Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here's Why I Love Broadway

Since my cable TV went on the fritz last night after the quick (but damaging) wind/thunderstorm yesterday, I really have nothing to comment since I only saw some fuzzy endings to Canadian Idol and a fuzzy clip of Zach's cute film in On The Lot.

So I wasn't going to post this but ah, what the hey, I have nothing else to write about today until So You Think You Can Dance tonight (well, that and I've actually had to work a lot lately...GASP... at work (seriously, it's a miracle I haven't been fired yet. In fact, I was just recently told what a wonderful job I was doing AND that I was doing it so fast (!?! Seriously. How slow do OTHER people work?)).

Anyways. If you want to know why I love Broadway so much, Check here for a clean version. And Here and Here for the NSFW versions. Well. Not THAT bad but still, you may want to check who is behind your screen first. (Here's the link to last years slideshow)

Nudity for a good cause can never be a bad thing.

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