Friday, January 12, 2007

The OC - French Toast

The French Connection

"Monsieur, I am not askeeeng for a beateeeng, please keep yur paws away"

Seth goes up to Seattle Grace to ask Mr. Roberts for permission to marry Summer, knowingly that he will answer no, but in the process, realizes that he actually definitely wants to stay with Summer for the rest of his life. There's also a funny bit about a unicorn stabbing that pokes fun of Grey's Anatomy. Seriously.

Summer tries to find herself by finding her past through the newpsies bimbos friends, only to be haunted by Che's words of wisdom to find herself once and for all. Summer turns down Seth's renewed engagement proposal. Thank god. I was fearing that they would turn it back down the path of no return, and yet again, they take another twist from the clichéd.

Kirsten finds out about Julie's little male prostitution operation and cuts her out of the business. Kaitlin fights her attraction to geek Will (singer Chris Brown who seems to be actually trying to act instead of the usual musician traipsing in as veiled versions of themselves) and I stop fighting my love for Kaitlin, for ever being related to that annoying sisters of hers.

Finally, Henri-Michel, Taylor's French ex-husband, shows up in Newport promoting his new novel which is a thinly disguised account of their torrid love affair. Ryan is threatened, but not by the sexual past but of his poor and uneducated upbringing against their intellectual bantering and things fall apart when Ryan realizes that while Taylor says shes okay with it, it actually isn't.

Ah, it all reminds me of my semester in Europe... c'est la vie!

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