Friday, January 12, 2007

Men in Trees - Follow Through

The Darkest Day

Okay, Jane really needs to continue the relationship with Plow Guy. LOVE that storyline. Not sure if I like Ben and Theresa (even though I like them individually) together since I'm rooting for Ben and Sarah. Meanwhile, Annie wants Patrick to act like a man and not a mama's boy, while Celia is evaluated by her visiting boss (the busy Currie Graham, what ABC show is he NOT on?) and he has an attraction for her even though he's kind of a crass jerk (which is what Currie plays best).

Meanwhile, Justine Bateman sticks around as Lynn which curtails the romance between Jack and Marin.

So this is the first new episode that follows a new Grey's Anatomy so I wonder how the ratings will do? It seems a nice light fit and a good breather after the dramatic soapy intensity on Grey's Anatomy.

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