right, as Everwood will finish off next Monday with its' Series Finale at the height of it's creative best. Last nights ep basically eulogized/recapped all the main stories after Irv's death, and prepared us for the final wrap up that comes all together next week, and again, it showcased why this show has become so brilliant, in its simplistic and realistic touches between comedic hilarity and tear jerking moments (I counted at least 5 last night where I teared up). At least with its cancellation, it is going out on top, much like Arrested Development did.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

NBC blinked

Grey's Anatomy move to Thurdays at 9pm really scared NBC didn't it?

Also, STILL catching up with my TV so I'm way behind, and anyways, Everwood doesn't end until June 5th. So will post the 2005-2006 TV Season wrap up after that, including best of this season, and eulogies to the dearly departed (Arrested Development, Love Monkey, Kitchen Confidential etc.)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lost - Live Together, Die Alone






What is the woman from US Coupling doing with Desmond and what does she have to do with all this? Is Alan Dale from The OC apart of this?

Is Eko alive? What happened to Lock? Is Michael and Walt gone for good? Where did Sayid, Sun and Jin go on the boat?


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Everwood - Reckoning

You've heard me rapt wonderment and devotion to Everwood, but now more than ever, as this show closes shop after 4 seasons, I must still note how awesome this show is, and how a family drama can still surprise, enthrall, enlighten, and cause hand-on-mouth shock still, as the final moments of this week's episode caused me to do. And not a murder, Hanso Foundation, twisted mystery in sight, but simply more daily living in Everwood, CO.

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American Idol - The Final Results Show

oooh. David Boreanaz...

did I just watch Meatloaf molesting Katharine live on stage? Ew...

the Cowboys are back?

OH MY GOD. PRINCE actually showed up?

What IS this?

Funny how Soul Patrol is the first White Male American Idol...

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iPod On-the-Go List - The Best Idols Albums EVER Edition

Okay. So tonight will crown the 5th American Idol... but what is it all worth? Really? Does it really matter? (Yes it does, if done right).

So here are the best albums to come out of ANY Idol show, at least from the little I've heard:

1. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (Winner, 1st American Idol)
2. Rex Goudie - Under the Lights (Runner Up, 3rd Canadian Idol)
3. Darius Danesh - Colourblind (2nd Runner Up, Original Pop Idol)
4. Hedley - Hedley (Jacob Hogart 2nd Runner Up, 2nd Canadian Idol)
5. Josh Gracin - Josh Gracin (3rd Runner Up, 2nd American Idol)
6. Kelly Clarkson - Thankful (Winner, 1st American Idol)
7. Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts (Winner, 4th American Idol)
8. Melissa O'Neill - Melissa O'Neill (Winner, 3rd Canadian Idol)
9. Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man (Runner Up, 2nd American Idol) (yes, I actually got sucked into this one)
10. Ryan Malcolm - Home (Winner, 1st Canadian Idol) (yes, I think it's actually pretty good, see continued drunkeness from above).

And the WORST? Either for most disappointing or just plain annoying:

1. Diane DeGarmo - Blue Skies (Runner Up American Idol)
2. Fantasia - Free Yourself (Winner American Idol)
3. Ruben Studard - Soulful (Winner American Idol)
4. William Hung - Inspiration (Loser American Idol)
5. Will Young - Friday's Child/From Now On (Winner Pop Idol)
6. Kalan Porter - 219 Days (Winner Canadian Idol)
7. Justin Guarini - Justin Guarini (Runner Up American Idol)
8. RJ Helton - Real Life (Top 10 American Idol)
9. Corey Clark - Corey Clark (Top 10 American Idol)
10. Billy Klippert - Billy Klippert (Top 10 Canadian Idol)

I should save a spot on the second list for Taylor's upcoming album...

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The American Idol - Teddy Geiger in Concert at The Opera House

Who knew when I got the tickets for Teddy Geiger on the final performance night that I was actually not going to care anymore about American Idol despite it being the best roundup of contestants of any year?

Soul Patrol vs. Katharine (or the really, as EW said, anybody but Taylor camp)? You all know I despise the Michael Bolton sound-a-like but I think he's going to win.
Meanwhile, Teddy Geiger just had to show up to illicit the screams from the throngs of teenage girls. The fact that he could play keyboards, the guitar and sing in tune live was just icing. If only they could get rid of the wretched opening act Dirty Blonde, the show would have been perfect.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Spoiler Alert for the 2 people that haven't seen the movie or read the book yet...

Does I.M.Pei get any credit? Just wondering...

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Friday, May 19, 2006

What to Watch – Fall 2006

So, all the Upfronts have been announced, and to be honest, I’m a little underwhelmed. With the anger fueled by the cancellation of Everwood (now made angrier by the fact that both cancelled 7th Heaven and lower-rated One Tree Hill survived), it sort of negated any excitement I had knowing Veronica Mars would be back (which we kinda clued off on from the finale anyways). Only ABC made big risks with their schedule, while everyone else (NBC, CBS, Fox, The WB) basically kept it the same.

