Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reality Bites - And Summer Trash TV Is Back

I made it through about 5 minutes of Age of Love before I had to switch over to something else. I'm not even sure if the cougars vs. the young'uns offended me, I think I was just sort of turned off my the tennis pro Mark Poupopoulloupopllousplli (or something like that) because he kinda seemed like a dink, especially considering he's supposed to be famous or something (who is this guy? What happened to the Woodies? I would have watched THAT although I'm sure by now, they're married and older or something).

Then I switched over to Hell's Kitchen where the large Asian guy continues to represent... and I'm SOOO ashamed. Seriously. Like there are already SOOO many great Asian Male role models in Hollywood, we get a crying over-emotional baby who kept burning omelettes? OMELETTES? Isn't that like college cooking 101?

Over on Canadian Idol, I'm not sure if the new rule that the singers can play instruments as they perform is turning out to be a good thing yet. Based on last nights Top 100 auditions, there was still a LOT of crap, then again, Canadian Idol has always seemed to venture for more artsy folksy oddballs rather than the pop star counterpart of American Idol, which I guess makes us so Canadian. It does not however always find us a good Canadian Idol, with only last years Eva Avila succeeding (and the new Maybelline girl in New York apparently!). Then again, Kalan Porter had so much potential before he was forced into singing garbage Idol crap and his image was totally mismanaged.

Meanwhile, I hadn't had time to talk about Creature Comforts (Mon. 8pm CBS/CH) before this week but it's such a wonderful little slice of television that it deserves to be seen, if at least in smaller chunks. The half hour format may just be a tad too long, yet each segment, where we see claymation from the Wallace & Grommit folks overlaid onto interviews of regular Americans (based on the British series interviewing regular Brits) is such a delight, and sometimes so hilarious, that I'll take it however I get. Seriously, the animation, the in-jokes, the background, the facial features are sometimes so detailed that I'm amazed that it's CLAY.

Here's some favorites Creature Comforts clips below (there's tons on youtube and dailymotion). I'm trying to find the owls (with the voices of a mother and teenage son) but haven't yet, but I'll try to add it later. It's so cute and so typical. Reminds me of me and my mom.

This dog one is one of my faves where the interview must bave been 2 guys talking about wine, now played out as two dogs speaking of another dog's bum.

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Liz said...

Ha, I'm a huge tennis fan and so well-familiar with the hotness that is Mark Philappoussis. I found the show somewhat hilarious (in a very painful way), but then, I have a heart of coal.