Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There's Hope Yet

The musicals High Fidelity and Spring Awakening have been averaging about 45-50% capacity. That's BAD. Both opened within 3 days of each other last week. However, High Fidelity got trashed in the reviews, while Spring Awakening got amazing reviews.

Now, they just announced High Fidelity will close its $10 Million production later this week while Spring Awakening got a big boost in the box office with a tune of $2 Million in advance sales (and let's hope it grows) since Monday when reviews came out.

So yeah! There is some justice in the world on Broadway! Hmm... that reminds me, I'd better get my tickets to see Spring Awakening again FAST...

Meanwhile, Degrassi: The Next Generation is going to be syndicated in the United States soon, 5 days a week!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Spring Awakening! And yeah, I really couldn't get excited about a High Fidelity musical, even though I really liked the movie.

Vance said...

I was kinda excited at first (since Billy Elliot was changed into an AMAZING musical) and I like Will Chase who got the lead role. Then I heard the songs on the High Fidelity website, and if those were the best songs they were promoting... man they SUCKED.

But Yay Spring Awakening! (uh. Have I been a little nauseating over my shameless plugs on it?)