So, here is a night by night look at what to watch for in the coming TV season, based solely on what I know of the new shows and what I like from the old.


8pm – 9pm
You can completely discount NBC, ABC, and The CW. For me, it’s down between Prison Break on Fox and How I Met Your Mother and perhaps The Class on CBS.

9pm – 10pm
The New Adventures of Old Christine at 9:30pm on CBS and Heroes on NBC. Maybe tape Vanished (Fox) or Runaway (The CW) but I get them mixed up still, and I think viewers will too.

Well, I guess I’ll see if I’ll stick by What About Brian when I finish this season on tape. If not, bed time.

Most excited to see: Heroes

Definite highs: How I Met your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine


The first dilemma. Watch Gilmore Girls on The CW for sure. Then? Either tape Standoff (Fox) and/or Friday Night Lights (NBC) although I’m more excited about the later, and maybe Dancing with the Stars if it has the same camp factor. Something will have to go and I think it’ll be Standoff with Ron Livingston.

9pm –10pm
No question. Watch Veronica Mars on The CW. Then? Tape House (Fox) and maybe Let’s Rob (ABC)(though I’m not excited about its comedic pairing Help Me Help You). Kidnapped (NBC) has a good cast and I hear it’s better than Ransom: The TV show but still not good enough show to pull viewers from VM or House.

10pm -11pm
Boston Legal (ABC) and Smith (CBS)

Most Excited to See: Friday Night Lights

Definite Highs : Veronica Mars


8pm – 9pm
on Fox. Now, Jericho (CBS) doesn’t sound that great to me but seems like there is buzz out there. So maybe. If not, Dancing with the Stars? But an hour long results show?

Lost (ABC). Do you even have to ask? I like the cast of Justice (Fox) with Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek) and Victor Garber (Alias) but the premise sounds boring… more lawyers? 30 Rock will be on the roster, if only for Tina Fey and friends. Let’s hope it’s good! And when midseason comes out… THE LOOP on Fox!!!

10pm – 11pm
The Nine on ABC. This is the show with Scott Wolf and company about the nine people held up in a bank robbery who forge a connection. The first 10 min of each episode apparently flashes back to the robbery as we piece it together over the season, and the rest of the ep I guess is what happens after.

Most Excited to See: The Nine

Definite Highs: Lost and The Loop


Will watch My Name is Earl and The Office on NBC, tape/flip over to Survivor (CBS). Now Big Day (ABC 8pm) and Happy Hour (Fox 8:30pm) look good to me but I think the buzz is now on the opposite shows (‘Til Death on Fox at 8pm and Notes From the Underbelly at 8:30pm on ABC). Guess we will have to see which will be taped and which will be dropped.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) vs. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC) vs. The OC (FOX) vs. Supernatural (The CW) vs. the king CSI (CBS).
Luckily, I dropped CSI way back because there is only so much crime I can watch and if I miss it, it will run on syndication at some point at all times of the day for eternity anyways.
Supernatural is on of my favorites, but can it pull off a season 2 that was just as good as Season 1? and is it apointment television?
Now that on The OC, they (spoiler alert)…

got rid of Marissa, the weakest point of the show, can the show pull itself out of the slump to become fun again? For Seth and Summer’s sake, I tend to stick with this show.
Finally, will ABC’s big move to Thursdays hurt and help Grey’s Anatomy? Considering it’s the polar opposite show of CSI, I think it will do better than we think.

Now, with all that, will people even have time to give Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip a chance? I hope so, with the great cast and the people behind it. However, word is already coming that though the scripts are brilliant, dark and funny, it may be TOO much of an inside joke spoofing the entertainment industry for America to fall in love with (meaning, it’s a show people will respect but not necessarily watch every week).
The winner? Well, thankfully in Canada, I probably won’t have to decide since CTV carries 3 of those shows as of now, and will probably run The OC, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI back to back. Then tape Studio 60 and Supernatural. Covered! Whew!

Six Degrees
on ABC. Done. It’s JJ Abrams and it has Hope Davis, Campbell Scott and Jay Hernandez amongst others.
Probably tape ER, which I still think is good but should have been killed off, though, with the addition of John Stamos, might be kinda enjoyable still.
I have NO interest in Shark on CBS.

Most Excited to See: Studio 60 on Sunset Strip and Six Degrees
Definite Highs: Grey’s Anatomy and The Office


The only shows that might be worth watching for me is Betty the Ugly and Men in Trees both on ABC, and really, more the earlier than the later. America Ferrera stars in Betty the Ugly as Betty who joins a fashion magazine. You get the drift. It’s billed as an hour comedy and someone mentioned might be like Central Park West, only intentionally funny!

Most Excited to See: (isn’t it obvious already?) Betty the Ugly

Everybody Hates Chris
on The CW. Will people forget it’s on though at this time?

The Amazing Race on CBS.

Desperate Housewives
on ABC.

Brothers and Sisters on ABC. No interest on Raines which I pegged as one of the worst sounding pilots, though it does have Jeff Goldblum, who could be irritating or funny. Not sure yet. James Spader works in Boston Legal (and The Practice) so that was a surprise.
Tape Without a Trace on CBS.

