Sunday, July 30, 2006

On-The-Go iPod Playlist

It's been a while cause it's generally been the same stuff, but I found myself humming "Steady As She Goes" all while crossing Germany these past few days, and only finally figured out it was The Raconteurs.

and still LOVING Cristina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man". I cannot WAIT for her album.

John Mayer's "Waiting for the World to Change" ain't bad but it's no Room for Squares quality.

meanwhile, still enjoying All American Rejects Move Along album
and The Fray's How to Save A Life Album and still LOVING City and Colour's Album Sometimes.

Meanwhile, does anybody else feel the buzz of Panic! At the Disco is a little overated? Aren't they basically just Fall Out Boy?

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Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars - Why The Sixers are not the Friendsheep

Yes, the Sixers are sitting in the HOH room pretty much running the show, and keeping it to their own gang. However, they are NOT like the much hated Friendsheep because the Friendsheep were hated, not because they were running the Big Brother house, and dominating everyone else, it was because they were plain MEAN and made things PERSONAL, starting from Eric, the most misogynist, racist player disguised as a loving self righteous do-gooder, to the bitchy Beau, April and Ivette, to follower Maggie and the bitch that got Kaysar kicked out again. Sixers however aren't making it personal, they just want to win and that means everyone else will have to go. They are PLAYING the game, but they aren't making it personal, they just have a good set up that has so far been unbeatable, which is very different than the Friendsheep.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let the war begin

CBC picks up ABC's The One. It fails big time. Now they go after the competition with CTV's Canadian Idol. This is too funny...

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Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars

When did Chicken George get into the game?

Man that was one weird episode last night. From the rousing and touching music during Howie and George's Jedi talk (where Howie seriously seemed moved, and also partially swayed by George's small dig at the Sixers... hmm.. maybe he IS playing the game), to a Veto where everyone but Kaysar and George gave up (with huge consequences later) after Kaysar and George gave up Veto power and their hair for next week. Will's " I hate you all" speech moving straight into George's "I love you all" speech. Then Jace's "I hate you all" speech calling out Marcellas for no particular reason other than Jace was about to be back doored AGAIN.

Weird but FANTASTIC!

Anyways, I'm off to Europe for a couple of days so will need be a little delayed on my summer reality tv (gasp!).

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Project Runway

I don't know how I have never really posted about Project Runway but this is one of the best reality shows EVER (and not in the Big Brother trashy way but in a great The Amazing Race kind of way).

I guess cause I don't actually get it here on time so I rely on downloads or people taping it for me, but now that NBC is running the first few eps of the 3rd season (Mondays), I'm getting my design thrills back.

Anyways, I think this year, I'm either loving Laura (who of course is from Architecture background and has FIVE kids yet looks STELLAR, or Robert, who just looks stellar after years of designing Barbie. Yes. Matel's Barbie. I know, too easy to make fun of yet so far has been the funniest guy (without being bitchy) and has made some nice stuff so far.

I think I enjoy it most for rehashing memories of all the stress while designing in a studio full of creative but bitchy people, and then having it all hacked away my some nasty nasty (yet enjoyable) critics (oh, how tart you are Nina Garcia)!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

ForEverwood - The Greg Berlanti Interview, plus, meeting Lainey the Gossip Queen

Here is a FANTASTIC interview with Greg Berlanti, the creator of Everwood, post-cancellation.

I LOVE Greg Berlanti. I know The Broken Hearts Club was all cheese but I loved it (and introduced us to a blonde Zach Braff and my fav J-Crew guy Chris Wiehl (from Love Monkey).
Also, we had Lainey visit the office today and she was nice enough to stop in my lil' ol office to meet me since she heard that I was one of her many readers. I must bow in the presence of such a gossip queen. I have much to learn...

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My New Obsession - So You Think You Can Dance

Okay. I found the clip of Heidi and Travis' Contemporary from this week.

Meanwhile, I'm a little shocked that Dimitry got booted last night but at the same time, am not, since now it is all up to the audience vote, and if American and Canadian Idol has taught us anything (or at least taught Tamyra Grey, Chris Daughtry and Jacob Hoggard), it is that the crazed fans of the weakest person remaining has a LOT of time on their hands to call and vote to overcome more deserving people who have less crazed fans.

As for poor Martha, it was a bad night to have an off night, since all 4 of the girls are simply AMAZING and ALL deserve to win at this point.

