Thursday, January 04, 2007

The OC - The Beginning to The End

The My Two Dads

Frank Atwood, Ryan's dad, shows up in Newport and doesn't cause as much trouble as I thought he would, though he did give Ben McKenzie as Ryan more chances to speak and emote to prove that yes, he can actually act (see Junebug, even though he pretty much played someone who doesn't really speak). Frank fakes cancer to see Ryan but Sandy finds out and punches out Hercules (Kevin Sorbo as Frank).

The big surprise was with Seth and Summer's engagement which felt like it could have brought us back to lame OC for the final eps but the hilarious plot of each of them trying to smoke out the other to back out of the engagement first was fresh, proving that yes, this year, The OC really has improved. Sadly, without its annoying "star" Mischa Barton (you bitch, you stole my DVD's and left town), The OC is failing in numbers (though I say more because its against Grey's Anatomy which would pull the same audience) and the stick gets to gloat about it. We can't let the bulemic win.

At least The OC will end it's 4 seasons on a high.

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