Most Excited to See: Brothers and Sisters
Definite Highs: The Amazing Race

So there you have it. The new sched for next fall. Busy busy. First I gotta finish THIS seasons shows. Though notice almost every new show has a HUGE cast? I guess if it worked for Lost, DH and GA, it'll work again. Plus it keeps enough actors dispensable to die on the show.

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Will & Grace Series Finale

Last few seasons have gone downhill, but the hour-long clips show sendoff reminded me that this show was pretty funny in it's heyday, and surprisingly, I laughed out loud the most during the Grace recaps, although maybe it's because they've played Sean Hayes' Jack scenes over and over again on every other commercial/clip.

The season finale wasn't that great and yet I ate it up. I hate when shows flash forward in the last episode (even though we DO want to know what happens (see Felicity, Six Feet Under)) but yet I totally loved it, and loved that Will and Grace's respective offsprings Ben and Lila would hook up together, uniting Will and Grace after parting ways while Grace was originally pregnant, and when Leo came back.

Watching Bobby Canavale back only pointed out that he should have joined the cast long ago and kept him on for longer. He is one funny guy. Which is such a different image I have of him from his days on Third Watch (though he also proved himself fantastically in The Station Agent).

So in the end, we get a duet with Sean Hayes and Megan Mullaly, and Will and Grace back at the same bar from the first episode, toasting to friendship while an oddly perfect song from Ryan Cabrera about Always Remembering You after 8 years plays over the scene. The end.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Upfronts - The CW Fall 2006 Schedule

Bring it CW! cause my wrath doth cometh after the cancellation of Everwood.

The newly dubbed The CW (The Complete Waste as someone wrote), is basically keeping the top 8 shows from UPN and The WB. Guess what was number 9? Everwood. Guess which show had lower ratings, a critical wrath, but will survive to next year? One Tree Hill. Is Everwood to blame that its stars don't get married every three months to constantly stay in the public eye?

How did The WB and UPN, which I thought actually had quite exciting lineups and possibilities, end up combining s The CW and have something tepid and boring?

7th Heaven? Can that show not die already? Smallville is getting old and I've just given up on it.

Supernatural is a great show but I'm not sure how long it can sustain itself as something exciting.

I personally cannot stand Top Model, and Beauty and the Geek is entertaining but in a diversion sort of way, not something you leave permanently in your schedule.

So the only things left? Everybody Hates Chris off to the blackness of Sundays, and Veronica Mars paired with Gilmore Girls, except the future of Gilmore Girls sans Amy and Daniel is in question right now.

I can't even tell you what the new shows are cause I get them mixed up with Fox's new shows. Runaway, Justice, Standoff, Vanished... look, it worked for LOST but THAT'S IT.

The big surprise is that the new much touted Aquaman series is nowhere to be found.

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The Upfronts – Fox Fall 2006 Schedule

The Loop is coming back! The Loop is coming back!

I was just about to denounce Fox for having a pretty boring schedule again (much like CBS, why fix what’s already working) but noticed The Loop WILL be back for Midseason to follow along with American Idol! WHEW! THANK GOD! I thought that show was totally dead.

I do wonder about Fox though, cause they bring out brilliant shows (Arrested Development, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The Loop) but then kinda keep them on for a bit but never give them the promotion they deserve and then at some point, they pitter out to die. Still, we will get Season 2 of The Loop! WOO!!!

The rest? The new shows all sounds kinda boring but have casts that I like… so??? Who knows... maybe like House, it could be a surprise? Victor Garber (Alias) is back, so is Ming Na (ER), Gale Harold (Queer as Folk), Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Ron Livingston (Office Space, Sex and the City). But nothing stands out at this point to me. Except maybe Happy Hour but there’s no one famous in the cast and it’s going up against The Office and Survivor, so good luck to them.

Meanwhile, House, Bones, Prison Break, 24, and The OC are all back.

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Lost, The Amazing Race, American Idol, Everwood

You gotta love CTV for squeezing in Lost, the 2 hour finale for The Amazing Race and American Idol in a 3 hour span (and then add Law & Order after THAT). Brilliant move to squeeze out the commercials on Amazing Race and then flip over to the final 10 minutes of American Idol where it really matters.

Too bad we moved from the Hippies winning (yawn) to seeing Elliott Yamin lose by .2 something of a percentage point. Boo. But expected and he got a higher number of votes than I would have thought. Now, will his votes go to Katharine or Taylor? I’d like to think Katharine, only cause I hate Taylor, but America, you let Everwood DIE so I think you’re going to be stupid enough to vote Taylor as the new Idol.