Oh yeah. and over on Big Brother 7: All Stars? The sixers rule continues! Go James! Now don't screw your compadres over since if anyone will, you will... get Will and Boogie FIRST.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My New Obsession - So You Think You Can Dance


Okay. BENJI, ALLISON, DONYELLE and TRAVIS are my top 4 if I really had to decide.... and seems like they are everyone else's (at least according to the EW poll (its at the end of the gallery pics)) .

However, how amazing was Heidi and Travis' Contemporary last night? (though I can't find a clip online yet).

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Reality - So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star: Supernova, Big Brother: All Stars, The One

Let me get the rest out of the way first before I get to the good stuff...

Bottom 3 Josh... after playing dirty to get the song that you wanted, I am glad you were bottom 3 from Rock Star... so much for choosing your own fate. Didn't you listen to Earl (or for that matter, Carson Daly)?

Kaysar, we love you, but you DOLT... Why didn't you get Chill town out of the Big Brother house? ARGH... that's how they survived the FIRST time around... and now Nakomis or Diane will go, while the ever annoying Boogie stays. Janelle was right. You made a HUGE mistake. On the other hand, bravo for Diane's crying performance and pity plea... bravo... because if you seriously didn't expect All Stars to be cutthroat, maybe you DO deserve to be voted out.

George Strombo, you look seriously bored on The One. I'm seriously bored watching.

Finally. Like I've said for the past few weeks, HOW MUCH DO I LOVE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? I admit defeat since I totally dismissed this show when it started up again.

Now we are in top 10, new partners, 2 dance each as a pair, and one solo. Im tired just saying it all.

Sadly, some people had an off night. Poor Martha and Ivan were not up to their normal levels. Maybe chemistry caused it but even their solos were kinda plain. Poor Ryan is good but not good enough and the one I think is most forgettable (usually, well... cause I forget about him).

Meanwhile, I am LOVING LOVING LOVING Travis as always. New partner Heidi as always. Donyelle as always. Natalie as always, and her new partner, Benji who has totally grown on me throughout the weeks and possibly the main rival to Travis right now (at least within the guys). Dimitry continues to flaunt his chiseled body (hey, if it works right?) that I sort of get surprised everytime he performs because you forget that he is actually quite an amazing dancer. Still, the Chipendales thing needs to be toned down just a notch. I mean... look at Dimitry totally flaunting it. DISGUSTING.

Who will go tomorrow? I'll really be sad about any of the girls at this point, and will only remember that Ryan is still in the game when he gets cut tomorrow.

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Shameless Plugs - Off-Broadway Bound - A Big Congrats to Chris

So you know that guy that was always talking the talk, and who was always so confident and got the girls, but was funny to the guys and as much as you wanted to hate the guy, you somehow couldn't? That was Chris.

When he said he was writing a musical, we were kinda like... hmm... sure... okay... u huh...
then we saw it, and it was ACTUALLY HILARIOUS... he might actually have something here.

Now, it will open Nov. 1st Off Broadway. So watch for Evil Dead The Musical. Yes. That's what I said and yes, it has great songs and you will laugh your ass off (and I'm sure they've tuned it up even more).

So a big congrats to Chris!

and the Toronto Fringe Festival continues to flourish! First Drowsy Chaperone, now this! Maybe this year's hot show Auto Show (with my friend Susan in it!) will grow...

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Critics Best 2006

Here's the listing of the Critics top (and bottom) shows. I pretty much have to say I concur. My list is pretty similar except for a few ordering changes. (Minus all the shows I don't get cause I only have basic cable).

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TV Updates - Lost, The Amazing Race, Ghost Whisperer, Dougray Scott, Veronica Mars

TV Critics picked Lost and The Sopranos as the best TV shows this year.

Here are the contestants for The Amazing Race 10.

The two male models are "not just pretty boys" but already went through REHAB and survivors of a hard knock life? WHATEVER. This ain't no Lil' Orphan Annie. I hate them already.

Jay Mohr is joining the cast of Ghost Whisperer!!??!??!!

Dougray Scott is joing the cast of Desperate Housewives !!

Mac (Tina Majorino) is now a full cast member on Veronica Mars (which will premiere Oct. 3rd!)

And like I said before... TV is so good... this fall. it may be TOO good.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Guilty Errors - Canadian Idol - Top 10

hmm... I feel like eating Whole Grain Honey Nut Cheerios now...

Wow. What a sad Top 10. After 3 seasons of churning out some singers that have suprisingly come out with some of the better Idol albums, this years crop is the worst I have ever seen.

They should just award Eva Avila the winner now, if only because she was the only one to sing her song completely on key, and the fact that her name is great (now only if she could lose her OC Summer during season 1 personality), plus bonus points for having the gall to sing a Nelly Furtado song when Nelly Furtado was the guest celebrity.

