Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Amazing Race: All Stars Cast Official

Oh yey! I was correct with my spoilers for the cast of The Amazing Race: All Stars which will premiere on Feb. 18th on CBS at 8pm and has officially announced the cast (okay, except for Tian and Jaree who are NOT on the race)! Woohoo! The rumour about Kris and Jon was also wrong which is too bad since they were supercute together. Anyways, Thanks to GlowyBox for the tip in the first place to the message board where I compiled the info!

Though interesting note, John Vito and Jill are now "formerly dating" where before they ran as "dating". Guess a chance at a million can force you to deal with anybody (though with those two, I can believe that the split was amicable somehow).

So again, here are the teams (quoted mostly from Popwatch):
Joe and Bill "Team Guido" (Season 1; third place) — partners
Kevin and Drew (Season 1; fourth place) — buddies
Ozwald and Danny "The Cha Cha Cha's" (Season 2; fourth place) — gay best friends
Teri and Ian (Season 3; second place) — married
John Vito and Jill (Season 3; fifth place) — now ex-lovers
Charla and Mirna (Season 5; sixth place) — cousins
Uchenna and Joyce (Season 7; winners) — husband and wife
Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner (Season 9; separate teams) — met as Amazing Race opponents
Dustin and Kandice (Season 10; fourth place) — beauty queens
David and Mary (Season 10; sixth place) — cuddly marrieds
Rob and Amber (Season 7; second place) - TV reality cochroaches, they never seem to die


Kim said...
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Kim said...

oops. that was me.

Speaking of Rob and Amber, Fox Reality just started another show... Rob and Amber: Against The Odds. Rob wants to be a professional poker player in Vegas.

Red said...

What, no Bolo?

And I cannot believe Rob and Amber... how greedy do you have to be?!?

Anonymous said...

I hope Rob and Amber die. Actually, maybe just Rob.. actually, maybe just Amber.

Vance said...

What you mean you don't LOVE ROMBER? HAhaha...

At least we know who we will be NOT rooting for on TARAS.

I wonder how them AND the Guidos will do?