On Lost, OMG! We see what happened to Michael, his visit to The Others, his encounter with Walt (he’s not dead!) and how he’s been compromised (Sayids word, not mine). Then a BOAT? BOOM…

Over on Everwood, Jake’s new therapy is going swell and thus needs to move to LA, but wants Nina and Sam to join him there. Reed comes back, only to distress Hannah more, as Reed, Amy, Hannah, and hot Aussie dude go out on a bowling date to have Hannah break apart, dealing with the whole Bright situation. Bright, still looking as puppy dog sorry as ever, tries to remain friends with Hannah, Reed realizes through Amy that he needs to deal with the root of his shit before he can move on, so moves to Denver to do that, Delia finally has her Bat Mitvah and Harold Abbott realizes he and Rose haven’t been spending any quality time together after diagnosing an embittered soon-to-be father (the great Justin Kirk from Weeds and Angels in America) with aplastic anemia (or something like that). I’m truly saddened that this show will no longer have new episodes after this season. PEOPLE… GET THEE THY DVD (although they only have Season 1 out, another reason maybe this show hasn’t picked up new audiences).

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Upfronts - CBS Fall 2006 Schedule

Televisionary couldn't say it any better. Blech. Basically, its the same schedule with 4 new shows, none which really catch my eye except maybe Smith only because of the cast. Jericho seems to be on other's peoples list but not a Skeet Ulrich fan, so will have to see.

The Class could be a good move between How I Met Your Mother and 2 and a Half Men, and I think moving The Amazing Race to Sundays at 8pm is a great move, but other than that... someone pointed out that there is still a "Crime" or "Investigation" on every night and at this point, that's all getting old.

Meanwhile, yes, apparently Everwood is really really dead. However I still don't want to admit it.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Scrubs Season Finale - My Transition

Okay. I didn't see THAT COMING at the end...

I predicted Jordan getting pregnant, cause thankfully, Elliot would have been too obvious, but I really didn't see that last second coming...

of coures. wait a minute? Does this mean we have to wait until 2007 for the next new Scrubs since it's not scheduled until Midseason replacements on NBC? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

Well, at least it isn't completely dead like poor Everwood.

on the bright side, Veronica Mars apparently has been confirmed for The CW.

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American Idol ... Oh who cares... EVERWOOD IS CANCELLED

Still love Elliott. Have no idea what the obsession with Taylor is still.

Then again, no one is watching THE BEST TV FAMILY DRAMA currently on TV and possibly one of the BEST EVER, so... there you have it... EVERWOOD is DEAD, according to Popwatch at Entertainment Weekly.

Thanks a lot people for not watching. You all deserve Taylor for Idol... just wait till his sucky CD comes out...

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The Upfronts – ABC Fall 2006 Schedule

Today it’s ABC’s turn for the Upfronts. With Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Extreme Makeover Home Edition as their strongest suits, ABC took some brave moves and slashed a LOT of shows, and are recruiting 6 new comedies and 6 new dramas for next season. While I complained yesterday about NBC’s unwillingness to change, ABC is continuing its search for more watercooler shows.

While it failed this past season (Invasion, Commander in Chief, Freddie), and will probably fail again this coming season (Notes from the Underbelly? PLEASE), there seems to be enough interesting pilots around, HOWEVER… WHAT IS WITH THE SCHEDULING MOVES?

I’m still not sure. Moving Grey’s to Thursday at 9pm could be smarter than one would think, but keeping What About Brian, Wife Swap, The Bachelor (STILL?), Supernanny? Not sure. I guess they still pull in decent ratings, enough for some stability at least. Where’s Freddie then, since it did well enough with George Lopez (which is returning)?

Still, Nine Lives, Six Degrees, Betty the Ugly, Brothers and Sisters, Big Day, and Traveler all look like possibilities. Lots of pilots left off the schedule though, including Him and Us, with Kim Catrall and Anthony Head (Buffy).

Not too excited about Help me Help You, or Notes from the Underbelly.

Apparently though ABC heard our complaints and will run LOST with 7 new eps straight during the fall season, then complete the rest in the winter/spring season with a small hiatus in between (but at least, this one is timed).
Basically, like that ABC is willing to take so many risks, but worried about their actual scheduling time slots, and the still overabundance of mediocre reality shows (even Dancing with the Stars might be chancing it depending on which "stars" they pick, it worked this past year because Drew and Stacy were actually GREAT and entertaining to watch).

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The 60th Annual Tony Award Nominations

Well, they are out, and I was right! (yeah! finally! since I seem to completely predict the wrong thing on American Idol)

The Drowsy Chaperone leads the pact with 13 nominations! Though Jersey Boys seems to be its' biggest competition. No big surprise.

I'm happy that in the acting categories, Samuel Barnett got a nod along with Richard Griffiths, and Frances de la Tour for The History Boys.

I'm glad Allison Pill got one for The Lieutenant of Inishmore and that Bob Martin, Sutton Foster and Beth Leavel (as the Drowsy Chaperone) got nods for The Drowsy Chaperone, although I guess they were kind of a given. I still wish I saw Sweeney Todd since it had such excellent reviews and cast, who all seemed to be nominated.

As for Overall Productions, a pretty good lot, but how did The Threepenny Opera get in there? Didn't that get trashed in the reviews?

Three Days of Rain is missing (except in it's Set Design and Lighting, which were excellent) but that is no surprise. Again, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the rumours that have been flying around. I really enjoyed it.

