Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Canadian Idol - Girls Gone Mild (and Boring and Bad)

Top 22 - Ladies Night

Wow. I was hoping the girls would be this years saviour but they made the boys look REALLY GOOD. I can't even be bothered to put up the girls pics now. Go check them out yourselves if you even care.

At best, we have Montana Martin Iles, the girl with attitude who I didn't want to like, yet then had her little speech about realizing her chance at her dream and working hard and all that crap, except this time somewhat believable. Then she sang and it was like some weird rock Chrissie Hyde meets Bjork thing. Read: Not very Idol like and thus very interesting, despite sometimes annoying french accented words still spewing from her mouth. Sorry. I can't help it. The french accent while singing annoys me. Still, she's stranger than Jacob Hoggard which will make this interesting (though Jacob had more pop qualities and thus probably an easier time reaching mass markets).

Mila Miller was okay as sort of a 75% version of Erykah Badu, and Carly Rae Jepsen annoys me as a person (she seems to be born from the world of the Disney Channel. No one can be THAT happy) but still has a quirky but pretty voice to be really cool. Martha Joy was competent at singing the big ballads but that was so 10 years ago now that it felt really old.

Everyone else? Even worse than the boys. Annika Odegard could belt those big brassy lines but couldn't sing any other range. Christine Hanlon started off strong and could also do the big notes but trembled in anything subtle or quieter. Tara Oram, Khalila G, Scarlett Burke look good (and by good I mean made up with loads of makeup) but I already forgot their performances. Naomi-Joy Blackhall couldn't hit a single note but at least she tried to rock out in some crazy Bowie-like Pinball machine (I know. That's The Who. I'm talking generational).

And the absolute worst? Maud Coussa-Jandl. Whatever the judges saw in her at the auditions, had better come back quick, because even the judges didn't know what to say with last nights performance.

Still, at this point, can we just give the whole damn thing to Greg Neufeld now and save us the trouble?

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