Wednesday, May 24, 2006

iPod On-the-Go List - The Best Idols Albums EVER Edition

Okay. So tonight will crown the 5th American Idol... but what is it all worth? Really? Does it really matter? (Yes it does, if done right).

So here are the best albums to come out of ANY Idol show, at least from the little I've heard:

1. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (Winner, 1st American Idol)
2. Rex Goudie - Under the Lights (Runner Up, 3rd Canadian Idol)
3. Darius Danesh - Colourblind (2nd Runner Up, Original Pop Idol)
4. Hedley - Hedley (Jacob Hogart 2nd Runner Up, 2nd Canadian Idol)
5. Josh Gracin - Josh Gracin (3rd Runner Up, 2nd American Idol)
6. Kelly Clarkson - Thankful (Winner, 1st American Idol)
7. Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts (Winner, 4th American Idol)
8. Melissa O'Neill - Melissa O'Neill (Winner, 3rd Canadian Idol)
9. Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man (Runner Up, 2nd American Idol) (yes, I actually got sucked into this one)
10. Ryan Malcolm - Home (Winner, 1st Canadian Idol) (yes, I think it's actually pretty good, see continued drunkeness from above).

And the WORST? Either for most disappointing or just plain annoying:

1. Diane DeGarmo - Blue Skies (Runner Up American Idol)
2. Fantasia - Free Yourself (Winner American Idol)
3. Ruben Studard - Soulful (Winner American Idol)
4. William Hung - Inspiration (Loser American Idol)
5. Will Young - Friday's Child/From Now On (Winner Pop Idol)
6. Kalan Porter - 219 Days (Winner Canadian Idol)
7. Justin Guarini - Justin Guarini (Runner Up American Idol)
8. RJ Helton - Real Life (Top 10 American Idol)
9. Corey Clark - Corey Clark (Top 10 American Idol)
10. Billy Klippert - Billy Klippert (Top 10 Canadian Idol)

I should save a spot on the second list for Taylor's upcoming album...

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