Anyways, not that anybody cares about the Tony's or will watch it but I'll have my predictions and hopes as we get closer to the June11th date (a week later than normal). Wonder if the always entertaining Hugh Jackman will be hosting again?

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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Upfronts - NBC Fall 2006 Schedule

So I don't think NBC will be pulling ahead of CBS or anything, or getting the attention of ABC from their Fall 2006 Sched. Here's another one.

Friday Night Lights, Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip were all picked up, as predicted, and those are the highest chances of making waves, but the rest of the sched is pretty much the same/lame and pretty much boring by now. I still think ER is pretty good but at this point, I think it is time to put it to rest (though with John Stamos joining the show, I'd be willing to stick with it again still).
Only Studio 60 joining Earl and The Office looks promising in bring back Must see Thursdays, but where's Scrubs? (midseason apparently)

20 Good Years with John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor and youngun' Jake Sandvig (Sky High) could be promising but it's a multi camera show and sounds like it could also fall flat. Doesn't sound like any watercooler thing for sure.

Oh, although Andy Barker, PI (with Andy Richter) and The Singles Table (with John Cho) are fillers... and those two I was interested in.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Survivor Exile Island


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The Office Season Finale

How AWESOME was that finale?

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The Upfronts, the Tony's

Well, I was going to list some of the pilots that seemed more exciting and interesting but I reminded myself not to get involved too early, or else I will get my heart broken like I did last year with Love Monkey and Kitchen Confidential.

I will note that after looking over all the pilots ordered, and based solely on the short premise description, the cast and the producers involved, ABC seems to have the most pilots that look interesting with a total of 21 shows that I would want to watch. ABC is really trying to redefine themselves, with LOST, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy two years ago, but they must have learned an important lesson this year with Commander in Chief, in that, if it ain't broke? Don't fix it. Still, they are giving themselves a LOT to choose from which could only be good.

Another note, very little procedurals this year (yey! enough already!) but a LOT of high concept shows (a la DH and Lost)... which could be interesting, but then again, last year we had Invasion and Threshold and those didn't really make any impact. The comedies are also back, single or multi-camera, but with some interesting casts mashups (Jenny McCarthy and Patricia Heaton? James Van der Beek and Jane Krakowski?) and a lot of NUMBER shows (12th Man, 13 Graves, 20 Questions, 52 fights, 60 Minute Man, The Nine, Six Degrees).

The good news is that it seems any of my favorite actors that deserve a good show, seem to have pilots (Eddie McClintock (DH Crumbs), Matt Long (Jack & Bobby), Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek), Merrin Dungey(Alias), Adrian Lester (Girlfriends), Melanie Lynskie (2 and a Half Men), Sean Bean (Flight Plan, North Country), Rob Corddry (The Daily Show), Zachary Levi (Less than Perfect), Ben Shenkman (Angels in America), Sean Astin (LOTR, 24), Sara Gilbert (Twins, Roseanne), Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle), Scott Wolf (Everwood, Party of Five), Logan Marshall-Green (The OC, 24), Aaron Stanford (X2), America Ferrera (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Real Women Have Curves), Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Tom Cavanagh (Ed, love Monkey), Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect), Richard Coyle (UK Coupling), Jason Behr (Roswell), Chris Wiehl (Love Monkey, Playmakers), Alona Tal (Veronica Mars)... amongst many others).

NBC had about 8 interesting shows, CBS 11, Fox 6, and The CW, 1 or maybe 2 at most. So much for the worry of shows making it to next season, because based on the crop of pilots, they need to keep as much as they can from UPN and The WB.

So, if you are fighting as a pilot on ABC, they will have a tough time, since there seems to be SO many interesting shows with good casts and good producers behind them, but I guess we will see this week.

Also, Tony Award nominations out on Tuesday and like I had JUST posted, I seem to be making the right predictions about The History Boys and The Drowsy Chaperone.

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Celebrity Stalking





IAN MCDIARMID (apparently he's big if you're a Star Wars geek)

DOMINIC COOPER! (I predict he will be big)

Also saw Lauren Graham (The Gilmore Girls) and Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy) but didn't get my camera out in time. Still need to practice my papparazi skills!

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Broadway – The Drowsy Chaperone, The History Boys, Three Days of Rain

So thank goodness we didn’t get the 3 days of rain that was forecasted for the weekend in New York, but I did get to see Three Days of Rain, and let’s just get right to the all important question.

No, Julia Roberts won’t deserve or get a Tony nomination on Tuesday, but she really isn’t that bad actually, and in fact, the entire production of Richard Greenberg’s play Three Days of Rain was quite excellent and I would highly recommend it (not that it matters since it’s too late unless you are willing to deal with scalpers at this point).

Julia played a dour quiet sister and in act 2, the crazy southern mother of the quiet sister in act 1, but to be honest, I think I spent half the time in wonderment saying to myself… THAT’S JULIA ROBERTS. IN FRONT OF MY EYES. ON STAGE… OH YEAH, I SHOULD BE CONCENTRATING ON THE PLAY.

So the play? It’s actually quite good, and Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper are excellent as usual, in a play about the family generational dynamics, what we know and want to know about our parents, and architecture (the children’s parents are famous architects).

