Thursday, January 25, 2007

The OC - The Casting Couch

The Groundhog Day

A week early isn't it? All thanks to Fox I'm guessing who is just burning the episodes away to make way for the American Idol channel (they bumped last nights new Bones to next week as well, and sadly, America totally bought the lame auditions up).

So, calling all casting agents, get thee Autumn Reeser (as Taylor Townsend) a new pilot show since it is that season again and now that The OC is done and not moving on at Fox or CW. Girl has got SOMETHING that just pops off the screen. While you're at it, bring Ben McKenzie on, who hasn't shined this brightly since he starred opposite Oscar nominee Amy Adams in Junebug. I'm pretty sure Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody will be totally fine now that they've gotten some pretty good film roles, but hopefully Willa Holland will get recognized from this ratings-deprived but hilarious season.

Anyways, Kaitlin has been emailing Bullet pretending to be Julie in a somewhat sweet story that will wrap up Julie in a nice ending.

Che's love of otter (aka Seth) ends up being a lame mistake. Che makes Seth help him free a groundhog but ends up meeting his real soul mate, a girl in a groundhog costume.

Taylor stalks Ryan and tries to avoid him all the same setting her up for many pratfalls. Though they finally re-unite and all is well (at least until the next episode)!

Sandy and Ryan try to seek out something for her birthday the entire episode but the main important thing is that Kirsten is pregnant and now our second favorite parents (Eric and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights just won out this year) will be busy again after the show finishes (at least in imaginary The OC world)!

Meanwhile, Julie breaks it off with her other man, who we discover is, gasp, Frank Atwood, who was ready to propose. Which would have made Julie Cooper related to everybody on the show at some point or another.


Anonymous said...

How stupid is the Fox Network, this show is rocking this season, it's a crime against nature that it's going off the air. I, myself, have written Fox as a network off for this, I'll never watch them again. Liguori is an idiot, someone should call the village and let them know we've found him.

Anonymous said...

An Ben needs to get on another show fast, we need to be able to see him on a weekly basis.

vance said...

I don't know why I keep giving Fox the benefit of the doubt even though they keep screwing me over (Kitchen Confidential, Arrested Development, now postponing The Loop). I agree, we need to stop watching.

Meanwhile, the only reason I wouldn't recommend Ben onto a new show is that I would want him myself on something I'm working on (not that it will ever make it). Still, on can dream...

Anonymous said...

Ben & Autumn definitely have that one of a kind chemistry. They both need to be on a show together & fast. I also agree that Ryan has been so entertaining this year. I love the puppy dog eyes that he gave Taylor tonight. This is pure madness. The idiots in charge over at Fox need to be fired. Not everyone enjoys reality shows. Only 4 more episodes and I am done with Fox.

tiff said...

I actually don't mind the show going out on top... plus it gives the writers creative license to do pretty much whatever they want! It's refreshing!

But yes, Ben needs to be on my TV on a weekly basis.

Great Blog!

vance said...

Yeah, I've sort of accepted that fact now. Kinda like Everwood. Might as well go out on top and create a lasting good impression. However, the cast needs to be on TV still in some form or another.

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