Friday, December 08, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands - Oh Great, THAT Episode

I could finally watch Survivor a bit last night (though I watched My Name is Earl, again, very funny, particularly a drugged Joy calmly but finally telling off the intrusive neighbours) since The Office and Ugly Betty weren't running new episodes, but Survivor HAD to be the family reunion episode. Oh god. Boring.

Anyways, is it wrong for me, an Asian, to be rooting for Becky and Yul? Finally after all the big kerfuffle of the race thing, we are left with... oh. right. the Pretty People. How's that for segregation. Anyways, I was rooting for Yul up to last night, and while I hated Jonathan, I knew that he was a good person to have in Yul's pocket that could help take him and Becky to the end (granted, on the other hand, have I not learned anything from Richard Hatch and Will Kirby). Sadly, they decided to kick Jonathan off leaving the young pretty people (I'm not even sure if I'm complaining or not anymore) as the final six survivors including Yul and Adam. Of course it could still be fun watching them all implode now, backstabbing each other 'til no end. Personally, I'm just waiting for the reunion episode to find out what Brad meant about JP.

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