The History Boys, completely transferred from The National Theatre in London, full cast intact, is a joyous study in the dynamics of two thoughts of teaching, with Richard Griffiths (Uncle Dursley in the Harry Potters series), leading the cast of British boys in all their rambunctiousness and hormones. Frances de la Tour (Madame Maxine in Harry Potter V)adds great depth and a feminine perspective to the mix, and Stephen Campbell Moore as the new young teacher that sticks to the rules, is terrific. Dominic Cooper (who I already had picked as someone to notice in his bit role in Breakfast on Pluto) is a standout and rising star as the "Dakin", a confident student who uses his smarts and his looks to his full advantage. This is however not to disrespect any of the other students, all who are fantastic in their roles, including Samuel Bernett as the lovelorn gay student who yearns for Dakin, and Jamie Parker as the piano playing Christ following all round buddy.
My only problem with the play? Sometimes it was difficult to catch all the Britishcisms and words through the accents, so I know I missed some more excellent lines, but that’s where the film version (that is already in the can, and expected to be release this winter) will help, but nothing beats seeing these boys, and their teachers, live on a terrific but simple stage set in a production directed by Nicholas Hytner (The Madness of King George, His Dark Materials).

This will probably grow in legend as time goes on, but The Drowsy Chaperone, originally a joke play presented at the tiny Rivoli on Queen St. West in Toronto, that grew to the Fringe, Theatre Passe Muraille, Winter Garden Theatre, LA’s Ahmanson Theatre, and now finally, on Broadway, each time getting bigger and bigger.

Which might not have been a great thing since at its heart, it’s a cute small loving spoof of musical theatre, but it is darn entertaining and if it had to get supersized so that Sutton Foster starred in it, it was well worth it (Sutton herself is a bit of a legend already, having been plucked from the chorus of Thoroughly Modern Millie after the original star was fired during rehearsals, only to later win the Tony Award for Best Actress for the role, and literally creating a Broadway star overnight, and now that I’ve finally seen her in person, I can say it is WELL DESERVED. THAT GIRL is a STAR. She’s funny, limber and can SING and has never seen a song she cannot plaster a smile all over).

However, the character of "Man in Chair", who narrates the show, is played by Bob Martin. The show, is about a play that follows a character called "Robert Martin", who is about to marry "Janet Van der Graff". In real life, Bob Martin is married to Janet Van der Graff, and The Drowsy Chaperone was written by Don McKellar (Twitch City, Slings and Arrows, every CDN indie movie made after 1990), Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison as a gift to the real Bob Martin and Janet Van der Graff for their wedding. Confused? Don’t be. The “Comedy within a Musical” is funny, short, and silly, mocking and giving tribute to the old musicals of the 20th Century all at the same time. Bob Martin (the real actor as the character Man in Chair) makes commentary about the show within the show, and it’s an amusing trick that actually works. While not the must see show that I was hoping it would be, it was still far more enjoyable for me than Wicked or The Producers and the audience around me ate up The Drowsy Chaperone (although they did Wicked and The Producers too, so what do I know?!), and it definitely and entertaining night, which in the end, isn’t what Musical Theatre is all about?

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Upfronts

Well, I'm going to be off for the weekend to bring back reviews from Broadway which means... gasp... I'm going to be even MORE behind on my TV...

but next week: THE UPFRONTS!

When the networks show their fall lineup.

There seems to be a lot of interesting pilots, with good actors and good producers behind them... which one will make it?
What will get renewed?

Will Veronica Mars survive to The CW?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol - SHOCKER


I guess History repeats itself ( I forgot who wrote it today, EW, Alan Sepinwell, Televisionary or Daniel Feinberg (see links), but someone sort of gave the reasoning that if history repeats itself, Chris is gone). See Tamyra Gray.

Holy CRAP.

On the bright side. My DARLING ELLIOTT IS SAFE AND IN THE TOP TWO!!! (though with Taylor (this years Nikki McKibbin)? ugh).

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The Amazing Race – I think this Monkey Likes Me!

I don’t know if I like this final three. I’m glad Ray and Yo are there, as they are the team to root for now, but the Hippies are still buggin me and it’s just not right if Team Abs wins. I’m actually sad that Mojo kept getting screwed over or making horrible decisions, making them last this week to reach some Marble temple in Thailand. (Wait, was that where they were? Again, brain. Trying. To. Contemplate. The. Awesomeness. That. Is. Veronica Mars.)It’s back to two young all-male teams in the final three. How boring.

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Lost – ?

Not quite the “explosive” episode we were led to believe, and yet the episode threw at us things to contemplate. Fate, choices, what each person’s purpose is, or what we think it is, and how important that all is to us. Seriously, Lost is really just an indie movie with a blockbuster premise, which is probably why it works so well.
Mr. Eko and Locke find another hatch, Libby dies, Michael is creepy.