Everybody else was BLOODY AWFUL... but no one could top Craig in awfulness. Holy William Hung, and this isn't even for laughs.

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Shameless Plugs - The Canadian Edition

Alright people, back to Shameless Plugging for shows of friends or sometimes even yours truly...

Mondays on CBC at 9:30pm, watch What's It Like Being Alone.

Starting tommorow (Tuesdays at 8:30pm), CTV is finally airing Season 2 of Instant Star which is apparently much better than Season 1 and easy to get into from this point on.

Also on CTV, on Sundays 10pm, Whistler continues and we are finally at a point where they are shifting the focus to the Quinn character which I thought was the best part of the show. (He's the guy on the far right in the pic below).

Both Instant Star and Whistler air on The N in the States.

In the Non-Canadian content for Canada, Veronica Mars Season 2 FINALLY airs in Canada on SUN TV on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting tomorrow at 8pm.

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The Amazing Race 10

Yes, ALREADY... and about time too so that we can forget about the previous two installments with the Hippies and trashy Southern "religious" family winning...

but The Amazing Race 10 contenders have been announced, and yet again, there are more models. Sheesh...

At least there are finally Asians on AND they are heading Westward to the "Far east" first, allowing the most teams to bumble their way through Asia... CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Guilty Pleasure - Big Brother 7: All Stars

ERIKA WENT OUT with JOSH DESOUZA from BB1? for FIVE years? How did I not know that? Why does this even excite me? How sad is my life? (What happened to Josh? Loved him!). How great is Erika's little crush on Kaysar? (Man, it doesn't take much to excite or entertain me on these hot summer nights, I guess that's what Superman Returns was counting on! (7/10 by the way: A little slow but some nice artistic touches from Bryan Singer... if only the script were a bit more exciting and they focused less on the boring crystals and more on Parker Posey's Kitty and Brandon Routh as Superman himself, who was surprisingly good. Plus, why was Kal Penn's lines all cut out?).

So Will finally explains why he is so pasty white, Boogie plans to have a showlationship with Diane who was not impressed when he grabbed her ass in the food competition, shoving her further to drown in the slop, and Danielle suckers and puckers up to Janelle, lip balm intact, and Howie actually looks bothered by Will's remarks.

I still love Kaysar and gang but never thought they were the best players (that would be Nakomis, Danielle, Will and Diane) so I'm a little torn of his nominations of Diane and Nakomis, since they are a huge threat that the others do not realize, but Will needs to GO, if only because that was how he snuck by and manipulated his way to winning the first time around.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer Reality: So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother 7: All Stars

Oh my Travis, you pitched a perfect performance, from those beautiful spins, to a well timed cry-fest for your mother, cause you know what? Mama boys with ripped abs and spiky blonde hair definitely works on the fanbase. Man that solo dance was FANTASTIC as was your partner Martha's solo. HOLY FLYING... how high did Martha jump?

Poor Donyelle (thankfully safe) looked like she was in so much pain, but not as much pain as it was for us to watch Ashlee's performance, which at this point in the game, was a complete bore. Dimitri continued to show off his abs, and rolled off with perfect politician answers, but hey, it worked on me, and it has worked for weeks so why change the game?

Sex kitten Natalie bounced on her toes in some incredible bouncing thing that I don't even know how to describe even in all its simplicity except to say the girl has got some STRONG LEGS. Totally beautiful.

Poor Musa's limitations finally caught up with him, despite his flip flying solo, but at this point, when they go to individual votes next week, Musa's time was up.

Over on Big Brother, how the hell did Alison end up with a cute doctor? Though can't be THAT smart of a doctor if he believes that Alison isn't flirting and lying to win. Who are you kidding here? So goodbye AGAIN Alison (who I actually don't completely mind cause she DOES stir up a lot of drama and WAS a good player back in BB4) but thank goodness Danielle got to stay so that we still get her manipulating the house.

and KAYSAR!!! For winning HOH!!! Although what's with the return to a single HOH? Why do CBS Reality Shows keep bringing a twist only to drop it after the first ep? However, James' screaming at Howie and Janelle for being blantantly overly excited was justified and if they were smart, its time to fake a fight to take the Sixers out of the spotlight.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Office Webisodes Premiere!: The Accountants - The Books Don't Balance

The Accountants - The Books Don't Balance

Oh yey! TV Road trip to Scranton Ohio!

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So You Think You Can Dance

At this point, everyone I didn't care for is gone, and everyone left, I LOVE.

