Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Not A Grey('s) Area, It's Black and White

I was going to leave this alone but since everyone is piping up about it, and Isaiah Washington had to bring it up again at the Golden Globes, I now officially want Isaiah off Grey's Anatomy.

First he calls co-star T.R. Knight the f#gg%t word forcing T.R. out of the closet, then after the dust had sort of settled (and he was lucky to get away with it at this point), Isaiah brings it up again at the Golden Globes and denies he ever said it.

Then Katherine Heigl (thank her bootylicious blondness! I knew there was a reason why I loved you since Roswell) confirmed that Isaiah DID in fact use the F word and was not sure why he was lying. She also put her cards in to defend T.R. (And now I'm wondering if her, T.R. and Kate Walsh's absence from the Entertainment Weekly Year End cover story as the Entertainers of the year (they were quoted as saying that they "...declined to participate in this story" even though it was a top honours story that most actors would not pass up) had anything to do with the friction that must be happening on the set of Grey's Anatomy these days? Boy will these coming weeks of filming be interesting...)

Now T.R. Knight was just on Ellen today to confirm it all (and can I love him and Ellen even more now for trying to clean up the whole incident?) It was a bit weird to watch since T.R. was obviously unconfortable about talking about it still, but it was necessary to clear things up fully and finally.

Seriously, Shonda Rhimes and ABC needs to write away Burke's shaky hand out of Seattle Grace. If you made a mistake Isaiah, own up and apologize because that F word is uncalled for in ANY setting, let alone a workplace setting. I know it's acting but I can no longer view Isaiah/Burke's face without thinking of the uncalled words he used in real life and actions need to be taken. If this was a racial slur, someone would have been axed, but since it's a gay slur, somehow our society still tends to let those things slide. That's just wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been so busy with work that I missed all this latest controversy. Although I have to say, Isaiah bringing it up at the Golden Globes did make me wonder. Thanks for the recap, and props to those in the cast that have stood up for TR!