DAMN I haven’t even seen Veronica Mars and its all I can think about. I cheated and ended up reading about the finale and DAMN…

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gilmore Girls Season Finale – Partings

Let the Season Finales begin… (I don’t count 7th Heaven, even though I am so thankful to god that the Camden’s are forever gone)

Now, was that Gilmore Girls defacto Series Finale? I know it’s pretty much guaranteed a slot on The CW next season (as opposed the tease they are pulling on Veronica Mars, also having their Season Finale tonight, but I won’t get to watch for another week or so), but with Amy and Dan Palladino leaving, and a nutcase taking over, will Gilmore Girls ever be the same? Seems like the netters aren’t so enthused but I am hopeful, if only cause I NEED to be. This show is GREAT, and for 6 seasons, it has given us some of the best dialogue, characters, quirks, Kirks, and emotional wallops.

So how did it end?
Well, if we didn’t already see it about a dozen times already in the commercials (thanks a lot WB and Global. You need to fire your PR department for giving every major “shock” in the commercials leading up to the Finale), it would have been a great twist of an ending.
The troubadours taking over Stars Hollow should have been funnier, but from the start, with Sookie and Jackson being “VERY QUIET” amongst a slumbering Lorelai, to the end with Gigi and Chris being “VERY QUIET” amongst a slumbering Lorelai, the episode tidied up some of the messier stories of this troubled season.

Best line? When Emily realised she hadn’t fired the maid yet and knowing something was off.
Best guest star? Hard to say, Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) is always enjoyable, but seeing Jan from The Office in a horrible dress invited by Emily Gilmore, was amusing. Of the troubadours? Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Dave Gruber Allen, Sparks. All fun, if not that funny. At least not as funny as hearing about Ms. Patty and her fourth husband, or her pole dancing class.

Meanwhile, Logan, who seems to have miraculously survived within a fortnight, graduates, and will be leaving for London, but it’s the encounter between Rory and Mitchum in the elevator that made the whole thing worthwhile. I realised that those two, together, with their history together, at war or indifference, has the potential for some dramatic sparks. The truth hurts and Rory learns from Mitchum, that she doesn’t resonate in his life that much, and that in fact, they really have the same problems with Logan.

And finally, Lorelai, realizing that Luke is the first person she has loved and wanted to marry, breaks down to Luke, asks him to elope, he rejects that notion, and Lorelai ends up at Christopher’s door. Then eventually in bed, when Gigi, seeing Lorelai naked in her dad’s bed, comments that she doesn’t like wearing a nightgown either when she is sick.

See you Gilmores and Palladino’s. Let’s hope the show stays in tact for the summer for next season on the new network. We don't want this to be the last Partings with Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Richard, Sookie, Jackson, Paris, Miss Patty, Taylor, Lane, Mrs. Kim, Michel, Babette, Logan, Jess, Dean, Doyle, Zach, Brian, Gil, Gypsy, Ceasar, Lulu, Marty (who they REALLY need to bring back), and now of course, Paul Anka.

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American Idol – Final Four, Elvis Is in the building

I’m going to be so sad tomorrow when Taylor stays and Elliott leaves.
I’ve settled that it is okay for Chris to win. Despite his love for Creed, because if Elliott can’t win, Chris should. Katharine would be good, but there’s something about her that I don’t completely buy. It’s too put upon or something.
I still don’t get the Taylor love. Yes, he’s kinda funny and amusing as a novelty act (how apropos on Elvis night), but what a JOKE. UGH…Elliott all the way. Too bad we are going to say goodbye to him tomorrow.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Everwood - All the Lonely People

Okay, I'm way behind on my TV (damn jobs) but thank god for Everwood, which in one episode, can fulfill my need for TV with one fell swoosh, hitting every emotion, numerous topics and satisfying my TV addiction.

Reid attempts suicide after being kicked out of medical school last week, only to be found my Ephram. Hannah is still furious at Bright, who is truly SORRY and gutted by his mistake and the falling out of that relationship. Harold tried to connect with Bright, and Nina tries to connect with Jake, only to connect with Andy Brown (again).

What an episode!, filled with SEVERAL moments that would turn in split seconds from laughter to total devastating heartbreak, or vice versa.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Veronica Mars - Happy Go Lucky

How cute are Mac and Beaver? Then again, even Mac and Butter were cute... basically. MAKE MAC A REGULAR.
In the meantime, Terrence is off the hook, Woody is on the hook and on the lam, and Aaron gets off the murder charges.
Did I mention Lucky went crazy at the school and started shooting (blanks albeit) randomly?


How are they going to clear all this up with one more episode to go? At least we now know how Veronica will end up at Hearst College.


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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Survivor: Exile Island, The Office

Oh how I love to watch when someone get’s played. Cirie, Aras and Danielle sure are taking control, first taking out unsuspecting Courtney, and then Crazy Shane (finally). And while Terry may be the strongest player ever, he may also be the WORST SOCIALIZER EVER. THIS long and STILL no one aligned? He’s still trying for Aras? Are you kidding me? Again. Why I hate him.

