Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The 79th Annual Oscar Nominations

I'll expand on this later when I have some more time away from work but where's United 93? Should have been in the Best Picture category and considering Paul Greengrass was nominated for Best Director, isn't that a sign? Still, I sort of resigned to the fact that they weren't going to nominate the most critically acclaimed film of the year.

Other than that though, I have to say the nominations were generally pretty good with no huge complaints, and some nice surprises (Abigail Breslin for Little Miss Sunshine, Ryan Gosling for Half Nelson, Jackie Earle Haley for Little Children).

Update: Oh shoot, I just realised (thanks to Modern Fabulosity) that Volver wasn't nominated in the Best Foreign-Language Film. I mean, Yey that Canada's Water got in but where's Volver?

Anyways, seems like people seem a bit bummed about the nominations but again, I think generally they are fine and actually for deserving (mostly) people/movies and not the usual gamut of popular but mediocre movies that land in the top categories. (Again, I'm actually kinda glad Dreamgirls didn't make it, though the backlash for Babel is on (apparently this years Crash) and I'm glad people are finally voicing their ambivalence about Little Miss Sunshine. It was cute but not great. Still, not as horrifying nominations as some other years.)


Anonymous said...

i'm very happy about Ryan Gosling...he's the man.

Anonymous said...

And Miami Vice was also ignored.