Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Friday Night Lights - This Is Now The Show I Love The Most

Black Eyes and Broken Hearts

Okay, Seriously, Holy Football Folks. Intense. Now, if you know me, I'm completely against violence of any kind but damn was I glad that Tim Riggins threw that punch on the rival team player who kept harassing Smash during the game.

Coach Taylor must deal with Mac McGill's racist comment and turns to Tami for some advice, and gets three similar answers from three Tami's. Tami the guidance counsellor, Tami the wife, and Tami the friend. The three Tami's are fricken AWESOME.

The Taylors also must deal with Julie's new friendship with Tyra, while Landry tries to help Matt Saracen out to win Julie back. Eric proves a bit of a bumbling father as Tami stands for none of Julie's antics and watching the Taylors is hilarious if only for reminding me of my teenage days. Oh, and somewhere in between, Landry and Saracen follow Tyra and Julie into the strip club where Tyra's sister works, but they get caught by undercover cops and they all land in jail. Ha!

Smash continues to deal with his decision to walk out on the football team, but his AMAZING mother Corrina (a heartbreakingly honest and terrific Liz Mikel, who would have thought a high school football show would have two of the strongest female characters in all of television?) gives him a good verbal smacking showing him the best way to fight Mac McGill and his kind is to show him what he can really do.

Smash and the other black players show up for Friday nights away game, but on the field, Smash is zeroed in by the rivals and is tackled, harassed, and generally unfairly provoked, much to the ignorance of the refs. I was fuming but Smash kept his cool, but Tim Riggins finally didn't and defended his teammate (but personal rival). Go Tim!

The team is stopped on their way back to Dillon by the cops, who want to charge Smash with assault, but Mac McGill, who in the end, was not fired by Coach Taylor, proves Panthers worthy as he protects Smash from the cops.

Meanwhile, Saracen wins Julie back by giving her jewelry with her birthstone and securing her officially as his girlfriend. Awwwww... how high school. I love it!

Next week, Julie wants to have sex and Matt Saracen nods profusely. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

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