On The Office, Toby’s HR complaint box comes into Michael’s possession and all hell breaks loose as complaints are let out amongst the gang. I just love Toby’s expression. Almost as much as I love Kevin’s expressions.
Also, it’s security card picture day. Creed turns to the side after his frontal pose. Hmm…
The white’s only bathroom complaint. Hilarious.The whole thing. Hilarious. And Tragic, as we find out Jim wrote the complaint about Pam working on her wedding at work all the time, and Jim seeks another job outside of this Office.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lost - Two for the Road

WHAT THE F%$K JUST HAPPENED??? (Not that we didn't suspect Ana Lucia was a goner, and that Libby had signed on to co-star with Tom Cavanaugh on My Ex-Life, but STILL!??!?!?!)

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

American Idol - Birth year, Contemporary Hits

I forgot where I read it but maybe they were right, it's been a great season but have we not had our "MOMENT" yet? Still love Chris and Elliott and Paris and Katharine are generally good. Still not a Taylor fan (and who my vote would be to be out tomorrow night, but you know that ain't happenning), but there hasn't been that one WOW performance yet (the closest would be Chris doing Walk the Line early on).

Still, Katharine was HORRID in her first performance but was terrific with KT Tunstallss Cherry Tree song. In fact, I think I liked it better than the original. Chris was good with forgetable songs. Paris was good but with bad songs. And Taylor? this is where I roll my eyes. Who is loving this guy? Please stop.

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On-the-go iPod Playlist

Same as two weeks ago, but add:

Embrace - Ashes (especially if you've seen VM Season 2 Season Premiere)
Orson - No Tomorrow

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Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Veronica Mars – Tragic Kingdom

Got a new job where I might actually have to work at, so these will be fewer and farther in between… so Im cutting to the chase.

VM? Wont see tonights for a while but if theres only 2 eps left? How are they going to answer all the mysteries? But damn, I love Mac, though I also like her anti-prom date Butter. Also, are Logan and Veronica's scenes not the HOTTEST THING ON TV? Plus is Dick not the funniest pig ever? He’s what Bright would have been like if Bright didn’t meet Hannah. Which brings up Everwood. Was that not the most heartbreaking scene? Or Scenes? My fav was the one with Bright and Amy actually. Nia Long guest starred, and I will watch her in ANYTHING… but her story as Irv’s daughter seemed to come out of nowhere.
Gilmore Girls? Logan… boring…this Logan storyline has grown tepid, but loved Paris and Doyle watching the penguin movie. But LOVED Suki and Jackson trying to get rid of the three garbage bags full of weed. HILARIOUS.
And Scrubs. Another show reeling from tragedy, but loved Prison Break-meanguy as the emotional nutcase surgeon.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

New Eps for this Week (May 1- 7)

Monday May 1
Texas Ranch House – PBS 8pm (2hrs) Check local listings.
Prison Break – Fox/Global 8pm
What About Brian – CTV 8pm/ABC 10pm
How I Met Your Mother – CBS 8:30pm
24 – Fox 9pm, Global 10pm
Everwood – The WB 9pm
The New Adventures of Old Christine – CBS/CH 9:30pm

Tuesday May 2
Gilmore Girls – The WB 8pm, Global 10pm
American Idol – Fox/CTV 8pm
Modern Men – City 8pm
Veronica Mars – UPN 9pm
Scrubs – NBC/SUN 9pm
House – FOX/Global 9pm
Pepper Dennis – The Wb 9pm
Teachers – NBC 9:30pm
Boston Legal – ABC/CH 10pm
The Bedford Diaries – CITY 10:30pm (1hr)

Wednesday May 3
Lost – CTV 7pm, ABC 9pm
House – Fox/Global 8pm
Alias – ABC 8pm
The Amazing Race – CTV/CBS 8pm
Bones – FOX/Global 8pm
Everwood – Achannel 8pm
American Idol – Fox/CTV 9pm

Thursday May 4
The OC – CTV 8pm, FOX 9pm
Survivor: Exile Island – CBS/Global 8pm
Everybody Hates Chris – UPN 8pm
Supernatural – The WB/City 9pm
My Name Is Earl – NBC/Global 9pm
The Office – NBC/Global 9:30pm
ER – NBC/CTV 10pm
Commander in Chief – ABC 10pm
Without a Trace – CBS/Global 10pm

Sunday April 7
Alias – CTV 5pm
Everybody Hates Chris – City 7pm
The West Wing – NBC/SUN 8pm
Desperate Housewives –ABC/CTV 9pm
How I Met Your Mother – CH 9:30pm
Grey’s Anatomy – ABC/CTV 10pm

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Grey’s Anatomy – Blues for Sister Someone

Why would Karev do that? Why would Karev leak out information to a patients super Christian husband, that the “complication” coming from a surgery C-section Addison performed, should be further investigated because Addison had actually tied the tubes at the secret request of the patient?
I know I’m going to get disagreements on this point but I’m digging George’s new do, ditto with the beard thing on Chris O’Donnell. The rest? Not the best ep, since it seemed more like tie ups from previous stories, including Izzie and Denny, Burke and Christina, and Bailey the mother not getting any actual work she wants. Still, funny enough with the coffee thing between Burke and George, and at least George is moving back in with Izzie and Meredith.

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