Well, almost. Love Heidi, Love Dimitri, but both their partners are falling off my radar. Love Natalie and Musa but I didn't think they were that good last night.

However my three favorites teams were GREAT last night... heres a look:

Donyelle and Benji

Martha and Travis

Allison and Ivan

Oh how I love this show... and to think I wasn't planning on watching this when summer started.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Reality - Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol Top 10 Results, Big Brother: All Stars

Where IS Supernova going? From any indication last night, the three members seemed to be looking for completely different things in the rockers. The good news is that they all seemed to favour my new fav Toby Rand and his Aussie voice.

My top four are now Toby, Josh, Lukas and Dilana though Jenny from Vancouver isn't bad either.

On Canadian Idol... hmm... who cares... So far no one really stands out and in fact, most are annoying me this year. Maybe it's because they all seem too young thing year (only three are in their 20's and everyone else is still in the teens). In fact, I can't believe Kati Durst and Steffi D made it. They are HORRIBLE. and Yes, Steffi D is apparently in her teens, despite the fact she looks 43. At this point, my money is on Chad Doucette to make top 3. He sings fine and he's cute. I know, usually that won't just do but it seems like a weak year to me. I would give it to Ashley Coulter (Allyssa Milano's CDN double) but she doesn't seem to know what her strengths are.

Meanwhile, over in the Big Brother: All Star house, let the games begin! First of all, Jase. Not so annoying this year... in fact... kinda amusing. Chicken George? Not so annoying this year by being annoying to all the houseguest and sort of throwing the whole alliances and manipulation off by being sort of clueless in the house (or is that his game?). Meanwhile, yeah Janelle again for winning HOH AND VETO! LOVE YOU! I mean, it'll create an even bigger target on your back but then again, you already had the biggest one going into the game (by being the most popular).

Love that both Marcellas and Erika hold grudges to Danielle and Allison respectively. IT WAS A GAME. IT WAS YEARS AGO... Still... ads to the drama and maybe they can self destruct themselves to leave Team Six intact (LOVE you James, Howie, Kaysar and of course. JANELLE!)

So, I'll kinda be sad if Danielle leaves tomorrow since she WAS the best player not to have won (seriously, she never actually took a side... she throws out a situation and sits back... too bad this time Allison sold you out), but Allison sure makes for good drama as the biggest (female) liar ever to live in the house (Will gets the male honour).

Meanwhile, NBC will be airing Project Runway for the next two Mondays! Bring on sweet Tim Gunn! Biting Nina Garcia and the ever-bitchy Michael Kors!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

and the Emmy uproar continues

I was going let sleeping dogs lie... but why? When there is this article to continue it?

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Another Gratuitous Post

So I was about to write something about James Marsden perfecting the third wheel role in the Love Triangle in movie roles (The Notebook, Superman Returns, all The X-Men movies) when this came out.

Our favorite Much Music VJ/CBC Newsworld host George Stroumboulopoulos is going to be hosting ABC's The ONE (the new American Idol meets Big Brother reality show). I'm kinda shocked.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Let the Emmy uproar continue

Here. and Here. and Here. and Here. and Here. and Here. and Here. and Here. and Here.

Also said perfectly Here. and Here. and Here.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Reality Overload: Big Brother 7: All Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol, enough summer reality tv for ya?

So the leaks on the net were completely accurate and the 14 Big Brother 7 (not 12 as they officially said) houseguests entered the house earlier this week. Yey Janelle, Kaysar, James and Howie from Season 6 made it. Boo Mike Boogie and Jase did too. Now everybody wants Season 6 people out but Janelle and Jase won first HOH and now Allison and Danielle are up on the block. Should be a fun trashy summer!

Have I noted how much I'm loving So You Think You Can Dance? How fun and how hot and how gay is that show? Still loving my early picks Travis and Martha (see pic above). But also loving Allison and Ivan (even though he looks like he can be broken in half by just touching him, let alone dancing a wicked Hip Hop), and of course Dimitri. Heidi looks like she can be the most annoying girl ever and in theory I would despise her and yet I also feel that she and I would be best friends if we met. So I'm not sure yet... but she's kinda fun to watch in a southern cheerleader gone dirty dancing kinda way.

On Rock Star: Supernova, the Toronto candidate Lukas Rossi has yet again stood right out off the bat, as JD Fortune did last year. Yey Canada! I messed up the recording though so only caught the last third of the show and then had to rely on the recaps. Man the recaps can be decieving though since the boys sounded better than the girls but then found out it was really vice versa, which was proven today in the results show when they showed longer recaps.

