Friday, June 29, 2007

O Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

Oh Big Brother, Big Brother, What shall we do with you?

So the best summer trash TV starts next Thursday, July 5th on CBS and Global (in Canada) at 8pm. (With plans to air Thursdays at 8pm, Sundays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm).

Big Brother is back in season 8 (EIGHT? Did anybody really think this would last 8 season way back when Chicken George and company were about to form their coup?)

The contestants/housemates/nutballs were announced yesterday and there is a video below showing the contestants/housemates/nutballs interviews. There's already the gay evil one (Joe) although a few of the guys look kinda gay and is there a female who isn't a waitress or a host? I'll show the profiles of everyone next week since no one will remember if I publish it at this point.

This year, fellow bloggers Gabriel from ModFab, Damion from Queering the Apparatus and I are sketching out details to join forces to blog/bitch about Big Brother 8, and I think ModFab will have more details on Monday or Tuesday. So get ready houseguests! The Big Brother Trifecta is watching your every move!

There's already a new twist called America's Player where one contestant is basically puppet to American's choice but I'm sure it will be lamer than its full potential. Still, SOMEONE has to comment on Julie Chen's lame questioning and wardrobe choices and I will gladly be here to do so!

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