Friday, January 12, 2007

Ugly Betty - Too Good To Be True

Sofia's Choice

So I was a little scared that after last week's little re-mix episode (using the original 4th episode and plugging it post-Christmas to fill in the gaps) was a sign that Ugly Betty's success was just temporary (see Prison Break, The OC (at least until this season again)), my optimism is renewed again after seeing "Sofia's Choice" where it completely spins Sofia's involvement since we first saw her.

Last we saw Betty, she was leaving Mode for Sofia's magazine. Sofia (Salma Hayek) is all worried about Daniel not proposing to her. Sofia sends Betty back to Mode to write an article about her experience at Mode as a non-fashionable person, and in doing so, we get honest answers from Marc and Amanda, as well as Betty having some blackmailing info on Marc's "profile" on the web! Betty slips to Daniel about Sofia's worry sending Daniel to the next step. Getting Sofia to meet the parents (where we get another wonderful return of Judith Light as drunken Mrs. Meade.

Wilhelmina is still seeing Ted (Brett Cullen) and waltzes into Mode un-Wilhelmina-like. Essentially, in jeans and being nice. Throwing off Marc and everybody else at Mode.

Betty plays detective when she sees Hunter enter a male strip club, and Christina comes along for the fun, finding out that Sofia paid stripper Hunter to play boyfriend. Before Betty can warn Daniel, Daniel has already proposed to Sofia, only to find out that she had been playing him the whole time to earn the debut cover story of how to get proposed in 60 days. Sofia dumbs Daniel live on air and Daniel falls apart. Betty quits MYW. Wilhelmina gets dumped by Ted when he decides to return to his wife and family, and Wilhelmina returns in full force.

Nothing however tops the ending when Amanda attacks Sofia in the elevator. You Go Amanda! And you go Becki Newton who plays Amanda and who also played Ruthie, the "ugly geek" version of Betty at MYW! Yes, apparently that was her. I didn't even realise until EW's Popwatch pointed it out!

Oh yeah, and theres a bit more about Ignacio's immigration as a case worker investigates the case... yawn.

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