Anyhoo. I also finally watched the finale for American Idol... yes. it's irrelevant at this point but what a madcap weird show THAT was... Prince? Mary J. Blige? Toni Braxton? Dionne Warwick? Meatloaf? Live? Though Elliott Yamin and Mary J. were TIGHT... The whole show was kinda ridiculous in a train wreck entertainment sort of way.

Oh, and Canadian Idol? No favorites this year yet... In a way a better sounding group yet none really seem to have any star power... not that excited about it this far.

Okay. here's an extra clip from last week's So You Think You Can Dance... man I really do love this show... probably why I've gotten all excited to see A Chorus Line that starts in SFO this month and moves to Broadway come fall.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Emmy's Are Officially Dead to Me

Ausiello said it best: OMG It's an Emmy Catastrophe!

The rage has begun online and while there is now one more category that I find mostly good (Best Guest Actor in a Drama), it is interesting to note that the nominees for Best Casting and Best Writing are the same series everyone THOUGHT and WANTS in the Best Drama and Best Comedy... so why the difference? What went wrong?

I mean. even STACKED was nominated yet Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Everwood are left in the dust? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

Who wants to go camping on August 27/28 weekend?

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The 58th Emmy Nominations - The new voting system STILL doesn't work


This new Voting system they kept touting was supposed to usher in a whole new era in nominees but I guess I was just too naive to realise it was all just a ploy.

In the end, Things are looking even worse than before. So much for the "new Lauren Graham voting system".

Still No WB or UPN show, Still No Lauren Graham, No Tichina Arnold, Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell, T.R. Knight from Grey's Anatomy. Not even Hugh Laurie for House, Entourage, or anything from Lost. WHAT?

and Kevin James from King of Queens, Two and a Half Men, and Will and Grace still get nods? Freakin Tony Shalhoub for Monk AGAIN? That is still on?

I don't even know where to start and I'm sure this post will keep changing and updating but basically, this years Emmy Nominations SUCK.

If there was any new nominations, they were for old nominees in new projects (Stockard Channing for Out of Practice, which even while I liked, still was far deserving for Emmy status, Lisa Kudrow for The Comeback, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for The New Adventures of Old Christine which was one of the few personal picks that actually came to fruition).

I'm actually happy that Christopher Meloni finally got one for Law and Order: SVU but to snub Hugh Laurie? House was not at its best this season and I don't think belongs on the Best Drama list but how can the best thing on that show not be nominated?

My theory stolen from a few other people's theory? While there was the second round of voting from a "blue ribbon panel", it required people to show up to vote, and who has time to do that? the senior citizen emmy voters, the same voters who tend to vote for the same few bunch year after year. Plus since only single episodes were screened, shows like Lost which cater to long series long storylines and only are understood under a longer than one-episode arc probably lose out.

The few highlights, and this year, there are very few, Jean Smart and Gregory Itzin for 24, Jaime Pressly for My Name is Earl (though that show should have gotten more nods), and Elizabeth Perkins for Weeds (another show that should have gotten more nods) and Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh for Grey's Anatomy. Will Arnet for Arrested Development, and Jeremy Piven for Entourage, Steve Carell for The Office. hmm.... and that's about it. I have entire categories that I'm unhappy with and the only category where I think all 5 nominees are actually deserving is sadly the Best Reality Competition catgory.

Man... this list must be a joke right? That's the only way to explain it's general suckiness right?

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Everybody's Watching "Nobody's Watching"

Alright, I'm back from almost two weeks of travels, weddings and more travels and now I'm back home totally sick. So what better reason to plunk on the couch to rest and watch more TV!? (Sadly, I'm still catching up from May Sweeps... by the way? What kinda ending was THAT to Prison Break? I totally want to know what happens yet I somehow don't care all at the same time).

Anyways, apparently since I've been gone, I've missed the whole Star vs The View soap opera bitchfest (damn... now we won't ever get that Rosie vs Star showdown I was so looking forward to this fall).

Also, "Nobody's Watching" was emailed to me 2 weeks ago and I never had the time to watch, but since, has become an internet phenom. What is it? a Failed pilot about... well... a comedy about a reality show about a couple of tv freaks who are given then opprotunity to create a sitcom. Confused? The self references and irony doesn't end there considering it was dropped from The WB Sched back in 2005 but now looks like a hit on the net and may get picked up by NBC or ABC. Let's hope it does since the show is from Scrubs creator and has a great role for Paul Adelstein (who lost the Burke role on Grey's Anatomy but then got his minor role on Prison Break) and pretty funny stuff. Not the legendary status it seems to have culminated within a month but still, a pretty interesting sitcom.

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