Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - Not Grinch

How Lily Stole Christmas

That was a pretty funny device of using the word "Grinch" to replace another word that probably get through the censors.

Lily hears an old phone message recording of Ted appeasing a distraught and dumped Marshall from the summer. Ted uses the big b word in describing Lily, and Lily gets pissed. Lily gets even more pissed when Ted refuses to apologize for the incident so Lily takes all the Christmas decorations back to her tiny apartment.

Meanwhile, Barney is sick but refuses to believe so, until Robin is stuck mothering him to health.

Not as funny as Slap Bet or Single Stamina but another nice new episode from our new friends.

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Anonymous said...

I actually assumed that he used the c-word, since the b-word probably wouldn't have evoked the same reaction, or been censored by the network. I kind of hope it WAS the b-word, though, 'cause if it was the c-word I'll totally be bitter at Ted for a while.